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Logan flicked Remus hard on his neck. [+blue “Dar— Remus. You could at least pretend to be sorry. Yes, it is good that they are here and not in the darkness. But you didn’t have concert from any of us or from them. And what if it had gone wrong and you had hurt them? Their were many circumstances in which it could have ended badly.”] Logan flicked his neck again but harder and more playfully. [+blue “Next time don’t be so reckless...”]

Penny frowned down at Remus and cuddled close to Patton. [+teal “You aren’t being very nice. Both of you.”] Patton hugged Penny close to him and kissed the top of her head. [+turquoise “Now kiddo. You should calm down and stop throwing accusations at everyone.”]

Virgil followed them to the living room as Vivian debated whether it was a good time or not to ask him questions. She knew that there wasn’t anything that Jacyn couldn’t hear but she also didn’t want Jacyn to feel left out or awkward in the conversation. So they all just ended up walking quietly down the hall till they got to the living room.
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Roman now knew something was up if he was being flat out ignored as he fringed being offended by being given the cold shoulder. His pouted stayed on his face this time as he began to wonder if he should be the one to design something for his brother Virgil surely could help him get some of the darker aspects to work.

Remus leaned back into the pets as his brother remained silent he smiled and like a switch was flicked his body slumped again in poor posture. "Nope because I'm not sorry for bringing you here!" He said proudly, "I am very proud that I was the first side to summon another without meaning to that so nope sorry not sorry." He giggled.

Jacyn shrugged "We are going in the same direction anyway." She said as they began their walk to the living room it seemed everyone was gathered there and Jacyn was taken back that Penny did not even see a little bit unnerved. She took it as a good sign as she debated on making their prences known.
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Logan looked away from Roman and ignored his silent question. He continued to run his hands through his clean hair and breath in the soapy smell. He wished that he could smell it forever. It was such a carefree scent that was so common everywhere that it made anyone feel light and fluffy.

Penny giggled and leaned on Patton gently. [+teal “Of course I can help you Remus! As long as you apologize for bringing us here. Even though I love it here and never want to leave! You still have to apologize to get me to help you.”] Penny stuck out her tongue playfully and Patton giggled at her. [+turquoise “Now Penny. Don’t be rude. It isn’t very nice to tease people.”]

Virgil chuckled and Vivian joined in with the sarcastic joke. [+purple “Haha. Very funny.”] He stood up and dusted himself off. [+purple “Mind if I join you guys? We can walk through the living room to get to Patton’s room. It will be faster.”]

Vivian looked at Jacyn. She didn’t mind if he came along. And she couldn’t see a reason why he couldn’t come after all. [+violet “I don’t see why not. Jac? What do you think?”]
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Roman looked at Logan wondering if he should truly believe that statement since he knew for a fact that Remus would use that lie in the passed. He was having a silent conversation with the Logical side asking him if that was the truth. Remus was over the top when it came to fashion for everyone but he rarely saw his brother use his talent outside the Imagination on his own wardrobe choices. Which reminded Roman that he needs to talk to his brother about the nightmare as well.

Remus smiled at Penny and Patton weakly he couldn't handle the praise he was giving. "Sure thing Penny Pocket! I have the designs for you and Vivian already done need your help with Jacyn, think you can help me there?" Remus asked her "I'll wrap Vivan and Jacyn up and you can give them to them." He added.

Jacyn decided she could not help being a little bit sarcastic "I thought everyone was out of the closet by now." She gave a weak smile helping dust off the webs from his hair. Surprised how they managed to get so tangled in his hair. "We are on our way back down to join the others and check on Patton he should probably be awake by now."
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Logan observed everyone’s reactions closely. Roman was highly impressed at the designs, probably because there were no hidden traps or slime pits, and he also looked shocked that it had turned out so well. Logan looked over at Patton and Penny who seemed to be fawning over every detail and stitching in the outfits. [+turquoise “These may be the best ones you have ever come up with ReRe!”] Penny pointed at the colors. [+teal “Will I really get to wear something that is going to be so pretty? Oh! We can have a fashion show with all of the outfits!”] Logan noticed Remus’s rigid posture and he put his hands on Remus’s shoulders. [+blue “That is because he was going to work on them later and he didn’t was to spoil his design for them now.”]

Virgil sleepily opened his eyes to a bright light flooding the small broom closet. Oh great. Someone had found him. The two spiders both scurried bath into the corners and tried to hide from the hallway lights. [+purple “Hey guys... Looks like you found me.”] Virgil paused his music and took his headphones off to look at the two girl. [+purple “What brings you to my dark and humble abode?”]

Vivian looked at the purple sides web covered body. He wasn’t completely covered but he looked like he had been sitting in there for a while and the spiders had befriended him. [+violet “Virge? What are you doing in the closet?”]
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Remus arched back into Logan's hand like a cat begging for more. He used Logan's hand to steady him and keep him grounded as he summoned the designs for everyone's outfits. When Penny inquired on if she could look Remus nodded to her. "I actually made something for you girls and I want you opinion on the colors I choose to make sure you three will like them." He said as he summoned swatches of the fabric for Penny to see.

Roman was once again surprised with what his brother could come up with when left alone with Logan. "You have certainly outdone yourself, Brother!" He said as he handed Patton's his so he could gush over it but then he noticed something. "You upgraded everyone but yourself again." He pointed out and within seconds Remus's posture was tight and he seemed to be overthinking.

Jacyn nodded as she went to the door and opened it jumping at the spider webs on Virgil's body as she leaned down and tapped Virgil gently. Soft enough to gain his attention but not enough to spook the anxious side.
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Logan wore an expressionless face as he wove his fingers in and out of Remus’s hair. [+blue “We still needed you to go over the designs and request any changes you thought would benefit the group. Any changes within reason that is. And as you pointed out, we will need your further assistance in creating this vacation getaway.”] Logan didn’t know when the right time to bring up that he and Remus were in love was. He was sure that they would accept it, Roman would probably poke fun at him, but they would definitely need to all be together and right now they were missing both thunder clouds and snake.

Patton and Penny both tried to lean over Roman’s shoulder and look at the designs. [+teal “Can we look at them too? It isn’t fair that Roman gets to look at them and we don’t.”]

Vivian shrugged. [+violet “It could be poisoned. You never know until it is too late. Maybe they have a secret formula that makes you want to stay here and they put it in all their food.”] Vivian kept walking till Jacyn pointed out some music. [+violet “I don’t know. I mean, it is good music for sure and if someone tries to attack us I will be able to see it and beat them into my prized knuckle sandwich.”] Vivian smiled proudly and looked back at Jacyn.
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Remus was nervous about sitting near his brother, Patton, Penny, and Logan he wasn't sure if he wanted to but he wanted to be with Logan he wanted to prove he could behave long enough to be in a tiny person presence. So he followed over and sat on the floor leaning against Logan's leg so his hair was in reaching distance for Logan to fiddle with.

Roman was actually impressed as he moved through "Looks like you two were doing things without me what is there left to do other than create the scenes themselves." He said to the two as Remus was fiddling with some of his clothing designs.

Jacyn snorted "You know their food isn't poisoned right it isn't bad either which is surprising since you know I'm a picky eater." She said as she heard some loud music coming from the closet. Turning her head to Vivian "Should we look into the drumming or keep walking?"
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Logan grumbled when Roman took his notes. He followed Roman back over to the couch and looked back at Remus to see if he was going to sit on the couch as well. [+blue “You coming, Green Cake?”] Logan knew that social interaction would be good for them both since they hadn’t been with a group of people for a while. Logan found an amputee area on the couch and sat down. He looked at the three that he had joined and saw them all wearing crowns and acting like royalty. Was this another one of their dress up games?

Vivian followed Jacyn to her room and just stood next to her. [+violet “You don’t have to tell me that twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone started picking out my terrible habits all at once.”] Vivian chuckled awkwardly and put her hands in her hoodie pockets as she stared down at her shoes.

Virgil has fallen deeply asleep as the two spiders were spinning their webs and on of them was making a web that was connected to the wall and to Virgil’s knee. His music was still playing as he quietly lay in a ball in the broom closet.
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Remus swung his legs back and forth when Roman came down with Patton he nodded in their general direction. "Roman!" Remus yelled, "Come see the hotspots LoLo came up with for the vacation and I even made you a new suit!" He said as he showed Roman his choices.

"Come over to the sofa Pocket Protector and Slime cannon, we can start talking about it," Roman said as he gently put Patton down and props his leg up. With a smile on his face as he set up a tea set for Patton and Penny. Roman walked over taking Logan's notes with him allowing the other side to only have his one piece of paper.

Jacyn huffed as she hugged her friend back "Yeah but you are gonna get a double lecture on proper eating habits, not me." Jacyn said as got up and thought about taking her violin with her then she noticed a notebook of sheet music next to it and decided to take that instead.
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Logan blushed and let out a little moan that he quickly stifled. [+blue “Y-Yes! We should definitely do that. I will get to work on f-finding Roman After I go over my notes.”] Logan went back over to his seat and started drinking his coffee and he snapped and summoned his notes in the location ideas. He didn’t look at Remus as his red face lied about his ever thought.

Patton grunted as he was picked up by Roman. His leg hurt so bad... Patton saw Roman smile omg and Penny excitedly following them. Patton was happy to see that they were having fun as he smiled as well. [+turquoise “Yay! Let’s go have lots of fun!”]

Vivian hugged Jacyn and smiled. [+violet “I’m sorry for calling you names. Please don’t hiss as your poor old protector. And I always have my guard up. And it is a lot easier now that I can anticipate movements. But let’s go back to Penny. She probably is going to give us both a lecture for being gone for a while.”] Vivian stood up and walked over to the door while putting her hood over her head.
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Remus licked Logan's lips slightly tasting the coffee he decided not to point it out he would wait for a chance to blackmail later. As he sighed "We need to sit down with Roman and get him to go over the final ideas for the vacation so he and I can start creating it little by little. " He said with a smile.

Roman laughed "That is the spirit tiny one now let us go!" He said as he carefully scoped Patton up into his arms as they took off running towards the stairs with a smile on his lips. The smile faltered slightly when he saw Logan and Remus in the kitchen but he made sure they did not notice. After all his brother was glowing for a change.

Jacyn hissed at her again since she did two more times and she glared at her. "I'm used to be hyperfocused on everything I guess I felt like I wasn't keeping my promise to you about keeping our guards up." She said and looked at the time. "I also have officially been up here with you for an hour after promising Penny this wouldn't take to long so you know I'm batting a thousand today."
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Logan nuzzled Remus back and gave him another kiss on his neck. [+blue “Now come on, Dear. It isn’t very nice to talk about people behind their backs.”] Logan kissed Remus on the lips again and hoped that his lover couldn’t taste the coffee. He didn’t want to be caught red handed and have his beloved drink taken away. [+blue “So. What do you want to do today, Lovely?”]

Penny hopped off the bed and skipped around the room. [+teal “Yeah! Let’s do it! We can all sit on the couch and give cuddles and hugs!”] Penny picked up her cat plush and spun it like how Roman had spun her earlier. [+teal “Whe!!”]

Vivian chuckled wickedly. [+violet “Okay, Okay tiny, baby snake. I will stop. But I have done my research and listened and from what I have heard, you can’t summon anything if I don’t want you to. However, I am not really sure how to control that but I should be able to if the tiny, baby snake were to try anything funny.”] Vivian winked at Jacyn playfully. [+violet “But you are right. I would never be able to convince Virgil to do an actual workout. It is fine though. I don’t have to worry about others hogging the machines and the bars.”]
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Remus pouted at Logan he wanted to believe him if it only got the nerd to stay like this as he turned so Logan could see his face he kissed him. Remus gave himself props for not pulling Logan up on the counter with him. "Patton would have to catch me first and right now he is like the hound from fox and the hound all bandaged up and now where to go." He said laughing slightly as he wrapped his arms around Logan nuzzling him softly.

Roman looked at Patton "Ah yes but the King is the only one that doesn't face the Snake Dragon's wrath!" He said as he thought about a compromise. "How about we take our King on a quest to the sofa in the living room where he can watch over the subjects? And see if we can find a snoozing Wizard or Scholar on the way?" He said referring to Virgil and Logan.

Jacyn hissed at her slightly "Keep it with that nickname and I'll turn everything in her into a pool noodle." She threatens as she relaxed slightly with a pout. "I think the closet you could get Virgil to a work out routine is a playlist for them and recovery breathing." She laughed as she sighed weakly not used to different being okay.
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Logan set his ‘Tea’ down on the table and stood up. He stood behind Remus and hugged his shoulders and kissed the back of his neck lovingly. [+blue “That isn’t the reason as all. You and I have the same hair just as everyone else here. I simply love the feeling and the look of freshly washed hair as it bounces and yours is freshly washed so I like it.”] Logan put his finger on Remus’s forehead and made the trash man look up as he kissed Remus’s lips. [+blue “So don’t go thinking for a second that anyone else’s hair is better than yours. Do you want me to have Patton physically fight you?”]

Patton frowned at the two royalty dressed pair and looked down at the blanket. [+turquoise “But I thought that the two of you would listen to your bedridden king... Janus definitely won’t let me leave my bed and I thought that I would ask the most fun people here to keep a secret and let the King go from his prison of sheets.”] Penny looked at Patton excitedly with the offer of keeping a secret. [+teal “I can keep a secret! And we will let you out of your prison!”] Penny tapped the side of the bed with her scepter.

Vivian smiled and rubbed Jacyn’s scales more. [+violet “I am glad to hear that they are not hurting you as much. And I won’t tell Penny. I don’t want to upset the tiny, baby snake now, do I?”] Vivian chuckled and continued to rub the scales but this time it was more to the comfort of Jacyn. [+violet “It isn’t wrong. Sure, Penny is almost the mirror image of Patron. But look at me. Virgil doesn’t workout or plan routines. I do. It is okay to be different in your own way.”]
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