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[center [font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hen amirah accepts her fiance's proposal, she knows she wants to have everyone she loves, friend and family, there to celebrate her big day. that includes her friends from college. no one would pass up on a free trip to paris right?
[font "times new roman"[size24 [i [b W]]]hats expected to be a winter wonderland wedding, soon turns into a disaster, as a brutal snowstorm sweeps over the city. things cant get any worse, that is if you don't factor in [b x and y] who each had no idea the other would be attending. with nowhere to go, the two spend time trying to piece together what went wrong in their relationship and whether its worth going after so many years later]]


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Charlotte finished up her makeup, curling her hair and pinning up half of it. She wanted to make sure she could dance without her hair falling down. She made sure she had at least one hair tie so she could throw it up as the night went on. Before she got her dress on, she looked out the window. The snow was starting to pile up and she knew it would be perfect for a winter wedding. Amirah would be such a beautiful bride, but she was happy the wedding was indoors.

Charlotte finished up her hair and makeup and slid the dress on her slim figure. The woman was able to pull the short zipper up, as most of the back was open on the dress. She took one more look in the mirror, and smiled. Charlotte knew she probably wouldn't wear another dress like this again, so she snapped a picture to send to Kori. She made sure to give her a small update, as she had known everything about Gabriel from years of being friends and an assistant to Charlotte. She told her she would call her later on after the wedding to tell her a full update.

Slipping on some black heels, she grabbed her jacket and small bag and made her way to the door. Everyone was waiting for the cars to take them to the venue. Charlotte couldn't find Gabriel but knew she would see him there.

[b "We're snowed in!"] Amirah announced.

Chatter among everyone started. What were they going to do? Charlotte shifted through the people, seeing Gabriel. He looked amazing in a suit, which she never doubted. She went up to him, concerned. [i "Snowed in? Isn't there a plow or something that can come by, clear the roads?"] she asked. She headed over to Amirah, who seemed a wreck but hid it well. [i "Hey. Everything is gonna be okay, okay? They can clear the streets, right? Don't worry!"] she smiled softly at her. She let the bridesmaid do their thing, returning to nearby Gabriel. His daughter stood by her side, so she crouched down to be at her level. [i "Abigial right? I love your dress, it's so pretty. Do you think I could borrow it sometime?"] she joked with the girl. She smiled at to Gabriel. turning her attention back to Abigail.
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“You know I could never hate you,” Gabriel said to her. His shoulders had deflated some with the relief of knowing that Charlotte didn’t hate him. Though he could tell that she was still cautious when it came to getting close to him. He didn’t blame her as he had hurt her. There wasn’t any need for him to sleep with Abigail’s other and even if they were separated, she knew that Charlotte wouldn’t have done anything like that to him. He sighed; he really had fucked up in Amirah’s words. This wasn’t just some simple fuck up though, like he missed her birthday or canceled a date last minute – Gabriel could tell that eh really had hurt Charlotte something he had promised he would never do. How he was going to make it up to her? He had no clue, but he was going to try his hardest. Amirah was right to invite them, and he was right to accept the invitation. Clearly, he and Charlotte still had feelings for one another, and he wanted to see if maybe they could rekindle their relationship after this weekend.

“Right, Abby is dying to get in her dress so I should get ready too.” Gabriel said as he watched her walk off. He wondered what she had to wear. Sure, they’d been on dates to restaurants, but as a college student they’d only could afford one fancy date to which Gabriel had been saving months for. That said, he’d never seen Charlotte in anything too formal and he knew she certainly had never seen him in a suit. He was excited.

He noticed that the snow had started to fall which he thought would make for an excellent and beautiful backdrop for Charlotte and the wedding. Gabriel soon headed upstairs where Francesca was already dressed in a beautiful soft pink dress. She was getting Abigail’s shoes on. Gabriel grabbed his suit and disappeared into the room to change. He had chosen a light grey one and even bothered styling his hair. By the time he was finished, everyone was downstairs awaiting the car. Though by then the snow had picked up and to their fears Amirah had announced, “We’re snowed in!”
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Charlotte felt a presence behind her as she made her coffee. She really wanted to be alone to drink her coffee and get ready for the wedding. She didn't dare look to her left, knowing exactly who it was standing there. She always knew when he was right behind her, or next to her. It used to be a safe, warm feeling, but now it was colder than ever. She had no idea why this bothered her so much. He never cheated on her, they were on a break and could do whatever they wanted. Of course, Charlotte didn't do anything with anyone, but that was because she was so closed off from other people. But Gabriel was able to talk and blend so easily, something she always envied. As he spoke next to her, she could help but let a small smile come to her face. [i "You know I can't hate you. I don't think the universe would allow it."] she said, her tone like his, looking up at him through strands of her hair. That was true, she didn't hate him. She was just so angry and had so much built up after ten years, she kind of exploded at him. [i "I should probably ask you how much you hate me. After I screamed at you last night."] she said, keeping her voice low still.

Charlotte didn't want to leave the spot she was standing in, even though she was in her sleepwear still. She wanted to get to her hair and makeup, and she was excited to wear a beautiful gown she found last minute. At the point she finally agreed to go, Amairah offered to buy her something to wear, and Charlotte declined. She knew it was the last minute she wanted to find something she loved, which she did in a dark blue lace dress, knowing the wedding was a black-tie affair. She wanted something simple and elegant, which all this dress was. She was also a bit excited to see Gabriel's reaction, as the had never had a formal event together like this.

[i "I have to get ready, if you want to talk, my room door will be open. And again, I'm sorry I yelled at you."] Charlotte smiled, before heading back to her room. She entered the room, and shut the door, leaning against it for a moment. She sighed, heading over to the vanity in her room, opening up her makeup bag. She carefully pulled her hair into a bun on her head, to keep it out of the way. She began doing her makeup, something that was simple, but still different from the everyday. Maybe making up with Gabriel was the right move, but maybe it was wrong. She just had to wait and see.

[https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0079/8628/2548/products/19101603354_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1595409814 Dress]
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Gabriel was not surprised to find that Charlotte had told Amirah. They were friends of course and she had more loyalty to Charlotte the same as Cason had more loyalty to Gabriel. So much so that he hadn’t dared told his secret to anyone. Gabriel tried not to show his shock as Amirah dragged him into a corner that was a bit more secluded. She had her hair already done up and had just finished. Light breakfast, not wanting to come off as bloated in her wedding dress. The day was supposed to be perfect, but how could it be when she knew her god friend was upset. Charlotte had told her not to worry, but they had all been so close and this news also broke her heart. She had hoped that by the two coming to the wedding they would be able to patch things up.

“Look, don’t you think I feel guilty already?”
“Well you didn’t feel guilty that night. You didn’t even tell her! You left her without a clue as to why and now you dump this on her ten years later expecting things to go well and that she would forget?”
“I didn’t – I mean. I told her at least that says something right? I could’ve been a jerk and not said anything at all. Eventually she would’ve found out and what would happen then h?” He could see that Amirah was mulling over his words and as much as she hated to admit it, he was right.
“You do know that I placed you guys to be seated next to one another, right?” She clucked her tongue, closing her eyes and pressing her hand to her forehead to calm down. “Yu better fix this. I don’t know how, but you need to make it up to her!” She punched his shoulder, not as hard to hurt him, but certainly to get her point across before leading to resume getting ready.

Gabriel sighed out and began back toward the dining area to check on Abigail. He saw Charlotte from the corner of his eyes. He wasn’t sure if she wanted to even talk to him. He headed over to grab himself a cup of coffee.
“How much do you hate me?” he asked under his breath, hoping for no one to hear, though the only ones around were the children who were getting hyped up off sugary cereal.
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Charlotte had woken up after not getting much sleep at all. She mostly ended up taking small naps and waking up multiple times throughout the night. Her conversation with Gabriel rolled through her head all night, and every time she slept, she saw Gabriel with a different woman. She wanted to forget all of that, and tell him she still loved him as well, but it wasn't that easy. He had lied to her, held something important from her for years, it wasn't something to take lightly. But she had to put on a good face for Amirah, it was her wedding day.

Charlotte didn't feel like eating, but if she was going to be awake, she needed coffee. She exited her room quietly, if not to wake anyone else if they were still asleep. As she entered the kitchen, she felt quite embarrassed as she was one of the last people awake, and yet still in her PJs. She saw Amirah, who was leading away Gabriel. Charlotte quickly grabbed a mug of coffee, heading back to her room to begin getting ready, keeping her head down. Amirah had offered to have her hair and makeup done by someone, but Charlotte preferred to do those things herself, which she was happy she could be alone right now.

Amirah led Gabriel away from the group and pulled him over to the side. [b "Really Gabriel?"] she spoke her hands on her hips. [b "I go to check on Char last night and she had been crying. You slept with some girl when you guys were separated?"] she asked. She really couldn't believe this was something Gabriel would do to Charlotte, it really wasn't like him. [b "She seemed super shaken up last night. I mean, I understand not telling me 'cause I'm not the best at keeping secrets but you didn't tell your girlfriend at the time? What were you thinking?"] Amirah explained. She wanted to hit him over the head and tell him how stupid it was, but it was about ten years too late to do that.
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Gabriel had expected Charlotte to be upset, though he wasn’t prepared for the anger she unleashed due to the pain she felt. He felt terrible, more than he initially had as he realized by not telling Charlotte everything, he had not given her a chance to even have a say. He had taken her choice away. What if things would have worked out had he been honest? Gabriel had kept himself from speaking, feeling that we owed it to Charlotte for her to unleash her feelings on him, even if they hurt. His hurt was nothing compared to Charlotte’s though and Gabriel found that he couldn’t even look her in the eyes. He had come to a stand then, following her, but she was gone, and the door had closed in his face. He cursed under his breath. Of course, that hadn’t gone as planned, worse actually and he didn’t know how the rest of this would play out. She could forgive him, Gabriel knew that much as he knew Charlotte was a kindhearted person, but how soon would that be? He’d really screwed things up.

The trip back to his bedroom had been spent beating himself up about what had happened. What was he thinking telling her? Though, he didn’t know if he would’ve felt right with not telling Charlotte the truth. He couldn’t lie to her, even if it meant the possibility of them getting back together and rekindling their love for one another. Now, the chance of that happening didn’t seem so likely. He was quiet as he entered his room, not surprised to find Abigail asleep and cuddled with her stuffed animal under the covers. If he could go back, he would’ve changed how he acted, but still then that would’ve meant never having Abigail in his life. Gabriel headed to take a shower, hoping it would help with clearing his mind. All it did was rid him of the chlorine smell, but at least that meant not having to worry about wet sheets as he climbed into bed. He laid on his back, staring up at the ceiling and replaying the conversation between him and Charlotte in his mind. He could only hope that with time, the chance of them getting together was a possibility. If anything, he didn’t want to lose her as a friend. It had taken them years to even get to this point.

Morning soon came and Gabriel tried to not let the previous night interfere with Amirah’s wedding. That was not as hard considering how excited Abigail was. She couldn’t wait to get into her dress. She managed to get her to settle down after promising they would begin getting ready as soon as breakfast was over. He was a bit nervous about seeing Charlotte but knew he couldn’t hide away in his room. As they left and headed toward the dining room, he came across Amirah who had [I that] look in her eyes. He sent Abigail on her way with Francesca, who was a bit too cozy with Carson, but he was to surprised. Amirah had motioned for him to follow her. He sighed out; this was not going to be a fun conversation.
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[i "Gabriel...I cared about you so much. I was planning on asking you if you wanted to move in together. But all you did was break up with me and leave. You gave no explanation, nothing. You left me there to cry on our graduation day. You could have told me."] Charlotte responded. She watched as he tried to explain himself, saying he didn't want him to worry about these things. She would have cared if he had let her in. But she looked at him when he said he doesn't regret his daughter. [i "I don't ever want you to regret her. She's beautiful, and probably brilliant being your daughter. All I wanted was to be a mom and even though I tried, that didn't happen for me!"] she said. When she was mad, she didn't have much of a filter. She was starting to say things she wasn't really telling people, but she couldn't take it back now.

Charlotte had been strong for too long, she felt hot tears fall from her eyes, down her cheeks. [i "It was selfish of you not to tell me. You were clearly everything at the time. I had no family near the college, our group was all I had. Amirah was all I had after graduation, which is why I moved. I tried to move on from you but clearly it didn't really work out. I can't trust anyone, I'm afraid people will leave me. I know you can't change what happened, but you had ten years to reach out. I tried waiting."] Charlotte wiped her tears away, her eyes returning to his.

[i "You-You're gonna have to give me some time. I'm going to head to bed. We can talk more later. Goodnight Gabriel."] Charlotte spoke, before turning and heading out of the pool door. [i "Fuck man..."] she whispered. She headed back to where their rooms were situated, opening the door to her room. She quickly showered, getting the chlorine off of her body and out of her hair before bed. She changed into some shorts and a tank top to sleep in. She heard the door open, behind her, expecting to see Gabriel but it was Amirah.

[b "Sooooooo. How did it go? Oh god, were you crying?"] Amirah spoke, walking over to her. [i "I guess he broke up with me because he got a girl pregnant when we were on our break senior year. But he says he still loves me. I don't know what to do, but it's clear I love him still too."] Charlotte whispered to Amirah. [i "But please, it's your wedding. Stop trying to fix my relationship and let's get ready for yours!"] she smiled. Amirah offered her a small smile, knowing she would speak to Gabriel later about this. [b "Okay, goodnight."] Amirah smiled, heading back to her room.

Charlotte laid down in her bed, staring at the ceiling. Her mind was racing, sleep was far from her mind. Hopefully, her body would pass out from exhaustion, but when was the real question.
“I didn’t cheat, we were separated!” Gabriel said, which of course was the wrong thing to say. He sighed out, saddened that Charlotte had pulled away from him, but what was he to expect? Of course, she was upset. He could tell she was trying not to cry, and she certainly had improved as Charlotte had always been so transparent about her emotions. Maybe her divorce had changed her, or maybe their breakup had taught her to have her guard up. Her back to him certainly proved that he was not going to easily get away with this.

“Only Carson knows,” he said to her. “I promise, you know Amirah would’ve told you.” He wanted to reach out for her but was afraid she would shrug his touch away. “Char, I was just . . . I wasn’t thinking okay. I was drunk and I know that’s no excuse, but I was just all over the place and it happened It was only one time. I honestly, I forgot about it and Carson told me to just put it behind me and well graduation was coming up.” He remembered that stressful last week of finals, when he had got the call about her being pregnant. He found it so hard to focus on his last test and somehow still managed to pass. All he could think about was how she was pregnant and had no intention of not having the child.

“We were graduating and so young and I felt like it would’ve been selfish of me to ask you to accept what happened. I had to give up a lot to be a father and Abigail’s mother was sick – it was a lot Charlotte. It was a lot that I didn’t want you to have to deal with.” Was it reason enough, a good enough reason, for her to accept him? “I don’t for a second regret Abigail, but please believe that I never forgave myself for what I did to you.”
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Charlotte still couldn't believe that happened, and she couldn't believe it was somewhat her doing. Yes, Gabriel had dared her, but she could have blown him off again. She decided to see if there was still a spark with physical intimacy, as there was something there when just together in the closet. She was tempted to let it get farther than it did, but she had to hold herself back. She didn't know what his intentions were, if he honestly still cared about her, or just wanted to test waters or what.

Charlotte couldn't help but smile when he teased back to her. So, he did still like her? Even after all these years, fate wanted them together. Their friends knew it, and subconsciously, she knew it too. It had been a long time, they would basically have to re-meet each other. She was broken out of her thoughts when he started speaking again.

Gabriel hoped next to her, her face warming up when he took her hand. When he began speaking, she wanted to interject. She wanted to ask him the real why of their breakup. And when he spoke that he still loved her, her eyes widened. But as he continued to speak, she realized she couldn't anymore.

[i "No...Gabriel..."] Charlotte started, taking her hand away from him. [i "You...you..."] she whispered, her bottom lip quivering. [i "You cheated on me? Why would you do that?"] she spoke. She took a minute to take a deep breath, moving slightly away from him, not wanting to look at him. [i "Gabriel...you could have told me then. I'm more upset about the fact that you decided to lie to me. I've always told you that trust was important to me."] she replied.

[i "Do Amirah and Carson know? Oh my god, they do, don't they?!"] Charlotte was standing now. She was angry, and she didn't know what to do about it. [i "God, I thought you just fell out of love with me."] she spoke, a surprised laugh followed. [i "I hope your choice was a good one."] she replied, before turning her back toward him, and picking up her things. [i "Unless you have something really good to say, I'm leaving."] she replied, turning back to face him, her face showed nothing but anger.
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Gabriel wasn’t sure If Charlotte was going to feed into his request. He saw that look of fear in her eyes that lasted but a second before she was the one caging him in now. He felt her hand against the back of his neck, and he was looking into her eyes, distracted then by the words that befell her lips. Gabriel didn’t have to say a word, listening only as Charlotte repeated herself before they’d finally kissed. He gently gripped her thighs, leaning up to deepen the kiss. He could feel his body trembling with excitement, the nostalgia seeping in as he thought of every kiss, they shared together years ago. It felt almost like they hadn’t skipped. a beat whatsoever and in some alternate universe, it was possible that they would’ve still been together. Yet, that didn’t matter as Gabriel was beginning to think that the universe was trying to bring them back together. They were both here now and it was very much possible for them to try their hand at a relationship again. He knew the feelings he had for Charlotte hadn’t gone and he could tell she felt the same way. Though Gabriel was still a bit guilty feeling, knowing that he had backed out of telling Charlotte the truth. That’s what this was supposed to be about.

Gabriel had his eyes closed as they pulled their lips apart, enjoying the rush kissing her had given him. He was trying to calm his breathing then, though it did little to calm his wanting for her. He finally opened his eyes to look at her, staring at him with a smile across her face. She’d always been such a beautiful girl.
“Just a little,” he teased back. Charlotte wasn’t a fool though and he knew that someday the secret he had been trying to keep from her would come out. Why not get over with it sooner rather than later?

He was afraid.

Would Charlotte think bad of him of confessing he had slept with another girl while they were on break, especially knowing it was why they had broken up? Carson had tried to convince him to tell her, but he felt ashamed and he was beginning to feel that way now. How much longer could he live with hat though> Or allow Charlotte to go through life without knowing exactly why he did what he did.

“It was partially the reason,” he admitted. He swam toward h edge and hopped up to sit beside Charlotte, his hand finding hers. Gabriel looked down at his feet in the water before finding the courage to meet her eyes.
“I wanted to apologize for how I ended things between us.” He started, licking his lips which were soon drying out from the chlorine water. “I loved you Charlotte, I really did, and I still do – I just. . . I broke things off because I’d gotten a girl pregnant, my ex-wife, Abigail’s mother. I met her when we were in school together.” He didn’t look away, not wanting to seem like a coward for confessing his wrongdoing. What would she think of him?
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Charlotte's eyes were locked on Gabriel's. She listened to him speak, worried she had given him too much power. Then he said the words she really wasn't expecting. [b I dare you to kiss me.] Charlotte scoffed at him, raising an eyebrow at him. Was he joking? Was he trying to just play with her emotions, or did he really feel the connection that she felt also? She turned him down in the closet, thinking he was joking or trying to play for their friends outside. Now, there was no audience. This was something for them.

Gabriel backed Charlotte up against the wall, her expression changed to shock. Looking into his eyes, it was just like old times. [i "I told you..."] Charlotte responded. Due to their height difference, trying to kiss him would prove some difficulty. To help her out, she pushed herself to sit on the edge of the pool. The girl parted her legs, taking the male lightly by the neck, pulling him into her. [i "I'm no chicken."] she spoke to him, before pulling his face to hers. She pressed her lips to his, forceful at the beginning, but soon she softened their kiss.

Kissing him brought back so many memories the two shared, so many happy and good memories. It also brought back the bad, the time they separated for a little while and then the time he broke up with her for real. Charlotte had a rough time thinking about the bad times she shared with him, she just believed they were kids, they weren't ready for all that adult stuff yet, even if they were legally adults anyway.

Charlotte pulled back from their kiss, resting her forehead against his. [i "Guess you still like me, huh?"] she joked. [i "You brought me all the way down here, just to kiss me?"] she laughed softly. She moved, supporting her own head herself, looking at his eyes. His eyes would always capture her.
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“My worst?” Gabriel asked as he looked to Charlotte, a fiery glint in his eyes at her challenging him. “Are you sure you can handle that?” though, Gabriel didn’t give her a chance to even decided to change her mind. “I dare you to kiss me.” He had seen how hesitant she was in the closet, despite it being so clear that the both of them still had clear sexual chemistry with one another. He’d offered to kiss her in the closet and yet she had turned him down. Was it because she was over him> Maybe he had been imagining things? Or was it actually possible that what he was feeling was real.

He’d backed Charlotte up against the wall of the pull then, looking into her eyes. “Or are you chicken like I said?” He said softly. He looked into Charlotte’s eyes, thinking about the many of times they had spent together. Back then he wouldn’t have had a second thought about kissing her. She had been everything he could want in a woman and so much more than he ever imagined he deserved to have.

When they had split up, it had not been is intention to go sleeping with Abigail’s mother, Anya. He met her at a party he attended with Carson, he got a bit drunk and one thing led to another. He’d only gone at first just to let loose, but when he met her things just clicked. She was exciting and different, an art major and she remined him nothing of Charlotte. It had just been one time, a one-time hookup that he hadn’t thought much of anything about until eight months late she showed up on the doorstep of the house he was renting with Carson. Pregnant and she was positive he was the father. By then, he and Charlotte had gotten back together, and he had all but forgot his one-night stand with the girl. He felt so guilty; how could he tell Charlotte he was going to be a father?
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Amirah had really outdone herself, as she always did. Charlotte and Samuel's wedding had been small, but her mother planned the whole thing. Charlotte even thought of inviting Gabriel, as she had invited Amirah, but she decided against it. Charlotte had a good time, but they were only married for two years before Samuel and she spoke about what was next. She had a hard time getting pregnant and Samuel wanted children. Charlotte was always asking him if he would leave her, if he still loved her, worried from her relationship with Gabriel. After a while, the answer was "Yes". He was going to leave her, she couldn't give him the family he wanted. Now, she was here, soon to experience a wedding she couldn't even dream of.

Charlotte looked at Gabriel, he was always so charming. She wanted to jump into his arms like she had so many times in college, but it was a different time. His teasing made her face become hot, she couldn't help it. [i "I am no chicken."] she laughed. She had chosen truth inside as a safety, but she was alone now. She was feeling a little more comfortable from the champagne from before. [i "Fine, dare. Give me your worst."] she smirked at him.

Charlotte knew what she said was bad when she left her lips. She knew Gabriel 'would give her his worst'. He wasn't one to hold back but at this point, neither would she.
Amirah always did everything with such grandeur. There was nothing ever simple about her. He liked it though and despite how wealthy she was, she had always remained humble. Amirah was always. Great friend and he was happy to be able to be a part of her wedding. He had often wished his wedding with Abigail’s mother would have been a bit grander, but they didn’t really have much of a choice honestly. She was sick, didn’t work and they had to care for the baby. At least married to him she could be a part of his insurance. It’d helped her until she passed on which was tough. He was happy that Abigail was young when her mother passed away. He had concealed how she died though, not wanting the girl to think I’ll of her mother who was just a woman who fell prey to sickness of drug addiction.

At first, it was hard to spot, and he was sure that he had missed many of the signs. But eventually he figured she was losing weight rapidly and often irritable. They’d’ tried rehab three times before Gabriel just wanted to give up. It seemed Abigail’s mother had that thought herself. She had run away when he was away at work, leaving Abigail in the care of Francesca. His company was just taking off and Gabriel was spending so many hours at the office. When he got home, Francesca explained what had happened. All she left was a note, saying she was sorry and knowing that he would take good care of their daughter. They found her body in a motel a week later: overdose.

He was gone for a moment, but Charlotte’s words drew him back in. He looked to her, the water dripping from her long lashes, a smile on her face. She looked tempting. He had every intention of finally confessing as to why he had broken up with her, finally closing that chapter on their life, but the way she looked at him was making him think otherwise. He didn’t want to ruin what seemed like a happy and private moment between the two.
“Well, I figure we’d have our own truth or dare session,” he said as he drew in closer to her “You know if you’re not chicken,” Gabriel teased. “So, truth or dare?”
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Charlotte sighed, thinking about the flight. She hated traveling, but flying was the worst. So many people put together so close, and Charlotte always got put next to the worst people. People who would have too much trash, or would try and talk to her the whole time. This last time wasn’t as bad as other times, but it wasn’t enjoyable. [i “Oh, you know. I hate flying so it wasn’t fun. Wasn’t the worst though. I tried to beg my assistant to fly with me, but she refused. I’m glad Abigail was okay though.”] she smiled. [i “Not looking forward to the flight home. Maybe I could get drunk enough on wine where I can sleep the whole way, that’d be nice.”] she laughed, as they entered the large pool area.

[i “You’re fucking joking…”] Charlotte whispered under her breath. This house was nicer than most hotels she had stayed at, and this was a vacation place. She watched Gabriel get into the water, she couldn’t help but smile as she saw his body dripping wet. She was always well built, but she couldn’t believe his body stayed the same through running a company and raising a young girl. She lifted her shirt off over her head, took her glasses off, and slid the shorts off, waking over to the pool. She started into the pool by sitting on the edge, dipping her feet and legs in for a minute. She looked over to him, smiling as she kicked her legs.

Running a hand through her hair, the woman pulled it up in a tight bun on the top of her head. This was easy enough, considering all the ballet she did in high school and even a little in college. [i “So…”] she started, trying to think how to say what she was thinking. She didn’t want to immediately go after him for what he did, she also didn’t want to be the one to bring up their elephant in the room. But it was obvious that he wanted to get her alone for some reason. She’d be able to explain how hurt she was if he brought it up, but she’d keep quiet about it for now.

Charlotte slid the rest of her body in the warm water, pushing the small hairs back as she came up for air. She could still stand where she was in the pool, so she leaned against the wall of the pool. [i “Did you want to talk about anything specific? Or just a late night swim?”] she looked toward him. Even with the slight blurriness from not having her glasses, she could still see how gorgeous he looked. She couldn’t get all caught up in his looks, but she couldn’t help it. She swam gracefully towards him, leaning against the wall of the pool closer to him. [i “It’s really nice to see you again, Gabriel.”] she looked toward him. [i “Ten years is a really long time.”] she said, trying not to look as sad as she felt. She held back her sadness and anger, swallowing it.

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