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Janus looked at her "Vivian you are strong enough the strongest people need breaks sometimes." He said to her as he stopped her from lifting the bar. "If you continue this work out you are going to put yourself in a position where you can't protect anyone you will be useless because you won't be able to do anything. Now, what sounds better taking a break now so you are not useless or pushing yourself to the point where Jacyn and Penny are exposed without protection?" He asked her.

Remus was shaking and Roman huffed at Virgil as he moved so that Remus was between them trying to hold his shaking brother down and offer some comfort. Watching as Remus's hands were going at a rapid pace that he was surprised Virgil could catch. "Logan left. Patton took his place. I trapped Patton thinking he was Logan. I fucked up, I was tired it was dark, I just wanted cuddles." Remus was trembling in Logan's blanket as Roman pulled it closer around his twin.

Jacyn looked at Patton and Penny as she looked at Patton "Do you want me to tell Remus you didn't mind the hug?" She asked him as she sat on the counter watching them.
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Virgil hugged Roman back and sighed. He felt awful for forcing Sir Sing-a-lot to stay here when there was probably a lot of action going on elsewhere. But anyone could tell that Roman was tired and needed to sleep. He and Remus had put so much work into yesterday that what both twins needed was a day to rest and rejuvenate. Virgil planted three small kissed on Roman's neck. [+purple "There, there. See? It is sleepy time for the handsome one."]

Vivian shook her head. [+violet "N-No. I-I can still do my workouts. I will just use less weight. I have to finish this workout. If I don't finish it then I will feel like I can't accomplish anything."] Vivian got up and cut Janus off by setting the bar back up and taking 50 pounds off each side. [+violet "I have to finish this... I have to get stronger..."] Her hands were starting to throb as she laid down and the bench and positioned her hands on the bar. [+violet "I can't stop now."]

Virgil raised his head as Remus fell into the room. [+purple "Remus!? What the--"] Virgil looked at what Remus was signing than at Roman. [+purple "Shut up and go back to sleep."] Virgil took a deep breath and then focused on signing back. [b "I would ask if you got pregnant with Janus somehow with the look on your face but I am guessing that it isn't the case. Tell me whatever happened."]

Patton sat frozen on the couch. What had he done... This was beyond the rules that his relationship had set. He sat there staring at the direction that Remus had as Penny shook him. [+teal "Patton!! Come on!! We have to make fried dough!"] Penny pulled Patton's arm till he followed her in a daze. [+turquoise "I-I am sorry Pen. I guess I am just a little out of sorts."]
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Roman looked at Virgil as he pouted weakly "Fine." He muttered to him weakly as he shut his eyes holding on to his emo nightmare. He really wanted to know what was going on downstairs. What if he was missing some excitement?

Janus looked at them shaking his head as he listened to her "Vivian you aren't the only one that has to be protecting them. We want to protect all of you. Now you can't use the bars or the punching bag with your hands like this so how about a compromise. You can still train but you work on your mental strength and core?" he told her looking at her wondering if he could convince her to do yoga. "I was originally going to walk Jacyn through it later but I think you need it more right now." he said to her.

Remus smiled at the kisses but Penny's voice startled him as he opening his eyes in panic as he saw Patton he opened his mouth to apologize and shut it quickly as a look of guilt hit him. "Sorry." and with that Remus did something dangerous he sunk out now he didn't make it to his room but he managed to land on Roman still curled tightly into Logan's comforter with shaking hands signed to Virgil. "I fucked up. I fucked up." Remus was still to tired to do anything but keep signing that again.

Roman yelped as he looked at his brother to yell at him but saw how panic he was. "Remus what's wrong?" he asked his brother as he just kept signing he turned to Virgil "Is this why you know sign language?" he asked.
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Virgil rolled his eyes and shook his head. [+purple "No. I am keeping you here. You need rest or else you are going to pass out in the middle of the living room. Let's just stay here and you can get your beauty sleep. Now, just focus on the movie or else I will leave you with only the pillows to cuddle!!"] Virgil realized that what he had said may have been too hard on Roman so he just murmured an apology.

Vivian flinched away from Janus and didn't want him to see just how bad her hands had gotten but she was smart enough to let him wrap them or else she wouldn't be able to use them to train. [+violet "I just want to make sure I can protect them. I want to protect Jacyn. I have been neglecting my workouts and I need to catch up. I could be stronger. I could be faster. I could be more durable."] Vivian clenched her fists and bit her lip at blood started seeping out from her hands and down her arm. [+violet "Please, Janus. Just let me train. I could do so much more."]

Patton flinched and melted against the hug. He was such a sucker for hugs. And this had to be Roman. Roman knew that he loved hugs. Remus was never this nice and clingy to others except for Logan. [+turquoise "Yes... Very soft..."] Patton kissed Remus's forehead and cuddled up to the creative twin.

Penny walked into the kitchen and didn't see Patton [+teal "Patton? Patton? Where are you? Aren't we supposed to start baking breakfast?"] Penny looked around the kitchen as noticed Patton cuddling with Remus. [+teal "Pat? What is going on?"]
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Roman held on tighter "This isn't fair. I wanted to see the girls' first reaction to Crofters." He whimpered to him as he shut down snuggling as he moved closer to Virgil sighing in the warmth. "If I promise to sleep on the sofa can we go down now?" he whispered. "We just have to do the sinking thing and just rise up." He too Virgil but he was falling asleep to the sound of Disney music and Virgil's heart.

Janus swore, "I promise I will now go you don't want to be late." He said as he looked at the two girls and he saw Vivian hands and told Jacyn to leave. "Jacyn go make sure Patton and Penny have supervision while baking would you." He suggested as she hissed at him and he hissed back before he smiled at her seeming surprised he could hiss. "Virgil and I totally haven't had a hissy fit before. Now go." He said waving her to the door.

"If she ends up bleeding more I will tell Patton that you did see every dirty thought he had last not and refused to act on them. Imagine how that would effect Dad." She said with a glare as him.

Janus shrugged as he looked at Vivian and summoned a first aid kit. "Want to tell me why you needed to train to this extent of making yourself this hurt?" He asked her as he began to properly wrap her hands.

Remus snuggled into Patton's hands "Soft." he whispered to Patton whining slightly as he wanted more pulling Patton closer to him as he hugged him tightly.
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Virgil could tell how tired Roman was. [+purple "Ro... Please go to sleep. You are tired. If you stay up, soon you will have eyes like mine and we won't be able to tell who the real emo is. I won't go away, okay? And when you wake up, I will go get your breakfast."] Virgil moved closer to Roman to show that he didn't have any intention of leaving. He reached into his hoodie pocket and pulled out some makeup brushes. [+purple "Here... These are yours..."]

Penny gave Janus a confused look as she looked at the scene that was playing out. She wanted to stay and try to break it up but she also didn't want to be late to bake with Patton. [+teal "O-Okay... Just please call for me if it gets worse."] Penny hopped down from Janus's arms and gave one last glance at Jacyn and Vivian before she raced to the kitchen.

Vivian sighed at Jacyn. [+violet "I didn't mean to, alright! I just wasn't focused but I will be this time!"] Vivian yelped as Echo jumped on her and touched the bruises on her chest. [+violet "Oww!! Echo!! Get off!!"] Vivian tried to push the three-headed cat off but it only made it worse as her beat-up hands tried to move the Echo away. [+violet "Ow, Ow, Ow... C-Can you guys just please leave for a little while? Go eat breakfast and then come back. I just want to finish my workout. Please, Janus... Jacyn..."] Vivian knew that she couldn't say she was fine because they would be able to detect the lie in milliseconds.

Patton did a double-take as he looked at Remus. Or was it Roman? Remus looked so much like Roman at that moment that he wasn't sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Remus had been there last night but he could have easily moved and Roman could have taken his place. Patton tenderly brushed Remus's hair out of his face and ran his fingers over the creative side's cheek.
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Roman sighed at Virgil's antics as he held on to him "I love you too." He whispered to him weakly as he held on to him tighter cause he thought he would vanish if he let go. He was so afraid that Virgil would duck out if he let go and he couldn't handle that. "I will always give my emo cuddles." He whispered to him as he shut his eyes. "I am not sleeping." He said to him sighing weakly.

Jacyn hissed at Vivian as she looked at her "You can be alone without getting yourself hurt!" Jacyn said to her as she was pissed that she had slept in and Vivian had gotten hurt because of that. She whistled for Echo who came prancing in at the call and smirked "Can you grow bigger?" She asked the cat summoning a treat for each head the cat meowed and grew to be about the size of a dire wolf. "Good, keep Vivian from hurting herself." She said as the cat jumped on the fighter and purred snuggling the side trapping her.

Janus shook his head as he sighed weakly at the scene looking at Penny "Why don't you head down to the kitchen and I will mediate these two for you alright? A little swearing never made me blush."

Remus purred in his sleep like a cat as he hugged Patton. He began to fall back to sleep but still let Patton have more wiggle room than he had before. Remus curled up with a smile and it was in that moment the green twin looked so much like his brother so peaceful against the heart.
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Virgil looked away from Roman as he frowned and started blushing again. [+purple "Y-Yeah well... Whatever man!!! I may have liked it a little, Okay!! A-And I thought that you were just trying to give me gifts because you loved one of the others more and by giving gifts, you wouldn't have to give me kisses or cuddles or any of that stuff... S-So I kinda enjoyed it when we made out at the table..."] Virgil messed with his hoodie and tried to look at anything that wasn't Roman. [+purple "I love you so much ya big Duffus. But... I don't know how to show love properly and sometimes I am scared to show it. Just... Please don't tell the others about this. I know we are supposed to tell everything to each other but I don't want them knowing that I secretly love all the kisses and cuddles..."]

Penny smiled happily and cheered when she found out that she could go cook with Patton. He was just about to ask Janus if they could hurry up to the kitchen when she heard a bang come from Vivian's room. [+teal "Vivi!!"] Penny whimpered and tried to get out of Janus's arms as he carried her there. [+teal "Vivi!! Are you alright!?!?"]

Vivian groaned as she felt the bar being lifted off her. [+violet "I'm fine, Jac. I just... Lost my focus and dropped the bar onto my chest."] Vivian sat up and was glad that she had boxing bandages over her hands to hide how bruised and beat up they were. [+violet "I think I just got a bruise on my chest from where the bar landed but I am fine. You guys should go to eat. I still have a lot of my routine left."] Vivian gave Jacyn a sweet look but also a semi-stern look that said she just wanted to be left alone. Vivian looked away from the two snakes glaring at her and she looked at her bar. [+violet "Crap, I think the bar chipped."]

Penny frowned at both of the other girls. [+teal "Can't you too go three seconds without cursing?"]

Patton whimpered as he was pulled down by Remus. He hadn't expected this to happen. He just wanted to apologize and then start cooking. But... It was so cozy on the couch and he did like the nuzzles. Patton couldn't decide what to do. He didn't want to wake up Remus further and give him the embarrassment of cuddling with the wrong person. Maybe he would wake till Remus was asleep again and then sneak out of the side's arms. Why of all days did he have to wear a large blue shirt? In the dark lighting, the large shirt very easily looked like Logan's shade of blue. Patton sighed and decided to give in and enjoy the cuddled before Remus fell asleep and he would have to get to work.

Logan made it to his room and set the coffee pot down. He was certain that it would be gone before breakfast started. [+blue "Well... I guess I will start with rereading Moby Dick for the 397th time and--"] Logan was then suddenly summoned by Thomas for a last-minute project that he needed help on and Logan's previous plans were forgotten.
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Roman pouted at Virgil "I do that because you didn't like the gifts I gave you and you were ignoring me." Roman said as he huffed into Virgil's chest. "I gave you better headphones for your music, I upgraded the space on your phone so you wouldn't have to switch the playlist so often, I created the heated weighted blanket for you in case you did get an attack. And all I got in return was how Janus was the better kisser, you stealing my makeup and brushes. So, of course, I wanted to make you blush in front of everyone I wanted to make sure you still wanted to be with me too." Roman huffed at him holding him tightly.

Janus smiled at Penny as he picked her up "You do." He confirmed as he heard the crash he watched as Jacyn took off towards Vivian's room. When he heard Jacyn yell for Vivian he to followed watching Jacyn use six of her arms to get the bar off Vivian. "No more," Janus told Vivian and he was about to continue on but Jacyn took over.

"What the hell were you thinking using the barbell without a spotter!" Jacyn hissed as she began to check Vivian over for injuries as she tried to figure out where she was injured the most.

Remus tilted his head in confusion before seeing blue and glasses and figured that it was just Logan trying to get back in for cuddles. So with the tentecals away he made grabby hands at the side till he could pull him back down. "Warm. Soft." He muttered weakly nuzzling Patton softly.
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Virgil rolled his eyes and got comfortable under the blankets beside Roman. [+purple "Listen here, Idiot. You can't go downstairs right now. Maybe if you behave and don't start undressing me in front of others anymore then I might have Logan or Vivian carry you down since I have noodle arms."] Virgil flailed his skinny arms around and chuckled. [+purple "My head is good after some rest. And don't even start it by saying that someone is Sideist. We both know that you like this emo more than everyone else. Why else would you even dare to pull the moves you did at the table?"] Virgil grinned wickedly as leaned on his arm and looked down onto Roman.

Vivian shrugged in response to Janus. The only reason she would go down would be for Jacyn and Penny. Otherwise, she was going to stay in her room all day. [+violet "134... 135... 136.."] She didn't want to deal with her anxiety today or Patton's squeals. [+violet "137... 138... 139.."] She needed to work out more. She needed to be stronger to protect the two girls. [+violet "140... 141... 142..."] Even if she was now dating Jacyn, training had to come first. She couldn't leave her duties. Vivian flinched as a dim memory of Rage flashed in front of her eyes. The lapse in focus caused her arm to tremble and the bar to wobble. [+violet " 143... Crap--"] Vivian was cut off as she shrieked and lost her hold on the bar.

Penny groaned and started rubbing her eyes when Janus woke her up. [+teal "Is it morning already? Do I still get to bake with Patton?"] Penny yawned as she was still half asleep and she looked at Jacyn with Vivian's hoodie. [+teal "Vivi? Jaccy? Which of you is it?"] Penny rubbed her eyes again and sat up.

Logan looked at his watch and decided that it was time to get started with the day. He went to the kitchen and started making a pot of coffee. Logan snapped and summoned a Mirror. He looked into it and noticed that he had small bags under his eyes. He really needed to start getting more sleep. Maybe wearing just a little bit of foundation for the day would hide them from everyone else. Logan finished making his coffee as he carried both the pot and his coffee cup with him. Right as he started leaving the living room, Patton walked in. [+blue "Morning, Sweetheart."] Logan kissed Patton's head to get a bunch of shy giggles from the fatherly side. [+turquoise "Hey!! That isn't fair!! I can't kiss your head!! You are too tall!!"] Logan smiled and gave Patton another kiss before making his way to his room.

Patton walked over and frowned as he turned the lights on and they immediately turned off. He was about to turn them back on when he heard a noise and noticed that Remus was on the couch. Patton crept over to Remus and nudged his shoulder. [+turquoise "Remus? Hey, I am sorry about the lights. I was just about to start--"] Patton stopped talking when Remus started moving again. He had to admit, the duke looked tired and touch starved. Even he could tell that around the man that he rarely interacted with.
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Roman huffed at Virgil tucking him in "I want to go downstairs with you guys for Breakfast." He complained to his boyfriend as he snuggled closer to the Anxious side. "No one forced Remus to move last night why did I have too. So rude. This is Sideist." He said they couldn't be racist if they weren't real but they could play favorites. Roman let out another yawn as he looked at Virgil. "Is your head better?" He asked him.

Janus shook his head at the fighter side as he leaned on the door frame there was no lie in her words so he decided that he would let it go for a change. "Alright but do break occasionally. Logan and I will be working with Jacyn today we should be done around noon and Patton is keeping an eye on Penny so you should be relatively unbothered." He said as he walked into Jacyn room through Vivian's. He smiled at the sight of the smaller snake clinging to Vivian's hoodie wrapped around the pillow as he shook her awake.

Jacyn groaned at him as she swatted at his hands with her multiple hands he met her with rubbing her scales as she hissed waking up. "5 more minutes?" She begged him groaning as he shook his head and she got up to get ready. Janus smiled at her as he went to wake Penny with Jacyn staggering behind him as she yawned leaning on his leg for support.

Remus ducked back under the blankets when the lights flipped on in the living room and he made them go back to dim so he could sleep more. The kitchen was still brightly lit if not more so for Patton to cook in.
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Virgil hugged Roman as he tucked the prince tightly into the royal goth bed so that he would be comfortable. [+purple "Ro? Do you want me to stay with you or do you want to just sleep by yourself?"] Virgil made a mental note to bring some breakfast back for Roman later. Virgil turned on Frozen for Roman and set all the other Disney movies on loop to play for the rest of the day.

Logan had woken up to practically being strangled by Remus. He had struggled to get free and finally had just fallen off the couch after getting Remus's tentacles away from his body. He heard Remus's cute whine and smiled as he stood up and fixed his glasses. The Duke was just so adorable in his own clingy way. Logan watched as Remus wrapped his tentacles around the pillow as Logan wished the best for Remus's new comforter.

Patton woke up in his bed and frowned when he saw that Janus wasn't there. He was really wanting to cuddle with Janus before he had to get up and make breakfast for everyone. Patton groaned to the plushie beside him. [+turquoise "Look at us. Two cool dudes... Do I really have to get up Mr. Snuggle Butt?"] Patton stuck his tongue out as the Plushie just stared back at him. [+turquoise "You are a party pooper, you know that?"] Patton rolled out of bed and threw on a large light blue shirt that looked like a dress on him and some short gray shorts. He started dragging himself over to the kitchen with his glasses ascrew on his face.

Vivian grunted as she laid on the bench press and lifted the bar. She had slept well in Jacyn's arms but woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep so she decided to just start her routine. [+violet "127... 128... 129..."] She looked over as Janus came in. [+violet "Hey there, Old Man. They are still asleep. Oh, and by the way, I am going to skip breakfast today. I am not hungry and I am going to be working on a ruthless workout today. Besides, I made a sandwich before I started and I ate a granola bar so don't even try to say that I am starving myself."] Vivian looked back at the bar and started back to counting. [+violet "130... 131... 132... 133..."]
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It was a peaceful evening as everyone was fast asleep in the embrace of someone they loved or something they loved. As the night turned to day it was discovered that the two creative brothers were still low on their energy and were not waking up. Janus helped Virgil move Roman to his room to help him recover. Roman was talking but he was still leaning heavily on Virgil for his support as he wanted to eat breakfast with the others. They agreed if only to have Roman resting for the rest of the day with Disney movies.

Remus, on the other hand, was very much incapacitated on Logan he had shifted slightly when Logan shook him enough but he did whine about the lack of warmth before falling back to sleep. Someone changed his booty shorts into a pair of black gym shorts as he laid sprawled out on the sofa hugging Logan's pillow as if it were his lifeline.

Janus sighed as he went to wake up the girls he saw that Vivian was already into her morning routine so he knocked on her open door. "Patton is making Breakfast if you are almost done. Are Penny and Jacyn up?" He asked the fighter inspecting his gloves.
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Patton smiled at the cuddles and the attention from his love. [+turquoise "I will sneak into Virgil's room then after breakfast. I don't think he slept there tonight anyway. He was with Roman when we left and normally they don't sleep in Virgil's room because of the effects..."] Patton rubbed the scales on the side of Janus's face as he started to ramble on. [+turquoise "Yeah. Go ahead and do all those things, Kiddo."] Patton was just enjoying Janus's warmth and the colors that his scales made when the lights shined on them. The colors were hypnotizing him as he yawned. [+turquoise "You... Just stay... there. And let... me look at... you..."]
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Janus smiled at Patton weakly as he cuddles the Moral side the lights were hardly bothering him. "They are fine Pat. I think Thomas saw a Nightmare Before Christmas one you can summon for Virgil." He yawned against his chest smiling as he let his snake tongue flick out slightly to taste the air to make sure their family was safe. "Sleeping in just a bit wouldn't be bad Patton. Another brunch perhaps makes sure to summon more Crofter's for them to try, more fruit as well Jacyn and Vivian seemed to like them as their sweet of choice. I'll summon chocolate-flavored ones for Jacyn to try as a reward for training." He muttered to Patton but he was starting to slur and hiss the 's's as he spoke meaning he was exhausted.
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