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Tidus ran towards the bathroom and sighed. "Who called a code red this time?" He said.

"It was me. I saw blood and a bone shard on the floor. I also last saw Ramza exiting the bathroom." Noel said.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 13d 4h 56m 37s
"Why do all my siblings hate me?" Character asked himself.
  Character / Character / 13d 5h 1m 29s
  Noel / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 2m 38s
Character also heard the other kids talking rudely so he curled up.
  Character / Character / 13d 5h 4m 3s
"He left me when it was his turn to babysit the younger kids." Noctis said.

Ramza had coughed up blood and a small shard of bone as a delayed reaction to being slammed against a wall before he left the bathroom.

Noel entered the bathroom in order to take a shower and saw the blood. "DAD! THERE'S BLOOD IN THE BATHROOM!" He yelled out,
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 5m 13s
Shulk looked at Character and also heard the younger kids talking bad about Character. "Character is such a moron" Pit said. "Yeah, and I heard he's bad at everything and he has no friends" Timmy said.
  Shulk / Character / 13d 5h 8m 10s
"He told me to not tell you." Ramza said before he ran into the bathroom.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 10m 25s
"I know there's something more. tell me" Shulk said standing up.
  Shulk / Character / 13d 5h 14m 28s
"Well apparently, he lied about it." Ramza said before he noticed that he was in pain from the impact that happened with him colliding into the wall.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 15m 53s
"Why was Character with another boy? I was told he was on a date with a girl from his class"
  Shulk / Character / 13d 5h 17m 26s
"Another boy who was with Character threw me into a brick wall and it hurt." Ramza said.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 19m 20s
"By who?" Shulk asked looking at Ramza with a shocked expression.
  Shulk / Character / 13d 5h 20m 35s
"I did but I got thrown into a brick wall." Ramza said.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 21m 56s
"Did you get your brother?" Shulk asked.
  Shulk / Character / 13d 5h 23m 53s
"Dad, I'm home." Ramza said when he entered the house for the second time.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 5h 26m 27s

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