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Well to her older brother died before she was born so she never got to meet him due to war.
And since she plans on fighting in it herself she has to know what shes getting into
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 13d 17h 48m 46s
Just wait til its your turn ;P lmao

Great post! I'm so hyped!
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 13d 17h 55m 39s
Ah yes, Ms.Impatiently Nosey finding the aliens and bugging them.
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 13d 20h 11m 29s
ANDDD I made my post!!

At first I decided to make my character Anti-war but I figured it'd be interesting to have a complete nuetral character that's just like
'eh, fuck it. I'ma go with whatever's best for Earth and everyone in general!"
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 14d 6h 6m 47s
Yeah. She would freak out. Like, all this water!!?!? And you just mess around with it!?!??
  Deleteddonotcontact / 16d 16h 42m 53s
Someone’s character has to partake in the human tradition of a pool party.
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 16d 17h 54m 20s
So, they are incredibly focused people, devoting their whole lives to one craft, from pottery to public speaking. They also are very protective over water, and they can withstand the toughest weather.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 16d 19h 50m 57s
Me too, it should be very interesting especially since everyone comes from different walks of life.

And I'd say go for it, unless they're like, a clandestine people and we wouldn't know.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 16d 23h 55m 50s
Gotcha! So, should I explain my ideas for saturnians? Or not!
  Deleteddonotcontact / 17d 7h 11m 12s
Awesome sauce~ I'm very happy at how things are going
So, after the second round of posting the meeting will probably start

I also excited to see how Pribcess Sophia will react to meeting Dash and the others haha. She's never really had an opposition before so it'll be interesting seeing how she reacts to having people say"no" to her.
  Odysseus Lantu / Mr-X / 17d 7h 49m 40s
Yeah! I do think I should explain my ideas for saturnians though, so some parts make more sensr.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 17d 7h 53m 3s
Well, I am definitely excited for the big reveal in the future!
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 17d 8h 19m 17s
Yeah. It's more of a political thing, but it is a pretty big thing, so yeah. I'll wait.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 17d 8h 25m 16s
I meant by ways of interrogation. And also as a joke lol If its that damning though, I'd say maybe wait for it, because you might have an opportunity to reveal it later in game; this is only chapter 1, after all! Its always fun to have your mind blown by big reveals.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 17d 10h 4m 43s
Yeah, but she's smarter then that. She also couldn't say it without losing her job.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 17d 10h 17m 53s

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