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After arriving at the quarry Ghost stepped out of the car with Max on her hip. Introductions were brief as Shane worked on turning the car alarm off and there were several reunions one of which being between Rick and his family, the other, Daisy and Daryl. The rest of the day was spent with Daisy's people unloading some of the caravan and the rest of the group finding and setting up sleeping accommodations for the new additions to their group. By the time everything was finished it was well past nightfall and they all decided to gather around a fire to eat and tell stories. Rick relayed how terrifying and disorientating it was to wake up not knowing anything that happened, it was after Rick went quiet that Dale turned to her.

"And what about you?" He asked

"What about me?"

Dale chuckled, "Well, I was told you and Max were alone when you joined the group, surely it hasn't only been you two the entire time, has it?" Ghost tensed as several flashes of her last group came in mind, mainly their faces.

"No it wasn't just us," She answered. "I'll probably be gone in a few days though, I prefer to be on my own." As she stood to take Max to the tent she was assigned Andrea got a look on her face that told Ghost she was going to be a bitch.

"Isn't it more of a risk with it just you? After all, you'd basically be putting your kid in danger [i voluntarily]," She looked as though she was going to say more but Ghost, who had been fed up with her sly remarks all day interrupted her.

"No I would just prefer to not have to watch my group get picked off one by one, [i again]." There were several looks of horror and even more of sympathy.

"Again?" Dale asked softly.

"Like I said, it wasn't always just us." With that she walked off to her and Max's tent and got to work putting him to bed.


Two days had passed since then and Ghost was beginning to consider staying. She had already struck up a friendship with Carol, seeing as the women were stuck doing chores she had had plenty of time with the woman.

"Whats something you miss from before?" Carol asked while she washed clothes. Ghost just shrugged her shoulder while the other women began listing things. Instead of doing laundry she had taken it upon herself to teach Max how to swim after he fell in the water the day before and almost drowned. She was waist deep in the water with Max in front of her on his back learning to float when Ed walked up.

"Whatcha'll giggling about? get back to work," Carol looked down at her husbands words and began to scrub her clothes harder, anymore and she'd practically be scrubbing holes right into the shirt.

Ghost glared and got out the water and placed Max down before standing up straight and looking Ed in the eyes, "How bout you start getting off your lazy ass and do some work instead." She said tossing the shirt Carol was washing at Ed. He grabbed the wet shirt off the ground and tried to throw it at Ghost's face but she turned her body causing it to hit the back of her shoulder before she slowly looked back at Ed and decking him. Ghost heard a satisfying crunch as he fell on his ass, blood coming from his nose. At this point she had caught the attention of several campers nearby.

"Grow a dick and stop attacking women half your size," She snarled. Ed got back to his feet and was fuming, but instead of going after Ghost again he grabbed Max and threw him into the water. Ghost let out a panicked cry and tried to go after him but was stopped by Eds arm around her waist, then next thing she knew she was being picked up and was slammed on the ground knocking the wind out of her and making her head swim.

Time seemed to stop while she was gasping for breath and the only thing she could think about was getting to Max. A pair of hands helped sit her up and she heard Andrea telling her to take slow and deep breaths. "Max," she gasped trying to make her vision clear up and get her head to stop spinning so she could get to the water and [i get Max].

"Glenn got him he's okay," Andrea said while rubbing her back. Once Ghosts vision came back she glanced around and saw a soaking Glenn with Max before she became acutely aware of Carol screaming. She looked over to find Shane beating Ed. The looks some of the other campers told her the violence that Shane was using wasn't normal and she understood why.

"Fuck," She gasped head spinning again, "He's gunna kill him."

As her vision began to blur again she got a glimpse of Daisy running up before everything went black.
  (Ghost) Phoenix Lakeley / WitchBitch1 / 89d 12h 33m 11s
Daisy heard the car alarm go off and glanced over the edge of the building to see that the horde of dead following the cherry red sports car. She huffed and shook her head.

[+purple [i "Alright let move, and move fast."]] She snagged her gun from her sister and clicked the safety off again as she started making her way down the stairs of the building. The rest of the group followed her quickly, with Poppy and Merle right behind her. The two of them trusting her with their lives in a heartbeat. She shuddered slightly, that sort of trust was a heady feeling, but it could also be terrifying.

It only took the group five minutes to get to where the rest of her men were holed up, and they only had to take out roughly ten Walkers,

[+purple [i "Williams, get it started, everyone else, in the back now!"]] She snapped, firing at a few walkers that had come up behind them. She grabbed a hold of one of the bars on the back of the caravan and launched herself up into the back. Once she was inside, Williams peeled out and she made her way to the front to give directions.

[b "How'd you end up with these clowns Commander?"] Daisy huffed as she sat down in the passenger seat and finally relaxed a little.

[+purple [i "Got stuck in a building because the pig was stupid and drew a whole horde of the damn things to him. We jumped to the build next to us and found an old friend of ours. After that you radioed and we got things situated so we could get to you."]] She leaned back in the seat and glanced into the back to check on the rest of the group. The group from the rooftop, except for Merle, was on edge. Obviously despite the uniforms they didn't trust the soldiers they were riding with all that much. Merle looked at home sitting next to Poppy which made a small smile curl at the edges of her lips.

She turned her gaze back to the road and nudged Williams, [+purple [i "Turn off here. The road will take you straight to the quarry."]] She could hear the car alarm blaring, echoing of the cliff sides already before it cut off abruptly. The Caravan pulled to a stop behind the sports car and parked. Daisy was the first out, dropping down from the passenger side. Merle and Poppy jumped off the back followed by the rest of the group and the other two soldiers with her.

"Dad? Dad!" The cop, Rick, ran to the little boy and grabbed him up in a tight hug, along with a dark haired woman who looked like something had just slapped her in the face. Daisy ignored the family reunion in favor of looking around the camp for her favorite Dixon brother.

[+purple [i "Where's Daryl?"]] She asked, looking at Merle.

[+gray [b "Out hunting. He should be back soon, tomorrow morning at the latest."]] Daisy nodded and set about helping her men unload the supplies off the caravan. Boxes of MREs and cases of water came off first, next was a case that she shook her head at and it went back on the truck. She didn't want anyone near her rifle, especially since she wanted it to be their ace in the hole. Ammo and guns came next as the dark haired man that looked surprised stepped up next to her.

"Why are you doing this?" She shrugged,

[+purple [i "It's my duty to protect the common man. Plus I have a feeling that even if we made it to the next base, there wouldn't be anyone left to get orders from."]] The man nodded,

"I'm Shane. Shane Walsh."

[+purple [i "Commander Daisy Phillips."]] She replied, her head jerking up as what sounded like an early warning system rattled in the bushes on the other side of the camp. Her hand went to her gun as she crept towards it. She sighed in relief when she saw that it was only one Walker and it was distracted by gnawing on a deer. A deer that had very familiar looking crossbow bolts sticking out of it. Daryl was going to be pissed. She pulled her gun and quickly attached the silencer before blowing the Walker's head off.
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"Actually I'm gunna follow Glenn," Ghost said, already securing Max to her back. "I've got a bad feeling about him running off alone." Daisy simply shrugged her shoulder, as Ghost was leaving Andrea mumbled something about her using her kid as bait. Ghost just rolled her eyes and left down the stairs, once she reached the ground floor she slipped out into the alley and, turning a corner, found Glenn fighting off three corpses.

"Called it," she whispered before unsheathing her machete and decapitating a corpse sneaking up behind him. Glenn took out the one in front of him as Ghost went for the corpse coming in from the left. A quick slice of her blade and it went down.

"Uh, thanks," Glenn said out of breath before his eyes widened, "You brought the fucking kid?!"

"Duh, I don't trust any of you enough to fucking leave him alone," Glenn made a strangled noise as a response,

"This is a bait mission, it could turn out very badly," Glenn pointed at her, "I am not going to be in charge of killing a kid."

"Then I guess its a good thing you're not in charge of him." Ghost turned and continued towards a back street. After a few seconds Glenn caught up to her.

"He's not gunna be noisy right?" He asked as they kept close to a wall.

"The only one being noisy right now is you," she whispered peaking out from behind a wall. "There's a truck, I'm goin' for it."

Once she got within ten feet of it Glenn grabbed her arm, when she looked back he pointed at a red convertible sports car and grinned.

"Are you fucking serious?" She hissed as he started toward it. 'Unnecessary risk' She thought but followed him nonetheless.

Once they got to the car they glanced around for any corpses before Ghost slid Max from the scarf and nodded her head at Glenn who had his bat raised to the car. As soon as the window broke the alarm went off. Glenn unlocked the car and they quickly jumped in. It took a couple of tries for it to start up but once it did Glenn slammed on the gas and they went speeding forward.

"Holy fucking shit, are you trying to get us killed?" Ghost shouted, grabbing the door handle.

"Come on, whats the point of a sports car if you don't speed?" He said as they began driving through the streets effectively alerting the corpses to follow them, "Even the kid's smiling!" Ghost looked down to see Max was, indeed, smiling. She lowered her head to become eye level with him,

"Traitor," She frowned, Max did nothing but smile at her and nod.

As they reached the exit to the city and the open road Glenn put the top to the car down and Max practically screeched with joy. Ghost glanced at Glenn to see him smiling almost as much as Max and for once Ghost allowed herself to relax. After all, when was gunna be the next time they could have fun like this?
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[b "Commander, you there?"] Daisy pulled the radio off her belt and pressed the button twice, letting her people know that she was able to hear them but it wasn't safe to talk.

[+purple [i "Right, now that that's sorted, we need to find a way to get out of here. I've got a cargo caravan that can hold all of us but we need a distraction so we can get to it. It's at the edge of the city. Poppy and I were getting some more supplies before heading out to see if we could get orders from one of the military bases nearby."]] Glenn swallowed and stepped up,

"There's plenty of cars that have the keys in them, break a window it'll set off the alarm and I can draw the walkers away with that and meet back at the quarry." Daisy frowned slightly, thinking it over.

[+purple [i "That could work. Yeah, that will work."]] Getting to one of the cars would be a little difficult, but it was manageable. [+purple [i "Someone will need to go with you to keep the walkers off you while you get the car."]]

"No. I normally do runs on my own. The first time I bring a group it all goes to shit. I'll get the car by myself." Daisy blinked and smirked, she had to admit the boy had balls.

[+purple [i "Alright. You do that while I radio my team about the rest of the group."]] Glenn nodded and took off while Daisy pulled the radio from where she had replaced it on her belt [+purple [i "Williams, you there?"]]

[b "I'm here Commander. What's going on?"]

[+purple [i "Poppy and I are going to be bringing a group of survivors to the caravan. Then we'll be running up to the quarry that's a little ways away from the city."]]

[b "Ten four. See you shortly then."] She stowed the radio away and looked at the rest of the ragtag group. Only one of them looked put out by her taking charge the way she had,

[+purple [i "You got a problem blondie?"]] She all but growled, turning a harsh glare on the woman, who bowed up slightly,

[+magenta [b "Who the hell do you think you are? Coming here and trying to order us around like you own us."]] Daisy stepped up to the blonde, who was still bleeding from being decked by Ghost, and grabbed her shirt, jerking the taller woman down so she could look her in the eye without having to look up.

[+purple [i "Commander Daisy Marie Phillips you fucking bitch. I have almost thirty years of military experience under my belt you fucking cunt. I have more combat experience than [b anyone] in this group so you have two choices. You can stay on this roof and die of dehydration or get eaten alive, whichever comes first. Or you can suck it up, put yer big girl panties on and follow me and my sister to safety."]] She sneered before pushing the blonde away, fighting a smirk when the woman lost her footing and wound up on her ass, again. Daisy turned to the white haired woman and smiled, [+purple [i "You of course are also welcome to join us.]] She pointed a finger at Merle without even looking at him [+purple [i "And you. I don't want to hear anymore nasty racist bullshit come from your mouth. One of my team is a black man and he's had my back more times than I can count. You say one thing that could be construed as racist and I'll knock your head in."]] She glanced back at the redneck who was smirking at her with his hands held up in an "alright, alright I get it." manner.
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Ghost shuffled uncomfortably as the two girls reunited with their friend, introductions to them were quick and Ghost made sure to file the names away. It was when the introductions hit Glenn that the group noticed her and Rick.

"And you are..?" She turned to see Morales stepped forward

"Ghost, and this is Max," she said untying the scarf and placing Max down, who hadn't stopped moving since they reached the roof.

"And I'm guessing you're the asshole who decided shooting a gun off was a good idea, well thanks to you we're as good as dead!" A blonde woman, Andrea, stepped up to Rick and aimed a gun at him, "Tell me why I shouldn't shoot you now."

"Because you can't shoot a gun off when the safety's on," Ghost said while keeping an eye on Max who was beginning to wander around the roof. She heard a snicker come from one of the sisters. "You're gunna need to learn how to use a fucking gun if you wanna survive."

Andrea glared at her before gesturing to Max, "So whats under the bandage?" It seemed she wanted to divert the attention off of her, which worked seeing as that question piqued everyone's attention.

"Just a scratch," She replied.

"Mind proving it?" Ghost smirked at the woman's antics.

"I'd rather not, I just wrapped it and unwrapping it could cause it to bleed again, so do me a favor and stop being a bitch just because I called you out on your stupidity." Ghost watched as the woman practically turned red with anger, she had a feeling she wasn't going to ever get along with the blonde.

Her next words cemented that idea,

"Right, so tell me again just how old you were when you decided to get knocked up?" Out of the corner of her eye Ghost could see Glenn and Morales' heads shoot up in shock, Merle chuckled and T-Dog just shook his head.

Ghost slowly turned her head to look Andrea in the eye and promptly punched her in the nose, knocking her on her ass. She knelt down by her and answered,

"Sixteen, now do you wanna shut your mouth or get a few more punches? Not that your face could get anymore fucked up," At that Merle started out right laughing.

Ghost stood from the ground before looking at the rest of the group,

"Anyone have anything else to say?"

"Uh, yeah, could someone get this nigglette offa me?" Ghost turned to see Max hugging Merle's leg, which was positioned out in an attempt to keep Max as far away from him as he could. As soon as the words were out Daisy whipped her head around,

"Merle William Dixon you watch your fucking mouth, I know damn well you weren't raised that way," At that Daisy paused. "Well maybe your daddy did but I know your momma didn't." There were a few snickers and smiles from everyone else and Ghost had to admit seeing a 5'2'' woman scolding a grown ass man was quite a scene.

"C'mere Max," She said reaching her hand out so he could grab it, when she glanced up she saw Poppy looking at his injured arm with her eyebrows furrowed, but before Ghost could comment Daisy's radio went off.
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Daisy's gun clattered to the rooftop as she lunged forward, her arms wrapping tightly around the rednecks neck. The group of people that had come clattering up the stairs after the shots Merle let of rang out stared at the two as they embraced.

Poppy slung her shotgun on her back and picked up her sister's gun, side-eyeing the group of strangers while her sister and the man she had, had a crush on for most of her life embraced. Normally she would have been jealous, but she knew her sister held no attraction for the oldest Dixon brother. When she had been younger she had spent most of her time infatuated or pissed off at Merle, especially as he paraded numerous women around her throughout their friendship. Though she knew she couldn't blame the man, she had never expressed her feelings for him out of fear of rejection, and she knew Daisy was the same when it came to the younger brother.

[+purple [i "Damn, I never thought I'd see your sorry ass again."]] Daisy all but growled to keep the quaver of emotion out of her voice. The former MSRT sniper swallowed as she pulled away from the older man.

[+gray [b "You're telling me. I thought you guys were dead. Daryl and I passed by your old house when we ran through our old home town and Poppy's place was all but torn down."]] Merle pulled back and gave the red-head a thorough look-over, [+gray [b "You look good all things considered. The Coast Guard did you good. Crazy motherfuckers."]] Daisy rolled her eyes and stepped back,

"[+purple [i "That rich coming from a former Marine."]] She drawled as Poppy hugged the man.

[+gray [b "You look good too Poppette. Looks like your sister taught you a few things."]] Poppy rolled her eyes

[+red [b "Very funny, I learned everything I know from you and your brother, and you know it ya bastard."]] Most wouldn't be able to tell that they weren't actually insulting each other if they didn't pay attention to their body language.

[i Flashback]

[i [+purple "Poppy get out of here. Run home, tell mama I'll be there shortly."] The brunette shook her head rapidly as her older sister struggled to her feet, standing between her and the group of boys that had tried to bully her.

[+red [b "No Dais. We'll go home together. Mama's makin' pot pie tonight."]] Daisy leveled her sister with a look and shook her head.

[+purple "No. Get home. Make sure daddy takes a look at that cheek 'kay?"] Poppy's lip trembled but she nodded and took off towards their house about a block away while Daisy turned her attention on the group of boys, trepidation swirling in her gut. She swallowed and put her big girl panties on mentally as she stared down the group of older teens. Most were about a year or two older than her and it made her sick to her stomach that they had targeted her ten-year-old sister [+purple "Maybe y'all should pick on someone your own size, instead of trying to beat up a helpless ten-year-old."] She snarled.

[b "Like you Phillips?"] She glared at them, trying to not show them how scared she was. There were three of them and only one of her. Even if they hadn't been older and bigger she still would have been outnumbered. She gasped as one of the boys darted forward and landed a punch to her gut, knocking the wind out of her as she struggled not to vomit. [b "You think because your daddy is the town Doctor that it'll save you huh?"] She grit her teeth and glared defiantly at the obvious leader of the group. James Turner, the Sheriff's son. [b "You and little brat of a sister you got are always walking around all high and mighty because of your daddy. Like you're completely untouchable. I think it's about time that changed. Don't you guys?"] Daisy's eyes widened as James grabbed a hold of her long red hair and clapped a hand over her mouth, [b "How bout we take this somewhere a little more private."] The gleam in the older boy's eye made a shudder of fear and disgust roll through her body. He pulled a dirty bandanna from his back pocket and shoved it in her mouth before dragging her towards the woods by her hair. She would have pulled the bandanna out and screamed but the hold he had on her hair was painful and she spent the trip trying to get him to release it. Her tossed her on the ground, and her head bounced off of a rock causing her vision to swim and her stomach to roil violently.

[b "Hold her down"] Her yes widened again as she found her arms pinned to the ground by the other two boys. She kicked out violently, only to have her ankle crushed beneath a steel-toe boot. Her screech of pain was muffled by the make-shift gag and tears caused her already shaky vision to blur further. She heard the whistle of something flying through the air and a scream of pain as one of her arms was released. A scuffle could be heard around her before a hand pulled the bandanna from her mouth and she promptly rolled and vomited the contents of her stomach up. A calloused hand held her hair away from her face as she gasped for breath. Her ankle was screaming in agony, and her head throbbed dully.

[+gray [b "Come on Phillips. Let's get you home."]] She was lifted into a pair of arms and held against someone's chest. She recognized the voice but couldn't put a name to it.

[+blue "Merle, do ya think it's smart to take her back to her place? What if her daddy thinks we did this to her?"] Merle... It couldn't be Merle Dixon could it? Her thoughts wavered before she succumbed to unconsciousness.]

[i End Flashback]

Daisy gave herself a little shake to dislodge the memory from her mind and smiled at her sister and best friend.
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Ghost frantically searched her bag for a bandage while simultaneously trying to shush the wailing toddler in front of her. "Max, mommy needs you to be quiet there are monsters nearby,"Out of fear Max turned his cries into sniffles as Ghost quickly cleaned and wrapped his injured arm before slinging him on her back and securing him with a scarf. Picking up her gun and machete Ghost began searching through the various medications and grabbing as many antibiotics as she could find. "Take some," she said uncapping a bottle of azithromycin "You've had a bad cough for a while, this will help." She explained handing him a bottle of water.

After Max had been taken care of and was hiding his face and sniffles into her neck Ghost slipped out the door that led to an alley, the streets were overrun but a small chain link fence and no promise of food prevented the corpses from wanting to travel this way.

Keeping low to the ground Ghost crossed the alley, turned the corner to a building and promptly ran into someone.

"For fucks sake,"

"Shit, shit sorry get up," Ghost barely had time too look up to see two men, one in a sheriffs get up and one she rammed into before the latter one practically yanked her off the ground and pushed her into a building.

The three of them took a moment to catch their breaths before the sheriff spoke up,

"Thank you for helping me out of that," he said to the other man, "I'm Rick, you two are?"


"I'm Ghost and this is Max," She gestured to her back, they both looked surprised having not seen the kid beforehand.

Rick opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by multiple gun shots going off above them.

"Shit," Glenn cursed. "Its fucking Merle!" He said sprinting off, quickly followed by the other two. They ran up to the roof of the building where a group of people where, with two girls standing off to the side both of which pointing guns while a man, presumably Merle was pointing one at them.

Merle's face morphed into a look of shock before,



"Daisy? Poppy?"
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The red-head stared in shock as the police officer pulled himself into the tank through her scope.

[+red [b "Dais? What's wrong?"]] Daisy blinked as she looked down her scope once again, wishing there was a way to do an instant replay of what she had just seen so she could show her sister.

[+purple [i "Pig just holed himself up in one of the tanks..."]] She muttered. They had been out on a run when a heard of the fucking dead had swarmed the streets outside the building they had been rummaging through, effectively locking them in. Instead of staying on the ground floor where they could have possibly been seen by the horde, they darted quickly up the stairs and barricaded themselves in one of the offices above the stores. The window faced out towards the street that the horde had gathered on, giving the sisters a clear-ish view of what was going on down below.

[+red [b "You gotta be fucking kiddin' me! We're gonna be stuck here for days!"]] Daisy shot her younger sister a look that told her to be quieter, earning a sheepish smile in return.

[+purple [i "Go check the other windows Poppy. see if there's a fire escape or building close enough for us to jump to."]] The brunette darted off to do that as Daisy kept any eye on the street below, eyeing the feeding frenzy caused by the officer's horse. Her lip curled slightly, she'd rather it be the officer down on the ground being eaten alive, but her beef with cops stemmed back to many, many years ago.

[+red [b "There's roof but it looks like there's someone on it with a gun."]] Daisy frowned, weighing the pros and cons of going over there. The person might be hostile, but they could be friendly. The only way to find out was to go over there, and if they weren't friendly, Daisy and Poppy out numbered and out gunned the person. [+red [b "Dais? What do we do?"]] Daisy sighed,

[+purple [i "We go over there I guess. Can't be worse than over here. And we out number and lone sniper any way, with or without guns."]] Poppy nodded and lead her sister over to the window, opening it enough so the two could step out on to the low roof just outside it. They would be able to take a running jump to the other roof. They both looked at each other and nodded before running and jumping the alley between the two buildings. Daisy hit and rolled with a sharp grunt, coming up on a knee. Poppy wasn't as graceful; she hit and rolled, unable to stop herself as the wind was knocked out of her as she landed. Daisy pulled her pistol and started towards the lone figure on the roof,

[+purple [i "Drop the gun and put your hands up!"]] She snapped, her finger hovering less than a centimetre away from the trigger. Poppy had managed to catch her breath and stand as her sister walked past her. She pulled the shotgun over her shoulder and aimed at the figure as well, as they paced closer. She stayed slightly behind and to the left of her older sister, letting the red-head lead the way.

The figure held up his hands, one still clutching the gun,

[+gray [b "Now, now-"]] The man turned around and all three froze, staring at each other in shock,

[+red [b "Merle?"]]

[+purple [i "Merle?"]]

[+gray [b "Daisy? Poppy?"]] They all spoke at the same time, guns lowering, or dropping completely to the rooftop in Merle's case.
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