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Remus scoffed "Not if you only drink one for every day that ends in Y." He said as he let Logan play with his hair. "You are only saying that because it is like Romans." He pouted to him "Virgil did it the last time I washed my hair told me how much my hair was like Roman's." He grumbled under his breath not knowing why everyone wanted his brother it was not like he was perfect.

Roman brought Patton up on to the bed with a sigh "Because a king needs to stay off his feet and be pampered before the ball." He pointed out to Patton as he smiled at Penny. "Of course I will! That way I can give you your own set of hair accessories to use on Jacyn and Vivian."

Jacyn leaned into the rub relaxing in Vivian's touch "I see your point." She said relaxing "They don't hurt much anymore either Janus put some cream on them and it doesn't hurt so much when I touch them now. Tell Penny that and you will regret it you know she likes to pet whatever she can." Jacyn pointed out as she looked at her gray bottoms "Is it wrong to start liking grey? I feel conflicted, I like the gray items but you and Pen both match Virgil's and Patton's color scheme to a T why am I the outlier again."
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Logan smiled and gave a small chuckle as he watched Remus. How was he falling head over heels for this greasy guy? Why even the way that he acted was strangely enticing for his mathematical mind. [+blue “Darling... Those drinks aren’t good for you. Coffee is much healthier than that heart beating liquid.”] Logan reached out and twirled his finger in Remus’s soft curls. [+blue “I like your hair like this. It is.... Cute...”] Logan bent forward and kissed Remus’s hair and took another sip of his ‘Tea’.

Patton’s smile seemed to reach from ear to ear. Penny giggled and hugged Roman. [+teal “Can you teach me to braid that way we can both braid Patton’s hair?”] Patton drank the hot chocolate and looked at them excitedly. [+turquoise “That sounds like a lot of fun! And why can’t we just hold a ball in my room? Get some streamers and I can sit on the floor.”] Patton winced as he tried to get out of bed.

Vivian nodded as she finished her apple. [+violet “You are right.. But Penny doesn’t want to go into her room and we shouldn’t force her to go in. Plus, with the power of pride or whatever... what is she does something bad? I would still stick by her side but... Idk... I still have to talk either Virgil more. He might have some answers to all the questions I have... But your scales are looking rather nice this morning.”] Vivian started to rub Jacyn scales.
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Remus not knowing that Logan had switched the tea to coffee smiled at Logan brightly as he sat on the counter with a monster energy drink in his hand. "See this stuff taste like gasoline but it keeps me awake!" He said with a smile as he looked at Logan without the grease in his hair Remus's hair was moving as he walked and flopped into his face that he had to blow it out of his face with obnoxious noises.

Roman smiled as he kissed Patton back "Anytime our King of Hearts!" he said to him as he smiled at him. "As soon as you are better we will hold a grand ball in your honor." He said to him with a smile on his lips. Anything to make Patton smile.

Jacyn shrugged "I pretty sure the lie tasting is a thing I do wonder if I will get anything else from Janus though. I think my scales are changing because of my job though which is a little weird." She said looking at her scales again. "I honestly would be okay not getting anything else but something tells me Janus is withholding information on what he thinks I could acquire like him. I'm more worried about Penny she hasn't been to her room yet."
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Logan clung to Remus as they went down the railing. [+blue “This is definitely not safe!!!”] She sat down in a seat and looked down at the plate. He noticed that there was no coffee so Logan muffled his snapping as the tea in his cup turned into coffee. He took a sip and watched Remus. [+blue “Mmm... This tea is really good. Thanks for making it for me.”] He wasn’t feeling anxious anymore so Virgil must have been somewhere near his room.

Penny smiled and hugged Patton while making sure that he didn’t spill the hot chocolate. Patton smiled and hugged her back tightly while taking a bite of the Mickey shaped waffle. [+turquoise “This is wonderful... I love you guys...”] Patton kisses Penny and Roman’s foreheads.

Vivian smiled and laughed at the ideas. [+violet “Those are actually pretty good. I had never thought of it like that. I thought that you would be upset at me for getting powers and you didn’t... But I will make sure that Penny has the chances for giving me all the hugs she wants. You too of course. I now will be able to keep myself from falling onto the ground though.”]
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Remus smirked as he ran over to Logan and picked him up like one would a sandbag "FOOD!!!!" He yelled with glee as he began to run sliding down the railing. Dangerous but it was not like he cared as he made sure Logan was safe. There is no coffee left but Remus managed to actually make a cup of tea for him to try and handed him the plate the said Logan on it. Remus went through the fridge trying to find his own meal for the day.

Roman smiled at Patton "Of course Padre we love you!" He said faking being offended that Patton would even think that they wouldn't come to him in his time of need. Looking at Penny Roman smiled at the little girl "Patton is really happy that we are spoiling him. Like how Jacyn tried hiding from compliments." He said to her with a smile.

Jacyn looked at her "That is pretty neat." She said as she sat there thinking about "I mean think about it kicking the others butts in Video Games and it might actually help Thomas out. Like when he goes to a funhouse you are going to notice something jumping out of the wall before Thomas does so you could have him brace himself." She said to her with a smile. "It will be sad when Penny can't surprise hug you anymore so you try and let her get one in everyone and awhile."
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Logan was messing with a pencil and twirling it around his fingers at his desk while Remus was getting dressed. Would they tell the others about their new found relationship today? How would the others react to this? Would Roman be mad at him for falling in love with his brother? Logan was stressing so much that the pencil flew out of his fingers. Logan took a deep breath and got out of his desk chair to retrieve the fallen pencil. He was getting anxious. Virgil must be somewhere nearby. He needed to calm down. He needed coffee... He looked at the now clean and dressed Remus. [+blue “Y-Yes we can.”] Logan set the pencil back down on his desk and hoped that Remus hasn’t seen his minor anxious breakdown.

Penny bounced on the bed as Patton took the mug. [+turquoise “Awww. Thank you so much kiddos...”] Patton started crying happily at their kindness. Penny looked at Roman with a confused look on her face. [+teal “W-Why is he crying? I-Is he alright?”]

Vivian looked down at the apple core in her hands. [+violet “J-Jacyn... I-I have powers... Virgil says that at least... I can apparently anticipate a persons movement and see a ghost of them in the very close future...”] Vivian wasn’t hungry anymore. She felt feelings of shame and guilt for what the three girls were causing for the others.
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Remus huffed as he did what he was told and dried off with a flick of his wrist and began putting his dry clothes on just as Janus illusion was fading. The scars were coming back and Remus was looking more like a patchwork doll than a side as he himself in his normal attire. "Now can we get food?!" He begged Logan with a smile on his face as he thought about all the food he could eat now.

Roman smiled as he shrunk the crown so it would fit better nestled in her braid with a smile on his face. "Yes! We have been determined to fight the beast of hungry and melancholy with sweet heated chocolate nectar and small clouds!"

Jacyn paused for a second as she thought "I don't know I mean we have opened up to them a lot but they let us do it on our own terms for the most part. But, I feel guilty if we are the reason they are not being with their partners." Jacyn said to her flopping backward-looking up at the gym ceiling.
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Logan hit Remus back with the towel and got him out of the tub. [+blue “I have been trying to teach Patron that he isn’t saying it correctly. And you need to dry off.”] Logan turned to Janus as he was leaving. [+blue “Get some sleep in a more comfortable environment this time. And might I suggest some tea before bed and some lavender.”] Logan handed Remus another dry towel. [+blue “Dry off. Now.”]

Penny giggled and nodded as she offered some of her hot chocolate to the fatherly side. [+teal “I along with the Prince of Passion offer some of my hot chocolate that has extra marshmallows!”] She smiled and adjusted the crown on her head that was threatening to fall off.

Meanwhile, Virgil has fallen asleep in his dark broom closet with his music playing in his headphones. There were two spiders in the corners and one of them was crawling up his leg and investigating this new thing that had come into their humble home.

Vivian raised an eyebrow at Jacyn. [+violet “I mean... That makes a lot of sense... But what are we going to do about it? Should we tell Penny this? Should we tell all the side our theory? What if it just makes everyone more awkward because we know about it?”] Vivian was starting to get anxious but she quickly took control of it.
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"Ohhhh so Patty-cake is allowed to saying Adultery but I'm banned from using the words moist and wet," Remus said as with a pout as he giggled at Logan hitting him with the towel. "I call bias!" Remus protested as Janus sighed at Remus shaking his head at the side.

"Logan I'll leave clean clothes for Remus in your room." He said rubbing his head as if he had a headache as he heard Remus make a whimper Janus held his hand up to stop Remus. "Just a headache from the sleeping position is all." He swore to Remus thankful the other could not see the lies as he ducked out.

Roman smiled as he began to feed Patton the Mickey-shaped waffle "But of course only the finest things for the fairest in the land right my Princess of Pride?" He asked Penny.

Jacyn looked at her "Sorry but I mean it makes sense we have been wary of them since we got here, Penny staring and Janus responses, we only ever saw two of them together because that's what they wanted us to see. When they are being themselves they are all together so they sneak away from us to express affection with a different person because they don't know how to react." JAcyn said her eyes wide.
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Logan rolled his eyes and started drying Remus’s face off first so that he couldn’t talk. [+blue “That isn’t what it means and you know it. Also, I am going to pretend like you never said that you inappropriate rat. However, you are a clean rat now.”] Logan kept his face expressionless as he started to dry Remus’s arms and back.

Patton giggled. [+turquoise “Aww shucks! You guys didn’t have to do all of this! And you guys are just the cutest little things! You will have to take a picture so that I can put it up on the wall!”] Patton looked down at the food as his stomach growled.

Vivian took another bite of the apple and ran her finger over the ratings gently. [+violet “They look really good Jac.”] Vivian sat calmly as her heart rate started to calm down and she took another sip of her water. [+violet “What do you mean they are being themselves? Why wouldn’t they be theirselves at other times? Are you speaking in riddles again because I can’t understand you at all.”]
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Janus watched as Remus blinked and Janus even had to admit it looked like they had bleached poor Remus. His hair and skin now matched the rest of them may be a little darker like Roman's from the sun in an Imagination. His hair was now a lighter brown and the gray streak in his hair was a little brighter. Janus deemed the bath successful for the most part. Janus watched as Remus came back to them Janus took a few steps back knowing what was about to happen.

Remus began to shake like a dog getting all the water off of him and laughed as his hair flops in his face. "Haha! This gives a new meaning to I'm wet for you!" Remus laughed at them as Janus stood and summoned a towel and handed it to Logan.

Roman smiled as he props the man up "A feast for a King on the glorious celebration of his mighty awakening." He said to him as he set everything else for him.

Jacyn smiled weakly as she touched her ears "Is it wrong that I forgot they were there?" She said tugging on her ear slightly. "Janus saw them when braiding my hair he said Roman had some old earrings I could look through." Jacyn sighed "I'm so used to adapting because of a threat but it is weird how much of myself I didn't notice because of adapting without thinking." Then it hit her as she looked at Vivian "Without thinking. They aren't cheating they are being themselves." She said.
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Logan nodded in slight understanding. He scrubbed Remus’s shoulders and arms gently as the soap cleaned his skin. [+blue “So we basically have to make sure that Remus doesn’t argue with anyone for the rest of the day?”] Logan thought that the conditioner had been in for long enough as he washed Remus’s hair off for the second time. He put his hands over Remus’s eyes this time and smiled as the water parted for his hand.

Penny sat on the bed next to Patton and gently tapped Patton’s chest above his heart. [+teal “Awaken fair Patton from Roman’s kiss!”]

Patton mumbled and opened his eyes. He had been awake for a while with his eyes closed and was just listening to how cute Penny and Roman where. But he wasn’t going to break their whole act. [+turquoise “It’s my kiddos! They have saved me!”] Patron flinched as he moved his leg to sit up. [+turquoise “And what is that I smell? Can it be breakfast for the royal king?”]

Vivian took the apple and ate a large bite out of it. [+violet “Thanks. And your hair looks nice with the braids. Plus your ear studs look really... cute. Or slick. A mix of both really.”] Vivian tapped her foot on the ground and thought for a moment. [+violet “Virgil is a good person but.. I don’t want to think of him as a cheater...”]
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Janus was focused on his own task while trying to balance the illusion. "That depends on Virgil and Roman," Janus began taking note of how out of it Remus was at the thought of unmarred skin killed him. "He tends to throw himself into work more when those two get defensive with him. OR demand things of him." Janus explained. "As far as I can recall that has always been the case with Roman. Virgil happens around the time he left."

Roman smiled at her "Of course let all the cats have a warm sunny spot to lay in and a cat tree to explore!" He decreed laughing at how they had yet to wake Patton as he placed the crown on top of Patton's head. Roman was in the princely pose on one knee with a hand over his heart. "Wake my king and join in our festivities!" Roman said as he leaned down and kissed Patton's head.

Jacyn sighed at her "I don't know I mean really Janus said that he and Patton were together but he did not confirm or deny any relationship with the others." She said as she summoned another apple for Vivian handing it to her as she sat on the ground. She began to fiddle with the end of her braid she looked closer at the ribbon and noticed the small snakes on it.
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Logan grabbed another bar of soap knowing that Remus needed as much soap as he could get. He quickly rinsed off the trash rat’s greasy head was shocked to see that his hair was starting to look curly and soft. Once, he was done with the shampoo, Logan put conditioner in and scrubbed it in before letting it sit while moving on to scrub Remus’s back and chest. [+blue “Wow. We might actually end up with a clean Remus for once. How long do you think he will stay this clean?”]

Penny twirled in the cape to show it off to Roman. [+teal “I am the princess! And I decree that all the cats are our now!”] She giggled and gently put the crown in her head. [+teal “Oh wait! Patton needs a crown!”] Penny ran over to the toy chest again and came back with a third crown. [+teal “Come on! Let’s wake Patton up and then I give him his breakfast!”]

Vivian climbed down from the bar and grabbed her water bottle from a pile of empty ones as she took a drink. [+violet “I thought that Roman was with Virgil and Patton was with Janus? And you said that Janus was with Virgil a moment ago? So is Janus cheating on Patton with Virgil and Roman is cheating on Virgil with Patton?”] Vivian day down on one of the benches on the side on the room while she was trying to figure this out. [+violet “So are Logan and Remus just the odd ones out or are they cheating with them too?”]
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Janus smiled "I have a slightly better plan." He said taking Remus hand out of the water he rarely did it so he had to concentrate on the lie. The lie that the battles never happen that Remus never got hurt and projected it on to Remus himself. "It will not last long Remus so behave." Janus scolded as he watched Remus take off the soaked fabric of his shirt and toss them the scars weren't there. Janus nodded to Logan that they had to work fast as he grabbed the brush and worked on his nails as Remus seemed so focus on making sure all of the scars were gone.

Roman smiled as he took one of the crowns and placed it on his own head meanwhile he took the cape and wrapped it around Penny's shoulders. He was having so much fun with someone who wanted to play dress-up with him other than Remus. He would normally spoil the fun of the game.

Jacyn took a deep breath and nodded "Yeah she and Roman are playing dress-up. I needed to get out of Patton's room for a bit. And when I did I saw Janus and Virgil rather close. You don't think they are cheating on Roman and Patton do you?"
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