The Wolves of Four Seasons

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[center [size20 [#f2d2f4 The Wolves of Four seasons]]]
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[center [#fa442e “Yes I heard it. It reminds me of the sound of ice cracking in the winter. Almost like when something’s too heavy for it.”]

He looked to his golden hued friend and seemed to grin slightly. This place was always full of surprises but one had to always be careful not to stumble upon anything too dangerous. Other seasonal wolves could be dangerous. It was always best to hide ones abilities just to make sure no one could tell what tribe one could be from. Sometimes the color patterns could give them away though.

His own red hue was known among summer wolves and that lovely golden shade was very well known to autumn wolves. Wolves that held no power though were usually left alone. Really all him and his friend had to do was act like they could do nothing. It wasn’t like wolves or any other animal approached them willingly.

He nodded to his companion and followed him. What they came across at first was two wolves but then one changed to her human form. He was a little surprised. Their human forms weren’t used all that much. At least not among the summer and autumn tribes. They stayed as wolves most of the time.

There was a slight chill in the air because of the ice. Mixed with the ice though was patches of flowers. Ah... Spring and winter. Both young and both holding powers.

The red wolf shook himself slightly and inches closer to his companion. The two traveled constantly together and barely did anything without the other. The autumn wolf was about a year or two older than the summer wolf and sometimes it showed by the summer Wolf’s timid nature that caused him to rely on his golden friend.]
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[center [#e8a74f “Did you hear that just now..?”]

His ears were perked up straining to hear the sound again. He looked to the red hued wolf next to him and tilted his head slightly. Surely he had heard it too right..? Maybe not..? He looked ahead before tilting his head up a bit. He let the different scents slowly fill his nose. So many different ones. It was easy to tell the difference though.

Other animals. Humans. Other wolves. Everything had it’s own unique scent after all.

[#e8a74f “It’s other wolves. I believe they may have something to due with the other seasons though. They aren’t from either of our packs.”]

He looked back to his companion and his tail wagged a bit.

[#e8a74f “We should go and see them. It never hurts to check in on the other tribes. That’s what my father always says. He’s always looking in at them even though he’s not suppose to. You know rules and stuff.”]

Not that their two tribes ever followed those rules. Rules were meant to be broken. That’s something his loving mother use to tell him. She was dead now. Due to a little trouble with the summer pack. Sometimes bad apples were born. Nothing anyone could do about that though.]
  .Autumn. / Nerium / 65d 2h 27m 31s
[center Ayame jump when she heard her brother snarly voice. She looked over at him, her golden eyes shimmered. [#fdafc2 "Look brother I am sorry I worried everyone.... I just wanted to know what was out there... you and mother are always smothering me..."] she said with a snarl.

She made he way to her feet. A flowery vine was slithering beneath her feet. It shatter he brother ice as he approacher her. Her mixed colored fur stood as she dug her sharp pink claws into the ground.

It wasn't uncommon for her and her brother to get into fights. Lately something had been calling her to this forest. This forest was special, but not exactly in a good away. This was the rough forest... The same forest their father had lost his life in.

It was hard telling was lurked in here. Humans, other wolves, other animals that desired power. Ayame golden eyes shimmer with anger. [#fdafc2 "Look brother I just want some air.... I am truly sorry I have upset you... mother... I just wanted to explore...."] she said as she looked towards the ground that was now covered in patch of ice and flowers.

[#fdafc2 "Let's go home..."] he said as she shifted into her human form. Her hair was long and had many shades of pink. Her blue eye seem to be filled with happiness and emotion as she hug into the snow colored wolf's fur. Yukiji fur was always so corse but today it actually felt soft and silky.
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[center Yukiji told his mother to stay within the Winter's territory while he search else where for his sister. His mother was far too weak, he couldn't risk losing her. Yukiji ran around the forest sniff the air trying his hardest to find his sister. Her scent was in the air but there were others. Humans and even other wolves.

Yukiji snow color fur stood up as he heard the sounds of man. He ran fast looking for his sister. [#a4fb98 "Ayame "] he howl loudly. He continue running. His heart was racing as he lost her scent. He was able to trace it again, but the the scent of other wolves was also getting stronger.

He had to get to her and fast. If something thing happen to her his mother would be heart broken. The scent of fresh flowers starting to grow stronger as he made his way deeper into the rough forest. Yukiji had heard stories about this forest how many wolves died in it. How the humans like to hunt in it. How many rough wolves would kill anything that step in their path.

All these thoughts of fear were racing through his mind. He then seen his sister laying in a patch of flower. [#a4fb98 "Ayame!"] he snarled baring his teeth at her. [#a4fb98 "How foolish could you be! Wondering into this forest... alone... Don't you know how worried mother is?"] he said his ice blue eyes were piercing.

As he step closer to his sister the ground started to freeze under his mighty paws. The sound of ice cracked through the forest.
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[center Separated due to differences the tribes became four packs. Never mixing. The leader of the summer pack knew the problems with this and met with the leader of the Autumn leader. They came to an agreement that some of their pack members could breed as long as they weren’t alphas. Alphas were born with a gift after all and the gift must be passed on. They were unsure if the gift would pass correctly should two different wolves with different gifts breed.

This rule was broken though. Several times. Not wanting inbreeding and caring not for a pure line they took that rule out. They kept this a secret from the other two tribes. The summer and autumn tribes were very mixed with both types of wolves.

One day though a new leader took a hold of the summer pack and any wolves from the autumn tribe were killed. Apparently he said that they were being betrayed and that the only way to insure that the world was right was to keep the autumn wolves away. Not many would rise up against an alpha but the packs were furious and both struck the summer wolf down with little sympathy.

Sadly the summer pack started dying off. Supposedly no cubs were born with the gift of summer. One day a lone female and a cub came into the summer wolf territory. Apparently she was just a normal she wolf. She hadn’t belonged to any of the seasonal tribes. Yet the cub with her had been born with the gift of summer. She told her story. How she had once been in these woods and a male wolf had entertained her all night with stories of the seasons and how they lived.

She couldn’t stay though and she left him behind to return home. Her home had been destroyed by humans though and she thought to return here. She had taken awhile though because she was pregnant. Traveling alone through these woods was already dangerous. Anything could attack her. Plus some of the seasons weren’t as friendly. She had her cubs on the way here. All of them had died but the one with her now.

He was born of summer. At least that’s what another wolf had told her. One from the autumn pack. They had treated her well and even escorted her to the edge of the summer packs cave.

They took her and the young cub in. She didn’t stay long and left the cub in their paws. She didn’t want to be a burden to them.

The wolf pup of summer was raised along the autumn wolf who had lost his mother to the last leader of the summer pack. Both grew to be like brothers to one another.

When they weren’t learning to use their gifts they explored the forests together. They were warned as always to be careful and they were.

Today wasn’t any different. They were out walking along side each other. Their coat colors were different, but no one would suspect them to be caring any gifts. They didn’t look like anything special and they weren’t guarded.]
  .Summer. / Nerium / 103d 22h 44m 40s
[font "century gothic" Long ago there was a pack of wolves. These wolves consisted of four leader. Each leader was blessed with a special power. The four seasons normally got a long peacefully blessing the earth with their gifts. Unfortunately the peace seemed to end short. Seasons tending to over run other seasons.

The packs were divided it fours. As each generation went pups were blessed with a special gift, the strongest would train with the elders, eventually take over pack. Breeding season came around. Of course it was against the pack if female sunk out to breed with other males that were from a different season. If caught they were banished from the pack, or worst.

Kiva's mother Larka on the other hand was brave a long with a few other female. Most of them did the hunting so it wasn't like they weren't use to being out for long periods of time. Kiva mother had sunk out looking for someone else to breed with other than all the men that lurked in her pack. None of them suited her. They were all the same, all they wanted to do was breed then run off with some other pretty thing that moved.

The long white and brown wolf run father into the forest. The smell of fresh snow tickle her nose. It was dangerous here, sure enough she found trouble a beautiful white wolf growl baring his ivory fangs at her. She snarled her golden colored never leaving him at he drew closer to her.

Who are you the white wolf demanded. Larka she stated dryly. The white wolf had heard that name before. It was the leader of the Spring packs daughter. He growl at her, Larka didn't flinch. She snarled right back at him. Her golden colored eyes piercing his blue eyes. Larka was and was a skilled hunter and had taken down pray much larger than him.

It didn't take long for the two to get into a quarrel. The white wolf was empresses by her skills. Larka frozen when she heard the howls of other wolves in the distance. White wolf looked at Larka was was clearly frighten. He let out an echoing howling letting the other know he was fine. Larka stood there in bewilderment. Why didn't he let the other know I was here.

The wolf wolf spoke to her softly that he enjoyed their little brawl. Ever since that night two of them would sneak out in secret meeting each other. The two had fallen deeply in love with each other with another breeding season just around the corner it was thrilling. The two of course did what was natural for two lovers let a long wolves. They breed, of course it would be hard to keep the pups a scerect. So the two decided to run away together forgetting their past lives, their duties.

About four months later the two was bless with two health pups. The two of them were different the female pup who was later name Kiva Ayame was blessed with Spring's kiss and the male was who name Kiba Yukiji was graced by Winter. The mixed pups were gorgeous, but a sin. If found they would be put to death. The small family of four hid deep in an unknown forest getting help for other friendly animals that lived there. Life was peaceful.

Misfortune seemed to follow after the family of four. It didn't take long for the Spring pack and to find the family. Larka father was furious. Threaten to kill the bastard pups. Larka fought bravely against her father, doing her best to protect her young. Larka was able to stop her father but she was out number. With a loud thud behind her she see her love, Silver. He whisper something in her ear which made Larka shiver, Larka understood. She grabbed her to pups and took off running. Silver stay behind, taking down any of the wolves that tried to follow.

Larka knew that deep down Silver wasn't going to return to her. Her father had the bloodlust in his eyes. The two pups whimper and cried as their mother ran. Larka was greeted by an unfamiliar voice. A black wolf with white paw, and ears step out from behind a tree. Come with me he said, softly. The wolf had a faint scent of Silver. The wolf lead Larka to a group of others. So this was the Winter's pack. Larka was exhausted from the fight she laid down in the snow letting her to pups go, they curled up beside her. Larka heart was sinking at it got later and later there was no sign of Silver. She was worried but she had to stay strong.

Hours past and Silver appeared, he was a mess. His white fur was stained with blood. Larka ran to side after making sure their pups didn't stir. Larka whimper she knew it wouldn't be long. I told you I would come back to you Silver as he wrapped his neck around her's. Larka golden color eyes filled with tears. She didn't want to lose her mate, her lover but there wasn't anything she could do. His injuries were far too severe for her to be able to do a thing. All Larka could do was laid with him.

Silver looked at her sighing softly, he could tell Larka was upset. Nuzzled into her soft warm fur and closed his eyes. Larka no matter what you must be strong for this family. My pack has agreed for you to live with them... so please do... live a happy life with our young... watch them grow... He said softly. Silver body was starting to get, opened his eyes glance at the others. He gave Larka another soft nuzzle as he stay close to her. Each breath growing shorter and more ragged. Larka ears lay flat against her head. As she hear Silver last breath. The other wolves had group around them remorse held to all their muzzles.

Larka laid next to her mate for what seemed like hours. Another she wolf had been staying close to her pups keeping them warm. The black and white wolf approach Larka with his ears flatten again his head, he looked at the grieving she wolf. He sighed softly before speaking to her. Silver has told us all about you... he wants you to come with us... We promised we would take care of you and your young so please come with us... the other will make sure, Silver's body is taken care of. Please come with us back to our home lands.You will be safe their no harm will come to you or your family...

Larka had no choice she couldn't go home they had to move fast before her father found them or worse. Larka went with the black and white wolf at moon fall. She carefully took her sleeping pups, who stir slightly as their mother grabbed them by the scruff. Larka was still a mess at the loss of her mate. Her pups were still sleeping and had no clue what was going on.

After walking a few mile they reached Winter territory. Larka could feel eyes watching her as she followed after the black and white wolf. An elder white wolf approached them. His gray muzzle full of emotions. So you are Larka of the Spring pack. Larka nodded as she softly place her young pups at her feet they huddled close to their mother. The elder wolf looked at the two young pups.

You are welcome to stay here he said. My son who told me so much about died with honor and I can see why. Larka couldn't believe her ear. Silver had never spoke of his life here, it was all news to her. She was grateful even in death her love seemed to surprise her. Larka was shown to the large den. They pack had made a special spot for Larka and her young.

Years had past and life was yet again peaceful. Larka was happy but was always on ends. She fear her father was still out here waiting lurking. Larka was sleeping soundly in her den. She waken to find Ayame missing. She fear the worse and looked high and low for her daughter but there was no sign. Larka was yet again heartbroken. Yukiji helped his mother look but nothing. His sister was just gone.

[#fdafc2 Ayame] had sunk out late one night. She was tired of looking at the same old scenery. She decided to explore the forest. She came a crossed some beautiful flowers and she couldn't help but to sniff them. Ayame had no idea she wasn't a long on her peaceful walk.
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