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This is a roleplay that is going to be based on the relationship between Broadway Musical Be More Chill characters Jeremy Heere and Michael Mell. This will be a 1x1 MxM roleplay for those who are fans of the “Boyf riends” ship.

I don’t care who wants to play who. I just really want to do this roleplay with someone.

Rules : No F-bombs!!! This is a romance based roleplay but we are not going to take it too far. I want this roleplay to at least have a progressive story line so I am asking for 300+ characters. I want to stick close to the storyline meaning, they are not going to have superpowers or anything like that.

If you would like to join this roleplay with me, send me a PM with the word SQUIP and tell me who your favorite character is and why. Also, please state what you are hoping to get from this roleplay or why you want to join. It doesn’t have to be a long answer, I am just curious.


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[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy rolled her eyes as Michael threw his paper away. He scribbled down random numbers under the problems and hoped that they were somewhat close to whatever the answer was. Jeremy nearly choked on the eraser of his pencil that he was chewing on when Michael mentioned his crush. Christine... She was amazing.]
[center Jeremy leaned back in his chair and tried to act cool. [+teal “Um. No. No way dude. I didn’t know she was joining. I am not so pathetic that I would stalk someone. But um... asking for a friend... How did you find out?”] Jeremy was already blushing so he leaned forward to start putting his things away to hide the fact that his face was red.]
[center He looked up at the clock and was counting down the seconds till class was over. The only math that he liked and was able to do. [+teal “Well. The play might not be that bad. I mean, I am not in any clubs right now except for the loser club. But I have no reasons to go other than because I am completely bored and looking for something to do.”]]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 8d 19h 6m 51s
[center [pic]


[center [u [Comfortaa Second Period ]]]

[center [Comfortaa He decided to write down 'green' on one of the problems as his answer. He never liked questions with the letters in them... Well, except for mx+b and such... That was easy for him. He snatches his shoulder bag hanging on the back of his seat. [b "Haha, raw talent indeed"] he shrugs and tosses the paper into the trash, along with the answers to questions. He was pretty sure he was incorrect on most of them. No need to turn them in then.

Michael's eyes swooped up to the clock. 3 minutes until second period. [b "Man, i'm glad we got most of our classes together. Hey, have you heard that they're making a new after school play? I heard your crush is joining"] he snickers, bumping his shoulder against Jeremy's in a teasing matter.

Other students have started to pack up their things to leave... or go smoke in the bathrooms because this school is a piece of shit. Michael pulled out a snack from his backpack... He always carries snacks. He sometimes gets money out of them when people are desperate during classes.

[b "Oh, also, are you gonna hang out at my house after school today or are you gonna check out the after school play?"] he asks, grinning.

[u 2 minutes.
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 13d 28m 32s
[center [pic]]
[center [+teal “You tell me if it is still funny if you were in my situation.”] Jeremy blushed embarrassed more as he continued to scribble on his paper. He was starting to understand a little of it from Michael. He could probably do the next two problems on his own. But he didn’t know how to do any of the other problems that had letters.]
[center Jeremy listened to Michael’s rant and chuckled. [+teal “How the hell can you be hungry? You had an entire slushee before class even started, Dude!”] Jeremy looked over at Michael’s paper and copied one of his answers and snickered at the drawings. [+teal “Wow. Look at that raw talent you got there. Such an artist.”] Jeremy lowered his voice so that Mr. Gretchen wouldn’t be able to hear him.]
[center Class was almost over and all the students were slowly trying to pack up there things before the bell rang. Jeremy tried to do the same as he put his math textbook back into his backpack. [+teal “Michael. Bro, class is almost over. Just give up on the problem or write down an answer.”] Jeremy filled on the rest of the blanks with random numbers and looked over at Michael.]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 33d 4h 13m 58s
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[center [u [Comfortaa Lunch Time, Always The Best Time]]]

[center [Comfortaa [b "Well that was funny as fuck, your dad sure has a sense of humor"] he joked in response, going quiet again when Mr. Gretchen glanced over at Michael and Jeremy. It was usually Michael who was the class clown, and it was usually him that got them in trouble. 'Rule One; Michael is ALWAYS the joker' But that didn't mean anything.

[b "He always becomes an asshole when I'm here, always!"] he snickered under his breath as well. He glanced at Jeremy's paper then looked at his own. He had some sketches of a few girls here and there and some males. He's an artist (false) and he loved to draw. But other than that, he looks at the clock. [b "Ugh, I'm so hungry. When will this eeennnddd"] he whined quietly.

None other than Mr. Gretchen replying [b[I "When it ends. Now get back to work"]] the teacher complains back. Michael whines and starts writing K down and trying to solve to stupid equations. K... K sucks. It sucks a lot, and he wished he was good at it.

[center [u 10 minutes until Jeremy's fantasies for [i her]
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 34d 21h 6m 57s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy had to use all of his willpower not to bust out laughing in the middle of class. However, a well deserved chuckle escaped out of his lips.[+teal “Michael, you should probably quiet down before we are caught. And you better not give me shit like that one time you came over to my house and left fake shit on my bedroom floor. My dad was joking about it for weeks because he thought that I did it!!”] Jeremy couldn’t help but blush from the embarrassment of the memory.]
[center Jeremy started to scribble circles on his paper when Mr. Gretchen told them to shut up. Jeremy nudged Michael again and snickered. [+teal “Told ya, Bud.”] Jeremy anxiously looked at his scribbled on paper. It may as well have been written in another language because he couldn’t understand any of it.]
[center Jeremy looked up at Michael who looked to be solving the problems. [+teal “I almost messed up, though. So it isn’t exactly a win in my loser book.”] Once Mr. Gretchen has turned his back to the class, Jeremy saw Michael lean over and write some things on his paper as he started explaining the process. Jeremy grinned happily like the idiot that he was. Now we wasn’t going to totally fail this assignment! [+teal “Thanks a lot, Cute Anime Girl.~”]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 45d 4h 33m 32s
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[center [u [Comfortaa Michael and his Anime obsession]]]

[center [Comfortaa As a teen in his Junior year of high school Michael's obsession with anime was over the top. He laughed in response to Jeremy [b "O-oh Senpai you're too much"] he laughed a little harder, holding his stomach. [b "And I'm sure you'll say it correctly, I'm just giving you some shit about it"] he chuckled, brushing his black hair back.

Michael did a stern male to Jeremy's shitty anime girl speaking [b "Young lady, i'd oughta take your diary and read it in front of everyone"] he laughed when Mr. Gretchen shut him up real quick. Michael cleared his throat, stretching out in his seat and writing some more of the notes down that the teacher showed up on the board with his little pen thing where he can flip through all of the slides.

Michael giggled as he was nudged by his buddy, glancing at Jeremy. [+teal "He- Present!"] Jeremy said. [b "Ohhh, nice save"] he whispered closely to him, a small smile on his face. Michael wrote down an answer that was probably incorrect, but like he didn't care, anything was taken for Mr. Gretchen.

[b "I can try Jeremy, but I can't even do it"] he replies, looking at Jeremy's face. Oh no, gay senses tingling. Grinning, he writes some things down [b "Okay, so to possibly solve this you need to..."]

[u And this is how his class goes by. Helping Jeremy with class and such... And wishing he knew how to solve the word K on the board.
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 34d 21h 21m 7s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy chuckled at Micheal when he called him Senpai. [+teal “Why hello there beautiful anime girl! What might your name be? It must be something just as beautiful as your long locks.”] Jeremy flicked Micheal’s head and continued to chuckle at him. [+teal “I will say it correctly. Don’t worry, Dude. Or else I just may have to read the ‘Anime Girl’s’ Diary so that she shuts up and stops nagging on me.”]]
[center Jeremy gave a overdramatic gasp and pretended to quietly die at his desk. [+teal “Oh no! Not my diary! Please don’t read it, Jeremy! I hide all my nerdy facts inside of it!”] Jeremy winked and Michael and playfully nudged him with his elbow.]
[center Mr. Gretchen was two names away from his. He could do this. One name away... HIS NAME! [+teal “He— Present!”] Jeremy took out an long relieved sigh at Mr. Gretchen moved onto the next name. [+teal “See? I did it.”] Jeremy looked down at the paper on his desk and just started to stab the tip on his pencil into the corner. Tiny grab dots started to appear as the clean white corner became infested with the gray dots.]
[center [+teal “But Micheal... Loser to Loser. Can’t you just spare this guy a couple questions? Even just the first five?”] Jeremy’s face was still looking down at the stabbed paper but his eyes were looking at Micheal. He had no idea what the shit he was supposed to do for these questions and Micheal at least had some idea. [+teal “Pwease Bwuddy? Pwetty Pwease?”]]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 48d 6h 27m 41s
[center [pic]


[center [Comfortaa [u The letter K in a math problem]]]

[center [Comfortaa Michael mocked Jeremy [b "Oh senpai~"] he joked around, letting out a small muffled chuckle before Mr. Gretchen called his name "Mell". In all honesty, he doesn't really hate his last name. Michael Mell, it's quite simple if he's signing anything for initials, M.M. Or if he's hungry he could go MM.

Michael let his response 'here' out before going back to the board. Oh man, he forgot that K was on the board. I'm sure you remember K sucks, right? Well, it does. Michael hates K, so this is probably something he won't be helping Jeremy out with. [b "Gasp! How dare you call my Maki rolls sea grass"] he takes little offence, considering he was the one who made the name.

He looked at the teacher, Jeremy's name coming closer [b "It won't be hard here, just say 'present' here"] he snickers again, writing down a few things on his paper off from the board. He might just say fuck it and cheat with K. He likes Trigonometry more than anything like this. SinB and SinA... Of course, most of the people in the class do fake gags or go 'awww' when Mr Gretchen even mentions 'Trig'. Trigonometry triggers a forcefield of angry students.

[b "No, not with this one Jeremy. K has always been the hardest shit for me... Ugh, why can't we go back to some... Like, algebra? That i'm good with"] he laughs in response. Tapping his pencil against the table, he took another Maki roll and popped the yummy food into his mouth, humming while writing down some random numbers or doodling a little rabbit.

[u God, how much he hated the letter K... God, how long is this class gonna last?
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 47d 22h 13m 15s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy grunted as he felt somebody pull him into a seat. He looked up to see who it was and saw a familiar arm with a red sleeve. [+teal “Michael? It is great to see you! But why did you have to pull me exactly? You could have just called out to me or motioned me over. Instead you act like an anime girl.”] Jeremy looked at Micheal’s Maki rolls. How was anyone able to eat grass from the ocean?]
[center [+teal “Yeah, Yeah. I know. You don’t have to laugh about it.”] Jeremy didn’t like his last name. He wished that he could have gotten a cool name like Storm or Johnson. Jeremy Storm... Now that sounded like the name of a cool kid. [+teal “Just cool it with your snickering! Or else I will take away your see grass.”] Jeremy snickered back as Mr. Gretchen started to call out names. Was it bad that he was starting to get nervous that he would mess this up? What if this changed the course of his life somehow?]
[center Jeremy saw Micheal looking at the board. [+teal “I am guessing that my best bro is having a hard time with the K on the board. Does that mean that you aren’t going to help me with this one?”] Jeremy always looked off of Micheal’s papers during class. Sure he tried to to his work once in a while but he could anyone understand all these numbers and letters put together!!!]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 50d 4h 36m 58s
[center [pic]


[center [u [Comfortaa His Best Friend]]]

[center [Comfortaa Michael was already in his seat when the low hanging Jeremy walked in. Jeremy Heere was Michael's best fucking friend since Kindergarten. Getting up from his seat, sipping his slushy, he made his way over to Jeremy and yanked his friend's arm into the desk next to him.]]

[center [Comfortaa [b "Haha, broooo. I can't wait for lunch, I have so much to tell you!"] Michael did his usual goofy laugh, eating one of his Maki rolls. His eyes darted over to the door as his teacher walked in. God how much he hated Mr. Gretch, but he also was one of the people that chuckled when Jeremy's name was called.]]

[center [Comfortaa Reason? Since Jeremy's last name was Heere, the teacher did attendance VIA Last Names. [b "Try saying present instead of here, Heere"] Michael snickers to his buddy, looking at the board. [i K]... When the teacher writes K on the board, get ready to duck down under your desk, this damn letter sucks. A lot. It's almost as scary as Algebra when they were Freshmen...]]

[center [u [Comfortaa Rich grew up, Jeremy and Michael are still losers. What will change?]]]
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 49d 7h 11m 47s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy took a deep breath and had finally gotten up the nerve to talk to one of them. He went over what he was going to say in his head. Simple greetings, complements, and then end it with a suggestion of hanging out some time. He couldn’t see how it could go wrong. Jeremy took another deep breath and clenched his sweaty palms. He closed his locker which caused all the girls to look at him. Shit. Too loud.]
[center Jeremy froze as all eyes were on him. His brain was in the fritz. Abort! Abort! But his dumb mouth had to say something to try and save the already dead moment. [+teal “Umm... Can I.... You want to... There’s this one... I heard yester—”] He was cut off as the group of girls all started laughing. Jeremy turned and ran from the scene like a guilty man. He kept running till something grabbed him backpack and slammed him into the locker. Jeremy grunted as he had the wind knocked out from him.]
[center Jeremy Heere felt like a dead man. He had been running so face and the sudden change of direction had propelled him into the locker head on. He was just about to move from looking like he was makeing out with the locker when he heard a voice that meant that nothing good was going on. [+red “Stop moving Tall-Ass! And if you try to wash this off I swear that I will kill you.”] Rich finished his masterpiece and admired Jeremy’s backpack like it was worth millions. He started to strut away as happy as a peacock when Jake walked up to Rich.]
[center Jeremy grunted and hoped that Rich hadn’t drawn any naked females on his bag. He decided he would look at it when he got to first period. His all time least favorite and hardest class, Math. The bane of his existence. Every class was the same with knowledge he didn’t think any person of earth should be able to understand. He slowly walked into the classroom and went over to his seat looking like the personification of a beanbag chair that had been sat in for too long.]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 52d 4h 27m 52s
[center [pic]


[center [u [Comfortaa A School Day With A Loser]]]

[center [Comfortaa Again, it was pretty normal for him. School was a casual everyday thing... [u Oh boy he wished it were a normal everyday thing]. Hopping out of the shitty piece-of-crap car, he slings his backpack around his shoulder and yawns. [b "Oh man... Oh man this is gonna suck, hopefully it won't be as bad as yesterday"] Michael hummed to himself and yeeted into the school entry.]]

[center [Comfortaa It started with a few casual kicks to his stuck locker, which have probably been there since dinosaurs were fucking born. Like, literally, since they were created by the damn bugs in the water. Anyway, this locker has been his since he started in High School, so he [b OBVIOUSLY] had to name it....

It's name is Brenda, and she can be a bitch sometimes.

His first class was boring, and he was around 23 minutes late. Which wasn't good, but the teacher didn't care, he was always late to class and was never marked down as tardy. But before he even get's to class, he stopped by Rich. Now, he wasn't wimpy, and he knew what was gonna happen. So, non-chalantly, he removes his backpack and gives it to Rich.

[b "Yeah, just do it, not like you take a break"] Michael mumbled, getting a sudden scoff [b[i "What'd you say, punk?"]]. Michael flinched back and chuckled nervously [b "Uhhh, ha. Nothing! I didn't say anything"] he says quickly. Rich takes the fat marker and writes in big, black inky letters 'riends'. Remember what I wrote back then? How his backpack is basically accustomed? Now you know.

Michael snatched his backpack away from the short male and grumbled, walking off to his class. He sipped from his cold drink, happy that it calmed him down and numbed his brain... Painfully. Another maki roll and he walked into class. He was greeted by his teacher and a few students, he greeted them back. This is gonna suck, time to survive first period;


[u No one likes math, and Michael is good at it.]
  Michael Mell / Clear- / 52d 5h 5m 42s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy hoped onto the bus and sat down in his seat towards the back. He wouldn’t be noticed back back here. He wished he would be noticed though by some of the “popular” kids. Then he would finally be considered one of the cool kids! But for now he would just be stuck watching the days fly by with only one person by his side. Michael Mell. Probably the coolest loser in the history of losers. The best kind of loser anyone could ever have by their side.]
[center Jeremy grunted as the bus went over a speed bump in the road and he was flung into the air and thrown into the seat in front of him as the bus stopped at the school. [+teal “Ow!”] He rubbed his forehead and stood up while clutching the strap to his backpack. [+teal “Guess it is time to start the day. Just got to remember to stay in the lines.”]

[center Jeremy went to his locker and fished around for his textbooks as he saw Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna standing next to him talking. Why couldn’t he ever have a shot with one of them? They were all part of the popular kids who called all the shots. Even being able to stand near the was an honor. Jeremy looked down at Chloe’s shoes and compared how close he was standing to them. They probably didn’t realize that he was even there. But he was actually this close! This must be a new record!]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 56d 13h 40m 6s
[center [pic]]

[center [Comfortaa [u Michael's Morning]]]

[center [Comfortaa It was a pretty simple morning for Michael Mell. Grab a shirt, anything is fine, his red zip-up hoodie with a bear on the back, a pair of pants that didn't smell like spilled Mountain Dew Red, his white shoes and accessories. [b "Headphones, wallet, keys... Err... Oh! Backpack"] he exclaims, grabbing the black and white patterned backpack that has had the word 'riends' on it so many times, it's like the pack was accustomed to said word.]]

[center [Comfortaa [b [i "Hi honey, there's a twenty on the counter for breakfast, see you when you get home"]] Evelyn, Michaels mother, calls from the kitchen. [b "Thanks mom, love you, see you later!"] he calls back and kisses her cheek before grabbing the crisp bill off of the kitchen counter and flees from the house.]]

[center [Comfortaa Once in the PT Cruiser -a hunk of junk but running- he starts it up [b "Oooh... Do I wanna be late to school orr..."] He says to himself. he decides to be late and drives off to Seven-Eleven for his usual breakfast; A large Mountain Dew Red slushy and his Maki Sushi Rolls. However, he didn't wanna waste the time of filling up his slurpie while he could be pumping gas, so he gives the cup to the girl working.]]

[center [Comfortaa Tapping his white shoes on the asphalt and broken pavement while pumping 15 bucks worth of gas into the car. The lady comes back with his cold delicious brain-freeze in a cup and giggles as she walks off. He glances at his mountain of slush [b "Oh, what a generous pour"] he grins like a fool and takes a long sip. 'Alright, to school' he thinks to himself before a brain-freeze comes in and says hello. The morning of Michael Mell is almost like any other student, he's just not cool or popular.]]

[center [Comfortaa [u He'd rather chill with his buddy Jeremy and tell him what he saw on the discovery channel while smoking pot in his basement than be cool.]]]
  Ellyse R. Jones / Clear- / 54d 4h 18m 14s
[center [pic]]
[center Jeremy laid in bed staring up at his phone. The internet was acting spotty again and nothing was loading. He groaned and left like throwing it at the wall but knew he would instantly regret it. He yawned and stretched before getting out of bed. [+teal “Looks like it is time to start the day.”] He goes over to his closet and looks for something that hasn’t been lying on the floor for days. All that was left was a striped shirt and a blue sweater. [+teal “I guess these work. Hopefully I don’t reek when I get to school.”]]

[center Jeremy went to the bathroom but was rudely interrupted by his dad. [+teal “D-Dad!? Get out!”] His dad laughed after making a remark about the army. How were they anything like the army? Jeremy quickly finished getting ready in the bathroom and rushed back to his room. He grabbed his phone and searched for his backpack. [+teal “Probably should have searched for it last night. I just hope that I find it and I don’t have to walk to school.”] Jeremy found his red backpack and ran outside to the bus stop.]
  Jeremy Heere / TessaFox / 58d 3h 43m 43s

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