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RP as a worker or a customer.


WORKERS: Make a femboy/femme boy , and they will act as a worker.

CUSTOMER: Make an OC that is a customer and can order from Femboy Hooters, or do whatever else they want to.


RULES: Follow the EliteSkills RP rules and be kind! Please use an femboy actual femboy if you want to be a worker.

Don't make a nasty Mary Sue/Gary Stu/OP imbecile. Powers are allowed, but they should be reasonable.

Romance is allowed, the roleplay is fairly open and things can go in whatever direction it chooses to.

Swearing/adult themes is allowed.

No god-modding please!



Character Name:
(optional) Nickname: This should be as well.

Image or physical description:
(optional) Height:
(optional) Weight:

Distinguishable features:



(optional) Anything else:



Has day-to-day life got you down? Well how 'bout you head on down to your local Femboy Hooters and eat wings with "ranch". Sounds fun? Heck yeah it does!


*~PM me instead of requesting access to post with the character template filled out
My character
Username: NatakaStargazer
Name: Rainer Murasaki Nickname:Rai Rai or Rain
Gender:M Age:18 Race:Dark Energy Neko Sexuality:Gay
Physical Desc: Rain has perfect milk chocolate colored skin and adorable lightning blue eyes, with splotches of black and purple in his pupils. His hair is short, purple, and kind of spiky. The last spikes of his hair ends at his shoulders aswell. He also has purple cat ears and a tail. Rain was more of a slim thick boy. While his upper body had been perfectly thin, his lower body was more of a feminine thick. His butt and thighs can jiggle like a soft marshmellow when touched.
Ht:5'5 Wt:140
Temperament:Melancholic Morality:Good
Hobbies: Skating,Dancing,Being with close friends, and Gaming.
Likes:Mint strawberry tea,Dr.pepper and root beer mixed,Pineapple Pizza,Friends, Being safe and helping others out. Dislikes:Tarantulas and being yelled at.
Fears:Tarantula's Strengths:Teamplayer,Responsible,Dancing,Flexibility, and Dependability.
Weaknesses: Being pet, being flirt with, Large orders if there isnt enough people.
Occupation:Femboy Hooters Worker
Other:Dark Energy-Can make portals,Vortexes,Dark clones,Dark eruption,Dark blasts, Dark beam
Bio:"O-oh gosh....S-so much pressure, well h-hi Im Rain Murasaki and I hope I can do a good job working here!"

Sklee's character
Username: Sklee
Character Name: Harry Luna
(optional) Nickname: Moon
Gender: Boy
Race: Werewolf
Age: 19 and 1/4

Image or physical description: A tall young man, with brown hair, and yellow eyes.
(optional) Height: 5'11
(optional) Weight: 243

Hair: Brown, A few inches past his shoulders, and raggedy.
Skin: Black, with a mole next to his eye.
Distinguishable features: He has scars on his wrists. He covers them with bracelets, but they aren't from self abuse. They are wounds he inflicted in his werewolf form, transfered onto his skin.
Eyes: Yellow, with eyes that look like cat eyes. They have slit pupals.
Other: His fingernails are exceptionally long.

Temperament: Tired.
Morality: Pure Neutral.
Hobbies: Research of Scottish lore, and reading in general. He also plays the violin.
Likes: Classical Music, Reading, Stories and Fairy Tales.
Dislikes: Noise, His Curse, and The Shadow who cursed him.
Fears: The Shadow, and His Curse
Strengths: His werewolf form, and his doesn't give a shit attitude.
Weaknesses: His Unwillingness to help, and his general lack of listening.

Occupation: Femboy Hooters worker.

Anything else: He was cursed by a shadow to turn into a werewolf, and when in this state, and wounds he inflicted on others show up on his skin, albit very faintly.

Darkpains Oc
Username: darkpains
Character Name: Felix Whiskers
(optional) Nickname: Mr. Whiskers
Gender: Male
Race: Neko man
Age: 35
Image or physical description:
Height: 6 ft 3 inches

Hair: Short golden, wavy hair
Skin: Tan flesh, his ears and tail are white/orange
Distinguishable features: A birthmark on his butt cheek
Eyes: Sparkling blue

Morality: Bad guy, overly flirtatious, into BDSM, pushy
Hobbies: visiting the diner to flirt with femboys, knitting when his anger takes over him
Likes: femboys , black coffee, climbing trees, driving fast cars
Dislikes: dogs, prudes, women
Fears: dying alone
Strengths: charm, manipulation, good body, money
Weaknesses: controlling, intimidating, short temper
Character's oc:
Username: Character
Character Name: Sam Striker
(optional) Nickname: None
Gender: Boy
Race: Human
Age: 19
Image or physical description:
(optional) Height: 5'6
(optional) Weight: 110 Pounds

Hair: Short, Dirty Blonde
Skin: Pale white
Distinguishable features: Triangle shape on his right arm
Eyes: Blue eyes with Almond shape
Other: Skinny and on the shorter side

Temperament: Shy
Hobbies: Playing Games, Going outside
Likes: Video Games, Outside activities
Dislikes: Bullies, Perverts
Fears: People larger than him, Spiders
Strengths: Friendly, Kind
Weaknesses: Shy, Quiet

Occupation: Femboy Hooters Employee
optional) Anything else:


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Roleplay Responses

"Okay I will certainly try" Sam said sipping his mountain dew.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 30m 53s
“Get used to it. It’s a lot weirder then it should be, especially for a job”.
  Harry / Sklee / 1d 32m 54s
"Well this job just got a whole lot weirder" Sam said.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 1h 40m 35s
Tanaki looked towards Rain who held his hands over his body, he made a large orb of darkness and consumed his energy leaving a skeleton behind.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 1h 41m 9s
Sam came back with a Mountain Dew and sat back down opening the soda.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 2h 17m 27s
He shrugged. Most people were put off by his powers. All part of the package of this job.
  Harry / Sklee / 1d 2h 20m 49s
"um okay then" Sam nodded shakily before getting up and getting a soda.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 2h 21m 46s
“Werewolf. Not exactly the most useful powers. You guys are just lucky it’s not a full moon tonight”.
  Harry / Sklee / 1d 2h 22m 17s
Sam looked at Harry with a surprised and scared look on his face.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 2h 24m 16s
Harry sighed. “I’m not using my powers unless you all want to be dead”.
  Harry / Sklee / 1d 2h 48m 45s
Sam looked slightly confused but shook it off quickly.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 4h 32m 40s
Tanaki was standing there the entire time. "Alright everyone I felt like this was gonna happen so if you all supernatural powers now is the chance to use it, we must hide the body~!"
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 4h 33m 55s
“Do it. I don’t see any reason not to. Plus, the boss won’t be happy that a customer is dead”.
  Harry / Sklee / 1d 4h 41m 8s
"Well it's up to you Rain" Sam smiled sitting back down in a chair.
  Sam Striker / Character / 1d 4h 57m 11s
Rain watched him drop dead onto the floor before he snapped out of control and began robbing his body for his wallet, he picked it up and held it up. His purple eyes shining now an ominous red. "Sooooo should we keep his wallet~?"
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 4h 58m 17s

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