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Thea smiled into the kiss from Sanji, happy that regardless of what her parents said, he still chose her. However when Abel mentioned there was no saving their parents, she frowned. After a moment, she nodded, "I understand." She pursed her lips as Abel walked away, parents obediently following behind him. Turning back to Sanji, she once again smile, but it was a small one. Everything that she was feeling however, could be seen in her eyes.


"Did you find her," Usopp asked when he caught up to Zoro.

"No. We need to get back and tell the others. Something was other about that bird," Zoro replied.
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Without hesitation, when Sanji heard Thea say his name he turned and wrapped his arms around her holding her close before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers. "I love you. Don't let anyone ever convince you otherwise."

Abel rolled his eyes. "So dramatic..." When he heard both of Thea's parents try to say something against her again he clicked his tongue. "Had I known you both wanted a death wish I wouldn't have been trailing you for the past few weeks." While Sanji was distracting them by kissing Thea he stole kisses of his own. After he pecked both of their lips he wiped his own and groaned. "God, that was probably the grossest thing I've ever had to do. Thea..." He turned to Thea with a small smile. "These two are no better than scum. Don't let them get into your head. Not that they will be able to ever again. Sorry but there's no saving them. There's a special place in hell for parents like these. I'm sure I'll see you around sometime in the future. Do try to not make me an uncle too soon yea?" He gave a small wave before twirling his finger making their parents follow him.


"Your fruit. It can bring back the dead. And you are going to use it to bring back the man who was taken from me too soon. My dearest love."

"But, I'm still new to this whole devil fruit thing. I can barely heal strong wounds without fainting!"

"That's not my problem. You are going to bring him back. And if you don't... I'll massacre that whole village down below."

Emezra's eyes widened as she looked out over the cliff. There was a whole village down there. "You'd murder innocent people?"

"If that's what it takes to bring back my dearest. Yes. I'd rather it not come to that."

Emezra bit her lip then sighed softly. "I-I'll try... but... I can't promise any results. Like I said... large wounds I faint from..."

"Well then you best try hard to stay conscious because if you faint. You will keep trying until you succeed. Otherwise all those villagers down there? Their blood will cover the roads... And their limp bodies will litter the streets as decor."

Emezra flinched at the woman's gruesome words. She looked over the corpse of the man before her. It looked like he had been dead for awhile but he was well preserved. She tried to start by healing him as if it had been a wound. She longer she kept trying the more light headed she felt. "I... I can't."

"You can and you WILL." The woman snapped as she stared at her love's face.
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"A-abel?" Thea finally looked up after hearing what he had said. Had he really defended her against their mother?

"You're as worthless as she is, if not more," Thea's father said.

There as a brief moment where Thea felt remorse for the fate that waited for her parents. She took a deep breath before stepping forward. She wanted to trust in Sanji, but after what was said, she wondered, so she looked at him. "Sanji?"

"How dare you address him so internally," hey mother shouted, regardless of Abel's warning.

"Know your place," her father reminded her.


Zoro came to a stop some time after losing sight of Emerza and the vulture. "Damnit!" He looked around, hoping to find some sign of her. "Emerza!!"
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There was a click of a tongue and Sanji looked behind Thea's parents to see a familiar face. "Abel?"

Abel smirked. "Well... it seems you didn't have it easy sister... Your abandonment may have been worse than mine. At least she just threw me in the ocean and being part demon? Was that what you called it mother? Well, being part demon. I guess I have less feelings than most full humans." He shrugged slightly and smirked at the look Thea's birth father was giving him. "What? You don't recognize me? Ouch. I know it's been years since you both threw a child into the ocean not giving a rats ass about it. But the fact that you don't even remember." He put his hands in his pockets as he walked past the two parents. "You know... I blamed her for a long time. For all my troubles. For her being the reason that you both tossed me out like last weeks leftovers. But then I met her. And it made me realize... I have no reason to hold a grudge against her. It is both of you who must pay. And seeing how you're treating her. How much bullshit she had to go through. Mistrusting her best friend from childhood for years because you both couldn't get your heads out of your asses enough to care about your child. Neither of you were ever fit to be parents. I hate to say it. But I have more compassion than either of you scumbags do. And I'm part siren. We sort of have to lack compassion for our line of work." He walked up to his mother and put a hand on her shoulder. "You say one more word to Thea or her boyfriend Sanji... Anything negative. And I will go through with my plan to kill you and my dear step father here in the most painful way possible. She is allowed to love this man. Status or not. You will not tell her otherwise. Do I make myself clear?" His tone was cold and serious. Even if Thea had begged for their lives. He would keep his promise.


Emezra began feeling light headed the higher up the vulture flew. When eventually they landed it was in a cave near the top of a mountain. She tried to stand up but instantly threw up. "W-What the hell are you?!" She yelled as she saw the vulture turn into an old woman. "W-What? A devil fruit."

"Finally I have you. I know about your powers. I know all about your fruit. And you are going to use it to bring back my dearest."

"W-Wait what?!"
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Thea's mother raised a brow at Sanji's reaction, but was otherwise unfazed. "Why didn't we fight to keep her? Simple. She couldn't follow simple orders to stay away from you. Time and time again we told her not to befriend you. That it would reject poorly on us. When your announced her exile, we agreed. What use is she to us if she can't bother to follow orders?"

"But I..."

"You will be quiet in the presence of royalty," her father barked. "Useless child."

Thea swallowed hard at the words from her parents. They stung. It took everything in her not to cry.

"At least there are some things she reminders. Letting your grandmother raise your was an even bigger mistake. Look at you! Not only are you covered in tattooes but scars as well. She was too easy on you. Vile woman couldn't stand how we chose to live."

"Don't talk about her like that!"

"Bite your tongue," her mother snapped. "Not only have you forgotten your place but you think it is okay to backtalk your parents." She turned back to Sanji, "And you. You've fallen so far that you would sully yourself with the help. You are a prince, she is a servant. Act your place!"

"She will never be more than a simple servant. A worthless servant that was exiled from a kingdom for failing to follow orders. No one will want you now," her father stated.

Each word from her parents felt like a knife in her heart. Not only were they talking down on her, but her grandmother as well. It hurt more a she wondered if what they said would cause Sanji to change his mind about her. [I I am noting more than a worked servant,] she repeated in her mind as tears started to fall.


"Emerza," Zoro and Usopp shouted at the same time as Emzy was carried away. While Usopp struggled with Emzy ring, Zoro was running after them, never taking his eyes off the bird.
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Sanji smiled when he saw Thea's expression he was glad he could get her flustered and catch her off guard. But then she turned slightly pale. He heard a voice behind him that sounded slightly familiar followed by Thea releasing his hand and stepping away from him. "Thie?" He looked at her concerned and turned towards the people who had said such cruel things to her. "Who the hell do you think you are telling her what she can and can't do!" When he saw their faces it finally registered in his mind who they were. "You... why didn't you beg my father to stop her exile? She's your daughter! And now you think you have the right to tell her what to do with her life!?"


Emezra was trying to listen as well. And even though the forest was quiet. Something felt dangerous. At that moment a strong gust of wind caused Emezra to stumble forward and drop her ring. She stood up once again weakly and instantly a loud shreek was heard from the air. "What the hell was that?!" She looked around and soon felt something strong grip around her arm before she felt herself getting lifted off the ground. She looked up and screamed when she saw that she was in the talons of a large vulture.
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Zoro started listening to the sounds around them, trying to see if he heard anything out if the ordinary. "We aren't in an ordinary forest anymore. It's too quiet. No birds or animal sounds of any kind."


Thea blushed once more, caught off guard by how unusually affectionate he was being. When she was about to say something, she saw something that caused her to freeze in her tracks. Before them, exciting the restaurant's gated entrance, were her parents. The sight of them caused her while body to tense, especially seeing their expressions.

"Althea," hey mother said coldly, "Unexpected to see you here if all places. And with royalty no less."


"You forget your place," her father added in a tine that caused Thea to release Sanji's hand.

"Step away," her mother ordered, to which Thea took three steps back. "Remember what you were taught. You are never to walk beside royalty nor are you to engage them in any way other than to do you duties. You are a [I servant] after all. Nothing more."

"Yes ma'am." Thea hung her head and clasped her hands in front of her.
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Sanji turned around and saw the one Thea was gesturing to and nodded with a small smile. "Sure, love." He brought her hand to his lips before turning around and heading for the restaurant she mentioned.


Emezra nodded. "Yes... I was wondering why I felt a chill but it makes sense. I believe we are being followed."
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Thea was silent as they walked around, but that didn't mean she wasn't paying attention. There weren't many restaraunts in the town but that didn't mean much. She was looking at the attire of the patrons and staff as they walked by. "What about that one," she suggested, "The one we just passed?"


Usopp's eyes widened a bit at the suggestion that something wasn't right. "A-are you sure?"
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Sanji helped Thea off the ship then hand in hand walked beside her as they walked around the town looking for a restaurant to eat at. It wasn't often that he ate food he didn't prepare but he liked to try restaurants in villages they visited in hopes to learn some new recipes.


Emezra immediately noticed how Zoro was tensing up and heard him put his hand on the hilt of his swords. She followed suit and put her hand on the handle of her ring. Just in case she had to put it together quickly. "He's right Usopp... something isn't right here."
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"Flattery will get you everywhere," Thea giggled at the compliment. She blushed a but as he kissed her palm, this being the first time he had done it. "I'm ready if you are." Leaving her fingers with his, they left.


Zoro didn't want to admit it but he was on edge as well. Something didn't seem right, and though he was one to constantly get lost, this was different. Trying to be discreet, he placed one hand on his swords, making sure he was ready if something happened. "Usopp, don't walk too far ahead."

"Why," Usopp asked as he slowed his pace.

"Something isn't right."
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Emezra was looking ahead when Zoro had finally spoke and it slightly caught her offguard. His hushed tone sent chills down her spine and she gently rubbed her arms with a nod. "Y-Yeah."


Sanji waited patiently for Thea to come back and when he saw her his eyes widened and he smiled happily. "Wow, you're stunning." He gently took her hand in his and kissed the palm softly. "Shall we go?"
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Thea raised a brow at Sanji and the words [I official date]. She never thought they needed one but if it would make him happy, she had no problem with it. "Lunch sounds great." After a moment she looked at her apparel then at his. For her, she was dressed more casual whereas he was a bit more formal. "Just uh, let me change first. Compared to you I am majorly under dressed."

She pulled away from him and left the room, disappearing into the lounge. A few minutes later she returned to Sanji's side in a bright yellow sundress that ties in the back. "Much better." Her hair was down, letting the light curls fall against her back.


Zoro glanced at Emerza every now and then, sending panic from her. Usopp was leading but it seemed her was only causing them to become more lost. "Just breathe," he said in a hushed tone to her.
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Sanji mentally started making a grocery list while also going over the recipe in his mind figuring out if they had enough of the other ingredients on the ship. Once he compiled what he needed he smile and kissed her cheek before gently squeezing her hip. "Alright, let's go get those items too. I may need your help carrying bags after all." He teased before leading her down another isle.


Emezra chuckled but went along with Usopp making sure Zoro was close by as well since she didn't want him getting lost on his own.


About and hour had passed and Sanji and Thea both got what they needed for groceries and brought them back to the ship. Sanji sighed with relief after putting the last item away and smiled at Thea. "So, how about that lunch? I'd love to take you on an official date." He kissed her forehead after wrapping his arms around her.


Emezra was trying to hold back a laugh as Usopp was getting more and more panicked since they were still lost.

"We should have reached some sort of civilization by now!"

Emezra glanced at Zoro to see what he thought of this ordeal but couldn't read his expression.
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Usopp frowned as he looked around, "This way!" He started heading north, where he saw a smoke stack above the trees.


"Hmm?" Thea pursed her lips as she tried to think of something. She wasn't particularly craving anything but she did like the idea of him teaching her to make it. "Chocolate Hazelnut Torte," she beamed. It was something she'd tried years ago when she went with her grandmother to visit a friend. "I've only had it once but it sounds good."
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