Love? Denied!

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"It just felt fun because you released me." Ramza told Link while smiling.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 4m 0s
Link looked dazed but looked at Ramza when his cheek was poked. "Why did you do that" he asked.
  Character3 / 1d 4h 6m 48s
"Are you okay over there?" Ramza asked Link before poking his cheek.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 7m 33s
"I hate you so much" Link said when the bookshelf fell and he smacked his face on his bedframe
  Character3 / 1d 4h 13m 0s
Ramza started laughing and stuck his tongue out at Link. "YOU FELL FOR IT!" He yelled out.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 15m 40s
Link shrieked and slapped Ramza away quickly before jumping on his bookshelf.
  Character3 / 1d 4h 19m 13s
Ramza entered through the window and stabbed Link with the fake wooden stake.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 19m 46s
Link saw Ramza and hid in his room locking his door as he cried.
  Character3 / 1d 4h 22m 36s
"Here he comes with a wooden stake in his hands." Chrom told everyone.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 23m 49s
  Character3 / 1d 4h 32m 36s
"Well he went to go kill Link it seems." Chrom told Ike.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 33m 31s
"I saw Link set him free so that" Ike sighed looking around.
  Character3 / 1d 4h 35m 41s
"What are you going to do with him?" Chrom asked Ike.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 40m 4s
"Oh uh him, he wondered near my place so I grabbed him and put him to sleep" Ike said.
  Character3 / 1d 4h 44m 26s
Chrom jumped into Ike's arms and asked him about how Ramza was caught.
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 1d 4h 45m 11s

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