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Remus smiled at him "You are allowed to be selfish and just like you said I need a bath. You and Janus are like the closest thing to OCD that we have here and I'm the embodiment of that chaos!" He said to him as he kissed Logan lightly. "Besides Janus and Virgil prefer kissing the others now. I know they care but you are now the only one that cuddles with me so it wasn't like it was going to change much and if you still love the others I don't want to take that away from you." He said to him kissing his nose.

Roman pouted at being dipped he did blush slightly since he was usually dipping Virgil. He sighed dramatically "I can do a lot in 30 seconds." He promises, returning upright to put Virgil on the counter so Roman had to lean up to kiss him. Roman latched on to Virgil's lips and pulled his lover down.
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Logan set the tea mixture down and cupped Remus’s cheeks in his hands. [+blue “Darling... my disgusting Darling that needs a bath... why would you think that I wouldn’t tell the others? I care about you and kind of want to keep you all to myself...”] Logan blushed embarrassed. [+blue “I am sorry if that sounds selfish... I just don’t like the idea of my trash rat kissing up on the others...”] Logan looked away from Remus. He sounded so selfish saying that he wanted to keep Remus all to himself. Remus was still close with Janus and Virgil and Logan was still together with the others as well. He just couldn’t stand the idea of Remus cuddling with the others...

Virgil grinned wickedly. [+purple “I am the dark wizard, aren’t I?”] Virgil quickly walked up to Roman before twirling his love playfully and dipping him into a kiss. [+purple “I might be going back on my restrictions for thirty seconds so you better make it count Princey.~”] Virgil pecked Roman again on his lips as he played his cards correctly. [+purple “I hope that will take that cute pout off of your royal cheeks.”]
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Remus smiled at him brightly as he asked "You want to tell them!" He said even more excited mostly because of the past relationship no one wanted to admit how important Remus was and it made him sad but this was better than a box of tide pods! He was jumping up and down as he picked up Logan nodding his head really fast that he hope it would fall off so Logan could tell him what was inside.

Roman was in the kitchen making the breakfast that should have happened the other day. This time he had a tray down set aside for a breakfast in bed set up for basically everyone. It may piss the snake off but Roman felt a bit abandon as he turned to see Virgil "You pulled a Room of Requirements on me." He said with a pout as he looked at him.

Jacyn finally woke up enough to sit up blinking slowly as she yawned. Her hair was absolute disarray which Janus found slightly endearing to see as he put his book aside and move her over so he could brush out the tangled braid.
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Logan carried the mixture and set it down on his desk. [+blue “I guess it would work... I will make it when we get to the kitchen then.”] Logan snapped and he was wearing a sharp blue tie and a comfortable, black polo shirt with long blue jeans. [+blue “Ready to go? Oh! And before I forget, are you fine with making our... relationship... public to the others? Including the girls? They don’t know that we have been as class as we are now and I just didn’t know how you felt about it.”] Logan held the mixture and went over to stand by the door.

Virgil sighed again. [+purple “Come on, rain cloud. We can figure out more later. Why don’t you go workout and take your mind off of everything before the girls wake up.”] Vivian nodded and returned his fist-bump. [+violet “Thanks Virge.”] They both left the room and parted ways. Virgil made the room disappear and was sad to see that Roman hadn’t waited on him. She walked by himself to the kitchen wondering what the fair and beautiful Roman was doing along with his other loves.

Vivian walked into her room and put her headphone on. She unpaused her music and started to get to work on making her routine. Push-ups... Crunches... Pull-ups... Maybe a jog around the Mind Palace... Lunges with weighs...
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Remus smiled "Janus has some really strong caffeinated tea you could try it was minty flavored not minty enough to taste like toothpaste but still really good." He said as he summoned the green tea mixture he had seen Janus drink a hundred times over it was just the box for Logan to study "He drinks this stuff in the day and then in the morning he would drink this really dark tea." He said to him with a smile on his face. Remus hop up and waited for Logan to get dress so they could go up and get some food.

Roman started breakfast and started to think of a way to convince his brother to talk about the strange dreams he was having. Each time Roman wanted to blame his brother for creating the dream but he was trying to think that Remus did not create it. They had been neutral to each other as of late so what could have started this war?
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Logan nodded at Remus. [+blue “Sure, Dear. But can you do me a favor? Make sure I don’t drink any more than... two cups of coffee please. I went a little over board yesterday and I don’t know how well I can hold back my new coffee addiction...”] Logan looked down at his tie, shamefully.

Penny was curled up close to Jacyn just as Patton had been to Janus earlier. She was holding onto her cat plush and to Jacyn’s hand. Unlike Patton however, she wasn’t drooling in her sleep.

Virgil sighed and looked at Vivian with a serious face. [+purple “I think... and I will have to ask Logan and Janus to be sure... but I think that you are developing your abilities or powers. You seem to be able to anticipate others movements. Which would be helpful when you are fighting. But that is what I think at least because we never have ghost except during Halloween or they are trapped in a corner of the imagination. I know that this must be confusing and I get it. Janus will probably be able to explain it better than me.”] Virgil offered an awkward fist bump to Vivian who was trying to process all of this new information.
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Roman noticed how quiet it was and decided to sulk as he walked to Patton's room he saw the Dad sleeping peacefully next to Janus who seem oddly content with the two smaller versions of themselves curled up. Roman actually took a picture mostly because he wanted to paint it and give it to Patton later as a gift.

Remus smiled as he pecked him back with a smile on his face as he looked at him. "I won't besides no-one would believe me." He pointed out to Logan as he smiled at him as he was happy to snuggle but he also was getting hungry. "Can we go get food now I'm starving and I didn't want to wake you with my eating."

Jacyn groaned as she slowly woke up turning her head into Penny's shoulder to hide from the room slowly becoming brighter with the sun. Not so much warmer and that was what made her wake up Vivian's lack of body heat in the bed.
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Virgil kissed Roman back and walked with Vivian down the hall a little ways till the rounded a corner. He summon a random door into the wall and shoved Vivian in and quickly followed her. He locked the door and locked at the confused Vivian. [+purple “Sorry about that. I knew that Roman was going to try and eavesdrop. But tell me what exactly you saw.”]

Vivian proceeded to tell Virgil that she had seen faint versions of him and Roman walking by and that a moment after, the real versions had walked by in the exact same way. [+violet “Could it have been ghosts or Remus pulling an illusion prank?”]

Patton started to drool again in his sleep. He was holding Janus’s hand and sleeping peacefully.

Logan blushed. [+blue “Sure, sure. You made me laugh... don’t tell the others!! They can’t know about this!!”] Logan gave Remus a quick peck on the lips as a sign to keep quiet. Logan put his hands over Remus’s and rubbed the rat’s fingers lovingly.
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Roman nodded "Alrighty then have fun-" Roman stop when Virgil refused to move and requested he leave. Roman knew that disobeying could mean Virgil wouldn't let him continue their hand-holding and he was working so hard on self-control so "Distance makes the heart grow fonder my Nightmare before Christmas." He said as he kissed his head before stopping just out of eyesight to eavesdrop.

Janus smiled at him and kissed back sweetly before looking over at Jacyn who stirred a little bit. It was funny how she was the wiggler out of the girls she seemed to adapt to open space on the bed by claiming it as her own. He shook his head before going back to reading.

Remus smiled with joy as he stops giggling as he held on to Logan "I made you laugh! I made you laugh!" He said giggling as he was so happy holding on to Logan's form he made someone other than Janus and Virgil laugh and he did not even do anything disgusting.
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Vivian looked at them and smiled. [+violet “Everything is alright. I just was daydreaming. You guys can go back to making out. I have a workout season to get to.”] Vivian turned to leave them but Virgil reaches forward and grabbed her wrist.

Virgil had been studying Vivian closely while she talked. He wasn’t great at catching lies like the snakes but he could tell something was off. He didn’t want anything wrong to happen Vivian. [+purple “Roman? Honey? Can I speak with our ferocious warrior privately for just a moment?”] Vivian tried to pull her hand away but Virgil held onto it like a dead man.

Patton cuddled close to Janus and kissed him before closely falling back to sleep. Penny was still asleep and would probably be sleeping like a baby for a while longer.

Logan tried to hold in his giggling at Remus kept blowing on his hair. After hitting the right spot multiple times, Logan burst out in giggles and took his face out from the pillow. [+blue “S-Stop it! T-That t-tickles!!”]
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Roman smiled as he kissed his hand again looking at Vivian who seemed a little shock he raised a brow there stopping. "Woah there Thunder Punch what has you so freaked out you look like you just saw a ghost!" He said wiggling the fingers of his free hand "OR perhaps my brother or Janus doing dastardly deeds to someone?" He purposed wiggling his eyebrows.

Janus smiled as he sighed climbing back into the bed "Sure Papa bear." He whispered as he brushed his hair back as if trying to coax Patton into getting a little more sleep. He was surprised the others had not busted the door down yet.

Remus heard the giggle and now wanted more of the sound to escape Logan's mouth. "Okay if Janny will let you close?" He said as he went back to play and blowing on Logan's hair trying to make him laugh again. He smiled devilishly trying to find the spot.
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Virgil grinned wickedly as they walked out of Roman’s room. [+purple “Watch out there my prince. I just may put a spell on you.~”] Virgil hid his smiling face whenever Roman kissed his hand. He wanted to kiss the Prince speechless but maybe that would be better in a secluded area instead of in the hallway.

Vivian saw a ghost of Roman and Virgil Walk in front of her and she froze. Ghosts but.. there couldn’t be ghosts here... while she stood frozen, looking at the wall, she saw Roman and Virgil walk past where she had just seen the ghosts. Were there clones of the couple walking everywhere down the halls? Was someone pulling a prank on her? She stared at them for a moment before shaking her head and replying. [+violet “M-Morning Sick Lovers.”]

Patton whimpered and grabbed onto Janus’s wrist tightly as he tried to move away. [+turquoise “C-Cuddles...?”] He has his eyes half open, obviously he had just woken up.

Logan made a small giggling noise out of instinct and quickly shut up when he realized that he had made the sound from Remus blowing on his hair. [+blue “W-Well... Umm... I-I could ask Jacyn and make it out as if I am doing an experiment. Technically it would be true and neither Jacyn nor Janus wouldn’t catch me in a lie.”]
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Roman smiled "I will ask that my Dark Wizard accompany me to the dining chamber so we may feast." He said with a smile on his face as he walked out of his room passing Vivian on the steps. "Good Morning Knuckle Sandwich!" He sang feeling like his glittery self again. He kept his word and only held Virgil's hand but that didn't stop him from kissing it every so often.

Janus apologized as he rewrapped his leg a part of him wished that Penny's healing would have been the first gifts to manifest itself. However, he knew that had been a slim chance. He tucked Patton back in and moved to the chair to read his own book.

Remus blew on to one of Logan's curls not liking the idea of taking the risk. He knew Vivian would be the more straight forward one but she was too much like Virgil in the pranking nature that he thought she would lie. "Urgh they might not at first but Padre and Roman and Virgil might ruin the fun."
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Virgil rolled his eyes and he rolled out of bed. [+purple “I depends. I know that you will find some way around it and end up smothering me with kisses anyways so fine.”] Virgil walked over to the goth covered vanity and put on his eyeshadow while Roman got dressed. Once we was done with his makeup, he walked over to Roman and fixed the sash. [+purple “There. My prince is ready for the ball.”] Virgil held his hand out for Roman to hold. It was fun to play these games and become royalty just to see a smile spread across his lover’s lips.

Vivian put Janus’s smirk in the back of her mind for later. She then quietly left the room so that she didn’t wake the others up. [+purple “Now I can go train and play my loud music.”]

Patton groaned when he felt Janus move. His leg was on the road to recovery but it still had deep marks that looked painful. The bleeding had stopped and there were scabs crusting his leg.

Logan enjoyed the feeling of being snuggled up to as he kept his face in the pillow. [+blue “It will still be a surprise. Just randomly ask them what Jacyn’s favorite colors are. They won’t question it coming from you. And even if they did question it’s randomness, they won’t have any idea of your final plan.”] Logan was blushing into the pillow as Remus messed with the curls in his hair. On any other occasion he would have asked him to kindly stop. But it tickled and he kind of liked the feeling.
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Roman gasped horrified "Fine but do I at least get to hold your hand or is that off-limits as well?" He pouted to him as he looked at him pleading with him to at least let him have that much as they got out of bed and Roman changed his clothes straightening his sash around his body.

Janus smirked and waved her off as he got up and looked at Patton's leg part of him was praying the wound was healed and that he wouldn't be in any pain. The other part of him hopes it hadn't and he could pamper the pampering padre.

Remus huffed "I wanted it to be a surprise." He said as he climbs up on to the bed with Logan snuggling him. "I'll ask Janus later he is better at reading Jacyn then I am or ask Vivian and Penny since they know her better." He said playing with Logan's curls as he heard footsteps in the hall it was Virgil and Roman and it caused Remus to flinch a bit.
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