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[center [size12 [font roman A dream diary for me, myself, and I.
Don't question or PM me about anything I put here, you chose to read this and my dreams are very bizarre and surreal.]]]


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[center [size12 [font roman Had the weirdest but most normal dream ever last night.

Have you ever watched Skins? If you have then you know who Anwar is.


My family was somehow friends with his family and I guess I had some crush on him or whatever, and both of our families planned a dinner night at some fancy restaurant. I got ready and his family arrived at my family's house and everything proceeded as normal. You know, just normal chatter and all that. I really wanted Anwar to like me, even though throughout the dream it was hinted the feelings were mutual, and I would do things to try and impress him; nothing outlandish, just the casual stuff.

And then my dream took a turn; my dream self decided that banging him was going to become the main goal. I originally just wanted him to like him in a pretty innocent way, but no, my dream self decided to get horny.

Anyway. My dream kind of ended before anything happened. The dream got the bit where we were all getting into our cars and going to the restaurant and then I guess I woke up.

See? Pretty normal, but I have no idea why Anwar was so fucking relevant. I don't have a crush on him, I've never had a crush on him, and I barely watch Skins.

Dev Patel, you're a cutie hun.

But, why? I watched one smidgen of Skins last night and I suppose my brain just focused on Anwar a little too much.

Well. That's my brain, I guess.
  Stripper / 6d 22h 8m 24s
[center [font roman [size12 [i Hmm]

More explicit dreams that I can't really go into. Wish I could but whatever. Though, last night's was based on a game show, which was just grossly weird.
  Stripper / 23d 20h 18m 23s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Shame]

I was tied to a pole and someone was throwing mirrors at my face that smashed on impact. My face was all sliced up and I was covered in my own blood.
  Stripper / 25d 22h 23m 43s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Counterfeit]

The Yorkshire man in my area approached me and my dad whilst we were out walking the dogs and tried to sell us counterfeit cigarettes. My dad refused at first but the man was very persistent, so my dad just ended up agreeing and bought a few boxes. The cigarettes were really skinny and looked like matchsticks, I remember being super annoyed at my dad but I ended up smoking one anyway.
  Stripper / 31d 18h 22m 21s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Trauma]

I was in my living room and a massive fly the size of a pug was stuck to the electric fly swatter. I laughed and switched the swatter on and electrocuted the pug-fly until it died. I went to the Cornmill afterwards and just stared at Claire’s for what felt like hours.

[b The next part is about my childhood sexual trauma.]

Then I was lying down on a massive bed-sized picture frame with my childhood abuser and I told him to show me what happened when we were both kids. I ‘slept’ with him multiple times until I woke up from my dream.

13 years later and I still can’t come to terms with my abuse. I always give my abuser the benefit of the doubt because he was 14 at the time, but I can’t move on. I think I really need therapy for this but I’m terrified of telling my family because we were really close to this person’s family.
  Stripper / 36d 3h 56m 26s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Cryptic]

I’m dreaming every single night but I can’t recall any of them right now. A lot of them are vaguely army-themed or at least have some military elements shoved in somewhere. I suppose my mind is slightly pre-occupied with that, for good reason.
  Stripper / 36d 18h 17m 44s
[center [size12 [font roman [i The Regiment]

Manchester was either at war or was being invaded by someone and the civilians of the UK had to be either enlisted or protected by the military. Everyone was put into a line and soldiers would point at an individual person and assign them a role, regiment, etc. I was sorted into the Gurkha regiment and I was expected to become a soldier.

There were these shelters that everyone was put into and each regiment had their own shelter. I remember being inside the Gurkha shelter and sliding across the room in an office chair whilst someone was laughing with me in the background. I also remember sitting on the desk and speaking into a pen and pretending to make announcements.

I remember having one specific friend in the regiment who stuck by me the entire time, and there was another guy who would just laugh at me in the background whenever I did something stupid.
  Stripper / 39d 4h 23m 19s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Philiphines]

I was living in the Philippines with Rosemarie from 90 Day Fiance, and we both lived in a shack hollowed out from a massive construction site. We didn't have any electricity or anything, we were extremely poverty-stricken.
I remember somehow having a bunch of porno mags and reading them to someone whilst they were trying to sleep. I also remember that the upstairs didn't actually have any stairs and that you had to climb up a ledge instead to get to the 'bedrooms'. I'm pretty sure we were living near or in Manila.
  Stripper / 34d 23h 59m 13s
[center [size12 [font roman [i Goodbye]

I had a dream that my former best friend sent me a bunch of screenshots of our conversations on both Discord and Snapchat and we both mutually agreed that we wanted to be friends again.
It's only been a few days since we parted ways, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss her, but contacting her and taking her back as a friend just feels really fake to me. I don't want to be friends with someone who feels they need to protect their mental health from me and would much rather attempt to ghost me over fucking TEXT than actually resolve the issue with me in PERSON like an adult.

I don't get SAD or UPSET, I get ANGRY and ANNOYED and I don't want to deal with people who are going to drop me this fucking quick because they think I'm like everyone else in their life they can't trust. That's really toxic.

Also, I really don't want to be friends with someone who is going to drop me this fucking fast. I was in shock during the actual event and wanted to butter up and appeal to this person, but afterward, I realized how fucking fast I was left behind, literally. That was the equivalent of throwing me outside a moving vehicle on the goddamn highway, I'd much rather they had done that, tbh. I wasn't even given the chance to explain myself or even attempt to reason with them, THERE WERE NO FUCKING WARNING SIGNS!

I've already ranted about this and told myself I would let go and drop the subject, but the wounds are still very fresh and I'm still very pissed off. I'll probably forget about this next month and be fine, but right now I'm going through the five stages of grief and I'm only on 'anger', I've got three more stages to go.
  Stripper / 41d 2h 12m 16s
[center [size12 [font roman [i A Fantastic School Trip]

I went on a school trip with either my old school or my college, I don't remember where. I was wearing my tracksuit pants, which were really dirty in my dream, because I forgot to get dressed in the morning. My old primary school teacher was the one orchestrating the school trip, and I remember him mumbling about my gross tracksuit bottoms.

Joji and someone else were in my dream and we were in a field just messing around. I remember getting chased with a bin at some point. I'm pretty sure I hooked up with someone in the dream, but that moment only lasted a few seconds before the dream focused on something else.
  Stripper / 43d 21h 26m 9s
[center [font roman [size12 [i NK - Part 3]

I had, yet, another dream about living in North Korea. Unlike the others, I can't remember much of this one, but I do remember this taking place somewhere within North Korea, possibly with my fictional family.
I remember seeing the face of one soldier dressed in military garb, wearing a Russian-style ushanka cap in a massive crowd of people, and that's all really.
You're not very subtle, brain, I see what you're doing. I'll probably have another N.K dream tonight, and if not, most likely something very similar. My dreams hyper-focus just as much as the real-life me, I suppose.
  Stripper / 44d 20h 5m 15s
[center [font roman [size12 [i NK - Part 2]

I was living within the elite city of Pyongyang with my family; my husband and our two children. We were practically commoners to the city standards, little money, and all that.
I think my husband was, predictably, apart of the military in some way, most likely an average soldier, an ethnic Korean whilst I was still British, which is strange considering the real-life rules of North Korea.

I don't remember much of the dream, but I remember being inside my house in the living room, which looked very old-style. I also remember being at the Pyongyang train station with one of my children.
It was pretty standard, basically just my life if I was a North Korean citizen, married with two kids.
I keep having dreams about N.K and I don't know why. I know a lot about N.K as I have a morbid fascination with the country and all that, and I suppose my brain is recycling the information and shoving everything into my dreams.
  Stripper / 44d 20h 31m 45s
[center [font roman [size12 [i The Attic]

I had another pretty in-depth dream last night, but I don't remember all the details. I do remember being inside the literature clubhouse room from From Up on Poppy Hill and scouting the bookshelves for something. I also vaguely remember being inside a hospital and walking down the hallway for something too. I guess I was searching for something throughout the dream. A portion of my dream was in black and white whilst the other half was all in color.
  Stripper / 35d 59s
[center [font roman [size12 [i NK]

I dreamt that I was being hardcore nailed by a North Korean soldier, I was bent over an interrogation table in a school girl's outfit with short bobbed hair; lean doggy-style.

It was weird. I don't think I could've ever predicted having a sex dream about a North Korean soldier, but here we are. I think the soldier dude was actually a soldier from an illegal photo that I saw of a group of soldiers and one of them was smoking a cigarette.
I can literally force myself to have wet dreams just by sex being the last thing I think of before falling asleep. I can't control the contents of the dream, though.
I found the photo. It was this [https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/smuggled-out-photos-north-korea-eric-lafforgue-5a4f2cf47bf44__880.jpg one.]
  Stripper / 47d 18h 22m 30s
[center [font roman [size12 [i Yes?]

I had a pretty in-depth dream last night, but I don’t remember all the details, like at all. I just remember the ending of my dream replaying the ‘folk-love song’ scene from City of Life and Death with Ida and the young, really tall, scrawny-looking soldier, over and over again, basically doing exactly what they were doing during the scene.
I’m still mad and shocked that the young soldier was a rapist too. I thought, alongside Kadokawa, he was actually one of the ‘good’ soldiers, but no, he willingly participated in the schoolgirl gang rape scene and another rape scene too, probably more offscreen ones.

Just shocking ‘cause he literally looks like he’s only in his late teens, like 16 - 19, and he sets Shunzi and Xiao free with Kadokawa, visibly upset that Kadokawa is about to commit suicide.

Moral of the story; just because someone looks nice and innocent, doesn’t mean they are, they could just be as monstrous as everyone else.
  Stripper / 48d 1h 13m 1s

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