Love? Denied!

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Roleplay Responses

Character hugged Cloud tightly and didn't let go of him.
  Character / Character / 3d 15h 17m 41s
"HELP ME! A VAMPIRE IS IN LOVE WITH ME!" Cloud yelled out.
  Cloud (Cross-Dress Outfit) / Catlover33 / 3d 15h 21m 18s
"It was probably just our imaginations" Gankona said before Vaan jumped in his arms.
  Character / Character / 3d 17h 37m 46s
"WHO SCREAMED!" Vaan yelled out before jumping into Gankona's arms.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 23h 42m 46s
"Um sure I guess" Gankona said before hearing a loud scream.
  Character / Character / 3d 23h 46m 12s
"Do you want to be my boyfriend because Character dumped me?" Vaan asked Gankona.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 23h 47m 44s
"Um what do you want" Gankona asked biting into a cookie.
  Character / Character / 3d 23h 48m 53s
Vaan woke up and went to find Gankona. "There you are!" He told Gankona.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 23h 49m 26s
"No you are" Character smiled.
  Character / Character / 4d 2m 17s
"VAAN IS CUTER THAN I AM YOU MORON!" Cloud yelled at Character.
"I don't care, you're beautiful and handsome" Character said before putting Cloud in a black dress.
  Character / Character / 4d 4m 46s
"He owns me now so you can't love me because it's considered treason." Cloud told Character.
Character carried Cloud to a guest room and set him down but didn't leave as he couldn't stop looking at Cloud.
  Character / Character / 4d 7m 59s
Vaan went back to sleep as Cloud's wounds healed quickly.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 4d 9m 33s
"Stop, you'll kill him" Character said stopping Vaan from drinking more of Clouds blood.
  Character / Character / 4d 11m 48s

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