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Sanji smiled softly and gently twirled Thea while never letting go of her hand so his arm was now around her. "Positive love. I just want your hand in mine. Tell you what though, is there any dessert you're craving? We can get the ingredients for that and if you'd like you can carry that bag? Then I can teach you how to make it?"


Emezra nodded. "That's true. Well... let's start looking for a way back to town then. We aren't getting anywhere just standing out here."
  PotatoPirate / 20d 15h 48m 38s
"You are so cheesy," Thea giggled. She walked with him as he continued to do his shopping. Every now and then she would look around. Occasionally singing would catch her eye and she'd want to go check it out but ultimately chose not to. "Are you sure there isn't anything else I can hold? I still have a free hand."


"He was talking about his intentions," Zoro pointed out.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 20d 15h 57m 6s
Emezra noticed Usopp start looking around and sighed softly with a light chuckle. "I'd expect this of Zoro but I didn't know you easily got lost too Usopp."


Sanji blushed slightly feeling his pride get shot just a bit until she said she was kidding. He chuckled and kissed her cheek then smiled when she asked if she could carry anything. "I do have something you can carry." He smiled softly and took her hand in his. "Sorry I know it's a little heavy." He winked.
  PotatoPirate / 20d 16h 12m 37s
"We can help you look." Usopp stopped walking, realizing they were no longer in town. "Uh guys," he turned to Emzy and Zoro, "where are we?"

"We were just following you," Zoro replied.


Thea giggled, "You know, I was thinking the exact same thing a few nights ago." She had to wiggle her way out if his arms before he had a chance to react. Before she was completely free, she leaned up and kissed his cheek. "I'm only kidding love. If anything you lasted [I longer]." She wiggled free a moment later and smiled, "Do you need me to carry anything? I've got two free hands to spare."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 20d 16h 59m 11s
Emezra shook her head. "No, we don't have to ask around. Even if he was here I wouldn't even know where to begin..." She scratched the back of her head and sighed. "Well... best not to dwell on it now anyways. I'm sure I'll learn something eventually..."


Sanji was looking through the fruit when he felt hands cover his eyes followed by a sweet voice. He smirked and turned around wrappng his arms around the woman behind him. "You finished faster than I expected." He kissed her forehead and then grinned. "I'm almost done, just need the fruits and vegetables then we can go find a nice place for lunch."
  PotatoPirate / 22d 11h 51m 55s
"We can ask around to see if he has been here," Usopp suggested. "It might help."

"Or it might raise red flags," Zoro warned. "Don't forget, he had a hand in kidnapping and hurting our friends. He could come back."


Thea finished getting what she needed then headed back to the ships. After putting her things away, she went in search of Sanji. Upon finding him, she quietly walked up behind him and covered his eyes. "Guess who."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 23d 8h 48m 40s
Emezra tapped her chin and nodded. "Yeah... honestly... that's a good point." She sighed softly while rubbing her temple. "But also a valid point we don't know where he is... Well if we run into him again I'll be sure to ask him."


Sanji was actually making it through his grocery list rather quick seeing as all the food shops were right at the entrance to the town not far from the docks.
  PotatoPirate / 23d 9h 2s
"The sirens might know about it," Usopp interjected.

"They're dead," Zoro reminded him.

"No," the sniper shook his head, "Abel is still alive."

"We don't know where he is."


Thea had been asking various people where the best place on town was to buy what she needed. When she was directed to the shop, she made her way there. However, on her way, she passed by an older couple that looked familiar but couldn't place it as she was too focused on her goal.

[I So I'll need to get,] she started mentally listing is what she needed as she picked them up.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 23d 9h 6m 1s
"Maybe... but I need to do a bit more research on the past user of the fruit..." Emezra stumbled for a moment but shook her head gently holding her hand against her head. "Unfortunately the only thing I have on him is a small article stating that he passed..."


Sanji looked at Thea as she hopped off the ship and chuckled softly. "You know I'll come find you if I do love." He watched her run off before he went on his way as well to start getting the groceries.
  PotatoPirate / 23d 9h 21m 2s
"Have you found anything else out about your powers?" It would be a lie if Zoro said he wasn't concerned. It had been a few days since she cut herself so she should be fine, but she wasn't. [I Is something else going on?]

Usopp continued to talk, not realizing the other to were having their own conversation.


"And what if you've finished getting groceries before I finish getting supplies?" Thea chuckled at get on question, knowing it was unlikely to happen. She also knew that he would come find her if it did. "I'll try to hurry. It's only a few things for the turbines." After returning the kiss and giving him a soft smile, she hopped if the ship and left.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 24d 21h 58m 12s
Emezra and Zoro had started walking in silence while Usopp talked about a new invention he was working on. When Zoro finally spoke it surprised her. “Oh, yes... my arm is fine. Just get a little light headed sometimes.” She sighed softly looking in front of her. “I was rusty and I got cocky thinking I could catch Leo offguard...”


Before Sanji left he found Thea and kissed her lips softly. “Meet up with me later if you finish getting supplies for your shop before I finish with the groceries okay? I’ll take you out for lunch.”
  PotatoPirate / 30d 19h 48m 41s
"Of course I know about it. I asked what I missed even I was helping Sanji in the kitchen." Since everyone was splitting into groups they didn't get a chance to finish their conversation. Now Thea was stuck between going with Sanji or going to get parts needed for the Ashen ship. "Damn."


"How's your arm," Zoro asked s he walked between Usopp and Emerza.


After a moment of deciding what to do, she'd made her decision. [I I'll just get what I need then join up with him later.]
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 31d 6h 27m 58s
Emezra sighed softly. “Ah, you know about that huh...” She gently rubbed her arm with a small smile. “I’m alright. Just a little light headed at times.”

When Usopp spoke up her eyes widened slightly but nodded. “Thank you.”

Once the ships were properly docked everyone went to grab what they needed before heading out into groups.
  PotatoPirate / 31d 15h 24m 48s
"I'm fine. If it weren't for that gust of wind I would have made it." Thea shrugged innocently before raising a brow at Emerza. "Question is, are you alright?" She heard about the incident with the ring from Robin. As one of the few with first hand experience of Emzy's power, she knew it took a lot out of her.

"She can come with us," Usopp offered, "I've been tasked with keeping Zoro from getting lost."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 32d 13h 3m 11s
Emezra jumped when Chase barged into her room. “Alright alright. I’m coming.” Emezra closes her book and waited for Chase to leave before she sighed softly. “I need to take it easy... I feel so light headed. That wound must have took more out of me than I thought...”

When she got outside she saw everyone looking up at the masts and when she looked up she saw Thea mid jump. Her heart stopped when she saw Thea fall. But when the familiar shadow of a large bird flew over them she sighed with relief. She made her way over to the sunny to check if Thea had any wounds from the jump or landing. “You alright Thea?” She asked with a small smile trying to steady her balance.
  PotatoPirate / 32d 19h 25m 28s

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