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It's totally fine!
it seems like the role-play is ramping up and we can start debating and arguing over the fate of our universe :O
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 6d 13h 14m 51s
Again I'd like to apologize for how unreliable I've been for the last little while. Everything's just been a little crazy over here for the last two months, and I've been spending the last two weeks playing catch up with my life. Anyway, I'm here to stay again, no more contracts ever lol, and I sincerely apologize again for how all over the place I've been!
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 11d 11h 9m 30s
thanks for checking up on us Northern; i'm doing alright.. a little frusrated, but its alright though..
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 13d 5h 41m 25s
Just wanted checking up on y’all. Everyone still doing ok? Anyone want to talk through something if they want to?
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 13d 12h 13m 59s
Longest fucking month of my life. Holy shit. My contract is up, thank Christ and I'll hopefully start posting again soon.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 28d 5h 6m 29s
i've been dealing.. haha applied for new jobs and just trying to keep calm lol
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 33d 56m 27s
How is everyone dealing with life?

How’s the new job renegade ?
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 36d 11h 22m 37s
Same bro! Just been slowly picking away at my RPs lol And I'll get one up within the allotted time. I start a new job tomorrow, and as shitty as it sounds, I think I might be allotted a lot of free time while on it, so I might start knocking off some posts while on. But we'll see and I'll keep you all apprised of my situation.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 50d 17h 3m 4s
I believe that its renegades. I'm so busy with work that I've been MI A T_T itz been brutall
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 51d 11h 57m 47s
So who’s turn is it to post next exactly ? Is it mine or is it Renegade’s?
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 52d 4h 19m 50s
Alright. I did my post. Sorry it’s not as good as my other ones, I was rushed.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 54d 9h 12m 40s
Yeah. Ratmurderer, right? I am so done with them. Also, thanks. I’ll try to post what I can.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 54d 9h 56m 25s
I'm pretty sure I did as well lmao Hopefully they got banned.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 54d 10h 24m 42s
Dude! I ended up blocking that person.. It mad me soooo mad
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 54d 10h 33m 5s
Oh right, that shit. Someone sent that to me over PMs, too <_<
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 54d 10h 33m 43s

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