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Make your own character or choose one below if you have no ideas for characters like me:

*Sorry if these kinda anime like cause i love anime*

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  Mason Waterflower / Character / 65d 17h 3m 51s
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 65d 17h 4m 56s
"I guess we could now" Mason smiled.
"That's the spirit bro" Katie smiled.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 87d 6h 46m 10s
"Welp guys! I guess we can hang out in my room or go out somewhere since the problem has been solved!" Mocha shouts
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 92d 15h 43m 3s
"How did that happen exactly? Magic?" Mocha asks
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 92d 15h 44m 39s
"Yeah, I'm glad to be, that form was very awkward" Mason smiled.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 101d 19h 23m 33s
"Omg! You're back to normal!" Mocha says excitingly
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 101d 19h 34m 31s
(Later) efhnviwenviwdniwejfcnwicvnwiofchnwieojfcnwievfjnwqiefjcbnwiubq2
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 103d 12h 31m 52s
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 103d 12h 33m 25s
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 103d 12h 34m 4s
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 103d 12h 34m 37s

  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 103d 12h 36m 1s
(Kay) Mason pressed the buttons and returned to normal, sighing with relief.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 103d 12h 36m 13s
"I am really tired and soon imma have to do a demon ritual that can kill other types of demons or creatures in this since"
  Mocha / Mocha_Scar / 103d 12h 37m 46s
"Cool" Marrisa smiled when she saw the two buttons return.
  Mason Waterflower / Character / 103d 12h 37m 53s

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