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[center A love destined for heartbreak,] [center A desire too strong to ignore.] [center You’re just the lady-in-waiting,] [center Tangled in bed with your future king.][center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ff/03/09/ff030988a64d7fbe3c9f4c9acb517549.gif]]
You met the dashing young man one spring afternoon, on top the hillside that over looked the bustling village. It was a spot you visited since childhood, an escape from daily chores and attending to your princess, the future queen of the proud, most powerful kingdom of Asteria.
The two of you spent many afternoons together there, each heart growing fonder and fonder. But eventually he had to say his goodbyes, claiming a life he was forced to live awaited him. And just as you thought he’d only be a memory forever stained in your longing heart, a twisted turn of events said otherwise.

Your beloved princess, the young woman you could also call friend, was to marry a foreign prince to strengthen her already bountiful kingdom — the prince who also turned out to be the one you secretly fell in love with.
He had lied about being a farmer’s son, visiting family in Asteria; and you had lied in your own way by not telling him you were a servant to the crown.

Now you must watch the man you love marry your princess, a sister by bond instead of blood. But the desire he shares with you is far too strong and eventually your crime of passion can no longer be contained.
Could there be a happy ending to your fate’s cruel joke, or must the two of you hide within the shadows, and for how long?

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] “Poetry?” Selene had carefully set aside her art supplies, along with his drawing of her, and laid with her head in his lap to enjoy what was left of the day. These days came to an end far too quickly for Selene’s liking, but for the moment she could enjoy the way he touched her hair, and the sound of his voice.

“My baker is also a poet. I would love to have them written, so I can read them and hear you when we aren’t here.” She could read them when she had tea before bed. That sounded lovely, though it wasn’t as if he was far from her mind then anyway.

Selene reached up to caress his cheek, more interested in him than the scenery around them. It was lovely, but there was nothing that compared to those soft blue eyes looking down at her,”I’d stay here with you forever if I could. Tomorrow I think I shall bring a book.”

And then it would be his turn to lie with his head in her lap, at least for a little while. Celestia would be expecting her, so sooner than she’d like she had to leave. She had her sketch though, her own face drawn with his hands. She didn’t intend on showing that to anyone, but she would tuck it away as a little treasure.

Sure enough Celestia was waiting for her. The bride-to-be full of nerves. SHe had enough on her mind with the upcoming wedding that she hardly noticed that her lady-in-waiting was a little distracted. Which book to bring?

The next day she settled on a storybook, one that featured talking animals on a quest. Childish, but one she enjoyed when she was small, and thought to share with him. With the book in hand, and art supplies left behind for the day, she returned to the tree at the top of the hill once again, ready to spend at least some of the afternoon reading to her baker poet. Maybe even the next day, if he wanted her to continue the story.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
It was clear that Ramson barely knew how to wield a pencil against paper, but Selene’s delighted appraisal shot a beam of happiness through out him. “It’s hard to capture such beauty, you’re already a living, breathing embodiment of art,” Ramson said, tucking his portrait attempt away for her to keep. She gave him her drawing, and he planned to keep it for as long as the Deities granted him life. “You, on the other hand, captured me flawlessly.” He could see how she saw him, each stroke pleasant and handsome. He hoped desperately he was as kind and good as she perceived him.
[i You are not a monster.]
Ramson prayed Selene would never see the blood on his hands.
It wouldn’t be long before he would have to say his goodbyes, the thought of only having Selene as a fond memory souring the moment so he quickly shook it away.

“I also dabble in some poetry,” Ramson said. He scooted closer to the tree, resting his back against the trunk and gently maneuvered Selene to rest her head on his lap. He ran his fingers feathe-light through her hair, relishing the touch of each soft strand. She smiled up at him and his heart hammered ferociously against his ribcage. Her beautiful soul shined like a bright star through her tender eyes. “You inspired a few words, my muse.”

Ramson cleared his throat.
“I wake up every day with your smile on my mind.
It's a beautiful sight to behold, so soft and so kind.
My dreams are filled with the thought of me and you.
I awake and smile, for my dreams have come true.”

It was simple, yet so much truth in every word. “I have plenty more,” he said and bent down to kiss her forehead. “I shall write them down so you can keep them close to your heart, instead of hearing the words to travel with the wind. If you’d like.”
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] Her sketch of a flower was nearly finished when he arrived. It was soon forgotten once he was there. His touch made her skin tingle,”Oh? I would love to draw your face.”

Selene smiled at the kisses on her hand,”Then today is your art lesson, my very distracting student.” She took his hand in hers, pulled it close to kiss the back, then his wrist. Selene always had a few extra papers, and supplies, so she brought them out. That afternoon they spent mostly drawing. Some kisses were exchanged, when she would help him, but mostly she enjoyed the long, loving looks while she tried to capture his face on paper. Simple black and white, trying to get every detail down, the beautiful hair, his warm smile, and that way his eyes were when looking at her, soft and with a light in them.

While they sketched she talked, asked him about books. If he had any favorite stories. About how he liked his tea, since she shared that she often had a cup of tea and read a little in the evenings when her duties were done for the night.

When she was finished she presented the sketch to him, and admired his attempt. He obviously was no artist, his art was in the kitchen, but it was passable and more delightful because of the fact that it was his attempt, and the effort was clearly there. “My star pupil.” Selene affectionately murmured with a kiss to his cheek,”Though to be fair, my only pupil.”
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
Ramson never considered a favorite color, but when looking into Selene's eyes, he could easily say violet. But instead he answered yellow, because it was so different from the cloudy atmosphere of Perses. Even the sun in his homeland lacked the intense shine that Asteria had. And there were so many yellow followers at their hilltop that it was impossible to not fall in love with the color.
“I'll make sure to bring more strawberries for my favorite strawberry,” he said, drowning in all of her touches. He silently begged for more, but the day came to an end and tomorrow's meeting waited.

“Looks like you beat me this time, lovely,” Ramson said in greeting after hurrying up the hill with jittery excitement for the new day. He tossed and turned all night, anticipating to see Selene again. He tried to make up scenarios in his head of them together to help him slip into dreamland, but even that barely worked. There was nothing like the real thing.
Ramson planted a tender kiss on her cheek before he sat down, peering down at the sketchbook on her lap.
“How much for a portrait of your favorite baker?” Ramson said and playfully wiggled his eyebrows. “Or! Better yet, will you be my enticing young teacher and I your obedient student?”
He trailed his fingers down her bare arm, smiling at the goosebumps that appeared on her skin. He picked up her fingers and kissed each one, not caring that they were slightly smudged from her art tool.

“We can try and draw each other,” Ramson offered. “I can’t promise I’ll be any good, but I must say, I’ll have the best teach around.”
  Ramson / BlessedBe / 94d 8h 9m 39s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] If only time could stand still. She would love to stay here on this hill with him. The desserts were as delightful to taste as they were to look at. How had he gotten such a variety of ingredients for so many baked things? He had to have been working on this for hours to have made all of these.

Selene smiled at him and the little nickname. Her hands caressed his cheeks and she kissed him lightly,”This is my favorite. My sweet baker.” Another kiss,”But I do like the lemon.” Punctuated with yet another kiss,”Strawberries.” Her hands slipped into his hair, around the back of his neck as she kissed him again,”And cream.”

Their picnic ended too soon for her liking. They talked a little more of flavors, and she inquired about his favorite colors while sharing that she liked many colors, but particularly blue and pink, and then it was time to go, with promises to come back the next day.

Selene could hardly wait to spend every afternoon with him, at least until Celestia’s wedding demanded enough of her attention that she couldn’t slip away. For now though, she just had to pack her picnic and go back for the evening to tend to Celestia before bed. Again she didn’t tell Celestia about her baker on the hill. It was easy enough to deflect the conversation from her afternoon excursions to ask about the upcoming wedding. Celestia was excited and nervous about meeting her future husband, about her wedding day, and if they would like each other. Selene listened, sympathized, and tried to reassure Celestia that things would be wonderful.

The next day she slipped away as soon as she was able to go to their hill, hoping to meet him and steal as much time as possible. She did bring her book to sketch in while she waited, in case he had a harder time slipping away than she did.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
Ramson’s heart stuttered at Selene’s words. He could jump up and down with pure happiness that she felt exactly the same way. How could he be so lucky?
[i It won’t last forever... Soon, she’ll be gone and your chaotic life will continue...]
Ramson ignored his venomous thoughts, not allowing the creeping sadness of reality to ruin this day with her.
“I wish time could stand still, but atlas, you are right,” Ramson said and only slightly moved away, not wanting to be too far from her, to grab the basket and begin arranging the desserts out before them. Again, he made sure to decorate them all into the shape of hearts, some big and some small. Ramson noticed the meat and cheese Selene brought was fresh, newly hunted and sliced. He wondered just how wealthy the woman she served was to be able to afford such fresh meat and bread. But it didn’t weigh heavy on his mind, it went as fast as it came.

They enjoyed their picnic quietly for a bit, Ramson watching Selene savor every bite from each dessert. He could tell she never had anything like it.
As a child, the castle’s cook, Chief Trenton, taught him how to bake. A heavy set young man with welcoming dimples and a smile always in his eyes. At night when his parents were in bed, Trenton would keep the lights in the grand kitchen low and teach everything there was to know about the art of baking. It took years of their secret meetings, but eventually Ramson did more than perfect it, he even exceeded over Trenton.
“[i So sad your talent can’t go beyond these walls,]” Trenton said on their last night together in the kitchen, a couple years back. Trenton had to return home, his father suddenly ill. “[i I hope one day the world can taste the excellence your hands create.]”
At least now Selene could.

“So, what’s the verdict, my lovely dove?” He reached out his hand and wiped away a smidge of icing at the corner of her mouth with his thumb.
Ramson had many endearing nicknames already in mind for her, and he planned to shower her in them for as long as he could. “Your eyes lit up so bright for all of them. Your beauty ceases to amaze me.”
  Ramson / BlessedBe / 94d 12h 51m 27s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] “You are sweeter than any dessert.” He was strong. She could feel it in the way he lifted her like it was nothing. Her eyes half closed at his affectionate attention, his face so close to hers. An intense kiss, the kind that had been filling her thoughts since yesterday.

“I should be asking you that.” Selene murmured, their lips barely apart,”You have completely captivated me.” It seemed impossible, and yet after three days she was sure that he was the one she wanted. Once Celestia’s wedding was over, since that was currently the center of life in the palace, she could approach the topic. Until then, this would be her little secret.

The kisses left her breathless, wanting more. Would they even bother with the picnic? Finally she did pull back, cheeks flushed,”We shouldn’t let our picnic go to waste.” He was like a cool, shaded pool on a warm day, irresistibly inviting. It took effort to not lean in again to feel his lips against hers. Still, she was slow to move much farther away. “I’ll have to be back before dark.”

Selene gently pushed his hair back, tucked it behind his ear. She was tempted to keep running her fingers through, enjoying the soft texture. But she stopped, and smiled,”I doubt any dessert will compare to the baker himself, but I would be delighted to try.”
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
Looking at Selene, Ramson wondered why the Deities blessed him with her when there would be so much blood on his hands. How did he deserve such a lovely creature? He had to stop his thoughts from ruining the moment. The sun casted a halo against het hair again, a soft glow radiating off her delicate features. She was tempting him, leaning in so close he could count every eyelash and not complain.
“You’re the sweetest thing my hands have ever touched,” Ramson murmured as he inched forward slowly. “I don’t think I could ever say no to you.”

Ramson picked her up as if she were light as a feather, gathering her onto his lap and snaking a daring hand around her neck. He nuzzled his nose at her temple, such soft hair caressing his face. He was completely enamored with her, his little secret artist with the kindest eyes of all of Asteria.
“You’ve captures my mind the moment I met you,” Ramson whispered. “How did you do it? Steal my heart within three short days.”

Just as they kissed once more, this time much deeper and passionate, a snickering Stella watched from behind a far off tree.
“[i This is too good to be true,]” Stella said to herself, a wicked smirk spreading across her rosy lips. Even from her distance she could see how intense and fiery their kiss was.
“[i Perfect. All hail King Ramson.]” She cackled all the way back to the cottage.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] Selene was delighted to see him, all giggles and smiles when he swept her up on her arrival. The kiss only the first of many that afternoon, she hoped. “Good afternoon to you as well.”

An awkward smile at his comment about the lady she served,”She is. She has a fondness for fabrics.” But Selene didn’t want to get into too much detail, and was relieved that he didn’t say more. They had their picnic to enjoy. She set the basket she had brought on a corner of the quilt,”Oh? Planning to spoil me?”

Shoes were slipped off, and she took a step onto the blanket with bare feet,”No shoes on my blanket. I stitched it all myself.”

Once their shoes were off her arms went over his shoulders to loosely pull him into an embrace. Those blue eyes were still as captivating now as they had been before, perhaps more. Selene could feel herself being drawn in even more than she had meant to. Her eyes bright, her expression lovingly teasing,”And what would you do if my favorite taste was not a dessert at all? Would you indulge me so sweetly?”
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
That night, Stella was determined to tell Ramson to poison the Queens of Asteria himself. He knew from the start that it might come down to that, but the closer the wedding got the more he felt sick to his stomach. He wasn’t a murderer, the image of slipping poison into their morning tea and watching the life drain from their eyes unsettled him.
[i You are not a monster,] Ramson had to constantly remind himself. [i Your father wouldn’t harm you or his kingdom intentionally... Would he?]
“[i There’s a possibility I could convince my daughter to help],” Stella said, the wheels in her brain turning mischievously. “[i She would be the perfect candidate, she tends to the princess and has full access to the whole castle.]”
Ramson tried to picture Stella’s daughter and wondered if she too was a pain in the ass.
“[i I can’t see your daughter agreeing to this,]” Arnold said, the brooding old man with a full white beard and beady eyes. It didn’t matter the time of day, he always seemed to have a dark shadow cast around him. He was one of the Queen’s chancellor turned rouge. Their inside man.
“[i I know how to work my daughter, I’m not tossing out the idea.]”

Ramson was happy to be back in the kitchen when their conversation was over, lost in thoughts of Selene’s tender kiss and the variety of desserts he prepared with skilled hands.
[i You’re not a monster.]
His brain kept attacking him with imaged of blood everywhere, spilling all over Asteria in a thundering storm. It was like these pestering visions interrupting his warm thoughts of Selene were trying to tell him something.
Or warn him...

[center ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀]
Ramson triumphantly made it to their tree first this time. He rested his head against the trunk of the willow, enjoying the gentle sounds of nature and the light rush of water from the stream. The sun felt amazing against his face, the breeze caressing his hair. In that moment he wished his life could only be filled with days of Selene and their hilltop, lazing about and cuddled together.
The sound of her footsteps sprang his eyes open with excitement, the biggest smile to ever cross his lips welcoming her. He stood up in one fluid motion, graceful and agile from all his combat training.
“Good afternoon, my lady,” Ramson said and swept her to him, spinning around playfully before slightly dipping her back to steal an anticipated kiss. He just simply couldn’t wait to feel her lips against his again. “Let me help you with that.”

The quilt was beautiful, to no surprise. And the fabric... heavy, and the colors... so vibrant. “The woman you serve must be exceptionally wealthy.” But he didn’t think too much about it. He whipped it out, closer to the mote that circled the tree so they could see the jumping fishes that lived there. “I made a variety of desserts this time. Some sweet, some tart. I must know which pallet you prefer so I can make only your favorite.”
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] Pressed against him she was lost in the intensity of passion. Selene wanted nothing but him, the warmth of his hand at her waist and his body against hers. She didn’t want the moment to end, she could have stayed there until night, until morning came, exploring every sensation.

But he pulled away at the call of a crow, leaving her a little dazed with one last light kiss. Her face felt hot. His smile was lovely,”Tomorrow.” Selene confirmed, still a little breathless. She would see him again then. If not sooner, in her dreams. “I’ll meet you here. As soon as I can.”

They walked back together to the hilltop, her carrying her shoes most of the way before stopping to slip them on. This time the walk was quieter, sharing longing looks full of affection. Did he want to stay with her as badly as she wished she could stay with him?

At the tree where they had met she gathered her things. She paused, biting her lower lip slightly. She’d like to kiss him again, but the same as he needed to leave, so did she before she was missed. “Until tomorrow.”

That evening she couldn’t get him out of her head. The kiss kept coming to mind, though she didn’t tell that part to Celestia. When Celestia asked about the dampness of the bottom of her skirt, and why Selene kept smiling, she just said she had fun in the shallows of the river. Technically true.

Not the whole truth though. Selene brushed through Celestia’s hair after they ate and she got Celestia ready for bed. It was at that time Selene asked how the preparations for the wedding were going. It was coming up soon, and Celestia’s betrothed was due to arrive in advance of the actual ceremony.

“Terribly boring in some ways.” Celestia sighed,”Seating arrangements are awful. I have to worry about who sits next to who, and make sure everyone is in an appropriate place for their rank. I miss choosing the food, at least then I got to taste things.”

Selene made sympathetic noises. A huge wedding like this, of royalty to royalty, sounded quite stressful. She wondered what her own wedding might be like. Certainly smaller than Celestia’s. And for who she would marry, all she could think of was her dark haired baker. “Mmm, I’m sure it will be perfectly lovely, no matter who is sitting where. No one will be paying attention to that when they see you in that dress. You’ll be the most beautiful bride in the world.”

Celestia smiled at her friend and lady-in-waiting. “Thank you. I sort of wish you would come help.”

And lose her free afternoons? Not a chance now, but Selene just offered another smile and shook her head,”I wouldn’t be much help with seating and guest lists. Later on, perhaps. With flowers and decorations.” Perhaps, though she was enjoying her afternoons away.

With Celestia in bed Selene got herself some tea and found it hard to settle down. She kept thinking back to that afternoon, and toward tomorrows picnic. Still, eventually she did lay down to sleep, and her dreams were filled with a picnic under the trees, and many sweet kisses.

That morning she attended to Celestia, seeing that she was dressed and they had their lessons. Mostly the lessons were for Celestia. She was expected to be Queen one day, and needed to know how to rule. Selene was just expected to stay at her side, and help when asked.

Preparing for the picnic took her longer than she’d like. Choosing a quilt to lay down was difficult. She’d made several. And eventually settled on one that was mostly blue, with little bits of pink. Then came packing food. He had said he would bring desserts, but what should she bring? Nothing too heavy, this wasn’t really a proper meal. She settled for a selection of fruits and cheeses with some bread. As for the drink she was at a complete loss. What might pair with his mystery desserts? After spending too much time considering it she gave up and decided to just bring water, since it couldn’t really clash with anything.

She was much later than she wanted to be arriving at the meeting place by the river. She had meant to come early and set up, laying out the blanket. She had even tried slipping away early to prepare her picnic and leave, but that hadn’t worked out at all.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
[i Ramzi.] Dammit, he wanted to hear her say his actual name on her tongue, but it was close enough and it still washed a wave of tingling warmth over his entire body.
“Our little haven, I like that,” Ramson breathed, goosebumps covering every inch of his flesh at her hand in his hair. Delicate and gentle, he was shivering from pleasure.
And that pleasure multiplied into thousands of sparks when Selene broke their distance to find his lips with hers. His breath caught in his throat, savoring the taste and softness of her lips.

Ramson caved in and brought her in against him, his free hand wrapping around her waist. She was perfectly curved, molding against him like a missing puzzle piece he didn’t know he’d been searching for.
A tiny moan vibrated in the back of his throat, the breeze picking up their hair to intertwine, the many folds of her skirts tangling around his legs. The kiss was better than he imagined, he was drowning in desire and didn’t need saving. He would sink, and sink, and sink into the depths of his overpowering feelings for her.

But the kiss was interrupted by the caw of a distant crow, reminding him that he had to get back before the sun sat on the horizon. Stella and his colleagues were finally ironing out the details of their plan to overtake Asteria in hopes to save Perses.
“I must go,” Ramson said, pressing one last, light kiss on her lips before reluctantly pulling away. He kept hold of her hands, smiling at the sight of her. Flushed from their intense kiss, she shined all over. A true angel, he couldn’t help but feel a tug of guilt. He didn’t deserve her...
“Tomorrow I’ll bring a variety of desserts for our picnic. And I want you to bring your most proudest quilt stitched by your own hands. I can’t wait to see it.”

Ramson knew his mind would keep wandering back to their kiss, Stella sure to get annoyed by his absentmindedness. But Selene was all he wanted, slowly beginning to cloud his duty for his people and Perses.
This couldn’t end well...
  Ramson / BlessedBe / 100d 10h 17m 14s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] Could he feel the way her heart raced at his touch? The way it skipped when his lips touched her cheek? So close, but not quite. The desire for him burned, threatening to consume her. Selene’s fingers trailed back, deeper into his hair. Dark and soft, she could spend hours combing through his hair with her fingers.

He pulled away, barely, and she found herself leaning back in slightly. There wasn’t any hiding the way her cheeks were flushed and warm. Her words came out quiet, to not break that delicate intimacy of their closeness,”You are secretly a poet, Ramzi.”

Closer and closer. Selene leaned in,”You make me forget anyone or anything exists outside our little haven.” Her lips touched his cheek, a little closer to the corner of his mouth. Almost a dare to invite him closer. He really did make her forget her duties, obligations, the fact that she was bound to serve at the whims of royalty, and not completely free to make her own decisions.

At least she had meant to keep it a kiss much like his own, close but not quite. The longer she lingered, the more intensely she wanted more. She had scarcely pulled away, hadn’t yet caught her breath, when she leaned back in and her lips found his. Two days, and she was head over heels. He was going to be the end of her.
  Yavanna / 100d 18h 5m 40s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AzDeXoz.jpg]]
It was a relief to hear that Selene served a cordial woman. Ramson knew how most wealthy people treated their servants, like dirt meant to be walked on. Maybe Asteria truly was different in more ways than one. It pained his heart that his people chose to be harsh rather than giving. Not all, but most. His land was a dying land, the poor begging for food and the wealthy hungry with power. He wanted — no, [i needed] — to save his people.

But in order to do that, blood was the sacrifice... Royal blood.
Asteria was the Goddess of Stars, but his kingdom Perses, was the God of Destruction. Ramson believed there had to be more to his kingdom’s life than its dreary existence. It was in dire need of change. He prayed to all the Deities that Asteria was his answer. That their plan would suffice for the Gods...

“I must say,” Ramson said, returning his head from the clouds. “The people I’ve known for years can’t compare to how you make me feel after two days.”
Ramson’s entire body ignited at her touch in his hair, his heart thrumming chaotically like the wings of a hummingbird. “Just being with you makes all my troubles nonexistent.”

Ramson’s hand traveled slowly to the side of her neck, his thumb resting on her collarbone. He leaned in, basking in her floral scent, and placed a tender kiss on her cheek. The kiss lightly grazed the edge of her mouth. He lingered on her cheek for as long as he could before his desire for her devoured him completely. He pulled away just a little, their faces dangerously close.
“No river in a thousand miles could sweep me away quite like you do.”
How sappy, but Ramson had become a hopeless romantic over her.
  Ramson / BlessedBe / 100d 20h 20m 49s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0TTBpHF.jpg]] Selene was quite happy to take his hand, and keep hold while she led them both up the stream. She liked this walk normally, but with him it was enchanting, almost dream like. Especially once they were under the shade of the trees, seeing the way light and shadow played over his hair and face.

“Oh, no. She’s really quite lovely.” Selene assured him,”I’m very fond of her, actually. Though it is nice to get away sometimes. Fresh air, a break from the responsibilities.”

Celestia was good to her, and if that were all Selene might be quite happy at court. Celestia’s mother though, the queen, had always been a little harder on Selene in some ways. Some of the ladies also had some wariness or outright dislike of her, which she had learned had more to do with her mother than herself. Servants talked, and Selene talked more with the servants than the typical noble lady, so she’d learned quite a bit from them, when they were willing to tell her.

Rather than dwell on the situation at court, Selene changed the subject,”This is a lovely place to get away. Not too far to travel, yet it feels like another world. Doesn’t it? Hardly anyone bothers to come this way too.”

The water was wonderful and refreshing against her feet. Her skirt lifted slightly with one hand, while the other kept in his, she ran her toes over smoothed river rocks in the water. She looked up from the river to him,“Mm. Almost?”

Selene let the skirt of her dress fall. The bottom would be soaked, but that hardly mattered to her then. There was a troubled look in his eyes which she wanted to chase away. With that hand she pushed his hair back from his face, letting her fingers trail along his cheek. Her head tilted and she smiled,”What would it take for you to forget them for a while?” Her smile turned a little mischievous and she added teasingly,”I could wash them away. The river may oblige.”
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