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What if one of the character's decides to make them unwillingly spill it though? O:

And I look forward to your post, Mr-X!
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 17d 10h 11m 45s
Yeah. Honestly, I just realized my character will never willingly explain why she chose war, so should I tell you here?
  Deleteddonotcontact / 17d 10h 30m 55s
I'll probably started on my post tomorrow or the day after.
I'm going to b me introducing another character so that way we'll have even numbers when it comes to debating whether ir not we shall go to war haha.
I hope everyone's been having a good weekend
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 17d 12h 37m 7s
Neat. Also, I want to clarify that the identical humans were just twins that were confusing her. Just so there's no confusion.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 20d 20h 51m 52s
Everyone's post was absolutely amazing~ I enjoyed it alot

Since I'm off the next couple of days I'll probably be thinking about how I want to move my characters and than start posting
Let the chess game begin guys haha
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 20d 20h 57m 57s
And that’s what happens when you read when you are falling asleep.
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 20d 22h 11m 22s
Your post was fine! Nothing to be worried about lol

Also "introductions", not "instructions" :P
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 21d 8h 17m 49s
What specific set of instructions are you talking about ?
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 21d 8h 27m 27s
Ye! I'm just glad mine was good. I was really nervous about this. I'm Sklee by the way, name change is a personal thing.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 21d 8h 44m 40s
First round and introductions are out! Excited to keep rolling.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/b2dFeWs.png?1]
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 21d 9h 1m 32s
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/TH0iTc.jpeg]
So I am the last one to arrive. As long as I ain’t late XD
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 29d 10h 46m 59s
Yeah.. sorry, [s this is my first time doing a group roleplay] . I normally do one on ones
But, I guess the posting order will be
And then Northen

Everyone's post is doing awesome~
Also, there is a 20 day posting limit between each post sot that everyone has time to plan out there moves so I dont mind waiting.

Though I'll probably give everyone a 5-days ahead up after the first 15 day I expect this to be a slow moving roleplay since this is the first chapter.
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 29d 14h 54m 53s
Don't worry! Yours was way better then mine! And yeah. Since there isn't a posting order, I just went and posted.
  Harry / Sklee / 29d 17h 58m 43s
Post is kind of "meh", but they'll get better as we roll along! Sorry it took me so long to post, I was waiting for others then I was like "That's probably what everyone else is doing" lol

Excited to get this party started!
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 29d 18h 35m 40s
Uh, hi! I'm kinda in this roleplay with you guys too. So, hi to all of you but northern because we've spoken before.
  Harry / Sklee / 33d 1h 29m 32s

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