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Sanji nodded. "I'd love the help. Looks like we need to decide on lunch rather fast though. So we can get to storing this big guy."

Nami's eyebrow twitched when she realized no one was bothering to even acknowledge her. She muttered something under her breath before storming off to her room.

Ivan noticed Nami's attitude and clicked his tongue. "What a drama queen..."


Emezra smiled as she tried to describe it. "It's basically a ring... kind of like a hoop. But the outer edges are sharp like a sword." She smiled softly. "I'd show you but it's in my room I don't have it on me."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 40d 11h 37m 51s
"Probably stronger but I didn't want to outshine you," Thea teased. She knew that Sanji was far stronger than her but she wasn't going to admit it. At the mention of having a big meal, she got an idea. "Oh! Can I help? Now that I can use both hands I can be useful."

Nami rolled her eyes, "I really don't think..."

"That's a wonderful idea," Caramelle replied, "I'm sure that Sanji would enjoy the help."


"A ring," Zoro cocked his head to the side, "blade? I've never seen one."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 40d 11h 41m 45s
Sanji ignored Nami's remark guessing she probably wanted a reaction so he didn't oblige. He walked over to Thea and wrapped his arms around her kissing her cheek. "Still as strong as ever." He turned around and saw Caramelle on the deck of the Ashen and chuckled softly. "Do you have room in your stores for this?"

Caramelle shrugged and laughed. "I guess we're having a big meal today."


Emezra chuckled softly. "Zoro, dear. That was a joke. It was a nice way of me saying to let her handle it. She hasn't gotten to fight in months. And like you, Sanji and Luffy. She likes to get in on action nine times outta ten. So I didn't want you two to steal her chance to get that feeling again."

When he asked what she used her eyes widened slightly but gasped at the realization. "Oh, that's right... you've never seen me fight. I use a ring blade." She smiled softly.
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 40d 11h 58m 14s
"I don't think it's bonding," Evin called up to Emerza.

Aspen glanced at Sanji and chuckled at the concern on his face. "Relax, she's quite a bit stronger than you think. Just watch."


Zoro nodded at what Emerza said but remained ready in case Thea needed help.


Thea moved back to the mast as the sea king reeled back for another attack. As it went to lunge at those on the deck of the Sunny, she leaped off the mast towards it. She brought her arm back, wrench in hands, then slammed it down on the sea king's head. After several more stable, she landed on it's head, wrench resting on her shoulder, and clearly out of breath.

Usopp blinked at the sight of the sea king and how Thea was able to take it down. "That was cool." He looked over at Sanji, "Your girlfriend is awesome."

"And clearly has anger issues," Nami remarked.


By the time Thea finished with the sea king, Zoro had returned to the crows nest. "That wasn't bonding. She handled herself well but there was a driving force behind her movements." He leaned on the wall and looked at Emerza. "How do you fight?"
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 40d 12h 34m 36s
Emezra walked out of the room and watched Thea. She chuckled softly noticing her stance. "It's been awhile." She watched as her crewmate jumped up. When Zoro and Sanji tried to protest Emezra cupped her hands and called out. "Let her be. Stay out of her way. You both would do the same in her position. Let her fight. Let her bond with her wrench again."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 40d 20h 11m 44s
Once the sea king started to surface during it's charge. He was getting ready for when it was close enough. However just before he was able to draw his swords, he noticed Thea moving. "Don't!"

"Shut it!" Just as the sea king started to loom over the two ships, Thea jumped up and swung her wrench, colliding with the sea king's head. The sea king drew back from the attack, soon focusing his gaze on Thea.


"I said shut it! I've got this."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 40d 20h 18m 11s
Sanji sighed softly upon feeling the ship move. When he heard Zoro he nodded. "I guessed as much." He watched as the sea king approached and got ready to counter its attack. [i We're still pretty stocked up on meat... I'll have to see if Caramelle can fit this in her stores...]
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 40d 20h 39m 55s
Thea was spinning and tossing her wrench around to make sure are has full range of motion with the weapon. Just as she caught it she felt the ship move. "The hell?"


"Wonder who's more in control in that relationship," Zoro chucked. He gripped the windowsill as the ship shook. Furrowing his brow he looked out at the sea, searching for any movement. When he spotted something coming full speed at the ships, he frowned. "Stay here." He jumped out the window and started falling to the main deck. "Eyebrows, there's a sea king incoming. Get ready."
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 40d 20h 43m 39s
Emezra nodded. "Yeah... I don't want her to have to worry about her image... But I'm hoping Sanji pulls through and makes her feel like one in a million..." She scratched the back of her head as she moved her glasses to the top of her head. When he mentioned Thea, Emezra walked over to the window and stood beside him as she looked out at Thea. "More than likely she's going to want to fight something... or someone. Usually she and Evin would spar but I don't see that happening. I wonder if she'll ask someone else."

At that moment Emezra fell into Zoro when something collided with the ship. "Gah! What the hell was that?!"
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 40d 20h 56m 8s
"Nah, it won't be weird it all. It didn't work out between us because we are better as friends than partners." Chase tilted his head to look at Caramelle then looked back at the ceiling, placing a hand in her head. "But you two would be good together."


A few days later, as the two crews were hours from landing in a new island, Thea was getting her cast removed. Chopper had just finished cutting through it and she immediately pulled her wrist free. Carefully she began resisting and turning it, testing it out and making sure nothing hurt.

"How does it feel," Chopper asked.

"Like it can breathe again. Nothing hurts." She fixed it a few more times before nodding, "There is one final test."


Thea grinned, kinda need to be on deck for this part." She hopped off the bed and left the sick bay heading for deck. She's looked around and immediately frowned when what she was looking for couldn't be found. [I I hope it's not in my room with Evin.]

"Looking for something?" Aspen walked across the bridge carrying Thea's wrench. "Heard you got your cast off today. Figured you'd be wanting this." She handled it to the younger woman and watched as her face lit up, resulting in a chuckle. "Just don't overdo it. You're no good to the crew injured and we'll be glad to have you back when you're ready."

Thea rested the weight of the wrench in her hand. It was familiar. Something she missed, knowing she wasn't able to fight or do anything while she recovered. "Finally," she breathed.


Evin noticed Aspen heading over to the Sunny with Thea's wrench. "She must've gotten her cast off today." When she looked at Thea, the other woman looked back at her and for the first time in weeks, she saw her smile, resulting in her smiling back.


"Emzy," Zoro was switching his weights when he looked it the window. "Thea got her cast off. Looks like she has her wrench. Any idea what she's planning?" He looked over at the woman sitting on one of the couches. He finally noticed the book in her hands and raised a brow. "Still planning on trying to find a way to heal scars?"
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 40d 21h 27m 22s
Caramelle sighed softly. "Chase wouldn't that be weird for you. I know you're both obviously still friends but you both were dating at one point..." She rested her head on Chase's chest and sighed once more. "I just don't want to put you in an awkward spot with her..."
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 41d 8h 14m 53s
"Probably but I'm not going to ask her what's bothering her. Last thing I need is her taking up permanent residence inn my room," Leo replied as he put his hands behind his head. "Hopefully they can make up soon."


"I can ask her," Chase suggested.


Thea considered his offer for a moment. She glanced down at her wrist, knowing the only thing stopping them was the cast. If she was being honest, it wasn't stopping them, it was just in the way. "We can give it a shot," she nodded, a chill running down her spine.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 41d 9h 36m 33s
Ivan nodded. "Sounds like shes looking for a distraction or something."


Caramelle sighed softly and shook her head. "No... She hasn't shown any signs of similar feelings... the last thing I want to do is make things weird between us if she doesn't feel the same."


Sanji smirked before sitting up and promptly pulling Thea onto his lap. "Well you want to go a bit further tonight? I'll go easy... only if you want to love." He gently kissed her shoulder.
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 41d 9h 51m 10s
"What I'm comfortable," Thea sighed and sat up, "Sanji, what you're comfortable with matters too. Maybe that's something we can work on?" She turned to look at him with a small smile on her face. "You've been more than patient with me these last few weeks."


"Melon," Chase glanced at his friend, "I know you like her. Have you made a move yet?"


"It's like a nightly thing without Thea being here," Leo said as he laid down on the couch.
  Thea Vällé / Embrea / 41d 9h 57m 7s
Sanji chuckled when she turned towards him. His arms were around her and he kissed her forehead softly. "It's all a matter of if you're comfortable love."


When Evin left the room a second time Caramelle laid down beside Chase and curled up to him. But when he mentioned Tallis she was glad the room was dark because she could feel her cheeks turn red. "Progress with Tallis?" She asked as if she had no idea what he was talking about.


Leo scratched his head as he walked into Ivan's room only to see the man still awake. "Jace and Evin are at it again. I'm here to steal your couch."

Ivan sighed and nodded. "May as well put your name on it at this point."
  Emezra / PotatoPirate / 41d 10h 10m 14s

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