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Marth tracked down the person who threw the rock and tackled them. He was relentless in his pursuit and had a sword in his hand.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 16h 24m 29s
"Oh whoever threw that is dead" Matthew said grabbing his pistol from his backpack.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 16h 27m 43s
"Chrom has a concussion from when the rock hit him." Marth told Matthew.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 16h 29m 42s
Matthew woke up slowly and looked at Chrom then at Marth. "What's wrong with him" he asked.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 16h 30m 49s
Marth woke up a few hours later and noticed that Chrom had a concussion. "What did I tell him about standing too close to the window..." He muttered to himself.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 19h 32m 53s
Matthew curled up into a ball in Chroms lap like he was being beaten up but he was smiling while sleeping.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 21h 34s
"You'll end up waking him up..." Marth told Matthew before sighing and falling asleep.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 21h 16m 52s
(No) Matthew turned over and fell int Chroms lap as he smiled and cuddled Chrom.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 21h 33m 38s

Marth watched as Chrom tossed and turned in his sleep and patted him on the head.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 21h 35m 17s
Matthew cuddled Chrom while sleeping and hugged him gently in his sleep.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 21h 42m 19s
"Be careful to not wake him up, alright..." Marth told Matthew.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 21h 44m 7s
"I won't, I just want to cuddle with Chrom" Matthew said before falling asleep.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 21h 53m 40s
"Don't wake up either of them because they can get a bit grumpy when disturbed." Marth told Matthew.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 33d 22h 4m 21s
"He liked that" Matthew smiled leaning onto Chroms shoulder before falling asleep.
  Matthew / Character / 33d 22h 22m 53s
Chrom turned red in the face and passed out on the bed from the sudden kiss.
  Chrom / Catlover33 / 34d 1h 17m 23s

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