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[Center [Pic]]

[Center [#d8cd55 [i "Don't scream for they can hear you, Don't run because you can't. Fight because you can and don't let them see your powers or they will take it all."]]]

[Center [Font "PT Serif" For someone considered sane, you seem to be rather insane if you think you can see them when you cannot see them at all; welcome to the Asylum that doesn't look like it should... for to the others it seems to be state of the art but you can see the haunted faces, the devilishly hot ghosts and the demons that lurk in the dark, but to suggest you can see them means you are a witch and witches don't live to see the next full moon. Hold that scream in, learn their secrets and run whilst you still can.]]

[Center [Font "PT Serif" [u Wanted]]]

[Center [Font "PT Serif" A writer who is mature {18+} and would love to be a part of a Victorian Era inspired piece, full of haunted creatures, some witchcraft and souls. Research will be required and pictures should be inspired by this time period Please message me if you are interested. Please keep up with my pace, I write at least 5+ paragraphs normally and if you can't do that then don't ask to write with me. I know some of you will try to get in proving that you can but I'll be the judge of that; this rule exempts the writers I know are proven to be able to write more than I can at any given time. I will be picky, this is not first come first serve. This is not a romantic plot, it's going to be horrifying, dark and disturbing at the best of times.]]


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