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Patton nibbled on the dough and he thought for a couple of moments. He didn't want to share his thoughts with any of his boyfriends so he just focused on eating. [+turquoise "These are so good!! I will have to compliment that little muffin later and ask her what cooking tricks she has under her sleeves!!"] Patton finished his breakfast in seconds and sat off by himself on the edge of Logan's bed. [+turquoise "H-Hey. I think I am going to go get Logi. Don't want him missing out, right?"]

Virgil smacked Roman with a pillow at the mention of their earlier conversation. [+purple "Shut up, Handsome!!"] Virgil held the pillow and was ready to spack anyone else who talked back to him. He looked over at Patton and noticed that he seemed antsy and like he wanted to leave. [+purple "Pat? You okay?"]

Patton glanced over at Janus and shrugged to Virgil. He couldn't lie. If he lied then Janus would know that something was up. He just had to not think about anything so that Roman didn't detect anything either. He winced at the mention of Remus losing his room. Did he lose it just because Patton said he could join their relationship? But Janus hadn't given his consent yet so it wasn't final. Patton tucked his knees under his shirt and turned to look at the door. [+turquoise "C-Can I just go get Logan?"]

Virgil frowned as he let Remus lay in his lap so that Roman could pucker up with Janus. [+purple "I remember my room when it was new. There wasn't that much of a difference except for more Disney and more spiders. Maybe it will be the same with Remus."]

Penny pouted and crossed her arms as she ate more of the fried dough. She muttered quietly to that only Jacyn could hear. [+teal "Fine then. Looks like Patton's nickname is sticking to you and I won't stop..."]

Vivian raised a confused eyebrow. [+violet "What was that Penny? I couldn't hear you."]

Penny giggled. [+teal "Nothing! I was just saying that staying here would be an excellent idea!! Right Jacyn?"] Penny flushed and tried to avoid the mention of Patton.

Vivian frowned, not fully believing it. [+violet "Something is weird between you two... But Jacyn. You shouldn't be worried. You have already seen Thomas before. I... I want to meet Thomas but I don't want to look like some... Emo Freak."] Vivian gestured to her hair and her hoodie quickly before hiding her hands again.
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"I had to convince Patton to come." He said with a shrug as he began to pet Remus' hair softly as the other started to melt against his touch. He watched as Remus stuck his head back out of his nest of blankets to listen to what Patton had to say. "Let's leave the room situation alone until after breakfast shall we? Patton, Remus, are you two okay now?" Janus asked reaching out for Patton to come to sit on the bed.

"That's why I said sorry before leaving because I kissed back thinking you were Logan and I thought it wasn't fair. " Remus muttered as he was getting more tired as he uncurled himself from his ball at Janus rubbing him right behind his ears. "But I did like cuddling with you." Remus said as he let out a yawn"sleepy," Remus muttered as Janus shook his head at Remus exasperated at the twins as Roman yawned as well.

"You both should still be asleep now if this panic is over with Penny did make the fried dough," Janus said showing his boyfriends the basket Patton had dropped earlier but Remus was already passed out. Roman however was still awake.

"We really did mean to tell you last night Padre. But are we really holding off on the conversation that you three didn't realize you were more than a function." Roman asked as Virgil hit him with a pillow. "Hey!"

"Yes, because it is more complicated than this right now and you need to eat something before passing out like your brother," Janus said feeding Roman a piece of dough before he can protest. "Besides I'm starting to think Logan's theory might be right about the rooms. We should know by tomorrow if his theory is right."

"What Theory?" Roman asked with his mouthful.

"Short version he thinks rooms switch sides based on acceptance our rooms in the dark lock us out the moment one of you trust us. Logan's relationship probably triggered it and you accepting Remus probably sealed the deal. Patton giving his approval to having Remus in the relationship might cause him to have a new room." Janus said as he handed Patton and Virgil their pieces.

Jacyn shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Penny "I think you made enough to fill an army Pen. But I think we need to talk about referring to Patton as Dad last night. Are we all on the same page with staying here now?" She asked looking at them swinging her legs. "Because I actually think we could make this place a permanent home. But that would require us to meet Thomas at some point are we really ready for that?" She asked them.
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Patton nodded and followed Janus to Logan's room. He didn't want to face this situation head-on. He would have rather gone to eat fried dough with Penny or even stayed in Janus's room to cuddle but he knew that Janus would never let him do that. So instead he walked behind Janus and used the Lord of the Lies as a human shield to avoid confrontation.

Virgil played with Remus's sash as Janus and Patton came in. He was glad that the snake had finally arrived after taking his sweet time. [+purple "Thanks for coming right away and not skipping along the halls and sniffing the flowers."] He was tempted to hiss at Janus but he didn't want to take more time away from the discussion that they needed to go over.

Patton was left awkwardly standing in the middle of the room as Janus left him to go to Remus. He messed with the hem of his shirt and looked at the ground, not wanting to look into the eyes of any of his boyfriends. [+turquoise "I-I see. That is why you guys weren't able to tell me... S-So you guys are wanting to bring Remus into this relationship? I am guessing that Remus and Roman are just going to be platonic then too."] Patton listened to Remus as he kicked the floor with the front of his foot. [+turquoise "I-I forget sometimes that you, Roman, and Janus can read thoughts... The cuddles were...nice, but I didn't know it was you at the time and I was still half asleep. I know that you were probably okay with it but I still feel horrible for kissing you when you weren't who I thought you were. I-I am fine with you coming into the relationship as long as everyone is happy with it. Just... give me some time to get used to it. But I don't know what to do about your room. I am not the room expert here. But I could go get Logan!!"]

Vivian jumped up onto the counter with Jacyn and took one of the fried dough balls with Crofters that Penny offered her. [+violet "Thanks Pen. These are really good. Did you and Patton bake them?"]

Penny shook her head. [+teal "Nope!! It was just me!!"]

Vivian looked at Jacyn and Penny, shocked. [+violet "You made these all on your own?! That is impressive!!"]

Penny smiled proudly and stuck her tongue out at Jacyn. [+teal "Thanks, Vivi. Now if only someone would give the cook back one of her ingredients!!"]

Vivian rolled her eyes and took another bite. [+violet "That would be funny to watch but you know that they aren't going to leave their precious padre trapped in a room. Once he brings out the tears they will rush in to cuddle him and make it all better. That might not be the case but I am just saying. Patton is like their little baby and they would all do anything for him."] Vivian took more dough and stuffed it into her mouth.
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Janus sighed as he cleaned Patton up "Come on let's get this whole situation cleared up and have a long talk." He said to him as they walked back to the bedroom this time he knocked and walked right into the bedroom. "I think we all need to talk!" He said as he walked over to see Remus was still shaking in Roman's and Virgil's arms. He felt guilty that they had left Remus in such a state they should have gone back for him.

Roman eyes widen at that fact as Janus walked "You never knew you were more than a function!" he asked in shock as Janus looked at Virgil and sighed weakly at the Prince.

"That is a topic for another day," Janus said to them as he looked at Remus who had gone back to trying to hide his head between Virgil's hoodie and Logan's blanket. "Remus, you are not in trouble. We aren't mad at Patton either." He said to him trying to calm the Green twin down from his guilt. "But you need to talk to us."

Roman decided to talk for his twin as he looked at Patton "Logan, Virgil, and I talked about it at the Ball last night that we wanted to talk to you about bring Remus in. Remus was against it because he thought that you, Patton, would be upset that he wanted everyone as well. We were all going to sit down and talk about it but then we were all tired so we thought we talked today but then this happened."

Remus curled tighter as he kept trying to duck out he wanted Logan there as well. "I miss curling up with V and J. I never stop loving them when they switched to the light side but they wanted you so I was afraid that you wouldn't accept them if they were still with me so I never asked for them to come back. I didn't want you worrying over if they were going to come back. I like hugging you this morning you were warmer than Logan so it was really relaxing but then when Penny called out I saw the thought you had and I knew I messed up." Remus began to rant and his breathing picked up again as Roman held him. "Now I can't get back to my room." He said to them.

Jacyn huffed at Penny slightly "Again Penny we aren't the only ones eating these." She said to her as she made the jar go away as she ate her plain since she had started a fight over the jar. Jacyn had really wanted to add more to hers but she had to compromise. As she looked at Vivian she smiled as she moved to let her up on the counter. "So are we going to talk about the gay panic that is happening or no?" She asked them. "I vote to lock Patton and Remus in a room till they figure this out," she said swinging her legs back and forth. "Think about it if you take away Remus' function he is like a puppy and is kinda cute."
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Patton had run into Janus's room and had thrown himself onto the bed. [+turquoise "Stupid Patton... Stupid..."] Patton whimpered when he saw Janus come in. [+turquoise "I-I'm sorry for coming in here. I d-didn't know where to go and I-"] Patton shut his mouth as Janus started wiping his tears off. [+turquoise "I just... I just went to Logan's room to give them breakfast and-- and they said I was dumb and stupid and sick..."] Patton's body trembled as he started sobbing. [+turquoise "B-But... I didn't think that he was Remus... He looked just like adorable Roman on the couch... And I know Virgil is bad with words but that is just how he tries to express emotions with yelling and cursing..."] Patton unwillingly and slowly got out of Janus's bed and adjusted his shirt.

Virgil shook her head. [+purple "He doesn't... We never did when we came here. Janus was easy at hiding the fact and I just avoided you guys so that you would never notice. But Remus... He doesn't know."] Virgil inched over to cuddle Remus a little. [+purple "Remus, we love you and we always will. Everyone just has different ways of showing their love."]

Penny frowned as she took the small measuring cup. [+teal "Hey!! This is barely any!! And the name is sticking till you give me the rest of the jar!!"] Penny made grabby hands at the jar as Vivian walked in. [+teal "Vivi!! Hold Jac down so I can get the jar!!"]

Vivian had walked the rest of the way alone as she fiddled with the rings. She looked up when Penny screamed her little nickname. [+violet "Hey guys. Yeah, I had second thoughts and decided that I would--"] Vivian paused when she realized that Jacyn would know she was lying. [+violet "I mean, I stopped my training because Janus told me I needed a break. So here I am. Ready to eat and hang out with my two best buds."] Breakfast was fine before she had to bring Jacyn with her to Logan's room.
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Janus looked at the air and sighed weakly "No not when he is stressed, Remus is the same way he will talk faster and not know when to stop." He said as he went after Patton. He came to the room and looked at his boyfriend seeing the lies that Patton was speaking and the lies both Remus and Patton were thinking. "That is not true." He said to him as he walked over to clean his face up. Once he got the whole story he sighed weakly "All my boyfriends are useless gays." He huffed kissing Patton's tears. "Patton do you want to know something about Remus he is easily hurt just like you. He always wanted your love but was scared to ask for it." He said brushing his hair back. "Now he got a taste of it and he thinks you only did it because you saw him as Roman," Janus said to Patton. "We have also talked about how Virgil is horrible with words and you need to tell him if something he says is hurtful. Now come on we have an octopus that needs to know he doesn't need to feel guilty for wanting you to love him."

Roman sighed weakly as Remus sniffled as he held his brother closer to him and he heard his brother's thoughts loud and clear. "Re you deserve that cuddle just as much as I did. You are more than your title and function, you should know that." He said as he felt his brother tense. "Remus you do know that right?" he asked him then looking up at Virgil wondering if he knew why Remus wasn't answering.

The truth was he didn't really no one took the time the Dark Sides were once exiled because of their functions only brought to the Light when they were known passed that. Logan had been treating Remus like a person not just is a function and Remus never noticed because Logan had always done that.

Jacyn put some in a small measuring cup to give to Penny "Here just in case the others don't want it in theirs." She said to her as she made a face at the nickname. "Can that nickname please go away please!" She begged as she saw Vivian walked down the steps. "I thought you weren't going to eat with us?" she asked but her eyes were scanning Vivian for more injuries.
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Vivian nodded and turned her head when Janus was distracted by the phone. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and fidgeted with custom weighted rings. She had tried testing out her powers but couldn't create anything big or extravagant. The only thing she had managed to create was tiny rings that could fit on her fingers and were just as heavy as actual weights. She had made then two nights ago and was going to tell Jacyn but something had stopped her. She wasn't sure what it was but it made her feel like maybe she could keep her small triumph to herself. So instead she wore two or three rings at a time and walked around while wearing her weighted rings. [+violet "Yeah, yeah. Kitchen, Logan, Powers, whatever. I just need to go eat something.."] Jacyn walked out of her room and yelped when she saw Patton's ghost zoom past. It caused her to jump away as the real Patton raced past. [+violet "That was close... I think we are good now. Let's go."] Vivian walked quickly as she tried not to think about how she could have used her powers to stop the bar.

Patton had skipped at high speeds through the mind palace. He wasn't going to let his mind take over as he listened to the flutter of his heart. He was excited to see Roman and Virgil. He knocked on Virgil's and Roman's bedroom doors but got no responses. He almost got up the nerve to open the door to see if they were just ignoring him but he didn't want to take his chances with seeing any more bare skin. Patton was blushing as we walked up to Logan's room and paused as he heard voices. He listened to them and recognized Roman's and Virgil's voices. His breathing hitched when he heard Remus's scratchy voice.

Virgil helped Roman to coax Remus out from the blanket. [+purple "Re, I know things have been off the walls with us but it will be alright. Patton can be a little... dumb sometimes. He likes to follow his heart and not think with his head. He can be reckless and irresponsible for a dad but that is what makes him so adorable. He is like one of those stupid cute soft types."] Virgil heard something drop from outside the door and turned around to look. [+purple "Hello? Who is there?"]

Patton was running through the halls crying. Why had they said all those mean things? Was he really that dumb? And he never ate glitter except by accident. Patton kept bumping into the walls as he sprinted to Janus's room to hide. His huge shirt kept getting caught on objects as he ran. [+turquoise "Stupid shirt... Stupid Patton..."]

Vivian shoved Janus out of the way when she saw the ghost of Patton running past them again but in the opposite direction. [+violet "Why does your boyfriend have to run everywhere? Doesn't he know how to walk?"]

Penny laughed at Jacyn when she hissed. [+teal "Aww! Give Patton a break Miss Adorable Little Baby."] Penny ate the fried dough with crofters. [+teal "Wow!! This is delicious!! Give me the jar!! I want to add some to all the dough!! It will make it all taste so much better!!"] Penny tried to reach for the entire jar thinking about eating more of the jam instead of actually using it for the dough.
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Janus sighed "But she is going to ask to see your hands, I rather you have them cleaned up because blood is totally not difficult to get out of clothes at all." He said to her as his phone buzzed with an S.O.S from Virgil which was odd. Janus sighed weakly "Head down to the kitchen to keep Jacyn and Penny company Virgil sent me an S.O.S also can you please tell Jacyn when she is done to meet Logan and I in Logan's room. Her powers came in and it is important for her to get them under control. I have a feeling you all might need too might Emile." He said to them as he stood up walking Vivian out of her room to see Patton with a basket running passed them. Vivian powers allowed her to stop them both from being plowed over. Janus smirked as he ruffled her hair "Seems your powers are doing just fine."

Remus let out another painful whine not knowing Patton was on his way up or even close to the door as he bit his lip. "Of course I am going to worry! Patton wanted Roman to cuddle not me. He was probably sick to his glitter-filled stomach when he realized he kissed me." Remus said to him as he hid more whimpering "I was cold and wanted to cuddle too. Patton was soft."

Roman sighed softly "Re come on Patton doesn't think like that." he whispered to his brother as he tried to pull Remus out of the blanket as he looked at Virgil looking for some help.

Jacyn hissed at the father figure tugging at her scales but it was happy he was ready to serve his boyfriends. Jacyn decided to take her dough with some of the crofters and smile at the strawberry flavoring. "This is really good." She said as she held some out for Penny to try as she used her extra arms to clean the dishes and eat at the same time she was actually happy.
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Vivian chuckled. [+violet "3 miles is nothing. I am going to do 5 miles with 60 pounds on each shoulder!! But how is it going to mentally affect me? Is your sugar daddy Logan going to be reading books to me during the whole run or something?"] Vivian flinched away as he tried to clean her hands off. [+violet "H-Hey!! I-I'll be fine if I just weak my tank top and hoodie. I can keep my hands in my pockets and I know that she won't ask me to take my shirt off."] Vivian pulled her hand back and wondered what sort of Yoga Janus had planned.

Virgil stopped laughing. [+purple "Sorry, sorry. I just find it funny. Which is totally wrong!!"] Virgil put his hand on Remus's shoulder. [+purple "Hey Remus. It is alright. But... Your story checks out. Don't worry about it though. We can figure our way through this just like we have with everything in our lives. M-Maybe Janus could help us with this."] Virgil took out his phone and started dialing Janus's personal phone number.

Penny looked up from her baking and took a glance at Patton. [+teal "Umm... A little. He is flustered with some shock, disbelief, and a sprinkle of gay panic."] Penny went back to baking when Jacyn turned her attention back to Patton. She had dough to fry!!

Patton continued pacing. [+turquoise "Y-Yes!! I-I am sure that they will understand! T-They are adorable sugar muffins! They will f-forgive me if I kissed another guy who wasn't in the relationship yet."] Patton bounced up and down unaffected by his previous anxiety. [+turquoise "Thank you so much you adorable little baby!!"] Patton pinched Jacyn's cheeks and skipped over to Penny. [+turquoise "Those look absolutely scrumptious Little Cloud!! I am sorry that I couldn't bake with you but it looks like you already know your way around the kitchen!! I hope you don't mind if I take some of these with me to my boyfriends."] Penny giggled and already had a basket prepared for him. [+teal "I knew that Roman and Virgil were going to want some so I prepared a small basket. Tell them I said hi!"] Patton took the basket with the fried dough and smiled happily.
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Janus shook his head at her "It is just to get you healed up and learn breathing exercises." He said to her as he looked at her hands as she shoved them away. "Once you are healed up there is a mental and physical marathon that you might find more up to your speed the first training involves a 3 mile run with 54 pounds on your shoulders that you have to carry before you feel exhausted." He said to her as he got her cleaned up so Jacyn wouldn't worry over the girl.

"Virgil, I don't think laughing is a good idea?" Roman said trying not to yawn as Remus curled more into him to hide in Logan's blanket. "Start at the beginning Remus what happened?"

Remus whimpered at being laughed at "I was sleeping with Logan and he must have gotten up and I woke up cold and Patton was there and talking and I pulled him in because he was so warm. He must have mistaken us trying to justify me touching him and that's why he kissed me. Penny asked what was going on that's when I realized he wasn't Logan and he was panicking because he realized I wasn't you said I apologized for touching him and ended up here. I was trying to go back but I bounced." He muttered weakly.

"Bounced?" Roman asked,

"I couldn't get to my room it wouldn't let me in. Janus and Virgil can't get in their old rooms either they had to summon their stuff to their rooms here. I thought it was because I was tired but I can't get to my room at all." Remus whimpered not liking this.

Jacyn sighed weakly at Patton panicking as she yawned still not awake as she looked at Penny "Is this gay panic?" She asked the Prideful side. She turned to Patton and sighed "We all left at different times last night, they probably meant to talk about it last night but fell asleep before they could. Why don't you go ask them?" She said to him as she turned to see Penny managed to make the fried dough and was impressed. "Wow Pen these smell amazing!"
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Vivian smiled at the familiar fabric of her hoodie. [+violet “Thanks... And fine. I will do your dumb yoga. I did some for a while in the darkness but I quickly moved back to weights and squats. Sure, it helped me to be flexible but it didn’t feel quiet at taxing as some of the other training exercises I do.”] Vivian stood you and stuffed her hands into her pockets. She would have rather finished her routine but she didn’t want to hurt herself further. For now she would have to listen to the stupid snake.

Virgil froze for a second before he exploded into laughter. [+purple “Why this is just too good!! Patton, the little dad kissed you!”] Virgil kept laughing for a while time he had let it all out and then his face grew serious. [+purple “And tell me why exactly Patton kissed you? I know that we were talking about bringing you into our relationship but I didn’t think Patton would something like that so suddenly. Does he know then?”] Virgil looked over at Roman and saw Remus looked about ready to pass out. [+purple “Guys... You both need sleep. Here, how about this. You guys get some rest with Disney playing and I will go talk to Patton.”]

Patton gave a confused and shocked look to Jacyn. [+turquoise “T-They all knew and they hadn’t talked to me about it yet.. I mean I... I don’t know what to say.] Patton moved away from Jacyn and started pacing the floor. [+turquoise “Wouldn’t one of them at least said something to me during the dance? I-I’m the happy pappy Patton. T-They can talk to me about anything, right? Right?! Is there something I am doing wrong?”] Patton mumbled to himself as he paced completely unaware of Jacyn and Penny in the room still with him.
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Janus looked at her and sighed weakly "But pushing yourself to this limit is self-harm, Vivian. I do not want to take this away from you I just want you to do it in a safer manner. This is why I suggested the yoga I did it with Virgil when he was about your age and the breathing part of it helped him granted he isn't flexible like you so the positions annoyed him. So how about this try yoga it is both physically taxing and with strengthening your core without you having to be bloody and it will also help with your anxiety." He said to her as he summoned her hoodie to wrap around Vivian pulling her hood up over her face gently.

Roman looked at Virgil and had just grabbed on in time for Remus to attempted to try and duck out. Luckily, Remus seemed more exhausted than he was so he didn't have to put up much of a fight. Remus shook his head "Patton thinks he cheated on you all because he kissed me!" Remus snapped out loud this time as he chocked on his breathing. Roman looked at Remus hurt as he forced himself to sit up, holding his brother in his lap.

"Ree, come on try to breathe," Roman said as Remus whimpered at his old nickname as his brother rubbed his back slightly. Remus shut his eyes weakly as he started to go under his breathing slowed down slightly to the point where Roman didn't know if Remus had passed out or not.

Jacyn bit her lip as she looked at Patton "What if you did and you didn't know you had permission?" She asked him weakly. "Roman, Logan, and Virgil wanted to talk to you and Janus about including Remus. But Remus was afraid you would get hurt if he came into the relationship. So no one had a chance to bring it up to you."
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Vivian looked down at the ground and wished that she was wearing her hood so that she could hide in it. [+violet "Exactly... We can't tell her... She will just get upset at me and won't let me do any more routines. I love her to death but these workouts mean everything to be. They help with my anxiety. I can't just... stop."] Jacyn pulled her legs up to her bruised chest and curled up into a ball.

Virgil hissed at Remus and kicked him in the side. [b "Stop that. Stop it right now or else I will tell your brother what is going on. Take a freaking breath or else I will pin you to the bed so that you will be forced to breathe. It isn't your freaking fault you freaking dummy. Just calm down and we can take you to Patton. Once he realizes that it was an accident, he will forgive you and everything will be forgotten."] Virgil looked over at Roman. [+purple "Please hold him down so that he doesn't run away."]

Penny took the items from Jacyn and mixed them in the ingredients. She also managed to clean up the egg that Patton had dropped. She was quickly getting a hang of the kitchen and slowly becoming a master.

Meanwhile, Patton felt like melting into the floor. [+turquoise "Well I don't know!! But it feels wrong that I kissed him. I didn't have permission to do so and it violates the rules the Kiddos and I set up with this relationship. We couldn't just start kissing up to people who weren't in the relationship before talking over it together as a group!!"] Patton groaned and pulled his arms inside his huge dress-like shirt.
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Janus walked over to her "I trust me I know what it's like to want to protect the ones you care about. I used to use my power to the point you are in now to help to be able to make sure no one got hurt. But then Roman caught me at one of the low points I was convincing Thomas that things would be fine with my powers to calm Virgil and Patton down. Roman saw the effects and caught me told me that it wasn't fair that while I was recuperating they were celebrating the calmness that they only got at my expense." He said to her. "Jacyn would be so upset to know that she was a cause in your injuries Vivian."

Remus whimpered as he curled between them sniffling weakly as he used his tentacles to hold them closer. Roman was smart enough to not ask any questions as he held his brother who was still signing but in a shaky way. "My fault. Always my fault. He didn't like it. Didn't like me. Stupid." Remus signed as Roman held harder.

Jacyn raised a brow at Patton "And you liked it so what? He has been touched starved and you are the ultimate hugger? The only problem I'm seeing is Remus thinks you don't want him around and clearly that isn't the case." Jacyn said swinging her legs as she handed Penny the things she needed for the dough.
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Vivian bit her lip till it bled as she squeezed the bar with her hands and let go when the pain started getting unbearable. [+violet "Fine... I will stop... I wouldn't be able to get anything done anyways with how bad it is starting to hurt. Just don't tell Jacyn or Penny. They don't need to be worrying about my condition."] Vivian got off the bench and sat on the edge with her head in her hands. [+violet "I just want to be there to protect them... I want to protect Jacyn..."]

[+purple "Remus, calm down buddy."] Virgil watched Remus's hands able to keep up with them perfectly. There were some movements that were sloppy because he was going to fast but Virgil was able to fill in the blanks and read them. [b It is okay. I am sure that Patton is probably just as flustered as you are. Let's all take some deep breaths and talk through this, okay?"] Virgil stopped signing and pulled Remus close to him and Roman. [+purple "Just take some deep breaths Re. Please..."]

Patton's hands were shaking as he dropped one of the eggs. [+turquoise "S-Sorry. Hey, Pen? Why don't you mix the dough for me?"]

Penny nodded and squealed as she went over to the bowl and started to mix it. [+teal "Why don't you just use a mixing machine? It would be a lot faster."] Patton gasped and shook his head. [+turquoise "Those cursed machines don't put any love or effort into baking. And besides, I don't even know how to operate one."] Patton let Penny mix while he moved to stand next to Jacyn and talk only with her. [+turquoise "It was more than just a hug, Jacyn. I-I kissed him and we cuddled for a couple of seconds... I thought he was Roman and-- and--"] Patton whimpered as he blushed and hid his face behind his wrists.
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