Love? Denied!

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Roleplay Responses

"D-don't you need to drink human blood and why is there a male chained up in your room?" Chrom asked Ike.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 2d 4h 6m 13s
Character blushed lightly before hugging Cloud back softly.
  Character3 / 2d 4h 26m 16s
Cloud winced in pain before hugging Character for comfort.
"Okay" Character said before biting down on Clouds neck and stopping.
  Character3 / 2d 5h 20m 21s
"Then hurry up and do it before I change my mind." Cloud told Character before exposing his neck.
"Well I can bite you quickly so no other vampire does" Character said.
  Character3 / 2d 8h 20m 31s
"I'm afraid that another vampire will claim me if you don't bite me." Cloud told Character.
"Because I don't like to it just doesn't feel right to me" Character said.
  Character3 / 2d 13h 52m 57s
"Yes I actually forgive you for that and why don't you bite me." Cloud told Character.
"Y-you do" Character said looking at Cloud in half surprise had excitement.
  Character3 / 2d 15h 3m 5s
"It's alright and I forgive you for that." Cloud told Character.
  Cloud (Cross-Dress Outfit) / Catlover33 / 2d 16h 15m 47s
"I don't like to" Character said.
  Character3 / 3d 20m 49s
"B-but all vampires bite humans." Cloud told Character before sighing.
"I don't care, I won't bite you I promise" Character smiled.
  Character / Character / 3d 15h 34m 10s
"I SEE THOSE FANGS YOU MORON!" Cloud yelled at Character.
  Cloud (Cross-Dress Outfit) / Catlover33 / 3d 15h 38m 44s

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