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[center [font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hen amirah accepts her fiance's proposal, she knows she wants to have everyone she loves, friend and family, there to celebrate her big day. that includes her friends from college. no one would pass up on a free trip to paris right?
[font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hats expected to be a winter wonderland wedding, soon turns into a disaster, as a brutal snowstorm sweeps over the city. things cant get any worse, that is if you don't factor in [b x and y] who each had no idea the other would be attending. with nowhere to go, the two spend time trying to piece together what went wrong in their relationship and whether its worth going after so many years later]]


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Charlotte smiled, [i “Oh course. Whatever needs to be done for Abby. She should always be your first priority.”] she replied. She meant that too, his child should mean more than anything else. As they spoke more, and he spoke about helping her, she connected her eyes with his. [i “You...you want to help? I’d love that. “] she smiled. This was so different from her last relationship. Gabriel had always supported her, but Samuel had tried to make her stop. Samuel pulled a lot of life out of Charlotte, but she believed he was the best she could get. He was kind and made good money, why would she need anything else? But once she saw Gabriel again, she knew she needed the love behind a relationship. And she realized she didn’t love Samuel because she was still in love with Gabriel.

Charlotte and Francesca worked on lacing flowers onto the wireframe they were provided. Francesca seemed very nice, and she wanted to make a good impression, she was also part of Gabriel’s life. As Francesca spoke, Charlotte smiled. Gabriel did have that effect, to be able to bring amazing changes to people’s lives. [i “Yeah, he is pretty good at changing people’s lives for the better.”] she spoke, a small smile resting on her lips. As she spoke about Carter, Charlotte couldn’t help but let a small sigh escape her lips. Carter was a good person, but he did like to explore his options as well. Charlotte had honestly been surprised Carter hadn’t been found with more than one woman this whole time, which meant that he did like her.

[i “Carter is an...interesting person. We were really close in college, but I haven’t been around him for a while. From what I can see, I think he likes you. I’m not going to lie to you, Carter is someone who likes to explore his options. The fact that he had only really spent time with you is surprising because he usually isn’t one to spend a lot of time with one person. I don’t think he’s really had a long term thing since he dated Amirah in college. So, I don’t think you are just a number.”] Charlotte spoke as she weaved more flowers through the wireframe. She looked up toward the men, seeing a softness is Carter’s eyes she wasn’t used to seeing. She didn’t want to steer the young girl into heartbreak either, even if she did trust Carter not to do that.

[i “But, please, don’t take my words as fact. You should talk to him yourself, if you like him.”] she smiled toward her. As she looked over to the men, she caught a glimpse of Gabriel, sending a small wave over to him.

Charlotte continued to work on the arch, the two women doing a ‘marvelous job’, as Amirah had said when she checked in on them about 4 times. They were almost done, adding the last few flowers to accentuate different parts of the arch. [i “We make a pretty good team, huh?”] Charlotte smiled toward Francesca. [i “Hey, we should make the most of our last free night in this amazing place. Maybe we can do something fun with the guys tonight, I heard they are hosting a movie night for the kiddos so they should be taken care of. I mean, if you are up for it.”] she smiled. [i “Let’s ask them!”] Charlotte spoke, waving over the boys toward them, as they brought over the last few flowers that needed to be adjusted in their archway.
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Gabriel smiled at Charlotte’s offer. “That’s sweet, it’s just . . . Abby sometimes gets a bit worked up at night and well I know Francesca really needs this job, I can’t just leave her empty handed.” Francesca had been with them for at least three years and she made it easy for Abigail to fit in. if he and Charlotte were going to make things work. He and her would need some space and time to reconnect. This would have to come before they introduced Abigail into their relationship. Right now she only understood Charlotte as a friend, but what if things went wrong? He couldn’t stress his daughter out like that. “Maybe we won’t rent a place, just like an Airbnb or something, just until Abigail gets accumulated to everything.” He suggested. Of course, this was if Francesca even wanted to go. He knew her relationship with Carter couldn’t be serious but the two were getting along well and it wasn’t usual for Carter to fixate on one woman for more thana. Couple of hours, especially after they had already coupled with one another. Was there something there quite possible?

“Maybe I should talk to Francesca first and see what her plans are.” Gabriel suggested. His hands fluffed through the flowers then, an assorted of white and red roses. He looked to the side where event re children had been put to work. Amirah had them putting together the giftbags which included imported chocolate amongst other special items. He was glad to see that Abby was getting along well with the other kids.
“Maybe I can help with your project?” Gabriel suggested. He didn’t want to push on Charlotte, but he did want to be a part of her career compared to her ex-husband. “I’ll be happy to meet her.” he said to Charlotte. He noticed Carter was calling him over toward the flowers which once bundled they would hand over to Charlotte and Francesca.
“So, how’re things going with you and [I my] assistant?” Gabriel asked Carter with a smile. Though he did notice a softness in Carter’s eyes as he looked toward the woman.
“I like her,” he said with a shrug, but Gabriel knew that statement meant more than he was letting on.

Francesca was weaving the flowers into the arch with invisible string. She had of course noticed Gabriel’s change since arriving at the wedding and being with Charlotte. Though, it wasn’t anything bad. She was glad to find that Gabriel for once was opening himself up again. Though according to Carter that wasn’t hard as Charlotte and Gabriel apparently had been together for years in college.
“I’m definitely having a good time. I’ve never been to Paris before. Working with Gabriel has brought so any changes to my life.” Francesca admitted with a smile. She leaned in closer, whispering almost. “About Carter . . . does he. . . I mean am I just a number?” She asked.
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Carter’s comment made Charlotte’s face turn red, but she was still able to flip him off in return. [i “Oh lay off. Don’t act like you’ve been innocent this whole trip.”] she teased. She was happy to have her rapport with Carter back. With Gabriel, Carter was basically a package deal.

Charlotte liked the idea of working on a flower arch for the wedding. It seemed like fun to arrange all the flowers over the wireframe, and she was happy to see she’d be with Gabriel, Carter, and Francesca as well. She had yet to have any interaction with Francesca, so she was excited to finally have a chance to introduce herself. She had seemed to have taken a liking to Carter as well.

As they made their way toward the yard, Gabriel began speaking to her. [i “Yeah! That sounds like a great idea! You guys could always stay with me. My apartment isn’t huge, but I have a guest bedroom at least! I don’t want you to have to spend unnecessary money, when you are going to be flying all the way over.”] she responded. She was really happy they were trying to find a way to stay in each other's lives, without giving up either of their current lives. [i “I’m in the editing phase with my current project anyway, so as long as I have laptop access, I should be good to work away from the office, at least for a little while.”] she smiled.

Charlotte was excited for Gabriel to meet Kori, her confidant since she moved to New York. Charlotte and Kori had met in a coffee shop one day, as Kori asked her about what she was writing one of her first weeks in New York. Since then, they had become co-workers and even best friends. Gabriel had to impress Kori, which she knew he’d be able to. [i “I can’t wait till you meet Kori. She basically knows everything about us, she’s been my best friend and assistant since I moved.”] she said.

The four of them had made their way to the wire archway, along with bouquets and bouquets of flowers. It was set inside the doorway, making sure once the snow was cleared, they could move it outdoors. She saw a bunch of people outside, with Amirah directing them, clearing out all the ice and snow that had settled. Charlotte grabbed one handful of flowers starting to arrange them among the frame. Charlotte then turned to Francesca, smiling, [i “So, Francesca, are you having a good time? We really haven’t had a chance to formally meet yet. Charlotte.”] she laughed lightly.
Gabriel had met with Carter when he was downstairs, noticing Charlotte hadn’t come down yet or quite possibly was being hounded for details from Amirah. He himself couldn’t escape a kiss and tell story as Carter was already making his way toward him. Gabriel couldn’t help the smirk at seeing the look his friend gave him.
“Don’t start,” he told Carter who eagerly drew Gabriel to the side to get as much information and details he could, as Amirah had simply said she walked in on the two. Though what else needed to be said? Carter could immediately notice the difference in his friend.
“Oh no, you’re not getting out of this. What happened?” He asked. Gabriel chuckled, shoving his hands in his pockets and rocking a little on his heels.
“Look we hung out with a movie and then went to her place, and we jest slept. No big deal.” Carter knew his friend. When he and Charlotte had first spent their time together, he couldn’t get Gabriel to shut up about how he couldn’t believe they waited so long. Now he was being mister hush hush, it didn’t add up and he refused that answer.
“And. . . ” Carter led as he took a sip of the drink.
Gabriel looked around, as though there would be someone who was listening in, though most of them were new friends of Amirah’s or family members that had nothing to do with the group.

Gabriel leaned in, “And things got a bit heated this morning.” He said. “That’s all I’m saying, if Charlotte found out you know she’d not be happy.” Carter chuckled, patting Gabriel on the back. He was honestly glad to know that his friends had made up and to see Gabriel getting back into the dating game considering how his romance life was kind of wishy washy every now and then. Gabriel then spotted Charlotte who was walking over with two glasses. As suspected she had been with Amirah who was now trying to get everyone’s attention.
“Charlotte,” Carter said with a chuckle. “Heard you had a good morning.” Gabriel quickly punched the guy to which Amirah gave them a look like they were two kids acting up in church. Carter gave an innocent look before leaving to link up with Francesca. Gabriel looked to Charlotte apologetically before taking a seat with her, happy to hold her hand. After it was explained what they would be doing, many of the guests were starting to see what Amirah had planned for them to do. “Sure,” Gabriel answered as he came to a stand and started heading toward the large wire frame to work with. Amirah was always prepared Gabriel thought He saw then that they had been scheduled to work on the flower arch. It looked like Amirah still planned to have the wedding though instead of at the venue, in the backyard of the home which was more than able to hold their guests. It just meant they were short on time, so not time to waste. Though, what would she expect by getting them all to work together.

Gabriel had looked outside, the sun was coming out, but there was still some snow covering the ground. With the weather being a bit nicer though, he wasn’t surprised if Amirah already had planned for someone to come clear it. They had a bunch of fresh flowers to deal with and were shooed outside to get the work done. Gabriel looked toward Charlotte then,.
“So about me moving, I was thinking I stay for a while you know? Then maybe you can come stay with me. . . my house is big enough at least.”
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Charlotte entered the shower, cleaning off her body that was a bit sticky from the events that happened previously. Even though the two were moving quite fast in their relationship, they had 4 years of a relationship under their belt, so it felt natural as they fell into this new sort of relationship. She was able to shower quickly, smiling as she washed, because just being with Gabriel made her giddy. She finished up, wrapping a towel around her body. She dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, sliding on some black slip-on. She brushed out her wavy hair, letting it air dry. She would fix it later depending on what the day brought. She added a bit of makeup to her face and exited her room.

Charlotte entered downstairs, Amirah catching her eye. The woman went to grab a cup of coffee, and Amirah instead pulled her away from the group. [b “Charlotte!] Amirah said, hitting her arm.
[i “Ow! Amirah!”]
[b “You and Gabriel! I’m so happy! I knew I’d be able to get you two together! And don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone. Except for Carter. C’mon I had to!”]
Charlotte pinched the bridge of her nose, shaking her head [i “Amirah...really…”]

At that moment, she caught sight of Gabriel, sending a small wave and a smile toward him. [i “Come on, this is for YOU! Let’s start your meeting!”] Charlotte smiled. Amirah smiled toward her, nodding.

There were small flutes of mimosa lining the table, and Charlotte grabbed two, one for herself and one for Gabriel. She went through the group, finding Gabriel and stood next to him. [i “Mimosa?”] she asked, holding the flute up to him. She took her now free hand, lacing their hand together. It was a bit childish, she knew, but Charlotte’s love language was touch. She was one to make any excuse to make some physical touch to let someone know she cared and she loved them.

Amirah tapped her glass with a fork, getting everyone's attention. [b “Hello everyone! We have good news! We will be able to have our wedding! Because everything is in shambles now, we will spend today getting our venue ready and we will be married tomorrow! I’m sorry for anyone who has to adjust travel plans, we will help with any updating you need. So, breakfast will be served soon and then we will split up to work on different things today. I’ve already assigned everyone!”] Amirah held up a list, placing it down on the table.

Charlotte looked over to Gabriel, [i “Wanna go check our assignments?”] she teased. She knew Amirah would stick friends together, so she knew Gabriel, Carter, and Charlotte were probably all assigned together.
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[I “Gabriel, you know I care about you. I want this to work, I need us to work.” Charlotte smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I’m not running away from you again.”] If this was going to work, Gabriel knew that he had to make the sacrifices this time. It would show that he was committed to her and Charlotte seemed to have taken a liking to the idea, so he felt what he was doing was right. He smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her. H k=e knew that Charlotte had expressed how happy she was with her new job and how things were starting to finally look up since her divorce. This was what she needed and he wanted to eb there to help her in any way. Besides, as a producer for films and the like, tit all seemed to just fit.
“Really really.” He said simply. He enjoyed how excited she was for Abagail to join as well and he knew that she would be more than happy to explore the city with the young woman. It would help with bonding should things maybe progress pass just a relationship. Possibly marriage?

Gabriel kissed Charlotte back. “We have a lot of time to plan, lets not rush this. "I j just want to do it right this time you know?” Though the both of them were moving a tad quickly. Still, Gabriel didn’t really mind as he knew that there was so much they already knew about one another. The only thing they more than likely feared was one’s committed to seeing this relationship pass just this weekend and it seemed they both were selfless enough to stop their lives in the name of love.

Amirah’s voice had been a bit jarring, bringing Gabriel back to reality. He chuckled then, knowing that Amirah was not the type to wait and he wasn’t at all surprised to find her walking right into the bedroom without announcing she was coming in. He knew that she would be shocked, but was sure the minute the door was closed she’d be dancing and laughing as though this had been her plan all along and Gabriel felt that maybe it had been. Though right now seeing her two friends reuniting was not that important; Amirah had finally figured out how to get her wedding back on track.

“Well then, we are going to get a lecture from her tonight I’m sure.” Gabriel said with a chuckle. They both needed to get up and get ready for the day, despite the desire to lounge in the warm bed cuddled against one another. “Guess I’ll see you downstairs,” Gabriel said with a smirk as he pulled on his pants and shirt. He made sure he had his things before heading toward his bedroom. Francesca and Abby were gone, which led him to believe the two had already gotten ready and were downstairs where he could hear the feint buzzing of conversation.

Gabriel showered, his mind thinking back to what the two had been up to that morning. He was still in shock honesty that this had happened. He was given a second chance and he did not want to mess it up. After drying off, Gabriel changed into some dark blue jeans and a plaid shirt with some sneakers. He figured they’d be causal for now, unsure if Amirah had figured out how to get the wedding going on today or tomorrow. Though with the weather clearing up some, he figured she would opt form tomorrow which he knew meant she would be using them to get things set up. He didn’t mind though, glad that things were working out on her end and especially glad on his end. He soon headed downstairs to join the meeting.
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Charlotte’s body tensed as he mentioned what they were going to do. What she wanted was to fall back into what the two of them had previously in college. If she never moved, this would have been easier for their reuniting to happen. But she ran, and at the time, she assumed Gabriel wouldn’t come back. And she waited, she waited by her phone for months after graduation to see if he would call or text her. She had drafted millions of texts and emails and chickened out to send any of them. And imagine, all this time, they still were in love. Well, she knew she was still in love. She just couldn’t say it out loud to him again, not yet.

[i “Gabriel, you know I care about you. I want this to work, I need us to work.”] Charlotte smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek. [i “I’m not running away from you again.”]

But Charlotte knew she couldn’t leave her job, she worked so hard to get into the creative team of the publishing house. She finally got in somewhere where she could write all the time, along with helping other writers and helping to get other screenplays off the ground. All she needed was a producer to pick it up from them after they were published, but this had yet to happen for her yet. She couldn’t just leave her dream job, even for her dream man. Lots of video and phone calls and holidays across the country would have to suffice, at least for now.

[i “Wait, really?”] Charlotte spoke. [i “Gabriel, you’d really come all the way out for me?”] she couldn’t help but allow a smile to occupy her lips. [i “Honestly, I’d love that.”] Charlotte smiled. She was so happy to hear how committed they both were in this relationship, considering how he had a whole other person to worry about. [i “I’d love to spend more time with Abby too. She is such a joy, and I’d love to bring her to Time Square and show her how much fun the Big Apple is.”] she smiled. Since moving out to New York, she had really enveloped herself in city life. She lived very close to Times Square, so she frequently took trips down to be involved in all the things New York; parades, movie shoots, opening nights of Broadway shows.

[i “And I can come out and visit you as well. I haven’t really taken a vacation since the divorce, so I have lots of time saved up. My assistant Kori begs me to take vacations more often, so it won’t be too hard.”] Charlotte said, mentally taking note she had to catch Kori up again, considering their relationship had changed over and over. Maybe getting a place in California wasn't a bad idea, she would be able to network a little more than she was able to now. [i “Gabriel, I am so happy we are gonna do this.”] she smiled, pressing her lips to his. As they kissed, a banging was heard at the door of her room.

[b “ Oh Char. Wakey wakey! We have a meeting soon.”] Amirah said from the other side of the door. She seemed to feel better from the events that occurred yesterday. Charlotte pulled away quickly, her face heating up. She wanted to tell Amirah about what happened privately and didn’t want her walking in to see both of them in bed together. She prayed that Amirah would go on to bother some others, but she knew Amirah would want to check in on Charlotte.

Amirah pushed open the door, her eyes became wide when she saw the two of them together, Charlotte pulling the covers up to her collarbone. Amirah pulled the door shut, [b “Just get ready for 9, okay!”] she yelled awkwardly through the door, pretending nothing had happened. Charlotte’s face was now beat red and she pulled the covers over her face at this point. [i “We are gonna get chewed out later by Amirah…”] she joked, a laugh escaping her lips now.

[i “We should probably start getting ready, as much as I’d love to stay in bed all day. I mean, I’d rather go again and again with you, but we have a whole day planned with Amirah.”] Charlotte laughed She left the warmth of the bed and Gabriel, heading toward the shower.
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Gabriel pulled the covers over his nude frame, adjusting the pillow then. He was glad to relax, but that was short lived as Charlotte had returned back to bed, just a bit cooler as the outside temperature had nipped at her warm body, and presented the invitation issued and more than likely delivered personally by Amirah. If she knew he was there, Gabriel was sure she’d get much satisfaction out of it, but would soon be rushing the two to get ready. Gabriel wanted to lament in this feeling of pleasure for just a while longer at least. He drew Charlotte in closer, reading over the letter. “A mandatory meeting,” he said with a grumble. He definitely had worn himself out and sleeping in sounded much better. However, Amirah was his friend and he was curious to see how she planned to solve this problem. He could barely make out the outside through the window, as it was still partially curtained, but it didn’t look like it was snowing anymore. Maybe if it let up enough, the wedding would be back on. Gabriel wouldn’t have been surprised if Amirah hired a snow crew to clear out the snow.

“Relax and shower sounds good,” he said with a smile. He kissed the top of her head then . Honestly showering together sounded perfect, but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to resist going round two, as though that were a problem. “Maybe separate?” he suggested, he didn't need to check on Abby. He knew she would be searching for him when she woke up, if she wasn’t awake just yet and while he had brought Francesca along to help, he had made it a big deal that this too could be a vacation for her. He had intended to watch Abby as much as possible. Though that was before he and Charlotte reconnected.

While he wanted nothing more to relax, he knew there was a conversation that they couldn’t put off any longer. Maybe it would be best to get it done and out of the way. If this wedding went through and the weather cleared up, he would be back on a plane to San Francisco in the next two days. What would that mean when it came to their [I relationship] then?
“Charlotte,” he started tentatively, his hand gripping the paper and placing it on the table beside the bed before he shifted some to face Charlotte. “About us . . . about this. I know I told you I wanted to try to work on this and I really do mean it. But, what’s going to happen to us when this weekend is over?”

With his line of work, it wasn’t really that hard for him to pick up and leave, but that would mean that he would often have to fly back and forth. The main concern was Abby. Though, to be fair she did have a break coming up considering she was in private school. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a. bad idea for him to get. Temporary apartment in New York and test things out. Abby had always commented about the Big Apple whenever it came up in movies.
“Maybe I can come out there for a while?’ he suggested timidly, unsure how Charlotte would take his offer. It was a big deal and certainly was showing that he was committed to this becoming something more than a casual fling over the weekend. This was serious to Gabriel.
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It was happening. [i It was happening.]

Charlotte could help but hitch her breath when it began. She bit down hard on her lip, trying to allow only small moans to escape her mouth. This time was unlike any other time the two had been intimate. This was filled with passion, want and desire. It felt completely new, but nostalgic at the same time. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone since the divorce, so breaking a dry streak was so liberating as well. As they began to get into a rhythm, the want became more. She felt Gabriel pull her body toward him, her back against his chest. He bit down on her neck, a louder moan escaping her lips just then. She could hear a few people starting to wake up, so she knew she couldn’t continue to make noise. All she knew, is that this was 1000% better than she ever could have imagined.

As they both climaxed, Charlotte back arched and all she wanted to do was express how good he made her feel, but she knew she couldn’t. She held in her sounds, her body movements heightened because of it. It felt just as amazing as she had remembered, pure bliss. Charlotte had remembered the first time the two had been intimate, but this was a whole new level for the two of them. The both wanted this...they needed this.

Charlotte hoped this wasn’t a one time thing. She hoped the two could find a way to stay in each other's lives this time. Charlotte remembered back to a phone call she had with Kori, they were planning on moving her publishing house out of New York. If she could move closer to Gabriel, they might possibly have a chance. But, she had to wait and see what happened. She couldn’t uproot her whole life she created for herself, and he couldn’t possibly make him do that either, especially with Abby. They had to think of something, and soon.

As Charlotte listened to Gabriel, she laughed as well. [i “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”] she said as she laid back onto the bed. Her body was sore, but in the best way possible. She was hot, and all she wanted to do was shower off with Gabriel, and lay all day in bed with him. She knew that would not be the case. They were in Amirah’s world right now, no day was wasted. As if like clockwork, a piece of paper was slid under the door. Charlotte shot a confused look to Gabriel, and she slid from under the covers to retrieve it.

It was an invitation to a meeting. Amirah must have been up for hours writing everything out, even down to picking out fancy fonts and borders for the paper. She must have a whole itinerary planned, every minute thought out. Charlotte smirked, walking back into the bed, curling up next to Gabriel. [i “Look what we got here. An invitation to a morning meeting. I mean, I wouldn’t expect less from her”] she laughed, remembering how stunning her invites for her wedding had been. She planned a meeting for this morning to discuss their new plan for the day, and it was [b mandatory] everyone be there at 9:30 am. Charlotte looked to the clock, [i “We have an hour or so. We’ll relax and then shower? I’m okay with either showering separate or together”] she mentioned with a wink, running her hand through her tousled hair.
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Charlotte was definitely eager and yet Gabriel knew that she was trying her hardest to hold back, still at the back of her mind more than likely trying to figure out whether or not it was a good idea for them to move forward. Gabriel was battling himself, as he didn’t want to push her or make Charlotte think that they had to be with one another now. Though thy both knew there was the chance this could be the last time. Would they make the decision to see one another even after this whole wedding ordeal was over? This wasn’t just about a weekend coupling and pretending it wouldn’t haunt them if they ignored each other again for another couple of years. Gabriel’s eyes landed on Charlotte, those sweet light eyes and toward her full pink lips, his hand reached out to cradle her face then and as she tugged on the waistband of his pants, his eyes couldn’t help but travel lower. Was she moving too fast> Were they moving too fast? Gabriel was afraid to think about it. Though it was clear they both knew what they wanted as consenting adults and when he leaned in to kiss her, his hands finding the warmth of her, he knew that there was nothing more that he wanted than to be with her that moment.

“No” he had whispered finally against her lips as he pulled from the kiss. He’d drawn her onto him then, the barrier of his pants now removed as he looked up at her, he did feel some bit of nervousness as though it was his first time. He just took a breath though, slowly guiding himself and when that moment of connection finally took place, it all seemed to make sense at that moment. They were doing this and he had no regrets about it at all.

There was no feeling that could give the highest sense of ecstasy other than when heart and body came together. Pulsing, inside they seemed to fall into a rhythm that one would imagine would be long gone after so ,many years apart. And yet, with each caress, and each stroke, it seemed there were so many new things about the two yet to have discovered as they had aged. His hands had kneaded parts of Charlotte, lips suckling wherever they could. He watched her in awe, trying his hardest to contain the sounds of pleasure that would bubble to the surface. The struggle of power became too much and before long he’d her back pressed against him, his lips biting into tender flesh of her neck. His movements had become fevered then, a sense of unlocked passion as Gabriel allowed himself to relish in the nostalgic feeling of being with Charlotte.

Like all good moments it had to come to an end, and with a growl against her back, his hands tightened their grip of her chest and upon the end he made sure to hold her close, melting against her until she arched her body to meet him right at the moment of spilling over. He breathed out, his chest rising and falling and his muscles burning from sweet exhaustion. He rested his head against the back of her head, feeling the light layer of perspiration dripping against him. His eyes were closed, a trickle of lithe chuckles falling from his lips.
‘Well that’s not how it used to be,” he teased. He’d detached himself, laying down and now much too wiped out to think about doing much of anything, though knowing that cuddling in bed together the whole day was less than probable.
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[i “I am more than sure.”] Charlotte smirked toward the male. She was kissed again, and he then went for her neck toward her shoulder. She tilted her head back, a small moan escaped her lips. [i “Oh Gabriel…”] the words slipped through her lips, followed by another small moan. His lips on her body felt absolutely amazing, she wasn’t sure how she was able to wait this long. She allowed him to pull away, lifting her shirt off of her body, throwing it to the side. She lifted Gabriel’s shirt off of him as well and wrapped her arms around his neck to press her lips to his again.

Charlotte felt as his hips were pressed hard against hers, biting her bottom lip lightly to make sure she wasn’t too loud. She remembered how Amirah had teased her about ‘not waiting to hear her friends banging’ when they were roommates before, so she was sure she didn’t want to make too much noise. This was definitely not the place she wanted everyone around her to know what was happening. The woman let her hand travel to the waistband of his pajama pants, tracing the top of them on his skin. Her other hand she used to push her hair out of her face, running her hand through the ends as well.

Charlotte wanted Gabriel to please her, she missed his presence and his touch. She felt she was deprived of his touch and she wanted it more than anything. She moved her body off of the male, sliding into the bed next to him. She began to tug on his pajama pants, hoping to gauge if he was interested in going all the way with her at this point in their reconnection. She knew that soon, unsure of when, but soon they would have to be away from each other and she wanted to be able to have this moment with him again. She wanted to show that she actually wanted the relationship they had before, mentally and physically. She craved him as a person.

[i “I’m not moving too fast, am I?”] Charlotte asked, her hand settling on his cheek before running her hand through his bedhead.
  Charlotte Jaxson Beckett / SmileBright / 19d 2h 12m 19s
Gabriel had slept quite peacefully. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Abby’s foot wasn’t kicking him in the face as she often would climb into his bed an chance she could. Instead, he found himself clutched tight by Charlotte, her legs entwined with his. It was different sleeping with a woman as he hadn’t really seriously dated in the last five months and he never had someone sleep over unless he was serious. Not having to be up early for work was also a perk and Gabriel was more than pleased to sleep in. That is until he felt the lithe kisses against his neck, ticklish against his collarbone and finally his lips. Hearing Charlotte’s voice felt like a dream and for a while he stayed laying there with his eyes closed, but her voice was enticing and I had aroused him into coming awake.

“Am I okay?” He whispered, till coming out of his sleep. Of course it didn’t take long for him to agree physically and with Charlotte atop of him he was sure she could tell that there wasn’t a bone in his body that had any disagreements with what she was doing. It made him think of their morning s spent together after he would sleep over. They’d be studying, Gabriel had something other in mind, but Charlotte would always get him back on track. Yet, when morning came there would be that enticing whisper, luring him out of slumber. How could he deny her?

“Are you sure?” He asked finally looking up at her, his hands now on her hips and he was definitely awake as he leaned up a little. He looked over to the right it was too early for anyone to be up for now, but soon enough Amirah would be back in her planning mode and it was best to comply and help as much as possible. For what would be a tough and busy day, a little relaxation to start it off with sounded more than good. Gabriel had leaned dup then, supported by the strength of his arms as he deepened the kiss, his nose diving into the crook of Charlotte’s neck, lips traveling along her shoulder. “Yes, this is perfect,” he had finally whispered out, hips hard against her and a demanding look in her eyes. He knew how Charlotte could be and he had no qualms about what she was capable of. He was ready.
  gabriel / kshahidx / 20d 20h 28m 26s
Charlotte smiled, taking her hand and covering his as it rested on her cheek. She appreciated his acceptance of her and her problems. When he spoke of how he hated when she cried, she couldn’t help but show a shy smile about it. She accepted his kiss, allowing herself to relax into the kiss. Their lips parted, and he mentioned going to sleep. Looking over to the clock, it was now 3:30 am. [i “Yeah, I agree. I’m tired too. Goodnight.”] she smiled, moving over closer to him. She felt the warmth of his body keep the girl warm in the winter wonderland that swirled outside the window. She moved her body close to his, tangling their legs together.

As she closed her eyes, all she was thinking about was the end. The end of this bubble they were currently in. The two of them lived on opposite sides of the country, attempting any type of relationship was hard. The two were clearly just as in love as they were in college, they both couldn’t deny it. Their love was holding them back from attempting any other relationships in their lives, they needed to figure out what to do, and quickly.

[center ~]

Charlotte opened her eyes, waking up pretty early the next morning. She looked to the clock, the time reading 7:30 am. She turned toward Gabriel, who was still soundly sleeping. She smiled, his sleeping face reminding her of the many times they had sleepovers during school. She also couldn’t help but notice how attractive the man was, and how badly she wanted him. She smirked, as she had attempted something similar to what she was thinking before, and Gabriel seemed to enjoy it before. She sat herself up, pulling herself to straddle the man’s torso, letting her hands glide up his chest. She leaned over, pressing kisses to his neck, finding a spot on his collarbone to nip at and suck on for a minute. She didn’t want to leave a mark, but just enough for him to feel it.

Seeing that the man was waking up at her attempts, she smiled. [i “Good morning.”] she smirked, whispering it into his ear. She started kissing his neck again, her breathing warm against his neck. [i “God, I want you so bad. Are you okay with what I’m doing?”] she cooed into his ear, making sure he was alright with her advancements. Charlotte was not scared to make the first move once she was comfortable, Gabriel knew that. She had a kinky side to her, as they had brought many different things into the bedroom. Charlotte moved her hair out of her way, pressing a deep kiss to Gabriel’s lips.

Charlotte knew it was early enough that they could get away with this before anyone else woke up. She knew Amirah would be planning a backup for her wedding, or do the whole thing over again if they could. Charlotte almost wished they would push the wedding back one more day, just to have more time with Gabriel before she had to fly back to New York. They had to discuss the distance between them, but right now, she just wanted him. She wanted to feel close to him again, remembering how amazing their times together were.

The trip was for Amirah, but she could have some fun, too.
  Charlotte Jaxson Beckett / SmileBright / 20d 21h 53m 37s
Gabriel hadn’t thought that Charlotte wouldn’t love Abigail. You would have to be a heartless person to blame a child for any problems that were caused between adults. He was glad to hear that she enjoyed her and he knew Abby liked her and would eventually grow to open up more to her. Abby had always been a bit shy, which made it hard for her to have friends . But she was an incredibly bright and fun loving girl. Francesca at this point had come to be the closest thing to motherly figure she had thus far. Gabriel had always been a bit secretive about any relationships he had whether long term or casual and he certainly hadn’t introduced them to Abby ever until he was sure that their relationship was going places. Though they never did and Gabriel liked to think maybe it was because. A part of him was still stuck with Charlotte. Knowing that she had practically ran away to be out of his presence had certainly hurt, but he deserved it. Even if she forgave him or didn’t truly blame him, he knew that he had hurt her and he would do his best to make up for it.

Gabriel was a bit shocked that he hadn’t been invited to the wedding, but then again they hadn’t necessarily broke apart on good terms. He did remember Amirah mentioning something about it in passing, but almost in a quick manner so as not to allow him a chance to talk about it or poke into it. As far as he knew, she was happy with this guy. Though as Charlotte told it, the marriage began to crumble due to her wanting to follow her dream. True, every man wanted a woman to take care of them – but Gabriel looked for other qualities in a woman. He wanted someone he could share scripts with and discuss movies they watched, a woman who had the same passion for the arts as he did and Charlotte had been that woman. He couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to stifle her creativity.

Six years was a long time; one that couldn’t just be wiped away and Gabriel was sure there were memories from that marriage that would cling to Charlotte no atter how much she wanted to shake them off: like her inability to give children. He leaned in close, his arm wrapped around her tighter. Seeing her cry made him miserable and knowing the reason behind her tears made him feel even worse. If Abby had been a miscarriage, he didn’t think that he would be able to accept that, especially with it being so late into the pregnancy. But he imagined it was even worse for the mother, a pain that couldn’t be described.

“Hey, you’re human. You’re allowed to feel things. Life isn’t all perfect, but you know sometimes it has its moments. Like coming down here and reuniting with you.” Gabriel said, his hand lifting to her cheek where his thumb wiped away a stray tear. “But you do know I hate to see you cry.” He admitted as he leaned in and kissed her. “It’s getting pretty late, we should head to sleep.” Gabriel did wonder what Amirah would do about this snowed in situation, but he couldn’t imagine that it would go on for too long. After that then what? Where did that take him and Charlotte?
  gabriel / kshahidx / 21d 4h 44m 56s
Hearing Gabriel speak her name in such a pleading way, she wanted to take him right there. But she knew she had to take it a bit slow with the male. Getting right into bed with him was not the smartest move she could do, so she would hold off as long as she could, but she didn’t know how long she’d be able to.

Char listened attentively to Gabriel as he spoke about his daughter and her mother. She did know her, and she was a very beautiful girl. The two hadn’t spoken much, just whenever Charlotte would work out sometimes, the girl would usually check her in. She was always pleasant to be around, so she could see how the girl could sweet-talk Gabriel, especially when intoxicated. The two were separated, so he was not held to anything with her. It was just a bad situation that he got pulled into, but he still should have told her. [i “I get it. That would be very hard for such a young girl to have to wrap her head around. I hope how I reacted doesn’t make you think I’m mad at you or that I don’t like your daughter. She’s so sweet and I don’t hold you to anything. You didn’t do anything wrong against me. It was just a tough situation, I just wish you told me.”] she said, flashing a small smile toward Gabriel.

As he asked her about herself, she sighed, avoiding his eyes. She didn’t know where to start, but she knew she should just say everything she was thinking. Get it out in the open. [i “Well, I moved to New York. Yes, it was to get away from you. I couldn’t bear staying in town and possibly seeing you around. I was so scared of seeing you again after our breakup, so New York was a good plan for me. I became the creative head of a publishing house, and I have written a few screenplays, none that have been picked up yet.”] she said. She was trying to get the easy stuff out of the way. These things didn’t matter much, so she used it to gauge how Gabriel felt. Then she continued.

[i “I got married. We were together for six years, his name was Samuel. We had a big wedding and everything. I thought about inviting you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Amirah came. Samuel was good to me, but he really didn’t believe in my dreams. He wanted me to give up screenwriting, and get a job that would be more stable. I did end up stopping screenwriting for a little while to appease him, but I was miserable. So I got the publishing house job.”] Charlotte spoke. The next part was something that she was dreading talking about. But, she wanted no secrets, those were her words. [i “We divorced a year or so ago. We’re civil, but no feelings are there anymore. I tried to get pregnant, I wanted to be a mom and he wanted kids as well. I have a problem where having kids is extremely difficult for me. So, I may never be a mom, which is the hardest thing to learn.”] she spoke, her voice breaking near the end. She looked down, a few tears fell from her eyes. She wiped them away with her arm, looking up at him with glassy eyes. [i “That was the main reason we split. I couldn’t give him the family he wanted. The family I wanted. We almost had a baby, but I - uh, lost it early on.”] she bit her lip to hold back her tears from flowing again. She knew this was good to say, as she never really had put it all into words before. Things usually were unsaid but understood between her and Kori, so she never really had to say anything. They could basically talk through looks.

[i “That’s everything...everything that you don’t know. If you have any questions, you can ask.”] Charlotte spoke, her voice breaking slightly. She, again, wiped her tears with her arm. [i “Sorry, I am such a mess. I haven’t actually said any of this before.”] she said, her eyes locked with his. She honestly wanted to take him now, let him take her pain away. Allow her to give herself to him, but she knew it wasn’t time. Soon, but they needed to finish what they started.
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