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[center [pic https://c4.wallpaperflare.com/wallpaper/178/370/543/clouds-pirate-ship-sea-skull-and-bones-wallpaper-preview.jpg]

Many, many years ago Mermaids ruled the sea. They maintained peace and prosperity, they built relationships with humans and were the bridge between their two worlds. On one stormy night, a Mermaid was injured and separated from her pod. She washed up on the sandy beach of a small village where a sailor would find her. He took her to his home and nursed her back to health. By the time that she was ready to leave, she had fallen in love with the sailor and for weeks, she would meet with him by the docks. One day, she invited him to see her family and gave him directions to a cave. However, what the mermaid did not know was that the sailor was in fact a pirate. He led his crew to the cave and when the mermaids thought they were safe, they struck. Killing and capturing the Pod. The Mermaid felt so betrayed and filled with pain, that as she died her heart broke into seven, crystal pieces....

[center It has been said that the one who can collect all of the pieces will hold the Heart of the Sea in their palm and will gain the power to control the seven seas. If placed in the wrong hands, the world could be turned upside down...]

However, that's just a silly old myth, a bedtime story to tell the children. Well, these pirates don't seem to think so. Will you join their crew on the journey to find the pieces or will you battle against them for the pieces?

[center [b ~*~*~*~]]
Hey! I hope you are well and thank you for reading this far. To start off with I am only accepting 18+, 3rd person, descriptive writers who are willing to communicate with me.

So, as you may have guessed, this is a pirate Rp. It will entail themes such as Action, Adventure, Drama, Angst, Comedy, Fantasy and (Maybe) Romance.

If you are interested then title your PM Heart of the Sea and send me a filled out character skelly. If you want to ask questions, feel free to PM me without a skelly.

[b Rules]
• Rules of ES apply
• Be ready for open communication with me and the other members for planning
• If you are no longer liking the Rp, please, let me know and don't ditch
• Give effort
• Have fun!

[center [b Character Skelly]]
Name of Character:
Age of character:
Basic personality:

[center [b Characters]]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/N4GcX1R.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name of Character: Captain Lydia Vincent
Age of character: 26 years old
Gender: Female
Basic personality: Cocky, Loyal, Materialistic, Stubborn, Friendly, Uncharitable, Cynical.
Background: Lydia grew up within a fairly normal family. Her father had been in the navy, her mother was a laundress for the village they lived in and she had a baby brother. However, when she was thirteen, her mother and brother fell gravely ill. She cared for the both of them until her father returned home, however, he never would make it in time. In his grieving, her father sold every single possesion they owned and bought a boat, after quitting the navy. He gathered up a crew and they set sail. For five years, they travelled the seven seas and in one of their journeys her father stole a small dark, blue crystal from a fellow pirate and gifted it to his daughter after encasing the crystal into a necklace. However, that same night, the pirate he stole from came looking for his stolen treasure. He attacked the ship and in the midst of the fighting, a dagger made its way into her father's heart. They were able to get away from the enemy pirate with very few casualties. But the loss of her father turned her heart cold. Being the first mate, she became the new captain has now managed the ship for seven years.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Of0jlEk.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name of Character: Captain William Orford
Age of character: 28 years old
Gender: Male
Basic personality: Reserved, Observant, Generous, Deceitful, Sadistic
Background: [i Unknown....]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/AKghJBG.jpg]
Writer: canadonewithursh-t
Name of character: Katherine Aldworth
Age of character: 27
Gender: Female
Basic personality: Blunt, Feisty, Motherly, Stubborn, Bad tempered , Flirty
Background: Katherine was abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage as a young child, when she grew up she came to learn that her parents had created her out of wedlock and were too ashamed to raise her. She wasn't wanted by any family and the older she became, the more chores she had to complete. One of them being, was cooking. By the time she was fourteen years old, she was cooking for the whole orphanage and the place became her permanent home as she was offered a job as the cook there. Everything was working out well for her until she turned 27 and the orphanage was shut down. However, she wasn't on the streets for long as she stumbled upon a pirate ship. She, somehow, managed to sneak on and stay hidden until the ship was far from land. She convinced, Captain Lydia, to let her be the ships cook.

[pic https://imgur.com/EiHEXhv.jpg]
Writer: Osiris
Name of Character: Eamon Landon
Age of character: 29 years old
Gender: Male
Basic personality: Adaptable, Charismatic, Confident, Courageous, Organized, Persuasive, Reliable, and Steadfast.
Background: Eamon was a lieutenant for the royal navy, complete with decorated red officer vest, when his ship was run aground and shipwrecking him and those that survived on an island in the south ocean. They would be trapped there for four years before another ship passed by and saw their signal fire, when Eamon returned to his home he found the bank had taken the estate, and his family moved on thinking he was dead. He thought it was better for them to believe he was gone, a beloved and decorated war hero, lost at sea than try to fight for his old life after being stranded for so long. With seemingly no ties left to his country or to his family, he was a ghost and boarded the ship of his navy comrade, Captain Vincent. He served the late Captain Vincent as Navigator, after the previous navigator... vacated the role. When the former Captain died, his daughter assumed command of the ship, Eamon continued to have her back just as he did her father's in every fight. From navigator, Eamon was elevated to First Mate due to the mutual respect and trust he had with both Captains.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/GfaMStO.jpg]
Writer: Killmonger
Name of Character: Mahari Dara
Age of character: 25
Gender: Female
Basic personality: Enthusiastic, Cryptic, Avante-Garde, Amiable, Shrewd. Mildly Eccentric, Stubborn. Trustworthy.
Background: Mahari hails from the arid grasslands of the southwest, borne of the matriarchal N'dele tribespeople. Brilliant healers and survivalists though they were, they were unfortunately not quite as technologically advanced as the foreigners who'd captured them, brandishing guns and all manner of other implements that fifteen-year-old Mahari had never seen before. With some two-dozen N'dele people gathered and tied below deck, the slavers took their newest catch home to trade. Mahari herself was sold into the service of a naval frigate as something of a novelty, armed with nothing but her tribe's medical expertise and hunting methods and forced to use her skills to supplement the fat captain's meals in between her duties as a physician. It was three years ago that Lydia had invaded the ship Mahari had been serving, and she's remained with Lydia the crew since.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/WZY3oDb.jpg]
Writer: Stripper
Name of Character: Shou Mo
Age of character: 23
Gender: Female
Basic personality: Ruthless. seductive. manipulative. ambitious. materialistic.
Background: Working at a brothel within the city of Hong Kong for most of her childhood and teenage life, Shu knew the ways of men and how to wrap them around her fingers more than anyone else around. After servicing a man with clear illicit intent, Shu used this opportunity to snake her way through his defenses and get him to reveal his true profession; the first mate of one of China's most feared pirate fleets. Dangling the threat of revealing all of this to the authorities and snitching on him to his captain for letting a mere whore manipulate him this easily, Shou was brought to the captain and offered recruitment as the crew's prostitute and comfort woman. From there on, Shou worked her way up the ranks for years, using her spare time to practice her marksman skills, and soon became one of the fleet's most skilled gunners.


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Roleplay Responses

[center [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__yvrxmpDh4 [font "times new roman" Music/sounds for your listening pleasure. <3]]
[font "times new roman" **Mahari's people are loosely based on several African and Polynesian peoples.**]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/DXvSAd3.jpg]]
With each passing day, the sights and sounds of home grew dimmer and more distant.

Her dreams fought her nightmares each night, the familiarities of the N'dele people stained with the blood of their enslavement and the terrors she'd endured whilst serving her captors for the better part of a decade. There was no way for her to return to her life among them, tainted prior to marriage and too far removed of their practices to properly readjust. She struggled with these realities every morning, afternoon, and night.

If not the endless busywork, she'd have likely given in to the daily urges to drive her work knives into her own flesh in an attempt to end the sleepless nights aboard that naval ship. Her duties had varied then, encompassing all the duties of both a slave and a doctor. Remedying ailments, warming beds, and being otherwise assaulted had become her new 'norm', which by this point she'd long since convinced herself that there was a sort of mental illness within the people of these western lands that couldn't be fixed with mere herbs.

After seven years of slavery, Mahari found herself being lost to her despair, only to be pulled back to light and life by one Miss Lydia Vincent. To Mahari, who'd only ever known the cruel side of westerners, Lydia was a blessing from the gods themselves. She practically worshipped the ground Lydia walked upon, and [i probably would have done as much in the literal sense], if not for how it might make Lydia feel to have a one-woman cult following.

In the three years since having been rescued by Lydia, she'd come to see the crew as her new 'tribe'. Her desire to feed and nurture them all was almost overpowering, and as a result, it was on days like today that she found herself thigh-deep in seawater, expertly hunting all manner of marine life to share with the crew in the coming days.

Her methods and her approach to other people as a whole might've been a little unorthodox, sure, but she was just so [i happy] to see other people after being freed. Happy to be allowed to speak freely, happy not to be struck down when voicing opinions, and happy for an opportunity to make new friends- things she'd have been beaten for as a naval slave. Some part of her brain had processed her worth improperly; If she didn't treat wounds, or if she didn't bring in food, then what use was she to Lydia and the rest?

As good a motivator as any, Mahari scurried back to the ship with a row of seabream neatly impaled along her spear, hoping to drop them off and to find herself something exciting to do for the rest of her free day.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/BjZPbxe.png]]

Mahari had never paid the staring any mind. She was used to being ogled, and more than accustomed to being deemed 'exotic'. Everything from her eyes and preferred style of dress to just her complexion seemed to be of interest to these people, though their interest was naturally guarded as they didn't want to be caught staring at a 'slave' or 'barbarian' for too long by their wives or husbands. Most of the people that looked like her were in shackles and up for sale, so to see her roaming free must have surprised at least a few passersby. Rather than mind them, though, Mahari had perched atop a storefront, looking out over the sea of vendors and stalls along the main street in awe. These people could and [i would] truly sell [i [b anything]]!!

A neverending sea of stalls lay along the main roads, replete with foods and trinkets from all over. She was especially quick to notice a few bits and baubles that shared a familiar color scheme to the beads her people had always crafted with, and left her strange perch for a closer look. Sure enough, the merchant had a number of N'dele necklaces laid out on their table, though was in no way pleased to see a tribeswoman come up to her stall. She huffed, looking straight down her birdlike nose at Mahari as though she were a lost dog.

[b "Where is your master? Off with you! We use [i money] here."]

Mahari blinked, reminded of the navy yet again.

[#FF0000 [b "Yes, I am aware. Your people use coins."]] she replied coolly, pulling a few of said coins [i -stockpiled for a rainy day-] from the thick folds of the [https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41R1yOaRGsL._AC_SS350_.jpg kikoy sarong] around her hips. Her accent was still noticeably distinct, but her use of the common tongue wasn't lacking whatsoever. The merchant seemed annoyed with her response, either not expecting one in her native tongue or having hoped the insults would have scared her off. [b "Ha! That's nowhere near-"] Mahari dropped the money onto the table roughly, daring the portly woman to say more. The two did not break their eye contact, even when Mahari had her fist curled around the beads in question. [#FF0000 [b "I [i know] what they are worth."]]

[#FF0000 [i 'Go ahead and try me, cow.']] she thought absently, waiting to be accosted.

[b "Mahari!"]

With a little piece of home in her hand, she turned to see who'd called for her, met with the lovely, bright red visage of Katherine. She walked away from the stall without a care, smiling practically ear to ear. Katherine was a newer member of the crew, and Mahari, as usual, loved everything about her. She could sympathize with the focus on managing accents, naturally, but also rather liked Katherine's. Mahari was also more or less mesmerized by Katherine's culinary skills. She couldn't commit to the complexities [s sorceries] of this woman's cooking, but had been awestruck since the first night she'd cooked for the crew.

The request to shop together was also much appreciated, as Mahari was never one to turn down company. She tucked her prizes into her sash and, with another habit she couldn't seem to drop, she picked up her shipmate's hand and patted it. She was ready and willing to be of help, odd displays aside? [#FF0000 [b "Katherine! Yes, I would love to! Is it for ingredients?"]]
  Vahagn / Killmonger / 9d 23h 4s
Eamon Landon was awake before the dawn, watching the sunrise like he did every morning, the ship was quiet in the still dark hours of morning, those on deck kept the peace by only whispering to each other. Eamon enjoyed the soft lull of the ocean and the periodical flutter of the wind battering the sails. The rolling motion of the ship took some getting used to for those inexperienced, but the man watching the waves had been on ships most of his life. He joined the navy as soon as he could, jumping into the role of the cabin boy for most of his youth-Eamon felt a connection with the ocean that was not shared by many men.

[i 'You could jump...'] A sinking feeling dug into Eamon's conscious thought, a voice he knew so intimately well, inside his head the voice taunted him. Eamon's face showed no emotion on the outside, as he watched the black waves slap against the sides of the ship. [i 'No air, no air. Help me.'] The voice mocked the shipwreck memory's panic as the ship sank with the majority of the crew, and Eamon was drowning in the raging sea.

Eamon chased away the imaginary voice with another swig of coffee, no one knew about the secret in his head, a symptom of being stuck on an island for four years, having to battle sickness and silence, being forced to eat your old comrades to survive... The voices Eamon developed on that island were a constant reminder of what he went through, what he was still going through. Another wave crashing against wood broke his concentration, one good thing that came from his isolation was the new appreciation for a morning sunrise over the ocean. That view...

[i 'Could hardly compare to anything.'] It wasn't long from then on to become a routine for him, it helped keep him mostly sane. Captain Vincent would be docking them at a port today, needing to restock the ship's supplies for the rest of their journeys. Eamon accompanied the captain when they let everyone have the rest of the day to themselves, giving them the permission to enjoy the city limits. The problem with specializing as the ship's navigator and First Mate was Eamon's strange overly protective attitude of protecting maps and charts; collecting them, restoring them, Eamon's hobby has gotten so bad that he physically needed to be stopped from stealing mistreated maps from others. Where most pirates would steal gold and jewels, Eamon would ransack the charts and maps for multiple copies for his collections.

Which is what happened when Eamon witnessed a poor map being impaled from the man's blade, it felt as though the dagger went straight through Eamon's heart! He clutched his chest and went to grab the map but Captain Lydia managed to stop him from making a very dangerous decision. Eamon nodded his thanks but did not speak, if he opened his mouth he'd go off on everyone in the room about proper map and chart care. Did they not [b know] how [i long] it took a cartographer to make a single map?! One corner takes [b months] of time and effort!

[#5300b3 "Did you [b see] how he treated that map, Captain? The man is lucky I know when to hold my tongue and hold back my trigger finger."] Once they were alone, Lydia told him her secret, but before he could reply with his enthusiasm the third captain decided to get in their way. William Orford. The bastard, turning his back on the crew in his cowardice! Eamon scowled and narrowed his hazel eye at the opposing pirate, his fingertips itched to shoot the man right where he stood-but then he stepped close to Lydia and Eamon's shot was gone. Before Eamon could fire back a steely retort to William he parted from them as quickly as he had arrived.

[#5300b3 "Just as well, Captain, we do not know enough yet to make sound judgments. While you do that you know what I am going to do-always hitting the books, I'll see whatever I can find in the libraries. Be it history lore or new map additions."] Eamon parted from Lydia with a friendly smile, heading off to find out anything he could based on literary records. The man made it a habit to check out every port city's library or educational colleges for learned nobles, he wasn't always welcome in the latter though.

He had a hobby in collected as many pieces of maps as possible, enough to construct a large world map on the navigator cabin's walls. It allowed him to chart out nearly anywhere in the known world and those places hardly traveled, which benefited the Golden Serpent and her crew immensely. Eamon could spend days in a library and hardly speak to anyone if they weren't careful, more than once he'd have to be fetched by one of the lesser ranks because he would lose track of time perusing foreign documents and copying or pilfering maps for his never-ending collection.

Eamon scoured the writings in books and stacks of parchment paper, all carefully looked over with a reverent respect. He read on every manner of material for mermaids and any bit of tavern and scholar lore for finding the fabled crystalline tears. It was a small list that he managed to find but it was progress nonetheless, Eamon would read straight through the night if uninterrupted, burning more oil than most.
  Eamon Landon / Osiris / 14d 19h 26m 45s
[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/Ucm-vWuJNtrorAL8Yr0B9PZ8h5rRk_FnFzx2VWinHz9DRUI9cXrpogEEn0DL8cEtlJmK1FASIGpYNF8fo9abvkGQYCVPncx4rBf0NMK0GVPoFf_qfQVtIHWNy0fB2qUt758w4306ShFqRkqtdOF4jcmXCaJZvQ]]

Waves violently crashed against the sides of the pirate ship, causing it to be tossed and turned. The sky was practically black with dark, thunderous clouds, not a single ray of sunlight in sight. The clashing of swords and shouts of men filled the air, blood stained the wooden deck as bodies of both friend and foe dropped to the ground. Lydia didn't know why they were being attacked, she had never seen these pirates before. She figured that they must have followed them from their last port of call after one of the crew bragged about their riches. She suddenly pushed the man she had been duelling with off of the boat and plunging into the dangerous depths below.

She spun around, looking for her father and dodging between the fighting pirates. She climbed up to get a better view, only to see the Captain of the enemy plunge his sword into her father's heart. She watched him drop to the ground and her own heart went with him. Her shocked, teary expression changed to a glare as she charged for the enemy Captain. She didn't even give him a chance as she brought up her sword and sliced it along his throat. Blood poured out from the wound whilst the man gargled and spluttered in pain. She raised her foot and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground. Without a moment's hesitation, she rammed the sword into her throat until she felt the tip meet the wood. She watched the light fade from her enemies eyes before she turned to her father. Angry tears streamed down her face as she got onto her knees and clutched his jacket...

[center ~•~•~•~]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/N4GcX1R.jpg]]
Lydia was taken from her thoughts as she felt the ship slow down to stop in the dock. She shook her head to clear the memory of her father's death, tucked the blue crystal necklace underneath her shirt before jumping down from the ledge she had been sitting on. She looked to her crew as they stared at her waiting for instruction. She cleared her throat before speaking up.

[#DC143C "You have the day to yourselves. Do as you please buy come back before sundown."] They nodded their heads before filing out of the ship and into the bustling streets of the city. She let out a heavy sigh and ran a hand through her brown hair. She was just beginning to feel herself relax until she heard the shouting of a very angry Irishwoman. She turned around and found the redhead arguing with a guard. The cook's face was scrunched into a scowl and she looked as if she were to burst into flames at any moment. She adjusted her coat before walking over to the two.

[#DC143C "Is everything ok?"] She asked the pair and Katherine's whole demeanour seemed to change as she saw Lydia. She now had a cheerful smile on her face as she looked to her Captain.

[#20B2AA "Everything's perfectly fine!"] The cook answered to which the guard scoffed and just like that, the woman's temper was back. [#20B2AA "Except this feckin' moron won't let me get some money!"] She snapped. Lydia's brows furrowed in confusion.

[#DC143C "What do you need my money for?"]

[#20B2AA "So, I can buy food? I'm low on tatties, need more vinegar and we'll be out of beer in two days. Therefore, I need the money."] Katherine explained as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, narrowing her dark, brown eyes at the guard. Lydia hesitantly nodded her head for the Irishwoman to be let in and the guard stepped aside. Kathy smiled proudly to herself.

[#20B2AA "That wasn't so hard, was it?"] She stepped into the room but soon came out with a leather pouch, heavy with coins. [#20B2AA "Thank 'ye Cap'n!"] She said and walked away from the two and off of the ship to go to the market. Lydia looked to the guard as he closed and locked the door. [#DC143C "Make sure no one gets in."] She said sternly, the guard giving a firm nod back as a response. She felt slightly uneasy, leaving all of her money there but it had to be done. She walked away and then off of her ship.

She most likely spent half an hour, weaving in-between people and market stalls, wincing as sellers shouted their advertisements in her ears and browsing what was on offer. She looked up and finally found what she was looking for; The Full Ship Inn, a tavern exclusively for Pirates that served great drink, hearty meals and warm beds for reasonable prices. It was also the place where Pirate Captains held meetings to discuss affairs such as the navy or rumours of a potential new island. In Lydia's mind it was just an excuse to drink until they could stand and have a fight. No Pirate Captain wanted to have a ship battle, it caused too many deaths and damages to their ships. So, they let out their anger and dislike for one another here.

She spotted Eamon and gestured for him to follow her into the tavern. He was her First Mate and the only person that she trusted. She did get along with the rest of her crew and would protect them to her last breath, but she knew that no matter what, Eamon would have her back. The man had served in the Navy with her father, and the two had a close bond. After losing her father, she felt like she had no one to turn to. One night, she had been drinking out on the deck whilst the crew were sleeping and he had come out to check up on her. She had told him everything that had been going through her head and they shared the rest of the bottle… From that night on, he supported her through her grievance and with that, she promoted him from Navigator to First Mate.

They were the last to arrive into the tavern and the other pirates starred as they sat down. The room was fairly small, with a barred window letting in streams of light. A large, oak table stood in the middle with five other Pirates. The air was stuffy with alcohol, food, smoke and who knows what else. An old map was spread across the table, it's edges frayed and torn, spills from drinks of the past strained the paper. It was clear that this map had seen better days and had been swapped and folded through several hands. Lydia saw the battered map, and briefly glanced at Eamon. "Don't. Freak. Out." She mumbled to him, knowing the man could get too passionate about maps. They took their seats and she heard a scoff from across the table.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Of0jlEk.jpg]]
[#1E90FF "Now that we are all finally here, what have you called us for?"] The question was asked then no other than William Orford. Her one night, drunken mistake turned long term rival. So far, the two had never had a physical fight. Instead, they competed, they raced, anything to be better than one another. But, there wasn't a moment that went by when she hadn't thought about punching the man in his face. Especially after his betrayal. William had been a part of her father's crew when he was alive, but in the midst of the fighting and passing of her father, William quickly joined the enemy pirates crew. Then, over the years, he quickly worked his way to be Captain. The man was infuriating.

From his question, an older Pirate Captain who had a long salt and pepper coloured beard, a black coat rimmed with golden thread stood up. He was well known, and well respected amongst the Pirate community. He was known as Captain Paisley. It was said that he had sailed across each of the seven seas, that he had battled with a Kraken and only lost one leg, that he had stolen the crown jewels. Paisley cleared his throat before speaking.

[#FFD700 "I'm just going to cut the crap and tell you all straight… I'm assuming you know the tale Heart of the Sea? Well, I've heard rumours that these crystal pieces do exist."] The old man's voice was coarse and rough, it demanded attention with his blunt words and he took out a piece of paper. On that piece of paper, was a painting of a dark, blue crystal. Lydia frowned slightly as she studied the picture, it looked awfully like her necklace and she ensured that it was tucked away.

[#FFD700 "This is what the hearts apparently look like, they are scattered across the world in various locations. Whoever collects these pieces, controls the sea. We have to get these pieces before the navy does, I don't care if you like each other or not… If the Navy gets before we do, then it's game. Over."] Just as he spoke the last line, he stabbed the piece of paper into the map with a dagger. Lydia cringed, then quickly, and harshly, grabbed Eamon's wrist.

[#FFD700 "If any of you don't have anything more to say, then you are free to go."] With that Lydia said her goodbyes to the other Captains before standing up, still holding Eamon's wrist, and practically dragging her First Mate out with her. She glanced back and saw William looking at her suspiciously. They soon made it outside and she was thankful for the fresh air. She let go of the others' wrist but endured to stay in his path of the doorway. Just in case he decided to try and rescue it.

[#DC143C "I have a piece."] She stated, in a bush tone, digging out her necklace and showing it to Eamon. It was practically identical to the picture and she quickly tucked it back away. Just then, the door to the tavern swung open and out walked William.

[#1E90FF "Lydia! It's so good to see you!"] He said to her with a look of distaste. She crossed her arms to refrain herself from punching him.

[#DC143C "What do you want William?"] She snapped and he feigned to be hurt by placing a hand over his heart. She rolled her eyes and fought off the urge to brag about that she already had a piece, but considering the look of suspicion he had given her earlier, suggested that he already knew.

[#1E90FF "I find that offensive that you don't think I want a pleasant conversation… But you are right."] The other man moved closer to her so that he could speak gently into her ear.

[#1E90FF "I know you have a piece, but don't worry… I won't tell."] He backed away from her and looked to Eamon.

[#1E90FF "Oh, sorry old friend! I didn't see you there. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got better things to do!"] He then walked away, disappearing into the crowd.

[#DC143C "Great, he knows that I have a piece… Right, I don't want the rest of the crew finding out just yet. When we get back onto the ship, I'm going to look through my father's old journals."] She stated in thought. She hadn't touched her late father's paperwork, not being able to face it. However, her father stole the crystal and so he would have had to have known something about it. He was a secretive man and wouldn't have told Eamon anything.

[center [b [i Meanwhile…]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AKghJBG.jpg]]
Katherine browsed the various market stalls for food, drink and other materials that they would need, and that would last. So far, she had argued, demanded, pleaded and flirted to get the prices that she wanted. So far, she hadn't spent that much, but that's what Lydia would have wanted. She loved her Captain and was thankful for the woman allowing her to be on her crew, however, she noticed that Vincent was rather protective over what was hers, especially money. She hated giving it away, even if it was for essentials and Katherine had proved time and time again that she only spent her money on what was needed.

She turned away from the market stall and saw a familiar head in the sea of people. She smiled and called out to the woman.

[#20B2AA "Mahari!"] Then she began to move in-between the people, shoving them out of her way when they refused to move and she soon found herself in front of the named woman. She liked the other, though, she didn't know that much about her. Katherine hadn't been with Lydia's crew for very long, a month or two at most. The others were wary of her, which was understandable, but Mahari was always nice to her.

[#20B2AA "Hey… I'm doing some shopping, do you want to come with?"] She asked, making sure that she was pronouncing her words properly so that she could be understood. Most of the crew could hardly understand her accent and she had to repeat herself many a time, so, unless she was angry, she was starting to dial her accent down a little so that she could be understood.
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