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[Satisfy [size18 Whenever people are traveling throughout Maine, one of the least likely things to cross their mind would be that this was a great place for one of the largest, and most powerful Wolf packs to live, blending in seamlessly with the humans there. While the state of Maine is absolutely beautiful to travel through, one of the things that really makes the state hold that beautiful, magical, or serene feeling is the abundance of scenery. Maine's land is approximately 90% covered with forests. There's a small town, within this beautiful state which is exclusively home to this pack.

[b Luna's Hollow] is a small town which has over the years has remained [i almost] without notice, aside from the few tourists who have read up on all the [i myths] where "wolf men" lived here long ago. Little did they know, they didn't just [i live] here, they [i ran] here, [i thrived] even. In modern times, the [b Lunarcrest Pride] had adjusted quite a bit, to the disapproval of many packs. They wanted to make sure they moved forward with the times, to the best that they could while still following key traditions. Most other wolf packs kept their entire pack on a vast territory of land, to avoid anyone from discovering their wolf forms accidentally. The Lunarcrest Pride focused on controlling their urges throughout the day as much as possible, making sure to only shift once knowing [i for certain] there were no non-wolves around.

These wolves can [i avoid] shifting during full moons and can shift without it being a full moon, but each time you refuse to shift during a full moon, the stronger the need to shift will feel during the next one, until you're no longer able to control it, and you shift.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/f7lw0HK.jpg?1]]
While most of the year, Luna's Hollow was open to the public during the day, there were circumstances where the town was closed. One of which was something that most referred to as [i the haze]. While for people in college, hazing was more of an initiation into a sorority or a group by means of humiliation, for wolves the haze was basically mating season.

Now this didn't mean that wolves couldn't be [i active] outside of this time of year. The haze was the time where members of the pack who were coming of age would enter their first mating season. This was an almost unbearable feeling of lust that could only be satisfied by the means of, as I'm sure you could guess, mating.

For most people, the haze is a time to play around, if you haven't found your life mate. The idea of rejecting the haze is something that no one in the pack really talks about or considers. Some even have met their life mate through the haze.

The process of finding and meeting your life mate is still sacred to this pack. Meeting your life mate starts off with being inexplicably drawn to someone. This does not mean that they are incapable of fighting these urges, or in a sense denying them. They essentially light a fire in you. Many have a bit of a trial and error in terms of finding your life mate, simply because a feeling of attraction to someone can be easily confused when you haven't actually found[i the one]. But once you get to know your life mate, there is no connection in this world that compares to the strength of the connection you have to your life mate.

This does not mean life mates won't have disagreements, fights, etc. Your relationship with your life mate is still a relationship that requires effort, communication, and understanding in order to work.

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I will be playing a female, who is unmated and has refused the haze despite this being something that has essentially never been spoken of. She has been exiled from her pack after denying the alpha male, who marked her. While on the run, she makes her way into Luna's Hallow, hoping that the scent of all the other wolves would mask her own, and give her a chance to get away from the pack she once called her own.

She runs into the alpha of The Lunarcrest Pride, who is her life mate. She explains what happened to the alpha, in full detail despite knowing that rejecting not only the haze, but her own alpha were both very [i not] okay. She was aware she might be ruining her chance to hide safely here.

After discussion, the alpha agrees to protect her

Word eventually gets out to the alpha of her original pack that she's being courted by the neighboring alpha, which starts a feud / Turf War.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/QwPWfmz.jpg?1]]

Some bonus info because I forgot:

So, I didn't mention this in the thread I think when entering the Hazing season, the male would mark his female, and if the female chooses to, she can also do the same.

The "hazing" mark lasts basically until shortly after the end of the hazing season. And then there's the "life mate" mark which is done during a moon ceremony which lasts the remainder of their life.

The term for the most powerful healer, or the "healer in charge" in a pack is Hierophant. However, in order to be a Hierophant, the healer in question needs to be capable of healing emotional / mental pain.


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Chris and Dante were running through the woods that surrounded the town then, trying to match up with this large blur that ran aside them a few feet away. Dante had growled, snapping then as he caged behind Chris so that they would be able to maybe trap the wolf in. Though, it was incredibly fast. Dante tried to think just who would be stupid enough to come onto their territory and unannounced. Certainly, there were no real issues between the two packs at this time and e hadn’t heard about any new pack. Dante was worried at that thought however, the last thing they needed was a war. So far, they were doing well enough by maintaining their distance and for the most part respecting one’s space. Dante could see that he was getting closer to the wolf and took the leap. The two of them were entangled on the ground then, rolling down the slight hill and snapping at one another.

Dante tried to get a read on the wolf, meeting yellow yes that he had never stared into before. He was eventually thrown off then, his body hiding the tree trunk, broken pieces of wood now coated in his first. The other wolf jumped over him, now; long gone Dante was sure. Chris had run over then to check that he was okay. Dante came to a stand then, meeting his eyes before looking toward where the wolf’s footprints eventually faded into nothing. Whoever it was, they were gone.

Ilyana had finished changing and when she returned, she found all the girls talking amongst one another. More than likely trying to convince Charlotte that her presence was of no bother. It was clear how strict her pack was, though it wasn’t that surprising as every pack was different. She chewed on her bottom lip then, trying to decide if it really was a smart idea for her to make this choice. It should be fine though as Charlotte seemed like she was there to observe, and she was still maintaining a decent level of respect. She finally gave a nod then.

“We can visit,” she told her then with more confidence than before. “We should leave now before it gets too late, it’s a bit of a walk.” She mentioned. In a swift motion, she reached for the hem of her dress before pulling it off. She was nude for no more than a few seconds before shifting, bright red fur covering her and her eyes a steel grey. The other girls shifted then as well. They’d all grown up with one another, being nude amongst one was not really unusual. Besides, to them the body was also to be treated as sacred and not to be mishandled. The only time you were to be touched was out of affection, whether it be a healing hand to one’s chest or in cases of being with Dante, slower and more lingering touches.

She made a noise for them to follow her, pushing through the screen door and starting for the temple.
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota Charlotte hadn’t expected for Thalia to suggest for them to go and see their temple. Charlotte’s question was more-so just out of curiosity since Lunarcrest was much more defensive than aggressive, at least recently. So she’d wondered if they might’ve had a temple fully made from crystal and spiritual stones. [b [+rebeccapurple “Oh, I wasn’t expecting to go to your temple, I’m sure that’s a prized area for your pack. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by my presence there . . . I was just curious, as I’ve only seen temples that were adorned with crystals, but I know there are packs that have temples made entirely of crystals.”]] She clarified, before taking a drink from her glass,

[b “But if you’re going to help teach us, wouldn’t teaching us in the temple make more sense? And our temple hasn’t been in practice for a while now, since we don’t really have any healers that have finished studying.”] Adalaide pointed out..

[b [+rebeccapurple “Well, yes. But for me to see, and for me to teach in a temple are two completely different intentions. I [i could] visit your temple without providing any disrespect to your ancestors. However, for me to step in as someone with enough significance to teach in the temple, without being a part of your pack is . . . very likely to cause upset with the spirits protecting you. I wouldn’t want to step foot into your temple without anyone knowing that would feel the need to know about those sorts of things.”]] Charlotte responded. She wasn’t sure of the tradition of mindset for these things within the Lunarcrest Pride, but she knew that being in a pack as territorial as Daggertooth, if she’d taken someone into the Healing Temple that wasn’t a member of their pack without being approved by the alpha, or beta would result in that person being locked away, and tortured before being eventually killed. And that was with her status as the Hierophant.

[b [+rebeccapurple “I’m not sure how your pack views things like that, and I just want to make sure that there’s nothing I am doing to be disrespectful to your traditions intentionally.”]]

[b “If Ilyana said it wouldn’t be any trouble, it really shouldn’t be any trouble. If Dante were to be upset by you visiting the Temple, she would know. Right?”] Thalia asked, while pouring some more wine into her glass.

[b [+rebeccapurple “That is a fair point, if you guys really think we should visit the temple, and Ilyana is sure she’s alright with it I don’t mind. But this isn’t for teaching. I can’t take a stand of authority in your temple as an outsider.”]]

Thalia and Adelaide seemed to both turn their gaze to Ilyana, while Charlotte rose to take her glass back into the kitchen, rinsing it out. She returned to the main space after leaving the rinsed glass in the sink.

[b [+rebeccapurple “What do you want to do, Ilyana? I assure you it’s no trouble to me to stay.”]] Charlotte said as she made her way back to the open space on the couch where she’d been sitting.]
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Ilyana could tell that Charlotte had a lot of experience in healing. Most of the information she gave them they had known, but there was a lot of new information.
“Most of our crystals have been passed down. Due to us going more non-traditional, there are a lot of wolves that are straying from certain duties.” There were many wolves who wanted to escape their traditions completely, but Dante was not for that. Lately he had been trying to put more of the traditional practices into place so as not to have them lost forever. Ilyana took the crystal in her hands, she could feel an intense amount of energy coursing through her, the palms of her hands burning almost. She passed it off to Hecate.

“I bet living in Daggertooth territory you had to put a lot of this knowledge to use,” she said. That wasn’t to say that their own pack didn’t have its problems, but Dante was quick to quiet down any sense of rebelling or danger. Still, Dante trained with the men at times as though they had a war to be prepared for: it was better to be safe than sorry in his opinion and her father agreed. He came from a time when packs were constantly fighting with one another, demanding territory for their own.

Ilyana looked up at Charlotte when she mentioned the temple. Theirs’s hadn’t been used for so long; often only visited when they wanted to visit their loved ones. By tradition they cremated their dead, placing their ashes in wooden carved vases that lined shelves on the inside. Ilyana hadn’t been recently. She’s always had a sore spot at the loss of her mother, her father rarely talked about her.

“Our temple is adorned with crystals,” Ilyana said. “Which is why we have so few of them. We often believed that our ancestors would protect us even in death and that the crystals gave them strength needed to do so.” Ilyana explained.

“Why don’t we take a look?” Thalia suggested. Ilyana was unsure, Dante usually liked to know who was allowed into sacred areas. While she believed Charlotte was of no harm, she was a bit wary. She came from a rival pack and just suddenly started asking about their temple? Still, Charlotte hadn’t given her the vibes that she was really an enemy. More so, she was worried about visiting the temple because of her mother. “I guess it wouldn’t be any trouble.”

Chris noticed Dante’s pause. He followed his lead and turned to look over his shoulder. They were both quiet and trying to listen in for a sound.
“You heard that?” He asked Chris, his brows furrowing. Dante wasn’t the paranoid type, but he knew something was off. From the corner of his eye he had detected a blur.
“There!” Chris yelled. It was only a split second before the two had shifted and gave chase.
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota Charlotte nodded when the ladies transitioned over to studying. [b [+rebeccapurple “Absolutely. I can try and help out where I can! I wouldn’t know much about your history, but I can look over everything.”]] She remembered Ilyana speaking about her mother, who was the Hierophant for Lunarcrest before her passing. Charlotte reached into her backpack, pulling out her array of crystals, and opening the pack on her lap. [b [+rebeccapurple “I do see that you ladies have crystals, have you learned about the different types of crystals, and what they do? Many healers don’t use the same crystals, because they believe that one is more effective than the other in one form of healing, where in my opinion, the trick is to use multiple crystals that have similar healing properties.”]]

She’d pulled out two crystals from her pack, holding one up in each of her hands, so they were clearly separated, and also mostly visible. [b [+rebeccapurple “These are two my my favorite crystals to use in my practice, in combination with other crystals.”]] She took a moment, opening her left hand, allowing the crystal to rest in her palm [b [+rebeccapurple “This is Selenite, which is not only a very useful crystal for physical healing, but as a Hierophant, Selenite is also very useful while processing, cleaning, and spiritually healing myself after giving non physical healing to someone. I personally find Selenite as a great crystal to use in most, if not all of my forms of healing. It can also be used to cleanse your crystal collection after uses if you sense their energy is being clouded. So, all around: Selenite is very important and one of my favorite crystals to use.”]] She handed the Selenite crystal to Ilyana, before taking a moment to glance through some of the writing they had been using to study. [b [+rebeccapurple “If anyone would like to get a feel for the energy I’ve poured into my Selenite crystal, or just wants to get a better look at it feel free to pass it around. Also, if you have any questions that would direct me a bit more towards what you’ve been working on, or any information about what you have taught yourself thus far, I can try to make sure whatever I share with you can be a bit more pertinent to your level of study.”]]

Thalia, while waiting for the Selenite crystal to be passed around had asked about the crystal which Charlotte had in her other hand. [b [+rebeccapurple “Oh, right! This is Crystal Quartz, if you look closely, you’ll see that my headdress, and my necklace both contain crystal quartz. Actually, I have many different pieces of jewelry with different crystals on it. Each of those crystals are all there because of the different functions they have. Every single adornment I have will have at least one Crystal Quartz piece in it. I prefer to do this because Crystal Quartz is used to connect you with the spiritual realm, as well as aiding in desires, wishes, prayers . . . things like that. Wearing the crystals, and using them while aligning yourself, or meditating can help these pieces absorb your intent. Then, as you wear it over time the crystal will continue to release that energy. In physical healing, this crystal can stimulate, and boost the immune system, and circulatory system. So in physical healing this isn’t the most useful for dire situations, but the immune and circulatory system are key in maintaining health overall, so I absolutely recommend using them, as an added boost in someone's physical health.”]]

She’d shortly after handed the Crystal Quartz to Ilyana, allowing them to go through the same process of looking at the Crystal Quartz, get a feel for the energy she’d put into it, and to ask any questions.

[b [+rebeccapurple “At Daggertooth, we were never very communal. Everything was very [i every wolf for themselves] outside of fulfilling whatever role you had. So outside of giving some tips, and hints we didn’t really gather to build our practices. We just had writings of the previous healers, which were archived in the lower levels of the temple.”]]

At her mention of the temple, a light of curiosity seemed to turn on as if a switch was flipped. [b [+rebeccapurple “Do you have a [i crystal] healing temple, or is it adorned with crystals? I know there are packs that have their healing temples referred to as crystal temples, and they have their entire temple made with different stones and crystals, it supposedly makes the energy in the temple much stronger and more effective when someone needs healing. We never had a fully crystal temple . . . Daggertooth is too aggressive, it would be destroyed so quickly with all the turf wars they start.”]]
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Ilyana and the ladies listened to Charlotte’s story. It was truly unusual to hear about a woman being forced into being marked for mating. Sure, the men could get a bit crazy, but no one in their pack had ever gotten that brazen. That said, it made her think differently of Charlotte. She was a girl who seemed to be running away from trouble and had no bad intentions. Ilyana felt bad for how she had thought about the woman without even knowing anything about her. hat said, she was still cautious, and she was worried about Charlotte’s presence in the pack. She didn’t want here to be any drama or a war to break out. The two packs had always been against one another, but so far things had been going fine. With Charlotte here though, that could change. Ilyana’s main concern was for Dante.

Talking about markings was a bit of a sensitive topic. Dante still hadn’t marked her, despite them being in a relationship and whenever she brought it up, he seemed to dismiss it or somehow get out of having a conversation about it. Being marked wasn’t really a sense of being territorial when done for the right reasons, but she did feel a bit saddened at knowing that Dante hadn’t officially made it clear that she was his.

“Well at least now you’re safe,” Hecate said with a. smile. “And trust me, we’ve got some cute guys here. I mean, if that’s your thing that is,” she said with a smirk,

“Can we actually study now?” Kakali said with a roll of her eyes.

“Right,” Ilyana said, “Like I mentioned my mother was you last Hierophant. We’ve for the most part been teaching ourselves,” Ilyana explained. She reached over for one of the books and crystals. “Care to take over?”

Dante was with Chris, after finishing another trip into town to gather some materials needed for dinner. They were a community and most of the time, their meals were held in a familial setting. Dante figured it would be best to introduce Charlotte to the pack properly. They were just heading back to the truck when he smelled a familiar scent which had stopped him in his tracks.
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota Charlotte was surprised as the mixed emotions in the room. It seemed as though the majority of the group were a bit hesitant about her presence. But she could understand why, this was just a very odd situation. Normally you’d be getting to know the other women over your or their entire lifetime, bonding. But meeting a wolf as an adult and to find out they’re here from a neighboring pack while not being . . . an ambassador of sorts, was for sure out of the norm. Ilyana had grabbed a drink for herself, and for Charlotte. Charlotte had taken the glass gently, with an appreciative smile.

She knew that her meeting Ilyana wasn’t a great first impression because of the circumstances, but she was very thankful that she was trying to give Charlotte a chance to blend in with the ladies here.

Hecate was the first to let curiosity lead her to question Charlotte no longer being in her pack, [b “No longer a Daggertooth? . . . Well that’s unusual. How did your mate feel about that?”] She was referencing the fact that Charlotte was marked by Zacharia for the season. [b [+rebeccapurple “Oh, uh. Right.”]] Charlotte without really paying attention went to move her hair to cover her mark. [b [+rebeccapurple “I’m . . . not mated. I was marked for the season . . . forcefully.”]] The act of marking someone, or being marked by someone is supposed to be an emotionally tying moment between the two involved, as a means of showing their mutual affections. The act of making someone for season, still varied greatly from when you finally marked someone as your life mate . . . but both were very special in the eyes of wolves.

[b “Why would someone mark you forcefully? That’s . . . that’s not how this process goes. That destroys the whole purpose.”] One of the ladies said. Charlotte hadn’t known the group enough to know which voice belongs to which lady, and she’d looked down while telling her story. Her eyes rose up, looking over the group of ladies. [b [+rebeccapurple “I was chosen to heal someone, they recognized me from when I was very young. My father killed a member of the pack who put their hands on me. My father had to explain the situation and was pardoned. His life was saved, after saving mine. That’s basically the only things most people there knew about me, aside from my father raising me on his own, and that I stepped into the position of Hierophant. So, he recognized me and decided that I would be his, whether I wanted to or not.”]]

Charlotte took a drink from her glass, before continuing [b [+rebeccapurple “After I rejected him, I was essentially exiled from the Pack unless I were to accept him as my mate . . . I left. It’s been a little over a month, now. I was found this morning by Chris, as I was basically trying to pass through your territory and head South.”]]

Charlotte still felt strange, talking about this with everyone. But if she was going to stay here, she needed to be open, with Dante’s people. They deserved to know why she was here. Was it her place to talk about it? She tried to give information without being too specific, because she was still very uncomfortable talking about the situation. That was only natural, right? Considering she hadn’t really talked at all about it since running from Daggertooth. And now she’d explained her situation more than once, all the same day she’d gotten caught. Was this amount of social exposure what it was like to live a standard day to day life without hiding from people? While she wasn’t always 100% of the time in isolation before leaving Daggertooth, she certainly didn’t live your [i normal] social life. She spent most of her time on her own, because as someone who absorbed people’s fears, emotional pains, etc. and needed to process them on her own, she had a lot of [i experiences] that showed her that the world could be a very scary place.]
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Ilyana was surprised to find that her and Charlotte shared a somewhat similar history. It was making it hard for her to find a reason to dislike her. As far as she could tell, Charlotte did seem like a lovely girl and maybe she was laying the jealousy on her too thick as Dante suggested. It was hard not to be concerned, Dante didn’t usually show this much interest in someone, let alone a stranger What was it about her that really made him want to risk the security of the pack? Daggertooth was more than rough, they were ruthless and if what was said about her dismissing an alpha was true, Charlotte couldn’t expect to forever be on the run. Eventually her past would catch up to her and Ilyana didn’t want to risk losing Dante because he had some weakness for the woman. Though, if she was as good f a healer as she claimed, surely, she would prove to be a good resource to them. It did kind of bruise her ego some though to know that Charlotte’s skill way surpassed her own.

Back at the cabin, Dante was starting to get dressed, trying to ignore this feeling that was stuck to him the minute his eyes et Charlotte’s. It was unusual, he felt consumed by thoughts of her, concerning thoughts and he found himself really praying that she would remain safe. He trusted Ilyana though her fierceness went both ways. If something were to happen, he could trust Ilyana would be willing to help and protect. That said, he still was left confused on his thoughts of Charlotte. Was his intuition telling him she was to be watched? Or, was there something more to her reasoning of being here, something that could only be explained as fate?

Ilyana wasn’t surprised to hear Charlotte confirming her thoughts about tie in the Daggertooth pack. She had come across the women and they were an interesting bunch, the men clearly taking on more traditional values to which women were a second thought: there to care for the men, feed them and birth their children. Ilyana didn’t know if she could ever survive in a pack like that, Charlotte seemed to have handled herself ell. Though, with the power she had, it wasn’t that much of a surprise when she really thought about it. Still, her power and beauty must’ve made her incredibly enticing and she could see why her alpha had come after her. Ilyana couldn’t even bring herself to use his name. Zacharia and Dante didn’t get along well, which was obvious between wo strong bullheads, but Dante was different. He was understanding and she knew he could be compassionate, a sign of weakness some would say. Dante was smart though; these were the qualities to which made her fall in love with him. They had seemed destined for one another the minute her father brought him to the reserve

“Well, hopefully you don’t have to worry about exerting too much of your healing on those here. We have managed to stay out of trouble for the most part,” she said. Though of course there would be rogue wolves, or humans for far states that came with the intent to hunt. It had been quite some time since there was a war and so far, the packs were getting along well – when the hazing began though it was quite the risk.

Ilyana’s friends could be a bit overwhelming, of course as her closest friends they all shared nearly the same personality. She made sure to shoot Celine a look to tell her to be nice.
“I know you’re forgetful, so I already ordered food and Kakali got the wine.”
‘This is why I love you,” Ilyana said with a smile before disappearing into the kitchen o get them glasses. It appeared Celine had ordered Chinese judging from the takeout menu on the counter. Celine had been friends with Ilyana since birth; their bright red hair was somewhat rare in the pack and they had bonded off that alone.

She came out with glasses from her and Charlotte, f she decided to drink and took a seat on the couch. There were journals laid out with notes from the few journals her mother left behind detailing her teachings. In a glass box were crystals which were always kept locked up and traveled between the women.
“No longer a Daggertooth?” Hecate asked with a raised brow. She tucked a strand of the black bob behind her ear and reached forward to refill her glass. “Well that’s unusual. How did your mate feel about that?” Hecate was one of the two girls amongst them who had gone through the hazing and successfully chosen their mates.
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota Ilyana had told Charlotte about the plans to go meet with the other women that Ilyana usually studied with, and then about her mother who at one time as a Hierophant but passed away in childbirth. [b [+rebeccapurple “I am so sorry to hear that. I’ve never met another Hierophant. My mother was a warrior, but she similarly to your mother, passed away during childbirth. It wasn’t my birth though. It was my brother’s. He didn’t make it either.”]] She stood, pulling her backpack onto her back. As the two made their way out of Charlotte’s room, Dante was making his way out of the bathroom. She’d noticed that he had been in just a towel and quickly averted her gaze as close to the ceiling as she could, considering she was aware of Ilyana and Dante getting into a bit of an argument not too long ago. He’d said to please be careful, and Charlotte could feel his gaze on her, her eyes unintentionally making their way to his and locking with them momentarily. She glanced to see Ilyana making her way down the steps, and she’d begun to make her way down, her eyes returning to his for a moment. She had a bit of a concerned expression hidden in her eyes. She didn’t realize how hard it was for her to tear her gaze from him, but she made sure to before Ilyana might look back and be upset because Charlotte was looking at Dante, who was wearing a towel. It wasn’t about looking at him . . . in that manner though. It was just [i so hard] to tear herself from him.


As the two made their way outside of the house, Ilyana asked her about life in the Daggertooth Pack. [i “Were you around many girls in your pack? I hear Daggertooth is a bit rough.”] Charlotte looked over at Ilyana, before looking up towards the sky as her body just sort-of auto-mode followed Ilyana.

[b [+rebeccapurple “There were other females in the pack, but aside from seeing women during working hours I usually stayed to myself. Being in a pack as aggressive as Daggertooth was really difficult for me, seeing as I was the only healer who could handle more severe injuries, and the only member capable of non-physical healing. Most of my free time was in isolation, at home, trying to keep myself grounded, and processing the pains I’d absorbed from members. I imagine life as a Hierophant can be challenging in other packs, but I wouldn’t wish Hierophant on anyone in a pack that aggressive.”]] She’d let out a bit of a sigh, as she’d thought about the pack members that were without her care, now that she was gone. She had really hoped they would be alright. Her issues were with Zacharia, not with the other members.

[b [+rebeccapurple “I would still be home, tending to warriors if it weren’t for Zacharias. I have to admit, having the past month outside of the pack, where I wasn’t absorbing all of this pain into myself . . . it felt nice. I’ve been scared, but being able to process just my own pains and not multiple people’s almost every single day. It just . . . it felt freeing.”]]

It wasn’t long before the two made it to a cabin. Inside, Charlotte could hear women speaking among-st themselves, giggling, and just being able to enjoy each other’s company. Ilyana opened the door, making her way in. Charlotte followed suit. At first, Celine was talking to Ilyana, commenting on how Ilyana took longer to get here than usual. Her eyes caught Charlotte making her way in behind her, closing the door softly. [i “And who is this?”] Celine asked.

Charlotte smiled, bowing her heads towards the group of women [b “Ladies, this is Charlotte.”] Ilyana said, her back turned to Charlotte as she faced the women. Ilyana turned her head, looking towards Charlotte

Celine and the other women all waved, before [https://i.imgur.com/H7bnZjs.png?1 [Bellota one of the women]] made her way up to Charlotte from the back of the group. [b “I’m Adalaide, this is Celine, Kakali, Hecate, Thalia, and Chloe.”] Adalaide had gestured towards each of the women as she stated their names, before she’d looked the woman over. [b “Where are you from?”] Adalaide asked. The young woman was mixed, with long, wavy hair that seemed to frame the shape of her face perfectly.

[b [+rebeccapurple “It’s nice to meet you. I was the Hierophant for Daggertooth Pack.”]] The women seemed to glance among-st themselves, before one spoke out, asking why she was here if she is a member of the Daggertooth Pack. Charlotte knew this would be a strange idea, considering the bad blood between Daggertooth and Lunarcrest. [b [+rebeccapurple “I’m no longer a part of Daggertooth. I’ve been separated from them for a little over a month. I was found while crossing through to head South . . . and was offered a chance to stay here temporarily, so long as I assist your healers until I’m ready to leave.”]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/esIzr0C.png]]
Ilyana wasn’t stupid. Of course, she knew that Dante was a handsome man and with his power, it was clear that woman would quickly flock to him. However, she had made her stake on the male clear as day once things got serious and everyone knew that she wasn’t the woman you challenged, especially considering her father had been Alpha before relinquishing his title to Dante. He was a man of great power and Ilyana wanted to be the woman at his side, loyal and his only vessel for love and trust. She didn’t know why she was particularly threatened by Charlotte, but something about her presence and why Dante was so willing to help her out made her skin crawl. It was all a bit too convenient and if Dante was going to pretend, he didn’t see anything wrong, she was going to do her best to do so as well.

[I Just relax] Ilyana told herself as she opened the door. She looked toward Charlotte as she carefully packed away her crystals. “Right, I figured if you were up to it, you could meet the other girls. We’re still studying. My mother was a Hierophant, but she passed when she gave birth to me.” Ilyana said. “Guess it’s nice to be able to learn from someone with your talent.” She waited for Charlotte to get settled before starting out of the room. Dante was exiting the bathroom his towel wrapped around his waist. “You don’t mind me stealing her away?”

Dante chuckled. “Knock yourself out. Just please be careful.” He found his eyes locking on Charlotte’s then. “Please.”
“We’ll be fine,” Ilyana said with a roll of her eyes. She began down the stairs and out of the house. Were you around many girls in your pack? I hear Daggertooth is a bit rough.” She started toward a cabin to which giggles and chatter were spilling from the door.
“It took you long enough girl! Where’s the wine?” Celine asked when she opened the door, noticing then that Charlotte was with someone. “And who is this?”
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota Once Charlotte had gotten herself comfortable, surrounded by crystals, she’d closed her eyes, allowing her mind to wander. This was a time for collecting her thoughts, getting a feel for the root of her anxieties, and reaching for some inner answers. She’d taken this time to really reconnect herself with who she was, her role in life. Aligned with Daggertooth, or not . . . she was still a healer. She was still capable of the things that she was. Having a pack wasn’t what decided that. It might have given her a fancy [i title] but she [i technically] was still a Hierophant. She was the most powerful healer between . . . herself, and herself. And she [i was] capable of the things that were expected of someone in this role.

Did she really need to belong somewhere in a pack to realize that?

She’d been spending today looking back, looking at what she could’ve done differently up to this point to avoid losing her status and to avoid inconveniencing a pack that never had the greatest relationship with the pack she’d come from. . . but maybe this was just a sign that she needed a more modernized way of life. She needed to have control over herself. And she didn’t need to be trapped in a wolf pack where she was basically going to be turned into the alpha’s play thing and hold little to no importance. She wanted to help people, she wanted meaning to the things she did in life, so that one day, young wolves would read of what she’d done, and what she’d been through . . . and they could learn from it and move forward. They could be inspired.

The girl had been so lost in thought that she hadn’t realized how much time had passed, but she almost didn’t hear Dante’s voice downstairs. By the time she’d snapped out of her head, eyes open, listening. All she heard was Dante’s footsteps as he made his way upstairs for his shower.

There weren’t many reasons for Dante to have been very loud that Charlotte was aware of, so the most she could imagine was that Ilyana was downstairs, and was still upset over the information she’d learned this morning. Charlotte didn’t blame her, and she at the least hoped that if she spent time with her, that Ilyana would realize that Dante was not under threats of being stolen. Charlotte would never impede on a relationship. Even if she was interested in anybody, which given her stance on romance / intimacy / sexual contact, that wasn’t really an option . . . she wouldn’t dare try to move forward with that while bearing the mark of Daggertooth’s alpha. She didn’t want to put anyone in danger, and her mark was certainly an indicator for anyone that might be looking for her, not that she could really hide it easily.

It wasn’t long after hearing the shower turn on, that she’d heard a knock at her door. [b [+rebeccapurple “Hello! You can open the door, just give me a moment to put my crystals away.”]] Charlotte said, while wrapping them in a cloth. She’d place one crystal in the cloth, and once that crystal was fully covered, she would add another, so they wouldn’t clink against each other in her backpack. Aside from the dirty clothing from when Chris had found her, all of her belongings were still in her bag, and Charlotte wasn’t sure if she felt comfortable leaving them out yet.

When Ilyana opened the door, Charlotte flashed her a smile, which Ilyana had returned. Charlotte could see that she still had fire burning in her eyes, but she would lean towards the end of [i feeling safe in the moment] because she [i wanted] to trust Dante’s advice, that she didn’t mean any harm.

[b [+rebeccapurple “So, where did you want to go? We were going to go meet some of the other ladies here, right?”]]
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Charlotte was an interesting woman and she certainly had some views that were completely traditional and really introspective. Dante knew that it wasn’t smart to become too attached to her, knowing she could leave whenever she so pleased. However, he did have a feeling that her presence would do great good for their community and the good of the pack.
“Well, as I said I will do everything I my power to assure you remain safe,” he said to her as they reached his cabin. He closed the door behind him, watching Charlotte’s steps toward the stairs as she was heading toward her room. “Take your time,” he told her with a smile. He soon left the cabin to meet up with Chris and the others. Despite how well things were going and how they were able to stay out of trouble, it was always good to remain prepared for battle or an attack. Often Dante and the men would run drills, practice sparring, and do a run around the land to make sure they were still safe. At one point in time, there had been trouble between hem and the Daggertooths which meant turf wars. The treaty had finally evenly split the land to which they both understood that there was no permission to cross unless approved by the alpha of the pack. Dante and the alpha of the Daggertooths had not seen each other in quite some time and Dante liked keeping it that way; though with Charlotte here, he was sure eventually that bit of peace wouldn’t last.

By the time they were finished, the sun was starting to go down and Dante as exhausted. Of course, it would be his luck to find Ilyana at his door upon his arrival. He was unsure how to play this.
“Babe,” he said with a smile as he approached her to open the door. She was no longer in uniform, dressed in a white off the shoulder long sleeve and a pair of light blue jeans.
“Don’t babe me,” Ilyana growled as she entered the home. “What’s going on Dante?”
“What’re you going on about?” He asked, his voice low so as not to disturb Charlotte. He was sore and tired, not in the mood for a fight, but that wouldn’t stop Ilyana.
“Are you really asking me that? You have a woman living in your home and you didn’t even tell me about it.”
“Look, it just sort of happened,” Dante said with a sigh as he tossed his keys in the bowl by the door and started to remove his shoes. “She got in a bit of mess in the Daggertooth pack and I’m just looking out for her.”
“Why? It’s not your responsibility!” She said, her hand reaching out and extending her finger to prod him in the chest.
“You know as alpha it is my responsibility to make sure everyone on this land is safe.” Dante had raised his voice and Ilyana could tell he was getting just as angry. Dante cared a lot about his pack and he certainly took his role as alpha serious. Ilyana knew she was not his life mate and she was brimming on the line of disrespect.
“Look, I need to shower okay? I don’t want to fight, and I know you don’t either,” Dante gave Ilyana a look then, her cheeks burning red.

“Just relax, I’m going to shower okay. Charlotte is here, maybe go see how she’s doing?” Dante kissed Ilyana, his hand cupping her face to deepen the kiss. He watched her pout, knowing he had won this war. He started up the stairs then and headed for the bathroom to hop in the shower.

“Oh, Ill check on her alright,” Ilyana mumbled when she was alone.
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota As the two made their walk home, Dante certainly was polite towards her. He really didn't want her feeling as though her presence here was an inconvenience to him or his pack members, but she knew that that decision wasn't always solely in his hands. [b [+rebeccapurple "I understand. I just know this isn't exactly a situation that happens often you know?"]]

The walk back to Dante's home was very nice, Charlotte was able to take in the scenery a bit more than on their way here, and she was really able to appreciate the beauty of their land [b [+rebeccapurple "You know, you two surely do have some beautiful land out here, I guess I never took in the lay of the land much during my few days here."]]

Once they made it to Dante's cabin, he took a moment to stop, facing Charlotte and looking into her eyes. . . Charlotte feeling trapped in his gaze. Her eyes peering into his, and she just felt like [I everything] was in them. He was explaining how Ilyana could be intense, and a lot to handle, but she wasn't dangerous. He had turned, walking into the kitchen to get himself a drink, and Charlotte just felt like she was ripped back to reality.

[b [+rebeccapurple "I'm sure she might not mean harm, but everyone is capable of meaning it at some point in their lives. I'd rather be cautious than to trust on people choosing to not give in to violent tendencies."]] It was so easy for her to state this when it came to Ilyana, or Daggertooth's alpha, but she was just . . . So willing to throw caution to the side and live in Dante's house. Why?

[b [+rebeccapurple "I am going to align myself, in the spare room. If you need anything, or want to talk or anything else, please feel free to come by."]] She nodded her head, before heading up the stairs and getting out the crystals that she had in her bag as she sat down on the floor, crossing her legs.]
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Dante would have to be an idiot to not see that Ilyana was upset. Of course, they had been together for quite some time and things were getting serious. At least, it seemed that way on her end. He did care for the woman and eh knew that she was someone he had grown close to, but he hadn’t felt that attachment as he knew he was to have when it came to finding his mate. That said, he wondered if she was his last chance at finding a mate, as Dante hadn’t felt such a connection with any of the women in the pack. Ilyana had been there for him for his darkest times. They had shared a bed and she had held him during his nightmares. She was there when the pan became too much and all he could do was run through the woods until his bones ached. There she was, massaging him, bathing him and singing to him softly as he sat in the tub trying to recover. Yes, she meant a lot to him, but was she the one? He had no clue.

Dante sighed as she had walked away, knowing that this was something she would want to discuss later, and he wasn’t sure if he was prepared for that talk as it would just lead to further discussions, he had tried not to have with her. He wanted they r relationship to be organic, if they were meant to be then she shouldn’t have to question him. Right? Dante had finished his burger then, satisfied and full, but still a bit worried. He hoped that Charlotte would dismiss the feelings he knew she had picked up from Ilyana before she left: feelings of anger and jealousy. Ilyana was a fighter when she needed to be. He was curious what made Charlotte tick. So far, she seemed pleasant and completely respectful, yet she had such a resilience about her. She was strong enough to survive on her own and to turn away an alpha – could it be there was a beast lying within the woman?

“It’s not an inconvenience,” Dante told Charlotte finally. “You are a guest and it is our responsibility as a pack to make sure you are taken care of.” She was a bit nervous he could tell, or quite possibly overwhelmed which was understandable for someone who hadn’t had that much human contact if any at all since her leaving her pack. “It’s understandable, everyone here is very kind. Don’t hesitate to ask for help,” he said. Dante had looked over his shoulder at Ilyana as the two were making their way out of the diner. He saw that look I her eyes and sighed out. As they exited, Charlotte was apologizing again. “It’s not your fault, Ilyana is just a bit . . . possessive.” He said with a sigh. He knew she loved him and while he did have love for her, he couldn’t say that he was absolutely in love with her.

“I’ve got no pans I figure it’s been a long day for you. Maybe we both should catch some rest before Ilyana comes over later.” Dante knew he was going to need to conserve his energy for anything that may happen once she arrived at his home. “I’m sure as a healer, certain energy can be a bit draining,” he suggested. His house wasn’t that far from the diner and eventually they reached the two-story house. “Look, about Ilyana, I just wanted to apologize.” Dante had looked into Charlotte’s eyes then, finding himself trapped once more. He could feel his urge to draw closer to her, his hand burning some with the desire to touch her – anything to connect. The feeling disappeared somewhat as he had started to walk away from her toward the kitchen to grab a drink. “She can be a bit much, but I promise she’s not trouble.”
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[Google-Font <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Bellota&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">][Bellota When Dante said to Ilyana that Charlotte was staying with him, Charlotte could very quickly feel the torn, chaotic energy that Ilyana was trying to keep a hold of just magnify immensely. She even heard a little [i growl] come from the red haired woman, which had caused Dante to pause from the remnants of his meal. Charlotte was surprised that things didn’t explode from the tension, but somehow Ilyana seemed to hold herself together. While Charlotte wasn’t the biggest fan of violence, spending her life trying to repair the misfortunes that mostly came from violence, she knew how to defend herself, and she would if she really needed to. She just was thankful it hadn’t come to that, and she hoped that it [i wouldn’t] come to that.

The reaction may have not been surprising for Charlotte, but it was still another reason for her to feel guilty for accepting Dante’s offer for her to stay with him, and for being caught in this whole situation in the first place. If she hadn’t been so stubborn, if she hadn’t denied her alpha . . . if she didn’t run [i here] for some reason, if she hadn’t been found, this wouldn’t be happening right now. She wouldn’t have caused any form of unsettling feelings between a couple, or brought any need for being more cautious than usual for Lunarcrest Pride when it came to Daggertooth.

Was it really right for her to be here, right now? Probably not. She never should’ve stepped out of line to her alpha. She never should’ve been caught. And she never should’ve agreed to staying with the alpha. She shouldn’t feel safe around another pack’s alpha. But she did. Why? What was wrong with her. Why, after a month of isolation did she feel safe around a stranger? A stranger who at any time could just kill her for being on his territory. Was she just . . . really mentally unstable from being alone for that long? Was there really an explanation for why she was throwing away her reasoning and her general survival instincts, and giving in to being around someone else just because they didn’t kill her on sight? What kind of wolf was she . . . to fight instinct this hard. And why did it feel like she wasn’t fighting it at all? Why did this feel right?

[i “Oh how nice of you,”] Ilyana finally said, Charlotte’s eyes rising from where they were fixated on the table before her, to look at the woman and give her a bit of an apologetic smile. [b [+rebeccapurple “I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience this may be, I really don’t intend on overstaying my welcome.”]] The thing was, Charlotte could [i tell] that from the instant she was [i staying] with Dante, in Ilyana’s eyes . . . she would be overstaying her welcome, and stepping into her territory. She’d be a threat to her. She could see it in her body language, and in the way she felt she needed to drape herself around Dante, a symbol of their [i togetherness]. A woman, an outsider, staying at the alpha’s house . . . didn’t look well regardless of what angle you looked at it from when it came to the fact that he was involved with Ilyana, and Charlotte was not her.

[i “Well how about we just have some time to explore? I can introduce you to a few of the ladies and kind of show you around.”] Ilyana offered, which Dante responded to explaining that this would help him, since he was going to be talking to [i Chris and the guys.] His words seemed to hold so much to them, in conveying more than just what was spoken. Charlotte was generally sensitive to picking up on emotions considering that one of her responsibilities that only she could do, involved working with emotions. She couldn’t pick up on what people were thinking without a lot of energy, and spiritual items that weren’t here, but emotions . . . [i feelings] were so much easier. She wondered if picking up on emotions the way she did was normal for people with her abilities, but she didn’t know if she would really ever have that answer.

[i “I’ll just meet you at Dante’s house then I suppose.”] Ilyana began clearing plates, getting everything cleaned up. [b [+rebeccapurple “It’s been lovely meeting you, I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.”]]

As Dante had gotten his wallet out to pay for their food, he asked if there was anything that Charlotte needed. [b [+rebeccapurple “I’m sure I’ll need to take a trip to a store sometime in the next day or two, but I’m alright for now. I don’t know if I’m quite up to the task of going into a store just yet. This is a lot of social stimulation after having none for a little over a month.”]] She realized that her statement could’ve seemed like she was irritated, which wasn’t really the case. [b [+rebeccapurple “I . . . I don’t mean that I’m having issues dealing with it. This was nice, thank you so much for your generosity. It’s just that stores are usually more on the crowded side, and I think I still have some nerves to calm before I’m ready for that.”]]

She kind-of felt like an inconvenience solely for how much being alone made her feel more nervous around people. [i I guess I just realized how complicated people can make your day to day life sometimes. Once Dante paid, Charlotte stood up, stretching herself a bit. She’d waved to Ilyana, but it seemed the poor girl’s temper was too high, as she just turned her head away from the two, returning to her work. It probably wasn’t easy, finding this stuff out now because Dante brought Charlotte here, and she happened to be picking up an extra shift. The two made their way out of the diner, [b [+rebeccapurple “I’m sorry if I made anything unpleasant for you, with her. Was there anything else you wanted to do?”]] She looked up at Dante, giving him a warm smile.]
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Dante was still recovering from Charlotte’s sarcastic remark while eating his food. He had to admit, she had some spunk to her, and he could see why she had denied her alpha and how that had been taken not so lightly. Of course, every alpha was different Yes, one was to exude confidence in such position as they held a lot of power over. A large number of people. Still, Dante knew all too well when exerting the power too much became an issue and exposing people’s vulnerabilities made them no better. Charlotte certainly as a tough cookie considering leaving her family behind and denying an alpha the right to her body; a right he didn’t have no matter who he was. That was the difference of those who had refused to move forward in modern time much like the Lunacrest pack.

“It’s quite alright, I’m not going to rip you by the neck,” Dante said with a little chuckle. Ilyana had tried to maintain her composure as he had walked over to fin Dante laughing. What had she said that was so funny? She wasn’t blind to see that Charlotte was a beautiful girl, she already had a few of the male’s eyes on her. That she didn’t mind, but she knew that she didn’t like the idea of Charlotte getting too close with Dante.

“Oh, have you already found a place?” She asked with a raised brow, knowing Charlotte had only just recently come into town.

“I told Charlotte she can stay in my spare room until she gets settled or you know decides to leave,” Dante said. He had just finished his steal and was moving on to the burger, which didn’t have much of a chance of lasting considering how hungry he still was. He paused though, hearing that soft growl in the back of Ilyana’s throat.

“Oh, how nice of you,” she said finally, turning her attention back to Charlotte “Well how about we just have some time to explore? I can introduce you to a few of the ladies and kind of show you around.”

“That would be helpful, I do have to talk to Chris and the guys.” He said, mostly wanting to make sure everyone was to be respectful if they came across Charlotte considering her past. Dante’s eyes landed on Charlotte once more; why did he feel the need to go out of his way to make sure she was alright? She wasn’t a true member of their pack and it wasn’t his responsibility, and yet . . . [I something] told him it was the right thing to do. He truly believed it was fate that had brought her here. Though as he could feel Ilyana growing more irritated he figured bringing her to the restaurant had been a bad idea and especially so now that Ilyana was aware Charlotte was staying with him.

“I’ll just meet you at Dante’s then I suppose,” she commented. She started to clear the empty plates. “Holler if you need anything.” Dante had torn his gaze form Charlotte to watch Ilyana; her temper was as fiery as her red hair and it did make her hotter, but man she could be scary when she wanted to. He just hoped Charlotte hadn’t picked up on it and blamed herself for anything. He reached for his wallet then to pay for the food. “Did you need anything from the store or market before we head back?” he asked her then
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