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“Your dads dead” she said, examining her claws
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 25m 57s
(Nevermind) The two boys woke up and poked their head out of the stuffy chest.
  Timothy / Character / 23d 10h 26m 36s
It hissed, and slithered off. The dragon child was next to them suddenly “whatcha doing?”

  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 28m 52s
Lemmys father shrieked and passed away soon.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 29m 30s
“Hello snakeh boy” soemthing said from behind him, before a second, MUCH larger basilisk bit his arm
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 30m 19s
"Bye bye snakey boy" Lemmys father said sitting and watching it.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 31m 41s
It spat the rock out angrily, and thrashed under water
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 32m 18s
Lemmys father shoved a rock in it's mouth before holding the pole, teleporting to a nearby water source, and throwing it in.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 33m 17s
It hissed, and then raised its head, trying to bit whim again
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 34m 23s
He wrapped it around a pole and made sure it couldn't move.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 35m 8s
It hissed, and thrashed, it’s long tial slamming into everything
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 36m 10s
Lemmys father dodged it again and grabbed it before slamming it into the ground.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 37m 23s
It looked down,a Nd lunged fr him, and tried to bite him again
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 38m 5s
Lemmys father ignored the basilisk and harpooned it with a magic harpoon.
  Character / Character / 23d 10h 38m 51s
The basilisk roared, and tried to lock eyes again.
  HydreigonMaste / 23d 10h 40m 10s

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