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Roleplay Responses

Rain nodded as he looked around for something to do. He played with Sams xbox until he decided to cook something for them.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 20h 50m 13s
"Okay, just make sure nobody breaks in" Sam said before leaving.
  Sam Striker / Character / 21h 28m 10s
Rain nodded and did a thumbs up. "I dont mind staying here for a while"
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 21h 29m 46s
Sam got his shoes on. "I have to go meet up with some family members, are you cool with staying here for a while?"
  Sam Striker / Character / 21h 30m 27s
Rain was slightly red with blush as he quietly waved at him.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 21h 34m 38s
Sam had gotten dressed as he looked at Rain. "Good morning" he said.
  Sam Striker / Character / 21h 59m 47s
Rain woke up slowly and rubbed his eyes. "Nnnn so tired...."
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 22h 1m 24s
Sam pulled Rain off of his shirt and set him down.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 17h 28m 3s
Rain whimpered and held onto sams shirt with his paws.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 17h 58m 44s
Sam moved Rain slightly to get dressed for the day as he yawned
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 18h 13m 5s
Rain was still asleep against him peacefully, he didnt move the slightest inch.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 14m 34s
Sam woke up later and sighed as he looked out the window.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 18h 16m 31s

Rain transformed into a cat and still stayed asleep.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 17m 28s
Sam moved slightly from not being used to
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 18h 46m 17s
Rain was laying on Sams chest purring softly, his neko tail swaying a bit as they slept together .
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 18h 47m 16s

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