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Looking nice, now where's the last one? You've genuinely got my attention.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 3d 6h 47m 51s
Kiwako:*Runs into view before doing a cartwheel into a backflip then perfectly landing.* Hiya! I am Kiwako Furuta the Ultimate Capoeira Artist!
  NatakaStargazer / 3d 6h 59m 41s
Well, that's one, who's next on the list for you to show me?
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 3d 7h 1m 46s
Hikari:I am Hikari Tsukiyo! The Ultimate Trial Student! but everyone calls me the Ultimate Attorney!
  NatakaStargazer / 3d 7h 2m 28s
Now you've got my attention. What would those 3 people be, my friend?
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 3d 7h 13m 59s
Truly it has also I'd like to introduce 3 new characters.
  NatakaStargazer / 3d 7h 18m 41s
Everything sure has come to a screeching halt since school has started back, hasn't it?
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 3d 7h 20m 38s
Random you don’t need anything but yourself,a box of tissues, and a coffin
  NatakaStargazer / 8d 16h 6m 57s
Um go ahead I guess, if you want to. (Jzjzzjajakaoaalakai)
  Character / Character / 8d 17h 21m 55s
So guys, I found this mask, do you think I should wear it or not? *holds up the mask for everyone to see*
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 8d 17h 23m 12s
I know nothing else but Nagito Komaeda on the Nintendo DS, but it'll sound fun. What do I need?
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 8d 19h 18m 2s
Random wanna join my Danganronpa roleplay? itll be fun :3
  NatakaStargazer / 8d 20h 22s
Recently I've beem watching through his tomodachi life series
  Character / Character / 9d 22h 39m 15s
Ah yes, the memories of Poofesure screaming his ass off for missing a shot. Those were good.
  Random / ARandomDarkener / 9d 22h 40m 53s
(Yes) yeah, that's why Wii Sports Resort is the best one
  Character / Character / 9d 22h 46m 39s

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