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"The hole in the wall did happen, see" Ike said pointing at the wall.
  Ike / Character / 10d 16h 13m 32s
"Okay that's actually really crazy and I saw Mikaela and the others complaining about a hole in the wall, Ramza coughing up blood and a bone shard and what you just mentioned in my dream." Rain said.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 10m 39s
"Okay, also I saw in my dream, Character in love with a boy named Ben"
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 17m 8s
"I wouldn't put it past them. Some witches like toying with people's minds." Rain said.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 21m 56s
"Maybe there's a witch around who made us have the same dream.
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 23m 0s
"Is anything the matter, Ike?" Rain asked Ike.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 24m 33s
"I don't know" Ike said looking around slowly to see if any witched were qround.
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 28m 32s
"It was horrible but how could we have the same dream." Rain said.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 29m 22s
"Same" Ike said. "And I was the one who murdered them"
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 37m 8s
"I think that I had a horrible nightmare of some kind." Rain said as he woke up in his bed. "I dreamt that everyone ended up dying." He said.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 38m 19s
Ike woke up quickly in his bed, none of what he saw in his dream having happened.
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 42m 50s
Rain staggered back and was about to fall unconscious.

Machina growled and ended up attacking Ike at the sight of what had happened.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 10d 17h 43m 51s
Ike stabbed Rain in the stomach with his sword quickly
  Ike / Character / 10d 17h 50m 27s
Rain would try to attack Ike in order to end the fight quickly.

"What kind of hellhole is this place." Machina said.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 11d 3h 12m 48s
"Hey character" Ben smiled. "I missed you Benny"
  Character / Character / 11d 3h 14m 34s

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