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Vivian blushed when Jacyn moved closer. [+violet "Night Jac... Sleep well..."] Vivian jumped at the sudden noise of the door locking when Jacyn fell asleep. Vivian noticed that Jacyn had just fallen asleep and that must have triggered the doors to lock. Otherwise, it was a very weird coincidence. She yawned and cuddled up with Jacyn and started sinking into sleep, happy that they were all safe.

Patton nodded and followed Janus to his room. He smiled when Janus wrapped his arms around his body. [+turquoise "Come on, Cutie. Let's get you to bed and maybe you will get some night kisses."] Patton half carried and half dragged Janus over to his bed and tucked him in. After getting Janus comfortable, Patton curled up under the blankets as well. He snapped and similar lights to Penny's started spinning. [+turquoise "Hehe. I just really wanted them. I hope you can still sleep. If not, I can dim them."] Patton moved closer to Janus and looked up at his boyfriend with happy puppy eyes.
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Jacyn smiled at Vivian as she wrapped her arms around her and snuggled her as she yawned "Night V." She muttered as she shut her eyes her body sinking into the warmth and she was out like a light snuggled deep into Vivian for safety. Her arms went slack as she finally went to sleep there were a soft click and the doors locked to protect them.

Janus smiled at them and nodded "They do. You are right it has been a long day." He whispered as they went to Patton's room Janus yawning slightly. "It's nice to see Remus being more open about his nature around Logan, Jacyn, and Vivian." He muttered weakly as he let his arms out to circle around Patton taking a similar position Remus had except he just held Patton.
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Vivian sighed and stopped tickling Jacyn. [+violet "Fine... But that snake is in for it in the morning. I swear I will make him wish he was in retirement..."] Vivian grinning teasingly as she got under the heated blanket and cuddled close to Jacyn. [+violet "Now... I will go to sleep once I know that you are asleep. I can already hear Penny snoring so now I just have to make sure that you are safe and asleep."]

Patton continued to look at Remus and Logan. [+turquoise "I guess that a cute little quirk for the three of you. So that must have been why I thought you were always just really clingy when I woke up... But the two of them do look really cute together..."] Patton remembered when Remus's tentacles were slimy. They did feel like a dog's tongue but he hadn't really thought of them like that till now. He never knew that Remus was trying to be nice back then. Was Remus always this nice and caring in secret ways? [+turquoise "We should really go to bed... I think everyone else is already asleep and we don't want to sleep in when I have a big breakfast planned!!"]
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Jacyn sighed as she squirmed in Vivian's arms "There wasn't any revenge needed Janus was just trying to spook us it was harmless." She said as she looked up at her and sighed softly kissing her softly. "Come on let's get to sleep. I kinda want to know what fried dough taste like." She said to her.

Janus sighed as he kissed Patton softly "I forget you, Logan, and Roman do not know," Janus said to him as he held on to him. "Remus is protecting Logan's vital organs from an attack. Virgil and I did it to you all as well but we waited till you were all deep enough asleep before switching to that position. Remus isn't aware that this side of the mindscape is protected by you." Janus said kissing his head softly as he saw Patton shiver at Remus tentcales. "He controls the slime like right now they aren't because he knows Logan likes to be clean they were slimy when you first saw them because he was trying to make them the texture of a dog's tongue so you wouldn't be scared." Janus said as he summoned another pillow for Logan to be comfortable with before leaving them a pained look on his face as he thought about how he should have stayed with Remus.
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Vivian looked at Janus and Patton as they started leaving. [+violet "Go easy on him, Patton! He is old and fragile. Don't want to break your back down the stairs after all."] Vivian noticed Jacyn hiding. She put her hands on Jacyn's sides and started to tickle them. [+violet "Oh Jac. Don't hide from me. I just want to have a little revenge for you pulling me away from showing that old coot the door to retirement."] Vivian made a fake pouty face and she tickled Jacyn more.

Patton blushed. [+turquoise "H-Hey!! I wasn't planning on doing anything like that!!"] Patton hurried along with Janus as they left the room as he muttered to himself. [+turquoise "How dare she. I wasn't even going to do something like that. I mean... I have, but I wasn't going to tonight!! I am tired and why am I even talking to myself!!"] Patton stopped talking to the walls and focused on holding Janus's hand. [+turquoise "Hmm? What is up with Remus? He looks fine to me. He is just sleeping with Logan. With... tentacles..."] Patton was a little uncomfortable with Remus's tentacles. They always had a slimy texture and could stick to anything if Remus wanted them to.
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Jacyn blushed darkly as she squeezed Vivian "I'm tired and cold. You are warm and protective." She muttered as she hid so that Vivian couldn't see how dark she was blushing as she sighed. Jacyn peaked out amazed at the stars "Wow." She echoed Penny as Janus smiled at them.

"Good night girls sleep well." He said as he walked out of the room with Patton's hand in his he kissed his love softly. "Another time love lets go to bed and we can talk to the other's in the morning?" He suggested as he walked down the hall he saw Virgil and Roman asleep he smiled shutting the door. He peaked over the railing and a sad smile came across his face as he saw Remus position. "Oh, Remus." He said taking in a shuttering breath as he knew he would have to tell Logan about this in the morning.
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Vivian grunted as she was pulled into bed by Jacyn. [+violet "J! I was just about to get the senior citizen a piece of my mind!! Or... Do you just really want me so bad that you will pull me into bed with you?"] Vivian whispered the last part so that Penny didn't hear it as she smirked evilly. Jacyn was preventing her from doing the one thing she was good at. She was going to make her poor girlfriend suffer for it.

Penny hurried and laid her head down on the pillow. [+teal "I am asleep!! I am going to sleep!! I want to play and make breakfast!! Jacyn!! Vivian!! Go to sleep!!"] Penny reached over and turned off the lamp on her nightstand so that she could go to sleep faster. She gasped as the lamp turned off and a spiral night light turned on with stars and little shapes all spinning around the room. [+teal "Wow..."]

Patton giggled. [+turquoise "Aww!! I would let you bake with me whether you get to sleep or not, PenPen. Don't worry."] Patton smiled happily as he looked at the lights. [+turquoise "JanJan!! Why can't we get lights like these!! These are so cute!!!"] Patton giggled more as he watched the shapes spin over Janus's face. He looked so cute...
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Jacyn huffed and pulled Vivian under the covers she was blushing slightly as she hid in Vivian's hoodie when Penny began to whine and whimper she tensed wondering if they had reached their limit. Jacyn bit her lip to stop herself from intervening she needed to stop she was Penny's friend, not her parent.

Janus smoothed Penny's hair back as he tucked her in with all the stuff toys around her. "Time for bed Penny. We can play games tomorrow and if you sleep well tomorrow Roman can show you how to make them dance." Janus promised as he made sure to keep her tucked in safe as he looked at Jacyn snuggling into Vivian wonder if this wall was such a good idea. "Besides if you don't get enough sleep you can't help Patton make breakfast in the morning. He making fried dough tomorrow and he can show you how to make those tea sandwiches for your next tea party."

Roman sighed "Love you too emo." He whispered as he sent out one wave to make sure everyone in the mindscape had pleasant dreams he always wonder why he could never effect his brothers but his brother could effect him.
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Vivian smirked at Janus as she untangled herself from Jacyn's arm and got off the bed. [+violet "It totally was Old Man!! I am like a rock. After Rage, I can't be moved by anyone whether it is physically or mentally!!"] Vivian watched as Jacyn crawled into bed. [+violet "Jaccy? May I lay with you tonight or no?"]

Penny whimpered. [+teal "Please don't fight!! Fighting isn't good!!"] Penny hugged her stuffed turtle as Jacyn got into her own bed. [+teal "I don't want to go to sleep just yet. There are still so many games we could play!! Just imagine the tea parties, Janus!!"] Penny giggled and poured the imaginary tea into another cup and pretended to drink it.

Patto yelped as he was snapped out of his daydreams by Janus. His face was bright red as he was remembering the scene that he had walking into with Roman and Virgil. [+turquoise "I.. Umm... What did you say, sweetie? I was... Umm... Caught up in... Umm thinking. Yeah! Thinking."] Patton hoped that Janus didn't know what he was thinking or that he had told a lie. Technically it was the truth but it was a half-truth. Could Janus still detect those? He couldn't remember. [+turquoise "Aww. Is the story over already? I didn't get to hear the end!!"]

Virgil smiled and snuggled his face into Roman's chest. [+purple "Love you ya big idiot..."] His eyes closed and he immediately fell into a deep sleep. It was warm against Roman and he couldn't move out of the Prince's strong arms so it was similar to his weighted blanket.

Logan blushed more when he felt the tentacles tighten. Crap. He had heard the thoughts. Logan sighed and kept running his hands through Remus's hair. He could feel the singular tentacle on his head and he just hoped that Remus didn't squeeze too hard in his sleep. He slowly fell asleep to the grounded feeling of Remus on top of his and to the steady beat of Remus's heart.
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Janus smirked at Vivian "Is that a challenge?" He asked her as he heard Penny's question he shook his head. "No, because Patton is Morality when he is in a mood he can essentially overpower another side's room's effects. So I knew Patton was telling the truth it was a hard truth and it took many swooning attempts on his side but eventually he got me to agree." He said to him as he leaned down and peck Patton's forehead. "Now I believe it is time for bed you three it has been a long day and some of you need a proper rest." He said giving Jacyn a look.

Jacyn stuck her tongue out at Janus as he helped Patton up. Janus snapped his fingers thinking of something better than just a door, the snap made the wall between Jacyn room and Penny's lower slightly so that he could deposit Jacyn in her own bed but Penny could still see the tiny snake. "Tomorrow Roman can tell you all a story," Janus promised as Jacyn curled into her bed yawning weakly.

"Good night," Jacyn muttered weakly as she curled into her heated blankets and smiled as she was still able to reach out and hold on to Penny.

Roman smiled "Always Stormcloud. Go to sleep Logan's not gonna mind." He said with his own yawn as he snuggled closer to Virgil with a smile. "Maybe we can all cuddle tomorrow." He suggested to Virgil shutting his eyes.

Remus chirped at the praise as he snuggled closer to Logan as he began to fall asleep letting himself become a dead weight against Logan with a smile on his lips at his boyfriends thoughts he moved them tighter around Logan to cacoon him before falling into a deep slumber.
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Vivian smickered as Vivian flipped Janus off. She tapped "Good one" onto Jacyn's hand and smiled, happy to know that Jacyn wasn't mad at her. [+violet "Shut up old snake. Unlike J, I don't have much to hide about myself."] Vivian flipped Janus off in return and blew a raspberry at the snake.

Penny frowned and continued playing. [+teal "Stop being inappropriate and doing bad things. It isn't very nice."] Penny looked at Patton and saw that he seemed to be clinging to Janus's every word as if it would kill him if he didn't. [+teal "So, umm, Janus. If Patton was in your room, wasn't he lying about everything he said?"]

Patton was staring at Janus's eyes as he got lost in the story. He didn't even hear Penny's question. Today had been a good day. He had danced with most of his boyfriends and even some other cute dancers. Penny had finally gone into her room and it looked like there was hope for her after all. The fighter and the mini Janus had gotten together and Patton was beyond excited to start scrapbooking and following them around with his camera. He had done it for all the sides when they had started getting together. It was like a fun hobby. Of course, he never interrupted anyone's alone time. Except for one time where he accidentally walked in on Roman and Virgil getting intimate.

Virgil let out a loud moan as the ice hit his skin. He didn't seem to know that he had done it as he practically purred against Roman. [+purple "I want to sleep... Will you still be here in the morning? Was Logan mad that we took his room?"] His eyes started falling as he fought to keep them open. Sleep... Sleep... But what about all the other tasks he had to complete? Sleep had to wait! But he was so tired... And what about Thomas? Virgil rubbed his eyes and looked at the blurry Roman.

Logan blushed when Remus wrapped his tentacles around his body. He couldn't help but think about Remus's tentacles around his skin and practically over all the muscles. Logan shook his head to try and shake those thoughts. Hopefully, Remus was too tired to realize that they had come from him. [+blue "Thank you, Greencake. Now I have my hero to protect me~."] Logan hugged Remus and laid his head back on the couch smiling.
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Jacyn huffed again as she tapped out "I'm not mad." In morse code on Vivian's hand as she listen to the story and she smirked at Janus. "You babbled-"

"Yes, I did and I still can tell Patton everything you think about so I would be very careful with crossing me," Janus said giving her a smile and she just flipped him off. "Getting back to the story yes I ran after Patton kissed me to silence my self deprecated speech. Patton, not one to leave a side alone when they were in that frame of mind, and knowing my feelings about the kiss followed me to my room." Janus told them as he looked at Patton fondly. "Patton kicked my door in and made me listen to him about his side of the story," Janus said watching Jacyn flinch at the mention of the haircut and her shrink into Vivian.

Roman kissed Virgil with a smile on his face "A hero does not hold grudges or debts over their loved one's heads." He whispered as he curled into Virgil summoning and ice pack and holding it to the emo's head. Roman was titering on the edge of exhaustion but he wanted to make sure Virgil went to sleep first.

Remus smiled as if he realized something "I forgot you can't see what I see." He said as he shifted this time he curled up and wrapped himself around Logan as if he were protecting his organs. "I protect Logie." He muttered into his boyfriend's chest he let one tentacle slip out and protect Logan's brain.
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Vivian cuddled close to Jacyn as well and whispered in her ear. [+violet "Look... I am sorry for overreacting. My nerves are just fried right now over... us, and I am just tired I guess..."] Vivian gave a sneaky kiss onto Jacyn's cheek. [+violet "Please forgive me J. I really am sorry and I don't want you to be upset at me."] Vivian didn't say anything as she leaned on Jacyn and closed her eyes so that she could listen to Patton and Janus's story.

Patton blushed when Janus mentioned their first kiss. [+turquoise "Well you weren't being very nice to yourself and I had to stop you somehow!! Besides, you probably liked it anyways."] Patton thought if he had gotten his facts wrong maybe and told Jacyn the wrong thing once. He wouldn't doubt it if he had said the wrong detail somewhere and had caused the girl to become confused.

Penny came back with the tea set that had some chips on the edges as well as in the paint and sat down on the bed in the middle of everyone with her pile of old and new plushies. She set the tea set up and had each of the plushies take turns drinking the imaginary tea. She didn't want to take any chances with asking for actual tea and spilling it. [+teal "Why thank you Mrs. Bunnyton. I did just get a new haircut!!"]

Virgil smiled and he made a trail of kisses down Roman's shirt. [+purple "I love you... I remember us dancing together... I am sorry for hiding..."] Virgil's head grew heavier with the medicine as he listened to the soothing music. [+purple "I really owe you one... You get all the kisses, cuddles, and everything else in the bed that you want..."] Virgil started mumbling as he rubbed his head where Logan had hit him and curled onto Roman.

Logan looked back at the tv and came to the conclusion that Remus was probably still half asleep. [+blue "Umm... Yeah. That is because they are together, Darling. Why wouldn't they kiss?"] Logan wondered what else Remus was seeing in his weird visions as he ran his hands through Remus's hair and kissed the Duke's neck more. Hopefully, Remus wasn't getting sick or anything.
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Jacyn shook her head as she curled back into Vivian as she furrowed her brows "I thought Patton kissed you first and you ran?" she asked Janus as she looked confused.

Janus smiled "He did. So we lasted three days of avoiding each other when Virgil decided he couldn't take it anymore. So he told me that Roman slipped Patton an antidote because at the time I still thought Patton was under the lover potion. Then he turned around and told Patton that he needed to confess properly. Naturally, it turned out to be a disaster I started to tell Patton how Love potions should be banned in the mind space and that Roman should be a lecture on how love potions shouldn't be used to make someone love the unloveable. Patton here like Penny gets defensive when people talk poorly about themselves and decided to shut me up with a kiss and he accidentally saw that I loved him as well through the kiss."

Roman smiled at Virgil and kissed his head weakly with a smile on his lips. He wrapped Virgil closer to him as he tried to soothe the anxious side's headache. Summoning Virgil's headphones he slipped one headphone over his ear and started to play the Instrumental Soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas.

Remus smiled weakly "My Boyfriend is like Pluto while you are cold you have a bunch of millennials that take offense that you are not a planet anymore." Remus smiled weakly as his eyes were half-open looking at the screen still asleep "I like the show where Patton and Janus kiss. Janny was so sad when he thought Patton didn't love him." He yawned weakly cuddling into Logan more.
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Vivian flinched and rolled her eyes. [+violet "Ow!! What!! I was just telling her what she could do better to improve!! Now she knows how to be good fighter in battle. I am giving her skills which could be the difference between life and death!!"] Vivian smirked and gently pinched Jacyn back. [+violet "Sorry, Pen. I was just trying to help."]

Penny came stumbling back to the bed with a bunch of plushies of varying animals. She threw them onto the center of the bed and then ran off to go find a tea set. [+turquoise "There was a tea set that I found one in the darkness. Maybe it is here... And it is okay, Vivi. You were just trying to help."]

Patton kissed the ends of each of Janus's fingers through the gloves as he continued to play with them. [+turquoises "And then I ran away because Janus kept yelling that I didn't love him. I had thought that Janus had figured out that I had a crush on him and he was rejecting me. So I ran away and hid in my room."] Patton blushed at the memory and tried to hide his face behind Janus's hand.

Virgil groaned as he took the medicine. It tasted awful. [+purple "Why would the stupid, weak nerd hit me with a book... Murder? I am not a murderer. Why would I be a murderer? I just remember the lights. And you..."] Virgil groaned again as his head gave one last hard pound before slowly lessening. [+purple "Cuddles.... I just want cuddles..."]

Logan laid back on the couch with his head on the arm of the couch and let Remus lay over his body so that the Duke's head was resting on his chest like a pillow. [+blue "Yes. It is an um... very good show. Just fall back asleep. I have got you in my arms. Are you warm enough? Do you want some kisses from your cold and emotionless boyfriend?"] Logan ran his hands over Remus's hips and cooed next to his ear.
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