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Marth smiled and took Chrom and Timmy to his room. "Rest up you two. He told Chrom and Timmy.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 9m 19s
Matthew snuggled up close to Chrom hugging him while both of them were asleep.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 20m 47s
"Should we wake them up?" Marth asked his dad before sighing and poking Chrom.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 22m 32s
Matthew had also fallen asleep hugging onto Chrom very tightly in his sleep.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 23m 48s
Chrom yawned and continued to sleep on Matthew's shoulder until his parents carried both of them inside.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 24m 57s
"Well I can be your pillow" Matthew smiled at the sleeping Chrom petting his head.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 32m 40s
Chrom smiled at Matthew and fell asleep on the way to his house. "I feel so sleepy." He told Matthew in his sleep.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 33m 56s
Matthew slowly sat down next to Chrom in the car and leaned his head on Chroms shoulder.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 35m 40s
Chrom was in the back of the car and waited for Matthew to come and sit next to him.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 36m 18s
"Well if you say so" Matthew said coming down and going with Chrom.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 40m 45s
"It'll be fine because I get awfully lonely by myself." Chrom told Matthew while smiling at him.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 41m 55s
"Are you sure, you should rest alone" Matthew asked looking down at Chrom.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 46m 6s
"You can come with us since I won't be at school for a few days." Chrom told Matthew while smiling.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 46m 49s
Matthew decided to stay back and walked up into a tree where he could sleep.
  Matthew / Character / 53d 21h 47m 36s
Chrom realized that his parents noticed his bloody foot and carried him into the car.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 53d 21h 48m 30s

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