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[center [h1 [#d9d9d9 ☣]]]

[center [size20 R[b ◈]LES]][center [h1 [#d9d9d9 ROLES]]]

[center [h1 [#d9d9d9 Strain Types]]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=154704
[size30 RULES]]]] [center [h1 [#d9d9d9 RULES]]] ]]
[center [b So make sure to 'click' on the roles link above and actually read my them or its gonna come back to bite you in the butt.

Now your probably wandering what the heck is this crap, if not rules, right? Well everything listed below the rules link are things that pertains specifically to this roleplay. There basically things to keep in mind and to expect from this roleplay in general. ]]

As with most things that involve zombies there will be death present.

| Trigger Warning | Dear ‘Trigger’ person . . .While I’m not gonna go out of my way to appease you, I will attempt to meet you halfway, okay?

SO to anyone down with the nitty-gritty bloody details. You will be required to [s TRIGGER WARNING] at the top or beginning of your post if it contains any sort of ‘Dark’ or ‘Mature’ themes. You know disturbing and sensitive topics like violence, blood, gore, torturer, ect- Anything that would could ‘Trigger’ someone please scratch it out using the ESV3 Formatting strike: [s ] code.

Basically if you tend to get ‘Triggered’ do not read anything that is striked out! Sorry, but if you read anything strict out. I don’t want a peep about it. No one needs to give you apology because you choose to read this [b [u example:]]
[i [s So you tend to get triggered, right? What the fucks wrong with you then? Didn’t you read the warning above? Your really lucky that I didn’t let loose and unleash a horrific post here. . .Honestly still reading? WOW. . .Welp there's no going back now. Enjoy your well deserved punishment for not listening to very simple instructions. I hope you know that I made everyone here put in extra effort to help avoid this exact situation you’ve put yourself in. Sorry, NOT SORRY= Hex]

[center [h1 [#d9d9d9 SKELETON]]]

  hextheblackcat / 2d 10h 56m 5s
[center [b Sink or Swim ]]
[center [b [i Skeleton]]]

[#990033 Picture url:] [#004080 I will link them to your character profiles.]
[#990033 Username:] [#004080 Will be linked also.]
[#990033 Name:] [#004080 First and Last]
[#990033 Age:] [#004080 10+]
[#990033 Gender/Identity:] [#004080 male or female/ he, she, them ,ect-]
[#990033 Sexuality:] [#004080 What way do you swing?]
[#990033 Personality:] [#004080 Optional. If so 3 pros & cons]
[#990033 Occupation:] [#004080 What do you do for a living?]
[#990033 Hobbies:] [#004080 Do you have any?]
[#990033 3 Essentials:] [#004080 You can pick any 3 items you can bring/find on a cruise ship. Keep in mind I don’t want to see a full survival kit. ]
[#990033 Range:] [#004080 Combat range close or long. Note: Range determines how skilled you are with certain weapons.]
[#990033 Weapon:] [#004080 You can only wield weapons of your range skillfully if you attempt to use a weapon not suited to your range you’ll suck at it. i.e. close range cannot properly use bow & arrows just like long range cannot properly use a sword. ]
[#990033 2 Primary Skills:] [#004080 One of these skills must relate to either your occupation or hobby. Please note that you will be an expert on the two skills you posses and will have a %100 success rate when doing one of those two skills. If you do not possess certain skills than you not only suck at attempting them but whatever you achieve will always be in inferior compared to someone who does have that skill.]

[center [b You can only pick 2 out of the 11 options. So choose wisely xD]]

[i 1. Finding & Purifying water - Even without a pot to boil your water you can almost always find a fresh drinkable source of water.

2. Starting & Tending to a fire without a lighter - Even in the dead of a storm you can light a fire with little to no difficulty.

3. Navigating & Reading a Map/Compass - You will never get lost as you have the best sense of direction. You are capable of visualizing a map of the area in your head.

4. Carpentry - You possess talent in woodworking and are capable of temporary/permanent shelters. You can build the safest and most sturdy shelters that can be whipped up in a few hours to give or take. You can also build things like furniture or crave statues.

5. Craft items - You possess are able to weave things like cloth to make clothes, rope, nets- ect, mold clay into useful things like pots and bowls.what would take others a few days only takes a day at most for you to complete.

6. Forge items - You're basically a blacksmith. The heat doesn't bother you and your well versed in your art.

7. Hunting - Your gifted when it comes to seeking, pursuing, and capturing or killing wild animals. You can identify a creature's weak points and strike the lethal blow.

8. Tracking - The art of observing animal tracks, signs, and trails. Trackers are able to discern these clues, recreate what transpired on the landscape, and make predictions about the quarry.

9. Foraging - You can easily identify whether a plant is edible, poisonous, or herbal. You’ll have a good sense as to where they’ll grow and how to find them.

10. Cooking - You instinctively know what tastes good with what. You’ll know how to clean and skin animals, deboning and degutting animals, butcher and preserve meat.

11. First aid - You possess basic knowledge on how to save a human life and what to do to avoid getting sick. You can treat minor wounds or injury so long as it isn’t life threatening.]
  hextheblackcat / 2d 18h 34m 32s
Sorry but this is my personal domain, so please leave thanks. ^^//

This is my storage thread not mean't for anything other than my personal use if I catch it listed under your thread I will block you. No 'no ifs ands or buts' after all [b curiosity killed the cat] :D
  Hex / hextheblackcat / 51d 9h 35m 32s

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