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Matthew has been an outcast all his life, he had no friends, he always stayed inside and everyone bullied him. Matthew notices at school and develops an attraction but he acts like he doesn't like you. Will Matthew decide to tell the truth, who knows?


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Matthew stood up and went back out into the hallway to hear what Deiko said. He stayed quiet as he closed his door.
  Matthew / Character / 8d 18h 40m 6s
Deiko thought out loud, "But those days are over now. He's safe." It was almost enough to make her start crying again.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 8d 18h 42m 48s
Matthew thought about all the times he had been bullied, made fun of, or abused. He looked out of his window and sighed quietly.
  Matthew / Character / 8d 18h 44m 20s
Deiko thought about her days since she had come here, since she had met Matthew. It was only so short, but so much had happened in that small frame of time.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 8d 18h 45m 30s
Matthew smiled and went upstairs as well as he went to go into his room to rest a little.
  Matthew / Character / 14d 1h 11m 44s
Deiko said an almost silent "it's okay" as they got home. She went straight upstairs, but not into her room.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 14d 1h 16m 25s
Matthew stayed right next to Deikos side going just as fast as her to get home. "Im sorry" he said quietly.
  Matthew / Character / 14d 1h 19m 18s
Deiko looked like she was done for the day. Her eye was damaged, Matthew had come close to death, and she just wanted to go home. She got up and went straight to her house, dragging Matthew along with her.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 14d 2h 27m 6s
"Thanks Deiko, it means a lot to me coming from you" Matthew smiled also walking to the door.
  Matthew / Character / 40d 15h 7m 43s
"It's gonna be okay, Matthew, it's gonna be okay," she said, getting up and heading towards the door.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 40d 19h 10m 0s
"I promise I'll try to be more careful for you" Matthew whispered crying softly.
  Matthew / Character / 40d 19h 19m 59s
"I-It's okay, as long as you're okay," Deiko said, trying her best not to cry while hugging him.
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 40d 19h 24m 2s
After an hour, Matthew came out before he hugged Deiko gently. "I'm sorry" he whispered.
  Matthew / Character / 40d 19h 36m 13s
"Please, please be okay.." she started to break down in one of the waiting room seats..
  Deiko / ARandomDarkener / 40d 20h 8m 29s
Matthew had fainted and was close to death when the doctors took him and helped him.
  Matthew / Character / 40d 20h 10m 51s

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