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She thought she was dead. The darkness consumed her for so long and she traveled within her dreams. Life seemed peaceful and she only hoped it would stay that way.

Of course, there was sounds that she thought was heaven talking to her. Someone introducing themselves and plenty of people attempting to talk to her. There was no face to the sound of their voice and for the most part, she blew it off. She enjoyed the flower beds she ran in and the sunshine on her face. No beatings, no pain, no insecurities. She was free and she felt at peace.

Imagine her surprise when she feels the pain start to wash over her and the weakness that chained her to the uncomfortable bed under her. She was at peace and now, the reality was back. Her eyes squinted open and they shot around to all her surroundings. Dimmed LED lights shining down upon her, the sound of machines beeping and the leg pumps sounding as they squeezed her legs to keep blood flow going. She squeezed her fists; her hands were the only thing that didn't feel sore.

"Where...where am I?" Her voice low, soft, and weak. She looked beside her to see a nurse sitting in the chair. "I thought..." Her hand came up to her eye, touching it ever so gently and feeling the rush of pain shoot through it. "Oh god," She choked out, closing her eyes once more.

Then her eyes shot back open; she nearly jolted out of the bed with the sudden thought of him. "Wh-Where is Carter? Where is he? Is he here?" She gripped the sides of the bed, the pain surging through her body. It would have bothered her if her adrenaline wasn't pumping so fiercely through her veins or, shall she say fear.
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[size12 "We've got a girl coming in, beaten pretty bad." The ER nurse alerted Jordan. "Can you bring down as much gauze as possible? We are going to need plenty of bandages, suture kits, everything. She's messed up pretty bad."

Jordan nodded, "Do I want to know what happened?"

The ER nurse sighed, slipping her face mask over her ears. "Abusive boyfriend nearly killed her. Might even kill her if we can save her. I hope to save her. She's young, only twenty years of age. Birthday is next month." She slipped on the mesh blue outfit and waved her off.

When Jordan returned, she was rushed in quickly. The face mask slipped over her face, gloves in her hands and the mesh coverup coming over her body. When she turned around, she gasped. She witnessed the twenty year old girl being shifted onto the ER table.

"Aubrey Greenwell, twenty years old, critical condition." A nurse read out, looking over the ER papers.

"What happened to her?" The doctors asked, checking the female over.

"Her boyfriend beat her to a pulp and then ran away. Police are on the look out and want to speak with her the moment she wakes up."

Jordan couldn't help but allow her own skin to rumble. The thought of an innocent woman being beaten by a man. That is why Jordan was so pleased that she enjoyed the female body. She could never harm a woman.

The work done on her was very extreme. There came many close calls to losing her. She was even rushed into surgery to fix a few broken bones and add some plates to keep some broken pieces in place. She was surely going to bruise. The doctors even ordered her to be in a medically induced coma for at least a week. Jordan took it upon herself to bring in flowers every day and come in and have a conversation with her. She introduced herself the first time and made sure she would constantly mention how it was her.

Today was the day she was going to be waking up. Jordan brought flowers and stopped in front of the two police officers. They hadn't left Aubrey's room since she had came. "Good morning, Nurse Stuart." They greeted and she nodded lightly.

She entered the room and sat the flowers down onto the tray. She looked at the woman in the bed and smiled softly. "Good morning, Aubrey. It's Jordan." She introduced, taking the decaying flowers out of the vase. She tossed them into the garbage and replaced them with white roses. She enjoyed seeing her every day, despite not having much of a response. She felt protective over her, in a way. She couldn't explain it. She felt...guilty.

"You're supposed to wake up today. I'm excited to see you awake and moving...hopefully you're not in too much pain." She softly spoke, sitting in the chair next to her bedside. Her swelling was going down but her face and body was so bruised, especially compared to her pale skin. Now, was the waiting game. Waiting for her to open her eyes, waiting to hear her story.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/mjoEdje.jpg]] Right when she opened the door to their one bedroom apartment, she knew. The air smelled of alcohol and the apartment itself was dark. It was one of those nights that she was coming home from work late. She’s begged her boss plenty of times to let her leave early but he didn’t understand. No one did.

She slowly shut the door to the apartment, perhaps he was already asleep. God, she prayed he was already asleep. She slid her shoes off, sitting them by the door as quietly as she could. She allowed her feet to glide across the carpet so she wouldn’t pound of the floor. She didn’t want him to wake.

She slithered her way to the bedroom, slowly opening the door and closing it behind her. Many times, he’d be passed out in the green recliner with a bottle in his hand. Apparently, tonight was different.

The lights came on in the bedroom, he sat in the corner of their room on her vanity chair. She didn’t need to see the bottle to know he was completely shitfaced.

“Honey, you’re still up.” Her voice soft as she sat the purse down on the floor. She wore the strongest smile she could. He looked over at her, his eyes glazed over. His white T-shirt dirty from work.

She took a few steps closer to him, doing her best not to trip up. She didn’t need him critiquing her for how she walked.

“Stop,” his voice slurred as the word fumbled out of his mouth. She stopped a second after he said it.

“Yes, of course.” Her head went down as she obeyed him. He stood up and came near her. His own steps faultering. He was inches from her, his toxic breath beating down onto her face.

“Where were you? You said you would be home at 8.” Her eyes glanced over towards the clock, it was 10pm on the dot. She swallowed hard, rolling over the responses she could give to him. When her lips parted to speak, his rough hand came up and enclosed around her neck. He slammed her into the wall not far from her, allowing her head to shatter the picture frame. “Don’t fucking lie to me, Aubrey.” He hissed. He seemed stronger when intoxicated.

“I-I well, my boss wanted me to stay behind. I, I couldn’t call. I’m sorry.” She pleaded, her hands coming up to her head. She felt the dampness of her hair and seeing the red liquid on her finger tips, she knew she was bleeding.

“What did I say?” His voice low as he picked her up by her neck and threw her onto the bed. In one swift motion, he was on top of her. Her hands came up to her face to block him but he was stronger. He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. She was hit once, right in the jaw. Then again. And again. And again. She felt the swelling, tasted the metal flavoring in her mouth. She managed to bring her knee up and get in right where it hurts. It weakened him, for sure. She was able to scramble off the bed and collapse on the floor.

Her sights were becoming fuzzy from the swelling. “Carter, please.” She flipped onto her back, pushing herself as far from him as she could. He quickly recovered and made his way into the hallway, where she was.

“I’m tired of your lies. All you do is lie. You’ve been fucking your boss for months now!” He cursed. He grabbed her leg, pulling her back towards him. The carpet carving itself into her back. He began kicking her in the sides, on each side. She screamed, begged for someone to save her, help her. The more hits that landed on her, the more she came to terms with her death.

A knock sounded on the door and he stopped. She could barely breath. Every part of her body felt sore. She knew that in a few moments, she was going to bleed out. This was it.

Carter leaned down, grabbing her face with one hand. Her breath was labored as he spit in her face. “You’ll he dead before you know it.” And then he rushed out of the room. Her vision faded and the last she heard was people screaming her name.
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