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[center [i What is unity? What does it mean to rule? To the simpleton he believes that wars are fought over such petty things as religious dogma and silly religious beliefs will spell the end of mankind. Yet, in the future, such a falsehood would not come to pass. Welcome to the year 3021; for the past 21 years the world has been at war. Mechanical war machines of unimaginable are piloted by brave men and women as countries are taken over in the name of unity and peace.] ]

[center [i [b It was the turn of the century when it was discovered that the world was bigger than humanity. With the discovery of aliens and they're advance weaponry they brought to the planet Earth the idea of separated nations and languages was a foolish notion. The time had come to unite the Earth under a single banner and under a single language so that it might become apart of the intergalactic Trade federation. The universe was filled with infinite galaxies and those which had been watching Earth finally decided that it was past it's infantile stage and it was ready to join in the exploration of the universe.] ] ]

[center [i Of course, Human greed would not allow for a singular monarch to rule. Thus different nations decided to start vying for power collaborating with foreign species in order to build mass destructive powers to see which planet nation would be able to rule over all. Of course, the other Life forces decided to join in; for it was obvious that which ever nation won and rule the Earth that Alien race would stand to profit more. so they lend Earth they advance technology and thus the final World war was upon mankind. However the love for violence and the will to survive horrors of war shook the ITF to the core and sooon, other species had come to realize they're grave mistake. Earth may be out of its infantile stages, but the foolish of humans was as vast as the universe.] ]

[center [i [b And so, left to its own devices Earth wage war for over two decades. Till humanity had grown weary of the bloodshed and those who had been on the front lines began to question their superiors and asked why where they at war. It wasn't long till eventually people began asking themselves bigger questions and eventually the the Great Earth War came to a halt and than a standstill. In the year 3025, it was decided that a family would rule Earth and the new language spoken would be a mix of the most spoken languages thus Earth was finally at peace and was able to join the ITF] ] ]

[center [i For the next Hundred years Earth contributed greatly to the expanison of the universe but there is no such thing as peace for to long. As another Galaxy decided to invade; the Earth found itself pulled into another Facing a Galactic crises. Of course the ruling family voted to keep Earth Neutral for as long as it was possible. For hadn't enough blood been shed already?"] ]

[center [i [b Now, Consider to be the center planet from trade, Earth struggles to hang on to its power. There are those who long to put there Weaponry to the test and wish to fight in the war abroad. Afterall, it's time to show the galaxies what the Earth is made of. But there are those who are unwillingly to sacrifice the 100 years of peace to be part of a war which Earth would not have been part of if not force to be part of the ITF.] ] ]

[center [i Now, Our story starts off with a meeting between the Royal family, and Ambassadors from the Planets Jupiter, Saturn, and a new further out one, Hera.] ]
[h3 What I need from you.]
Hello! thanks so much for expression interest in my role-play! For those who are interested; I ask that you indulge me a little longer while I run down the list of rules;
[b Swearing, adult Themes/content and violence] [yes]
[b Cybering, Going 20 days without posting] [no]
[b Writing multi-paragraphs and keeping post above 800 words] [yes]
[b God-moding] [no]
[b Discussing plot] [yes]
Also, I need you either post the following skelly in the OOC or Pm me entitled [i "Peace Talk] with the following character Skelly
[center Username:] [center Name of character:] [center Age:] [center Gender] [center Pro or anti war:] [center Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilizan] [center Planet] [center Brief bio] [center three words to describe him/her] [center character pic.]

[h3 Characters]
[Center [b [size20 Pro-War] ] ]
Username: Mr-X
Name of character: Princess Sophia II
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Pro or anti war: Pro
Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilian: Royal
Planet: Earth
Brief bio: Most would think Sophia is a pamper brat growing up in Royalty, but that is the furthest from the Truth. Growing up curious to the universe around her; She found herself travelling to other Planets and studying cultures other than her own. It was on Mars that she learned hand-to hand combat. She loves her planet, as well as those in her Galaxy and she is fiercely loyal and willing to fight for her Galaxy and the people in it.
three words to describe her: Brass, Observant, Strong-willed.
character pic [pic https://assets.yande.re/data/preview/1e/31/1e31065a379904c6113f27e9cba1bdd9.jpg]

Username: Renegade
Name of character: Dash Bravanac
Age: In his late 100's
Gender: Male
Pro or anti war: Pro-war
Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilian: Ambassador
Planet: Rulara, of the Rularian
Brief bio: Dash was a decorated Commander of the Rularian Security Corps, his system being a member of the ITF, and on the front lines of the most recent attack... However, Dash now finds himself away from battle, recently disgraced by a botched mission of cataclysmic proportions. As a result, he was relieved of command, and put on indefinite sabbatical. His role in the war effort and service to his System and the ITF granted him some leniency, and he is eager to prove himself once again.
Three words to describe him/her: Resilient, Bold, Perceptive
Character pic: [pic https://i.imgur.com/C6ICB7v.jpg]

username: Sklee
Name of character: Decrai Sehni
Age: 214
Gender: Female
Pro or anti war: Pro-war.
Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilizan: Ambassador
Planet: Saturn
Brief bio: A young girl who grew up in an area raged by ear, it was all she knew. She eventually left that area, and studied politics, eventually becoming an ambassador.
three words to describe him/her: Controlling, Smart, Powerful
character pic: [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/e862aac1bca0b2d4ea561882dcb71be7/tumblr_p9md8jcl831tk04dmo1_400.png]
[center [i [size20 Anti-War] ] ]

username: Mr-X
Name of Character: Odysseus Lantu
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Pro or Anti War/ Anti
Pilot/Ambassador/Royal/Civilian/ Ambassador
Planet: Jupiter
Brief Bio: A son to War Heroes, he grew up experiencing the toils which come first hand from fighting in a War. Even though he was bred to fight and has no problem in killing; he choose to distance himself as far away from the violence as he could and got into politics. Now, despite his planet sending him to war, he’s more concern with making sure that the Trade Planet Earth is safe and is able to send supplies to the front line instead of soldiers
Three words to describe him: Cold, precise, big-hearted
Character pic; [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/5c/f1/74/5cf174730c3f0b9534a7966c0c125a2b.jpg]

Username: NorthernWolves
Name of character: Vri Natek
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Pro or anti war: Anti-war
Pilot/ambassador/royal/civilian: Pilot and Ambassador
Planet: Nakira
Brief bio: An advantage of being a planet that was on the fringe of space was autonomy. But the big disadvantage came in the form of being the first theatre for a war. Now usually that downside wouldn’t have been that bad had it not been for the last war. The fleet had held but with heavy losses, and with all the economic blockading the economy had crashed while civilians added to the casualty list. While Nakira has recovered and formed defensive allies with planets close to it, the fleet needed more time while many still doubted that the other planets would help.
Three words to describe him/her: Articulate, Cautious, Knowledgeable
Character picture: [pic https://pic8.co/sh/TH0iTc.jpeg]


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She walked around the room. Earth sure was confusing. She wondered why they insisted on being so wasteful, before moving her attention to the walls. She quickly noticed a group of black dots in the corner of the room. [#p1l5t5 “Hmm. Either this hotel has a pest problem for they have a bug problem. Well, someone expects me to just say all my secrets. News flash, I’m not stupid”.] She climbed up on the bed, and plucked several small cameras and microphones off the wall. She looked around for any more before smashing the ones in her hand. She let out a sigh, and picked up Valerian, and sat down on the bed. [#p1l5t5 “What am I going to do about that? I mean, it could just be a security precaution, but someone might know that I’m here. But, this is the biggest conference in, well, almost forever. They probably have much better security then I give them credit for. So, you stay here while I go ask the hotel staff”.] She set Valerian down on the bed, and headed out the door. She payed little attention to the other people staying there, as she headed down to the lobby, and walked over to the front desk. [#p1l5t5 “So, uh, do you put cameras in your rooms? I found some in there and may have smashed them”.] The receptionist, a young lady wearing glasses, looked up. [#016tuh “Umm. I’ve been here for a year, and we don’t do that? We try to respect our patrons privacy”.] She sighed, and headed back to her room, as the young lady started calling into a phone.

—————————————The Day Of The Conference———————————

She left Valerian on the bed as she quickly got dressed. She headed down the elevator, only for the same identical humans to greet her. “Hello. We have arranged transportation. Do you have any questions”? She was taken aback, before answering, [#p1l5t5 “Well, I do have one. Why do you look and speak almost identically”?] “What, you don’t have twins on your planet”? They laughed, and guided her to a transport, which got her to the conference in almost no time. She got out and quickly entered the conference hall before the “Twins” could freak her out more.
  Deleteddonotcontact / 19d 11h 23m 9s
Of all the perks which came from being royalty on Earth the one which stood above was this: the ability to gather intel. In a game of chess lives were put at stake. She’d heard that they were going to be greeted by people who had already face the invading galaxy. The rumors had spread in hush whispers. Voices spoke of an encroaching darkness which threaten to flood the ITF and snuff out the light of several planets which had fought so hard to be at peace with one another. So; in order to make the best decision it was best that she sought one who had engage with the enemy and had first hand detail of how strong they truly were. Sending lives to die was not a thing she took lightly. War was such thing which she had studied for and fought for and-unbeknownst to her father-she’d planned on following her late older brother’s footsteps and fighting for what she’d thought was right. Death did not scare her. The inability to not act was her greatest fear.

Slipping into her civilian clothes she followed her royal guards out towards the palace gate. Despite being guard by trained soldiers she carried a saber on her left hip. Its handle was decorated with golden and vermillion. A rose was etched into the very hilt of the blade and its curve was beautiful. As the procession marched out into the open, the princess closed her eyes and open them again. Inhaling and exhaling she breathed in the air around her. Many people were bowing as she walked the streets and her eyes turned towards the children running around. The mothers which bowed and grinned admiring her beauty. Men softly traced the curves of her figure underneath her outfit before looking away in embarrassment. Her mind drifted towards the teacher’s she had on Jupiter when she studied politics there. She thought of Yajdo, her marital arts teacher on Mars. The fate of these lives would be discussed and might or might not be fought over in less than the week. Sophia had to make sure that she was making the right decision in voting to strike first.

She’d learned it in her war studies back on Earth. One of the greatest advantages a military leader could have was knowledge of the terrain. Ever since before the existence of other life forms and the ITF was known, the scientist on Earth were always studying and mapping out asteroids. There was fear that someday, somehow, an asteroid would destroy the Earth. So they were constantly making maps of said field. That had no change in the past several centuries and many Scientist had gone out to map asteroid fields and gone even further out past their solar system. The princess was sure that with this knowledge it would come in handle if Earth agreed to join the war. As her thoughts continued to be tossed around in her head, she soon found that where they had finally come to the place where she needed to be. Knocking on the door softly she asked for Ambassador Dash before introducing herself.

[#65154f “Ambassador Dash? This is Princess Sophia II of the royal family from Earth. I… want to discuss something with you.”] She held her breath opening that he didn’t find her impertinent But such things could not wait till the time had come to discuss openly with the others. She had to strength her resolve here and now before heading out to cast her vote towards war.

[right [pic http://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/874866121597472769/Fh20hIfZ.png] ]

[i “We have an obligation as royalty to help those that are hurting. This misunderstanding must cease.”]
Please, I beg of you! Don’t go, you’re death will be meaningless!
[i “I.. just can’t allow those to suffer without trying to..”]

Distant memories plagued the elder Prince as he sat upon before his fireplace. There was a reluctancy he had to attend the council called by the ITF. He’d done all he could to prevent the war between Jupiter and Uranus as a young prince. But in the end, all his talks of peace fell on death ears and he ended up losing a brother due to a false sense of duty. Earth was a planet that was strongly neutral and had held numerous talks and trade agreement the past hundred years. The effects of the civil war were still being felt to this day try as the royal family might to suppress it. To many people held on to wild conspiracy theories that the ITF was nonexistent and that all these foreign aliens which came to Earth were just people dressed up and paid by the Royal family to deceive the common masses.

If only said thing were true. Perhaps Prince Aaron wouldn’t have died before he had a chance to even turn twenty. As a knock sounded upon his door, the young Prince allowed the person to enter and was surprise to see that his father had come to him instead of summoning him. The king was well into his eighties and had ruled Earth for well over sixty years. He’d had birthed many children and strove hard to keep peace amidst the planets. Entering into his son’s room he looked at him with soften eyes before speaking.

[b “I know this brings back memories you’ve tried to bury. But Any day I will expire. Since you are the oldest you must be my representative and do all that you can to keep the peace. Being King, you will soon find, is not easy. Everyone wants power. Few, if any, want the responsibilities that come with power.”]

Closing his eyes the son replied to the father was slow. “I just wish people understood that actions are like a stone in water. It creates ripples and those ripples are felt by everyone around them. Even if it’s only miniscule; everyone notices said ripples.” Closing his eyes he turned towards his father before sighing. It seemed as if the end of the week would begin a rather excruciating game of people trying to vote for what would benefit them instead of everyone else. However, Prince Leon would firmly be anti-war unless there was indefinite proof that war was the only way to keep Earth safe. His long deceased brother’s words still rung in his ear haunting him.

[center [i “If we think only of Earth, we sign our own death warrant. We must help others. We must.”] ]
  Princess Sophia II / Mr-X / 57d 3h 14m 48s
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/TH0iTc.jpeg]

[#0000b3 Unlike on a planet color mattered naught against the backdrop of space. From the attention-grabbing shades all the way down to lurking shades, anyone with at least a basic detection system could locate any object flying through space.

Despite that fact, a large, dull grey box with rounded edges continued its trajectory towards Earth. Aside from black lines in suspicious patterns — point-defense weapons, missile/torpedo launchers, escape pods, detection and communication array, other sensors — nothing else aided in identifying the origins of this craft. In a way it resembled a miniature version of a cargo hauler having one of those wide and long stomachs running along the bottom of the craft.

Unironically the craft was indeed a dwarf cargo hauler. But the cargo it now hauled compared to its previous hauls, much more prestigious lightly speaking.

With only having one living crew member, along with AI, the amount of available space needed could be reduced. Any unused free space was closed off crudely via filling it with armor plating; even sloppy rushed protection scaled more effectively than lonesome air. As a result only five rooms remained open for use. The cockpit had been placed within the bowels of the ship, trading views of space for more protection; application of sensors all around the craft substituted for sight. Only a few meters separated the cockpit from the lounge area and bathroom, the only living quarters on-board, and nothing fancy about either. Below the lounge an escape-pod waited attached to ejection rails, a direct access from the floor of the lounge into the escape pod facilitated via an easily opened hatch followed by an undemanding climb downwards. The last room was the cargo bay itself, the majority closed off by the previously mentioned armor plating while some room remained for two, small-scale mechs.

Now this is where the irony stepped in.

After two years of dragging through the drudge of war recovery, Nakira managed in picking itself up. It wasn’t a solitary effort as nearby planets aided. But the aid was in no way a one way street. Even before the war the cluster of planets relied upon each other for commerce and protection, the war obliterated those to shreds, and after the war these destroyed connections were rebuilt.

So why did a planet with a standing fleet, recovered economics, and a reinvigorated fleet send their ambassador on such a basic in comparison craft? One would think that sending an ambassador would allocate an improved craft.

Vri understood why. Having participated in the war as a frontline pilot, then as a pilot for planetary security forces until the fleet was rebuilt, and then as a government official involved with rebuilding the economy, she comprehended the difference between having and having in abundance. Yes Nakira possessed a fleet, so did the nearby planets, but not enough to spare patrolling far-away or sending one to a far-distant place such as Earth. Even more worrying were trickling reports of foreign invaders and the incidents were not isolated; Nakira’s fleet blasted a few of them into scrap as had the other planets’ fleets.

With the flying box having passed Mars, Vri sat in the lounge opposite of a mirror. On her left lay a data pad , while on the right lay a circular box with various paint colors. Between taking glances at graphs, paragraphs, quotes, and other information, Vri dipped fingers into the paint before painting designs carefully upon her face; while the ship couldn’t change its undignified appearance, Vri had that ability and first impressions were key.

Especially when politics mutated towards a high stakes survival game with billions, perhaps trillions or even more lives at stake.

Finishing painting a fire design above her eyes, Vri blindly grabbed a square towel. After a quick, vigorous rub the bright red left the pale blue hands. Staring into the mirror, Vri rotated her head first clockwise and then clockwise, repeating after a few seconds of break. The ghostly blue eyes scanned up, down, left, and right seeking any imperfection in the painting on the face. Finding none, the circular box was closed and hidden away within a drawer.

The remaining time Vri took a more in-depth look at the data pad. Analytics concerning economy, statements on the state of the military, inter and intra planetary politics, and more reports about aggressive foreigners. Up till this point all incursions were successful repelled, but what if these small-scale incursions grew in size and scope? Would the far-away fringe be able to hold on? And for how long?

The human escorts exchanged surprised faces between each other. No doubt they expected a fancy, was that how humans used that phrase , craft, or because of a bland craft expected a similarly bland oatmeal of an alien. Either way their expectations had been subverted. But credit where credit was due, the pair recovered quickly and approached her as she simultaneously approached them. Once two meters away Vri offered a bow, one of the human ways of politely greeting another; their response was to bow back before speaking about some sort of hotel. Nodding her head, she gave permission for the escorts in escorting her, along with her belongings packed in a few small containers , towards this hotel.

While the streets being this confusing was not new, the number of various smells and how many humans could crowd a street was a novelty for Vri. Some streets weren’t even for transportation but for street-side vendors who sold various merchandise, and even food and drink was sold out on the streets. This sight would definitely make for an amusing story back on Nakira.

From talking with the escorts Vri learned that the council would not be held in today. That would give time in exploring this city , and maybe meeting the other ambassadors to ascertain their positions while keeping her position a mystery.

After settling into the room provided for her, Vri wandered back towards the ground-level of the hotel. It was spacious and with several sections. Somewhere in one direction was a pool filled with water into which the humans dipped themselves into. Another section was filled with various exercise machines. And then there was a dink area along with a lounge area. Vri stood, wondering where to walk to, attracting some glances from passersby; wasn’t everyday one saw a blue-skinned, humanoid alien with blue orbs for eyes, while the face was painted with intricate designs.
  Vri Natek / NorthernWolves / 64d 17h 24m 29s
[h3 ]
Sleep was both a blessing and a curse. Rest was always welcome; it healed his wounds and helped quiet his mind. That was, of course, when he wasn't plagued by the [i nightmares]...

Dash Bravanac, decorated Commander of the Rularian Security Corps. He's seen plenty of combat on the front-lines over his long life, but nothing like he had experienced a few weeks ago. They had been hearing of attacks on the fringes of the Milky Way perpetrated by a mysterious galaxy. They were expanding in to the galaxy, taking as many footholds as they could and enslaving the survivors. Being a Fringe System itself, the RSC prepared for the eventuality of it being attacked. They thought that with their preparations they could make it, but perhaps it wasn't enough. Perhaps there was a leak somewhere and that's why they got through the defences. Or perhaps they underestimated the opposition. Whatever the reason might be, this was no probing attack, and the result was the same: the Rularian System in disarray, having [i just] held out against the enemy. There was one moment, one [i pivotal] moment that Dash had tried to seize during the attack. An all or nothing gambit... And it resulted in [i nothing]. The only [i something] that came out of it was Dash being foolish enough to have somehow made it out alive.

He wakes with a start, flashes of the results of the battle back in his home system playing in his mind. The results of his greatest failure and why he was being sent to Earth to speak about the ITF's involvement. Dash had his own reservations about the whole thing, but he could see that the ITF's military was needed to keep this rogue galaxy at bay. The Rularian's were not happy to hear that Earth might be moving to keep the ITF military out of the impending war, especially considering they weren't a Fringe System. They may get guerrilla assaults by the new enemy, but that would not be on the same scale; they weren't going to be faced with the same heavy casualties like Fringe Systems, or the inevitable war of attrition that would have to be fought. A whole galaxy versus a few Systems at a time was going to be devastating.

Sitting up in his bed, Dash stares blankly out of the port hole in to the infinite abyss. There was no going back to sleep now, nor did he want to relive those recent events again. Moving to his desk, Dash presses the button on an intercom system. [b “How much longer til we arrive?”] He asks the pilot. Despite his own flagship having been turned to space dust, the RSC still saw it fit to offer him a transport vessel. It was normally used for ambassadors, but... he guessed he was an ambassador now.

“Not long, sir. We've just entered the Solar System's gravity well.” The pilot says back. Good. He was already restless, so the less time he spent marinating in his own thoughts the better.

[b “That will be all.”] And Dash closes the channel, sitting down at his desk, reading over some reports. He had acquired some intelligence about who may be coming to the council to debate or cast their vote. It seemed the system was quite diverse in their opinions, and diverse in the attendance. War heroes, ambassadors, and royals alike seemed to be divided on the topic. There was one name that interested him the most though: Princess Sophia II of Earth. Her reputation was one Dash had heard about, being quite audible about her opinion on the current state of affairs. Despite Dash's opinion being that of having the ITF go to war, he some times worried about the people who were on his side on the matter. Having the numbers to vote [i for] war was good, but you had to have the right reasons. Going to war just for the sake of it was transparent, and it tarnished the reason why they really should be building up defences. Not to mention it could sway the vote in the wrong direction as bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed was unjustifiable. He's heard different things about this Princess. He's heard she was bloodthirsty. But he's also heard the opposite. So, perhaps she was someone he could find an ally in, in these uncertain times, although he wasn't sure of the appropriateness of reaching out to her. The Rularian System had a different governance, and didn't have a Royal Family, and he's had dealings with different Royal Families from different Systems with mismatched success. At the very least, something to keep in mind...

[center ~*~]

The Rularian vessel finally touched down on Earth, and Dash quickly put on uniform, an armoured trench coat over top,a ceremonial sword and sidearm on his hip. Once he left the ship, he was again, surprised at how small Earthlings were, as he was nearly a foot taller than most of them. His sense of smell was also assaulted by all the different assortments of scents down on Earth. It took him a minute to adjust.

“Ambassador Bravanac.” One of the Royal escorts greets him. There were two of them with some staff to gather his things from the ship and take him to a different location. Normally he would have corrected the escort, as his title was that of 'Commander', but he figured since he wasn't here in that capacity, it wouldn't much matter. At the council, he was sure he would be referred to as 'Ambassador' over 'Commander' anyway, and it would get tiresome for everyone if he corrected everybody. “Please, come with us and we will show you to where you are staying.” With another nod, he follows along with the escorts to where he would be staying til the council.
  Dash Bravanac / Renegade / 72d 15h 17m 11s
Decrai let out a sigh as she watched Saturn, her home planet, shrink into a small little globe. [#p1l5t5 "Isn't it amazing? That little speck, a miniscule dot on the huge vastness that this universe is, and up until a few hours ago, it was all I knew. Isn't it strange, even. In fact, strange describes it so much better. Isn't it strange that I really had no clue how large the universe was. I'd read about it, yes, but this feels so much better. Then again, when it comes to the universe, the one thing you can never afford to have is a sense of proportion".]

She slowly stood up. It felt wrong, getting up during what would normally be the middle of the night on Saturn, but she supposed practice made perfect. She would have to get used to Earth time in a matter of days, but she had dug herself out of an old town, and here she was. Deciding the fate of her planet. She could get used to something like this. It would be nothing. She looked through the screen seperating her and the pilot.

The robot pilot swiveled its head around to look back, but she had already left. No use engaging with machines. She ran her hand along the side of the wall, before stopping at the door frame. She looked at the intricately carved door. Whoever worked on this spaceship clearly had more attention to detail then to be expected of the always attentive Saturnians. She opened the door slowly.

There was a small bathroom, with a single toilet, and a strange bathtub. There was a single faucet with one knob. She turned it, almost dreading what might happen if the water was not transported properly, but luckily that wasn't an issue. She dipped her hand in the water, almost warily. It was at the perfect temperature, as it immediately ajusted to fit her preferred temperature.

She sighed, turning the faucet back. This ship was a marvel of convenience and hospitality. If only her planet spent less time on things like this and more time on the defense. At least she might be able to stir her people to action. She hopped so anyways. She walked out of the room, and headed for one of the other three doors. She spent sometime mulling over which door to pick, before deciding on the third.

She opened it to find a fully stocked kitchen. A robotic chief was waiting for her, as she turned it off. She grabbed some spices, finding the off-brand ones first. [#p1l5t5 "Moon Mites, or Cinnamon. StarDust, also known as Sugar. And who could forget GroundPiece, or cookie dough? Mix the Moon Mites and the StarDust, and sift that"], she said as she grabbed a sifter. She grabbed the prepared dough, and rolled it into approximately twenty-four small balls of dough.

She grabbed a spray, and sprayed the first pan she saw. She grabbed the balls, rolled them in the Moon Mites-StarDust mixture, before placing them down on the pan, and putting them on the tray. She put the tray in the oven, and started watching them bake. She finally took them out. She could check human cooking off her list.

She didn't quite understand it, but it was interesting. She supposed it made sense, Earth being as far behind as it was. She left the room, putting the robotic chief back on for later. Two more doors to go. She quickly decided on the first. She opened the door quietly. A small bedroom was on the other side, but it wasn't the bedroom that amazed her.

The walls shone with a million stars. [#p1l5t5 "Transparency, no, wait], she said, before touching the wall. The whole thing went through several ripples. [#p1l5t5 So, holographic technology. Well, at the very least these types of holograms could be useful in fooling the enemy".] She stepped towards the bed.

She felt the bed covers. Soft and flexible. She sat down on the bed, before feeling something under it. She pulled away the sheets to see a small cat-like creature, who immediately hid under the bedsheets again. [#p1l5t5 "Well, what are you? Actually, that's a silly question. You're a stowaway. A Bulacian who should have stayed on Saturn. Somebody must be worried".]

She picked it up, and started petting it. It started purring, almost out of nowhere. She smiled, and brought it out to the front of the ship. She knocked on the door to the pilots cabin. The robot swiveled, and looked at the Bulacian, which hissed at it. It tapped a button, and a small scanner came out of the wall.

She carefully scanned the Bulacian. [#p1l5t5 "Strange. No chip, and no collar. Either a highly domesticated breed was surviving on its own, or someone abandoned you. Don't worry. I can take care of you. For now, anyways. I'll call you, hmm, Valerian".] As if in response to this, Valerian started rubbing her.

She sat down on the window seat, and slowly fell asleep. As she was drifting off, she heard a robotic voice over the intercom. [#801801 "We are approaching earth. Within the next three hours, please sit down".] She smiled gently, before falling asleep. She woke up as they landed, as a bump shook the whole ship. She quickly got dressed, and prepared to meet some members of the council.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Outside the ship, on the docking bay._-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

She bowed, as was traditional when meeting people if a higher rank then oneself on earth, as two members of the council walked up to greet her. "Hello. I trust you will enjoy your stay. We have arranged a hotel for you, and we look forward to seeing you within a week". The spoke perfectly in sync, and she found it a bit off-putting.

She tapped one of their shoulders. [#p1l5t5 "Does the hotel allow pets of any kind? I have a bit of a stowaway".] They simply nodded an affirmative, as she went back to the ship. She grabbed Valerian, and held him, before leaving the ship again. One of the members, which she now realized looked almost exactly the same, beckened her to follow.

She carried Valerian with her, as she followed them through the maze of streets. They eventually arrived at the hotel. "We would have let you stay on your ship, but we figured it would be better for you to learn more about earth first-hand. Also, we kinda wanted to see how you respond to some human stuff". She nodded, although to her that seemed a little strange. She supposed that proved their point.

She entered the lobby, as did they. She looked around, amazed by everything. There was water being wasted! Fountains and bars, things that were illegal back on her planet. The ambassadors smiled as they walked over to the receptionist and checked her in. "See you soon"! They left, as she slowly decided to go to her room.
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[center [b Please join.] ]
[b “We will be arriving on Earth in Six Hours sir.”]

Staring out at the infinite stars amidst the pitch-black backdrop, the Ambassador nodded his head in acknowledgment. This was his first time finding himself heading off world and even though he’d been well familiar with Earth’s history, he still found it quite hard to believe how far they’ve advance within a century. Right now the importance of the once insignificant planet was extraordinary. Intergalactic peace conferences were held on the tiny blue Planet. The Intergalactic Trade Force had done well in finally adopting Earth into the alliance. But with the threat of war rising on the horizon, there was an uneasiness that pervaded the air. The time to act was of the essence and as the once pilot, turned ambassador felt himself drifting into an uneasy sleep he couldn’t help but dream of a past life. It was almost 25 years ago since the War between Jupiter and Uranus had calm to a halt. It had started over a disagreement with and ended up escalating into a war that spanned a short year and a half. But that didn’t mean that casualties and trauma wasn’t felt on both sides who participated. Despite having parents that were hailed as war heroes Odysseus had a strong disdain for it. Reaching for a glass of water he took a sip before allowing himself to slip into an uneasy dream.

[i “I’m Going to Earth; I’m strongly against getting Earth involved in this war.”]
Standing in the chambers of ninety on Jupiter, the male felt all eyes upon him as he was scrutinize for presenting his case as to why Earth needn’t get involved. Already the a foreign galaxy had set it’s sights on expanding aggressively outwards in search of new planets to enslaved for resources. It was well known that there were pirates who attacked entire planets, exterminating its inhabitants and selling them to the highest bidders. Since Earth and Mars and the Jupiter Moon Triton were rich in resources it made since that a foreign trade federation would want to absorb these planets and Moon under there control. Therefore, it made no since to the Ambassador to leave Earth unguarded. If the Military could stay on home world whilst the other planets took care of the invading threat than All Earth had to focus on was sending resources to those risking their necks to protect her.

Being a skill orator, his words were precise and concise. It didn’t take long for him to win the majority vote to represent himself on behalf of the Planet Jupiter to provide a way to keep Earth from getting involved with the war. Furthermore, Lantu felt like the royal family would agree with his stances of making sure that Earth remained peaceful and avoid unnecessary violence. Thus, he found himself on a six hour trip to Earth leaving behind his family and returning to his ancestral home.

Opening his eyes, the male stretched himself out before spotting the orb of known as the Planet Earth. Six hours had come and gone within the blink of an eye and as he found himself disembarking on the planet once more the male found himself greeted by royal escorts. He found it comforting that the Royal family wasted no time in sparing expenses when it came to providing security and fortitude to those who had come to vote upon the matter of Earth’s involvement in the coming war. Heading into a car, one of the royal guards smiled at the Ambassador before speak.

[b “You’re the son of Hector and Hermia one of the most famous due pilots in our Galaxy! Have you come to cast your vote for war?”] Excitedly, the guard leaned forward almost glowing at the thought of having a son of legends vote for the Earth to go to war. Though the male was quite skilled in piloting and he’d had some skills with a rifle, he was on a diplomatic mission. His was to ensure that the Earth didn’t get involved. Even if he had to abandon his own political career in pursuit of fighting foreign invaders he found himself willing too make such sacrifices.

Leaning back against the velvet seat the male felt his face soften at the eager look of the boy before he shook his head from side to side and explained himself. “I did not come here to cast a vote so that Earth may go to war. Being a child of veterans… I’ve seen how traumatic the consequences can be. I’d rather vote for Earth to stay out of it than to see it get involved.” He had a big heart even if he didn’t show it. Resting his hands upon his palm he felt himself sleepier. Traveling through space one would think they’d had time to sleep. However sleeping in space is a far from pleasant experience. Perhaps it was his first time being in space without piloting a war machine was the reason why he couldn’t get rest so easily. Whatever the cause, he wished to sleep. The meeting wasn’t till next week which gave him ample opportunity to sleep and gather his thoughts together.

[center [pic https://assets.yande.re/data/preview/1e/31/1e31065a379904c6113f27e9cba1bdd9.jpg] ]

[#65154f “Does Father really intend on excluding me from a conversation about the fate of our Galaxy? I can tell when he’s trying to shelter me; I may be the Fourth born but that doesn’t give him the right to treat me as if I’m incapable of making rational decisions.”]
Reverberating off the her bedroom chambers, the Princess found her voice falling upon deaf ears. As soldiers stood at her six o clock protecting her at all hours of the night she felt stifled. Ever since returning home from her studies abroad on the Planet Mars they’d been a heighten sense of vigilance surrounding the royal family. The voices of Earth were clashing and clamoring with those urging for the royal family to keep earth neutral. Whilst the proud and willing were ready to cut loose and represent earth upon the front lines. Being a young 19, Sophia found herself being pro war. Not because she believed Earth to be an invincible fighting force. She was well aware of the casualties that would come from Earth’s involvement and was prepared to attend the funerals of those whom she’d be sending to their deaths had she her way. The thing which she fear was the unknown which might come from Earth being neutral and how that might had catastrophic ramifications. Every choice mankind makes is paired with consequences. She only one the best ones for her people which she felt extended beyond that of Earth.

Heading out of her room she turned upon her hill to look at the guards who were sure to follower her. She’d made it her business to observe which one was more likely to act faster than the other incase she needed it. It wasn’t that one was lazier than the other. It was simply one had better instincts than his counterpart. Pointing to the one on her right Sophia asked him to stay whilst the one on her left accompanied her down the hall towards where her father would reside in his studies. While her eldest brother was free to act independently without representing the family she’d had no idea what he was doing or planning. Her only concerns was confronting the man whom found himself content with keeping her consistently in a little doll house as if she were made from fragile china. [#65154f “Really father, do you think me incompetent? Or have you, to, succumb to the rumors of me being a foolish blood thirsty child?”] Her voice came out coolly as if she were testing the waters.

Her father was up there in years, but he was still not to be trifle with. Looking up at his daughter he simply looked at her inquisitive eyes before letting go her gaze and returning to the thing which held his interest more than her. [b “I suppose you’ve heard of the council next week. It is not a place for a child.”]

[#65154f “I am royalty; I am not just a child. I’ve studied on politics on Jupiter and hand to hand combat on Earth and Mars. I’m well verse in the history of the ITF. As royals we represent not only humanity, but our influence can be felt keenly on other planets. As Princess my duty is not just to humans but to others as well. I cannot just sit back and not act on what I feel is best for the longevity of all.”] Eloquently she spoke and the king looked at her before signing. It seemed as if he’d raised her to well. Even if he’d forbade her for growing he knew that clever mind of hers would somehow undoubtedly find a way to attend the debate. So he was at a lost as to what exactly he could do but allow her to attend. [b “Just promise me Sophia that you’ll not act rashly. Not is not the time to be brazen as you’ve the tendency to do. Wisdom most rule the day.”]

Bowing her head to her father she noted his advice and turned upon her heels exiting. She had had more work to do now which involved obtaining updates on the encroaching armies.

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg] ]

On the outer layer of the Solar system they had been skirmishes. But that all changed six weeks prior to embarking on his mission towards Earth, Odysseus found himself leading a small group of pilots out against the encroaching armies. It hadn’t been far from Jupiter actually. It had been close to the moon Triton when a hail of golden lights exploded into the empty blackness. That was when the fire-fight had started and the machines were on there toes against the encroaching forces. Once known as Captain Lantu, He found himself once more force to kill like his father taught him. The way these machines work were body suites were worn inside the machine with sensory that control every part of the robot. The body suites were quite heavy and almost suffocating yet as soon as the adrenaline kicked it all the negative aspects went away and it was go time.

[b “Set, Ra, Horus, this is Aten speaking. We’re under attack by foreign invaders. We’re going to use the asteroids as shelter and return fire. Now, move, move, move!”]
His father had taught him to never second-guess his instinct such a thing would get you killed on the battlefield. Along with never show emotions so as he slid and hide behind a stray asteroid he watched as the others follow suite. It was clear that they were outnumber some ten to four and they were a long way from home, but he wasn’t afraid. Readying his rifle, he stilled his breath. He ready his troops and then he led the attack.

Back at Jupiter he found himself giving the chambers of Ninety a debriefing of what looked to be a foreign scouting party. They’d encounter them many times before and they were always peaceful. However this time they were on the offensive and looking to provoke an all out war so that they’d an excuse to unleash they’re full fury and try to conquer this solar system. It was a theory that Odysseus shared with the chamber and that was when Jupiter decided that it would cast its vote to go to war.

The ITF had a deal where if 7 out of the 9 Planets decided to vote for war than they’d openly declare it. Earth was the last planet stopping it from happening. And all eyes were on the little peaceful diplomatic Planet. Despite being caught up in a skirmish and being responsible for killing; the ambassador saw that more as self-defense. Earth was to valuable to risk being left defenseless if she sent her troops to aid in battle.
[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg] ]

“We’re here at your home away from home.”
Blinking his eyes, the black man found that he’d drifted off to sleep and was reliving the pass events which led up to him come here. Smiling to the royal he gave him his thanks before preparing to get accustom to his home away from home.
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