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A branch off of the original Chill Zone for people who want to use their RP characters while also keeping some kind of "chill."

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

I know this is sudden, but I'm going to be taking a break from Eliteskills. I've been feeling pretty burned out lately, and I didn't want to push myself for the sake of RP content. So, goodbye for now.

  Random / ARandomDarkener / 1h 18m 33s
Katuno:*playing soccer and doing tricks* boom,boom,boom! *he backflips over Drake and kicks into goal*
Everyone... I would like you to meet a new OC.

Ken: is it safe here?
  Ace / Catlover33 / 11h 39m 32s
Well then, if you think that then beat my 5000 man army along with Narutos
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 9m 38s
You decided to say my name did you not? I’m not finna get bodied bucko
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 12h 11m 12s
Why are you here? I came over here to get away from people, not to have them follow me
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 11m 41s
Drake:Which one dipshit?
Vampire Drake:I prefer to not get involved
Dark Drake:I just saved my progress.
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 12h 14m 30s
Well adding Machina into one of the roleplays in front of the demon king wasn't my brightest idea.
  Ace / Catlover33 / 1d 12h 18m 53s
*gets far enough away* SHADOW CLONE JUTSU
Now, first target, Drake, for obvious reasons, he's obnoxious and annoying
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 19m 2s
I’ll just murder these flows like I murder these hoe ass wiggas where the fuck is the energy bro make your wigga deep throat a desert eagle if he try me like a hoe pussy boy that’s on my soul
  Rainer Murasaki / NatakaStargazer / 1d 12h 20m 15s
I hate everyone over there, they all suck so much, and I think I might do some damage after all.
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 23m 53s
Well Drake you solved the problem that pissed off Machina.
  Ace / Catlover33 / 1d 12h 25m 12s
*Shadow clones disappear* I'm outta here, bye losers *walks away*
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 35m 14s
Ace: Go back to sleep now, you were pretty upset about being disturbed.

*Machina had already gone back to sleep*

Ace: Never mind.
  Ace / Catlover33 / 1d 12h 37m 16s
Hey, what was that for? I wasn't gonna hurt anyone dude, jeez
  Character / Character / 1d 12h 39m 48s

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