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While Sanji was helping with Jace, Thea continued hey one in one with the other woman. It didn't take long before the lamp was discarded after it broke. A few buildings became damaged as one or the other was thrown into it. By the time Sanji arrived again, Thea had several cuts and bruises as well as get dress being torn and tattered in various places. As for the agent, she was unconscious in the town center.

"Damn these shoes," she muttered a she removed them and sat down.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 14d 21h 50m 8s
Sanji nodded. “Be careful love.”

“Like hell you’ll leave her here. They already took Evin!”

“You’re right. And Thea is livid. She’ll be fine. Im just worried about collateral damage. Plus you’re drugged we need one of the doctors to look at you. Man today keeps getting worse and worse.”

When Sanji got back to the ship he dropped Jace off and briefly explained the situation before hopping off the ship heading back to where Thea was.
  PotatoPirate / 14d 21h 56m 0s
Thea's brow twitched at being called a little girl. She waited until Sanji had Jace before walking over to the lamp by the window. "It's not my wrench but," she looked at the woman, "it'll have to do." It was light in her hands, too light for her liking. When she saw the mocking look in the agent's face, she frowned. "Something funny?"

"You honestly expect be to be afraid of a lamp?"

"It's not the lamp you should be afraid of." Thea swung the lamp at the woman with full force and sent her crashing through the wall and out into the street. Turning back to Sanji she smiled, "Get Jace back to the ships. I'll handle her."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 14d 22h 2m 38s
“You’re right. I do have a policy on not fighting woman. But you’re incorrect about your second statement. I have a real woman. And you just pissed her off.” Sanji stepped aside and walked over to Jace to help him up.

“Where’s Evin?”

Sanji frowned. “I’m not sure. Yhea said she’d explain everything back at the ships.”
  PotatoPirate / 14d 22h 10m 14s
Thea pursed her lips at confirmation that something was in fact wrong with Jace. Her gaze shifted to the woman, who had begun to slowly move away. "And you're going where?"

"I'm leaving. Your boyfriend over there has a policy on not fighting women," the woman stated. "This guy is drugged and you." The woman laughed as she got off the bed, sheet wrapped around her body. "You probably can't even hold your own in a fight. To weak to even fight back against sirens." She turned her attention to Sanji, "Why don't you come find me when your want a [I real] woman and not some little girl."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 14d 22h 14m 41s
While Thea explained the situation to Jace Sanji noticed the woman was fidgety. He glanced around the room and noticed the open wine bottle not even close to being placed neatly. He walked over and smelt one of the glasses and something didn’t seem right. He took the bottle and smelt the liquid inside and frowned before looking at this label. “This isn’t Pinot Noir. Thea, this wine is drugged.”
  PotatoPirate / 14d 22h 20m 9s
Thea placed her hands on her hips a she entered the room. "Get dressed."

"What the fuck Thea," Jace snapped.

"You know her," the woman on top of him asked.

"Your partner of the day," Thea stopped for a moment, "sorry, whatever number sexual partner she is Tuesday, is working for the people who took Evin."

"Took Evin? What are you talking about? Evin isn't missing." Though Jace didn't believe it, he could tell that Thea was serious, and after Sanji kicked in the door, the mood was lost. He pushed the woman off him and sat up. "How do you know she's gone?"

"She left me this." Thea walked over and handed him the note, letting him read it. While he did, she kept an eye on the woman who served the start getting fidgety. When she looked at Jace, more that she was closer, she could tell that something was off about him as well.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 14d 22h 39m 33s
Sanji smiled and as soon as he got in front of the door he had Thea step back before he kicked the door in causing it to fly off of its hinges into the room. There was a startled scream as well as Jace’s voice.

“What the fuck?!”
  PotatoPirate / 14d 23h 41s
Thea stood there as Sanji spoke with the woman at the front desk. When he returned and led her to Jace's room, she continued to stay quiet. The whole while she was thinking of what they may walk into when they enter the room. "Be my quest."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 14d 23h 10m 52s
Sanji nodded and gently squeezed her hand. “I understand.” When they reached the lobby of the inn Sanji went over to the desk and asked which room Jace was in and described him to the clerk. The woman nodded.

“He’s in room 208. For security reasons sir I can’t give you a key though.”

Sanji smiled softly. “No worries we’ll just knock.” As he and Thea walked over to room 208 he smiled softly. “Hope you don’t mind if I do the knocking.”
  PotatoPirate / 14d 23h 18m 11s
Thea sighed, "Evin is gone and she left a note saying that for our safety, we shouldn't look for her. I know who took her but I can't figure out why." She glanced at him for a moment then reached for his hand. Once she had it in her own, are squeezed gently. "Just trust me. I'll explain everything when we get back to the ship but right now we need to get to Jace. She said he's in danger."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 15d 26m 36s
Sanji followed Thea close. When they got a bit away from the restaurant he matched her pace and looked concerned. “Thea... i hate to pry but can I least have a general idea of what’s going on?” As they got closer to the inn Sanji could tell there were a ton of thoughts in Thea’s mind.
  PotatoPirate / 15d 3h 52m 9s
Thea placed the note in her dress and looked up at the Sanji. "We need to head to the inn first to get Jace." She didn't wait for a response before leaving the restaurant and heading towards the inn. [i I get that they threatened everyone but something doesn't seem right. Why would they come looking for her now? Its been years since she ran away.]

She remembered the day that Evin first showed up at her grandparent's house. How, even though they were the same age, the tattoos and piercings as well as the bright green hair, intimidated her. Evin stayed with them for a few days, under her grandmother's insistence, and soon the two became close friends. She soon found out Evin's real name and what she ran from and why she changed her appearance.

"If thats why they came after her," she frowned, "there is no way in hell I'm letting her go through with it."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 15d 15h 2m 11s
Sanji flushed slightly at Thea’s tease but stayed in rhythm with her. Once the song ended he kissed her forehead ignoring the whispers around them. But when he saw a man approaching Thea he was cautious and kept his arm around her with his hand resting on her waist. When the man handed her a note he noticed the expression on her face fall. And her face turned slightly pale. “Thie? What’s wrong?” When she said they had to go he nodded and didn’t press further.


While Adam monitored Emzy’s condition and breathing pattern Luffy never left her bedside. He kept lightly holding her hand and eventually ended up falling asleep with his head resting on the side of the bed.
  PotatoPirate / 15d 21h 36m 31s
Thea made a face at his compliment on her dancing. She didn't want to admit it was from one of her escapades a few years ago. "It helps that I already have a rather [I intimate] relationship with my dance partner." She winked at him before leaning away for a moment. When her body snapped back to him, she gently placed her hand in his shoulder.

As the song came to an end, she looked around, hearing the clapping of those around them. There were some whispers, some good and some bad, which she chose to ignore. When she straightened up she looked at Sanji with a smile. "It seems we had an audience."

The shopkeeper from earlier, that spoke with Evin, had watched the dance between Thea and Sanji as he waited for his food. He reached in his pocket for the note and saw a name scrawled across the front. Thea. Once the dance was finished he walked up the couple and cleared his throat. "Excuse me miss, is your name Thea?"

"Yes," Thea tensed slightly at the question, never having seen this man before.

"I have a message for you."


"Tall woman, green hair, tattoos and piercings?"


"I believe the men with her called her Evingelian."

[i She doesn't go by that name anymore.] Thea frowned and took the paper the man held out to her. She must've read it half a dozen times before it finally sunk in what she was reading. It felt like the air had been forced from her lungs. "We have to go."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 16d 8h 46m 16s

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