I'm going to kill you.

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Selene was born to a Hungarian family.Her family lived peacefully in the woods, until one day dark creatures appeared and killed her whole family leaving her hidden under one of the tree's roots.She found out they where vampires for whom her father worked for and planned to give her to them. The where in rage when they couldn't find her and killed her family shamelessly.Several years later, all grown up Selene goes town to town looking for the man who killed her family.She was taken in by a former martial arts teacher who agreed to teach her for exchange of her cooking and cleaning.But she later finds out that the man she's looking for is in fact the vampire lord, who has already been killed...and his son is the one who took his roll.So she decides to go after the son anyhow, but some strange situation makes them fall for each other?

There might be some cibering.

Please be semi-literate
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She came down the hallway, her heels clicked every time she took a step on the marble floor.She was finally inside, after all those years of nightmares and misery she was finally going to have her revenge against him.After leaving the old man's hut she came a cross a notice. It seemed there was a contest in town. They where looking for a beautiful and skillful woman, so that she would be the Lord's exclusive dancer. The competition was tough, apparently young females found him very attractive, but in the en Selene came victorious. Everything was going according to plan, she was being escorted to his bedroom, where the guards would be excused and she would be alone with him, and then she would kill him. But that was the tricky part since her weapons where all at home and she was revised thoughtlessly.
But one thing was for sure, she was going to give it all she got.They came around the corner and stopped in front of a large silver door.They knocked lightly on it and waited for an answer.
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Of course...^^...I'll post intro in a sec>>
  Selene / NekoArashi / 9y 274d 22h 22m 57s
"Time to say goodbye " - Sarah Brightman & Andrea Boccelli.

May I join?
  Shadi / AkuNoShitsuji / 9y 274d 23h 54m 16s

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