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Sanji smiled softly kissing the top of Thea's head. "I'm willing to take that chance." Sanji listened as Thea stood up for Abel and looked over at Adam. "What he did in the past was bad... but that's sort of how we've gotten a few of our crew members."

Robin nodded. "I don't think he's bad either. He gave us a lot of information in which made sense with what we already know about her devil fruit abilities."

"Adam, she's coughing up blood again. I need you in here." Chopper called from inside the sick bay as he lifted Emezra's head.

Adam quickly cut the conversation short and returned to the sick bay. "She could have more internal wounds."

Chopper nodded. "Yes..."

Luffy stared at the door nervously. "Emzy..." He felt his body tremble slightly before walking over and sitting down beside the door.


After a couple hours Adam finally left the sick bay once again and sighed softly. "Okay... she's finally stable once again... it looks like her devil fruit has healed some of her internal wounds. But she's still unconscious. She probably won't wake up for awhile."

"But she's okay right?" Luffy asked still sitting by the door.

"Yes... she's just healing."


Sanji looked at Thea and smiled softly. "Do you want to help me make some food for everyone?"
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 10h 17m 47s
"You do know that he'll make you his next target if you fail, right?" Thea looked up at Sanji with a raised brow, wondering if he knew what he gotten himself into by telling Abel he'd take care of her. When Adam asked if Abel could be trusted, she frowned. "I know you have no reason to believe him based on what happened in the past, but he has no reason to lie to us. The sirens knew enough about the fruit before feeding to to Emerza, prior to or capture. But what reason does he have to lie to us now? Especially after..." She trailed off as she thought about the encounter with her parents. [I He's a good person deep down. Just got mixed up with the wrong people. And after what our parents did to him.]
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 10h 30m 45s
Abel smirked. "I think I might actually like that. Take care of her, Blondie." He waved before walking back into the woods.

Sanji nodded pulling Thea close to him. "I will."

After about a half hour Adam sighed and walked out of the sick bay. "She's stablized. However she is still unconscious."

Eve walked over to his side and hugged him. "The human fish told us more of her fruit."

Adam raised his brow before looking at everyone. "What did you learn? And do you think his word can be trusted?"
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 11h 21s
"That would actually make sense with her devil fruit." Robin had taken notes on what Abel said and compared them to eat they knew about her abilities. "The ultimate ability of this fruit turns the user into, essentially, a necromancer."

"What are your talking about," Zoro asked.

"Think about it. She can reverse wounds, taking them upon herself. Even the most severe," she gestured to Thea. "It's an exchange of sorts. Using her body as the host for wounds to repair the injured. It would make sense that bringing someone back from the dead would be exchanging her life for theirs."

"The ultimate sacrifice," Thea frowned. She turned to Abel, "Thank you for bringing her back, alive. Next time, stay a little longer. I'd like to get to know my brother better." She gave him a smile before waving him off.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 11h 4m 15s
When Emezra was closer Luffy saw her state and it took everything in him to not remember this was how he had made her before. Nami noticed Luffy stiffen and frowned.

"Where is the bird that took her?" Luffy asked coldly.

Abel looked over at the straw hatted captain and shrugged. "Managed to get my toxins in here and told her to go find her lover at the bottom of the sea. She shouldn't bother anyone anymore." He folded his arms over his chest. "From what I could gather from what I heard of this woman's yelling was that your friend was supposed to bring her dead lover back from the grave. Something along the lines of if she did innocent lives would be lost. And my guess is that your friend wouldn't have been able to live with that on her conscience. So she tried to do as she was told. She may have almost succeeded with her final attempt... It was only ever rumors about that fruit... But from what we knew before we found it... You can bring the dead back to life... But at a cost. No one has ever really been able to know what that cost is. But if I was a betting man... I'd say it costs the user their own life. When she was trying to resurrect that man her breathing went slow. As if she was taking her final breath. Luckily I interfered before that happened... again this is all pure speculation based on what I saw. I just... figured you should know the danger of her fruit. Especially you." He looked at Zoro. "She seems quite important to you. Whether you notice it or not." He scratched the back of his head before stretching. "Well... anyways. Sorry sis, didn't mean to barge in so soon again. But figured this was worth a visit." He gave Thea a small wave. "Hopefully we will see each other again... But not too soon this time."

Adam was cursing under his breath as he looked over Emezra and helped Chopper with any wounds. "Dammit Emezra... you never used to get hurt this often..."
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 17h 23m 3s
Thea raised a brow and crossed her arms at the sight of Abel. "I assume they're at the bottom of the sea. Where'd you find her?"

"Cliff cave near the sea," Abel replied.

"Enough," Aspen said, "Adam, get with Chopper and take her to sick bay so you two can get to work. She looks like she's barely holding on." She turned to Zoro, "Why'd you let her get taken?"

"It's not like it was intentional!"
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 17h 35m 13s
While the crew bickered Tedy could smell it. He quickly began signing to Misha.

"Wait, Tedy said he can smell her." Misha stated before looking out. Then he signed one more thing. "Fish?"

Luffy stepped forward when Tedy said fish and frowned. He launched himself up to the mast and looked out at the forest. And he saw a man walking towards the ship with Emezra limp in his arms. "EMZY!"


When Abel got closer to the ship he sighed when he heard yelling. "Relax. She's breathing. She's very weak."

Sanji saw Abel and sighed softly with a small smile. "Well you sure have been busy today."

Abel sighed and shrugged. "Oh you know... I decided to follow the heroic path since my revenge goal has been achieved."
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 17h 49m 51s
"Emzy was taken," Misha replied.

"Giant vulture in a strange area if the forest," Quinn added, "Zoro lost sight of her."

"So sure may not even be in the island anymore," Thea asked.

"It's possible." The crease in Zoro's brow deepened, "That bird looked ancient though. Like it's been alive for centuries."

"Vultures don't live longer than 30 years at the max," Chopper pointed out.

"Could it be a devil fruit user?"

"No one could live that long," Usopp said.

"Dr. Kureha is over 100," Chopper said, "But you said centuries, right?"

"Yeah," Zoro nodded.

"So we're just going to sit here and are about the age of a bird rather than find her," Thea asked, annoyed.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 17h 55m 40s
when Abel reached the top of the mountain where he could hear the screams were close by he turned a corner and saw an old hag of a woman beating a familiar looking woman within inches of her life. "I think you may be taking it a bit to far don't you think?" He stepped forward with a cold stare.

"Hmm? You! How did you get here!"

"Climbed. Unfortunate for you I was just at the coast on some business... and I could hear this woman's screams from the ground."

"This matter doesn't concern you siren! I want nothing to do with you or your kind. I just want him back!"

"And you won't ever get him back."

"Yes I will! She's going to bring him back! Even if it costs her her life!"

"Yeah... about that. She's sort of an important person to someone I owe. Soo can't let you kill her."

Emezra had been so out of it that she didn't even notice Abel there as she tried ressurecting the corpse before her for about the 30th time. But this time she almost had it but in turn it was making her breath even shorter. She wondered if she was dying.

Abel noticed the slow in her breath and quickly ran over and shoved her away from the corpse and the woman causing Emezra to fall unconscious.

"You bastard! She was so close!"

Abel quickly dodged the Talons that came after him and darted forward t and his lips met the woman's before her body went limp and he whispered in her ear. "Your lover is waiting for you at the bottom of the ocean. Go find him." He watched as the woman grew wings and flew out of the cave towards the ocean.

He then remembered Emezra was there and he ran over to her side. Her breathing was weak but she was still alive. "I guess I should get you back to your crew huh..." He looked over her body and noticed bruises forming as well as cuts. "I wonder what your internal wounds look like..." He sighed softly before lifting her up and heading back down the mountain. "What is this newfound heroic side of you Abel... Jeez what a mess this all is..."


Sanji chuckled before leading her back to the ship. When they got there they noticed everyone had serious expressions. He helped Thea up on the ship and looked at everyone. "Did something happen while we were gone?"
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 18h 3m 49s
"Usopp do you know how crazy that sounds," Nami asked.

"Wasn't me," Quinn said when some of the crew looked at him, "I've been with Misha and Tedy."

"It was a vulture," Zoro pointed out. Before Usopp could say anything else he explained what happened and how the area of the forest they were in was oddly suspicious.


"Yeah it sounds weird, let's not do that again," Thea laughed.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 18h 15m 27s
Sanji blushed slightly and thought for a moment before smiling. "My dearest love, Althea." He kissed her forehead with a grin.


Most of the crews were back to the ships minus a few members. Some of the Ashen crew was chatting away while Caramelle made lunch and the straw hats were mostly off doing their own thing while they waited for Sanji to get back.


Everyone turned their heads when they heard Usopp yelling. "Usopp? What's going on?"

"Emzy got taken by a giant bird!"
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 18h 19m 46s
"I'll give you a chance to say it once," Thea teased, "Just to try it out." She leaned on him a little, head resting on his shoulder and her free hand places in his bicep. It have her a chance to try and think of something else, other than what was bothering her. [I I wonder what he'll make for lunch?]


  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 19d 18h 45m 33s
Sanji nodded with a small smile before gently squeezing her hand. "I don't think I've ever called you by your full name. It's always been Thea or Thie." He chuckled lightly. "Let's head back then." He could tell from her eyes that something was still lingering her. But he knew better than to press matters out in the open.


Emezra fell to her knees out of breath after another failed attempt. Before she could say a word she felt a strong kick to the stomach with the large talons of the vulture that carried her earlier. She coughed up a little bit of blood before hearing the woman once again chanting.

"Again! Again! Don't you dare even think about stopping unless you're okay with innocent blood on your hands!"

She tried to stand but was soon gripped firmly around her arm with the talons once more. She screamed out as she felt the woman trying to break her arm.


Abel was walking through the forest trying to decide what he wanted to do now that his revenge goal had been reached. That was when he heard a scream ring through the air. "Hmm... why does that scream sound familiar..." He followed the voice to the base of a mountain and sighed softly. "Hmm... well it's not like I have anything better to do." He entered the cave and began climbing up. Every few steps the familiar scream would ring out again.
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 19d 18h 53m 5s
Thea let out a sigh before looking at the restaurant. There were people watching them from inside, some of them are could see talking. "They all must have seen what happened." She could see how the other patrons quickly looked away when they noticed she was looking at them. Turning back to Sanji, she nodded, "I think heading back is a wonderful idea."

Though she was happy that he hadn't changed his mind about her, what her parents said about her, lingered. [I Worthless. No one will ever want you. Can't follow orders. Never more than a simple servant.] Her heart ached at those words but she couldn't let Sanji see that she was bothered.

"You know, I don't actually remember the last time someone called new Althea. My grandmother always called me Thea. Just don't tell anyone that's my full name."


"Follow the shore," Zoro repeated s he started running in the direction he believed the shore was.

"You're going the wrong way," Usopp yelled after him. He ran after Zoro then started pulling him in the right direction. "Just follow me."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 20d 5h 38m 28s
Sanji saw it all in her eyes. He sighed with relief before holding her close once more. "How about we head back to the ship and I'll just make us lunch instead? Then we can make that torte you wanted?" He wasn't sure if being near this restaurant with everything that just happened would be hard on Thea.


Usopp gritted his teeth but nodded. "We best hurry. If we follow the coast we should get back to the ships. Almost everyone should be back by now."


Emezra kept trying and each time she tried she failed. She felt out of breath like someone was kicking her in the stomach.

"You need to try HARDER!" The woman slammed her fist into Emezra's back in which she let out a yelp of pain.


Abel whistled to himself as he led Thea's parents to the cliff a ways off from the village. "Ah here are the weights." He shackled both of them and smiled softly. "Now... for you to feel what I felt the day you threw me away like I was nothing." He took the mind spell off of them and smiled. "Now Thea can finally find her happiness. And I can have my revenge." Before they could say anything Abel shoved both of them off the cliff and heard a loud collision sound followed by a splash. "Woops, they must have hit the rocks on the way down. Oh well." He put his hands in his pockets and let out a sigh. "Now... to pretend I'm just a regular human... or go back to a life of solitude..."
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