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Janus let Logan move to detach Remus from Virgil. Remus instantly koala himself around Logan as Janus shook his head. "Put him in the water." Janus said as he shrugged "No really Remus will shift in his octopus form and sleep in the tank till later. He probably hasn't shifted much into it so he will be happy to enjoy the water." He said as he kissed Patton. "Patton leaves Virgil's inability to cook alone. He and Remus can't cook well Remus is because he is Remus." Janus said as if that explained things. He helped open the door for Logan as he got Remus into the tank and watched Remus shifted into his octopus form sinking to the bottom of the tank.

When they came back Roman was clutching Logan's pillow and stealing the blankets Janus kissed the prince leaving a note as they all left the room. One part of him wanted to check on the girls as he heard a lie being said.

Jacyn smiled "I like your dress Penny but we both no I need more practice." She said to her as she downplayed her skills. Jacyn stands again and begins to play with a soft smile on her face at how playing makes her feel she loved these moments.
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Patton nodded. [+turquoise "Yes!! Dinner!! I will make it and you guys can help!! But Virgil... I don't know if I can let you cook... Last time you got too anxious if the noodles were cooked properly and ended up turning the noodles to mush..."]

Virgil growled. [+purple "They didn't look properly cooked!! I had to let them sit there for a couple more minutes!!"] [+turquoise "But you turned the heat up!!"] [+purple "Only to make the proses faster and to make sure that they would cook in time!! I was getting too anxious just standing around!!"]

Logan sighed and looked at Janus. [+blue "A date sounds lovely. How about we let Remus sleep in the study. He will enjoy it in there and we can let some fish swim around so that he will be amused if he wakes up early."] Logan moved Patton from his lap and stood up so that he could pick up Remus. [+blue "Remus can sleep in the study till we get his room sorted out. That way he can sleep somewhere familiar."]

Vivian smiled as well. She was happy that Jacyn seemed to be feeling a lot better after holding her violin. That was all she wanted for her girlfriend. [+violet "Why don't you keep playing then? Because it sounds absolutely lovely~"] Vivian watched Jacyn in awe as Penny returned.

[+teal "You are so talented Jaccy!! I loved that song so much!!"] Penny spun and showed off a Cinderella-like dress with clouds scattered on the flowing skirt. [+teal "Do you like it? I found it with a bunch of other beautiful princess dresses!!"]
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Janus looked at Virgil as Remus smiled in his sleep he was slightly worried but Remus color was returning so a four side date. "A date with the four of us does sound good and much needed but let's put something between these two so Remus doesn't keep using his power." He said to them as he thought about something. "Why don't we make the twins favorite for dinner tonight?" He suggested, "The four of us do our date and we wrap it up with dinner in bed with these two?" he asked his lovers.

Jacyn stopped playing with a smile on her face looking a lot better "Sorta I heard it at the ball last night while I was out on the balcony. But it seemed to be missing something so I have been thinking of ways to alter it." She said with a smile on her face hugging the violin.

"I am glad that this was here I have missed playing so much since it was broken." She said to her with a smile on her lips as she began to play again. This song was so different than her other ones and she was so happy to have it back in her arms.
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[+turquoise "Oh... I didn't know Remus did that much. I just thought all he did was act inappropriately and give Thomas a hard time..."] Patton instantly felt bad for saying all the things he had said to the Duke. He didn't realize just how hard he had to work every day.

Logan noticed Patton's drop in his mood so he started rubbing Patton's shoulders. [+blue "It is alright, Morality. We all came to this realization at one point. At least, most of us did. I think Janus and Virgil knew this a long time ago. But now you just have to improve on your actions and make it better for Remus."]

Virgil kept patting Remus as he reached forward and held onto Remus's hands so that he couldn't touch anyone else. [+purple "Glasses is right. Remus isn't the villain of the story and he is better then you think he is. He has done so much for all of us."] Virgil pulled Remus closer so that the duke could lay on his stomach like a pillow.

Penny giggled and nodded as she raced up the stairs to her room. She got the tea set out that they had used last night and watched as Jacyn summoned some tea. She wondered when her powers were ever going to blossom. Jacyn was the only one who was able to do anything. [+teal "I am going to go find a dress!"] Penny stood up and handed Vivian a cup with her drink before hurrying off to a Narnia looking closet.

Vivian took a sip of her drink and smiled as it already started making her feel back up to speed. She leaned on the end of Penny's bed and listened to Jacyn. [+violet "I don't think I have heard that one before. Did you write it?"] She put one of her hands into her hoodie pocket and started fiddling with her weighted rings. Maybe later she would tell Jacyn about them.

Virgil heard Jacyn start playing her violin. [+purple "Yeah. Guess that means that they didn't get hurt. Or worse...."] Virgil tried to shake all his anxious thoughts away but they stayed in the back of his mind. [+purple "So. What are the plans for today? These two will need to catch up on sleep and it looks like the girls are occupied."]

Patton raised his hand timidly. [+turquoise "Maybe this calls for a... Date between the four of us? Or we could spit-up. Me with Logan and Virgil with Janus. We just haven't done the four of us in a long time since everyone agreed on giving each other separate alone time."]
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Janus leaned over and kissed Patton's cheek to soothe the side "Remus does this for all of us at one time. Remus thinks he is helping and being nice but it causes him a lot of pain." Janus said as he moved Roman to lay on Patton's lap and moved to sit between the two brothers as Remus shifted to holding on to Janus' cap like a child. Janus looked at Patton "It would be like if you got burned pulling cookies out of the oven for us. You were doing something nice for us to make us happy but the end result had you hurt." Janus said to Patton. "Remus takes a lot of our negative thoughts and absorb them so Thomas can function. Same how Roman projects our happy thoughts and Penny can amplify our prideful moments."

Jacyn smiled as she walked up the steps "Real tea is a nice change of pace isn't it?" She said with a warm smile having to admit it was nice to have this moment as they raced up the steps. It only took a few moments to set everything up tea for her and a recovery drink for Vivian. Jacyn got her violin set up and began to warm up as she slowly switched to playing some of her own songs.

Janus watched as both creative sides seemed to smile at the sound of Jacyn playing, the music was light and comforting. As he smiled "Looks like they found a way to occupy themselves." he said to them.
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Virgil huffed. [+purple "Yeah and you guys always come in at the worst times. Especially when I am sleeping. There is never a bad time to wake up. I can very well be fashionably late. And besides, Penny hasn't started thinking the is just a function. She thinks she is a regular child and not a side. Smart for a child though..."] Virgil watched as Remus took Roman's nightmare away. [+purple "ReeRee... You need to stop.."] Virgil tried to keep petting Remus while pulling him farther away from Roman on the bed.

Patton watched Remus and Roman. [+turquoise "I... I don't understand what just happened... Remus was just trying to be nice and help. S-Sure he is overworked, but isn't it better to help his brother?"] Patton tore off a small piece of the dough and reached up to put it into Logan's mouth.

Logan ate the dough and adjusted his glasses as he started thinking. [+blue "What ways should we get them to restrict their power usage then? We use our powers every day for both minute and colossal tasks and they aren't going to just stop for a day or two."]

Penny's eyes glittered as Jacyn's said she was going to play for them. Penny looked at Vivian. She had to come now! She couldn't just leave them to go workout or sit by herself somewhere.

Vivian's ears turned pink as the crown was placed on her head. [+violet "F-Fine... I will come. But can we have like... Actual tea? Or like a vitamin drink? It drives me nuts how you manage to pretend like there is actually a drink there."]

Penny gasped as she came to a realization. [+teal "So that is why you always tried to avoid tea parties in the darkness!! I thought you just didn't like the fact that we didn't have a proper tea set."] Penny took the last two clusters of fried dough with them so that they would have something to snack on.
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Janus watched and Virgil made a point but so did Janus. "Same reason we would go in your room, To wake you up, to check-in, and we will have to ask when is best for Emile. Jacyn is starting to show the characteristics of thinking she is a function and I want to correct that before she can stew in it like Virgil, Remus, and I did." Janus said to them as he watched Remus begin to purr at Virgil's pets.

Janus shook his head at Remus "They are both perfectionists." He supplied for Virgil as he watched Roman flinch in his sleep and mutter a weak 'no' against Janus. Remus seemed to react to his twins' distress by reaching out. There was a faint glow before Roman's features relaxed again and Remus was now shivering against Virgil. "Remussss" Janus hissed in annoyance. "He took Roman's nightmare as his own again," Janus said he was going to get a migraine if this continued.

Jacyn wouldn't have minded playing her violin for a bit as they did the tea party so she took something out of Virgil's book and summoned a black and purple rose flower crown and placed it on Vivian's head. "I think it looks good. Come on I can provide the music I want to get back to practicing the violin again. Until Lunch then I will sit and join the party."
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[+blue "That is a very logical conclusion, Janus. But how do you propose we do that? And when? He is so overworked these days. Everyone is needing to talk to him so when will we all find the time to get in?"] Logan rested his chin on the top of Patton's head as Patton reached his arm up to feed Logan the rest of his fried dough.

Virgil gave a small wave to Logan. [+purple "Hey there, Nerd. But my question is why we would even go into Jacyn's room. Looking at her, I don't know why she would even ask us to go in there and the only people the openly lets in are Penny and Vivian."] Virgil pet the top of Remus's head as if he were a cat. [+purple "I understand your warning and I won't go in but I am just stating the obvious here."]

Patton gave a half-smile to Virgil. [+turquoise "Don't worry, Honey. Thank you for trying to help."] Patton looked down at Roman and giggled. [+turqouise "Aww!! Isn't he just the cutest!! Look at him sleeping!"] Patton kissed Roman's knuckles and giggled at the Prince.

Virgil rolled his eyes. [+purple "They sure are over worked. Those lousy bitc--"] Patton gave Virgil a killer's stare and Virgil shut up and looked away.

Penny gasped. [+teal "We could all go play dressup or have a tea party!!! Come on!! Just the three of us and Echo!!"] Penny booped Echo's nose. [+teal "Echo? Do you want to come with us?"]

Vivian groaned as she did a facepalm. [+violet "Penny... I love you.. I really do love you but I don't want to become a princess today. My hoodie is quiet comfortable and I would rather stick with it."] Vivian looked at Jacyn for some sort of second opinion.

Penny pouted as she picked up Echo and held the three headed cat. [+teal "Pwease!! Only for a little bit? You don't have to dreww up. Just wear a crown and join me for a tea party pwease..."]
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Janus swore as if he had forgotten about the girls as he looked at Logan. "Which leads to the next topic of discussion. Logan, I know you and I agreed last night to try and work with Jacyn with what Rage had told her but I think she might need Emile more than us. I still want to work with her powers but I think we have done what we can with the Rage issue." Janus said sounding slightly defeated on the issue. "I would also like to caution against staying in her room too long while it doesn't seem to affect the girls it does affect our honesty and since we are Thomas' core it might lead to Thomas saying things a bit more bluntly."

Roman shifted away from his brother's back and across Janus' lap sighing weakly. He reached out to Patton holding the Dad's arm hostage in his snuggle. Remus shivered from the lack of heat and moved more on to Virgil's lap sighing as he readjusted. Janus shook his head at the creative twins. "Overworkers."

Jacyn sighed weakly as she was thinking things over petting the cat as she looked around "What should we do? It's kinda weird not having them hover but none of us have been able to have a second to ourselves."
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Virgil nodded and sighed as Janus wrapped his arms around him. [+purple "What is it, snake? Jealous that Remus gets all the cuddles instead of you?"] Virgil grinned evilly as Daja Vu hit him. Other than being in Logan's room with Roman there, it was just like old times. The three of them on a bed together.

Logan nodded to Janus. [+blue "Yes, actually. That is a study that Remus made for me with walls of water. I have found studying the marine life to be fascinating in this room because--"] Logan started rambling about sciencey facts since Janus had asked the question.

Patton sat in Logan's lap and watched Remus sleep with Virgil. It was cute but he couldn't feel certain how he viewed Remus. Was he still the disgusting green side or was he just a shy teddy bear? Patton looked up at Logan. [+turquoise "A-Actually, darling Penny made them. And of course, you can have some."] Patton's voice was a little raspy from sobbing moments before but he had cleaned off his face already.

Logan took some fried dough and started nibbling on it. [+blue "Yes, Janus. We will have to talk later. I agree that Remus has overworked himself and we will have to set limits for both the brothers. Especially Remus. If they keep this up, their creations will become altered and disfigured. I don't want millions of spiders running around that have 20 legs or goat tails. But how are the girls right now? I am surprised that no one is keeping an eye on them right now."]

Virgil listened quietly and was disappointed when Janus moved to lean on the wall. He was enjoying the warmth and company. However, he didn't say or show any emotions that would show that he was already missing Janus.

Vivian blushed and smiled at Jacyn. [+violet "That is what makes you so special!! You have the most beautiful scales that do change color!!"]

Penny tapped her foot at them. Something was up but Jacyn looked like she was telling the truth. Maybe it was just the imagination from last night getting to her head.

Vivian gave a tiny warning hiss at Echo and then started petting the three-headed cat. [+violet "Basterd cat..."] Penny threw a spoon at Vivian's chest and glared. [+teal "Hey!! Stop saying naughty words!! And Echo is a very nice cat who was just trying to help you earlier!!"] Penny moved closer to Echo and started rubbing the chin of the third head. [+teal "Awww!! Aren't you just the cutest wittle kwitten ever!!"]
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Janus had to agree with Virgil "Agreed. Not to mention Remus and Roman need to recharge so that they can make the vacation a thing." He said as he watched Remus nuzzle Virgil back. Unwrapping his arms from Roman to hold on to Virgil instead. Janus looked up at Logan and Patton as they came in he decided that they should avoid the issue "Hello Logan, Patton, Virgil and I were talking about delaying the vacation a bit so these two could rest some. I noticed the new extension to your room Logan, Remus doing I assume?" he asked when Logan confirmed Janus pinched his nose.

"Stupid octopus." Janus hissed as Remus snuggled into Virgil tighter as if he could feel Janus's disapproval and was trying to hide in Virgil for protection. "Logan reminded me to share with you Remus' tells later. Because he has created all the girls' clothes, add a new room to yours, created a majority of the ball last night, is sustaining the cabins he made for Virgil and me, while touched starved." Janus said feeling a headache coming on as he laid back against Logan's wall.

Jacyn sighed as she touched her scales huffing "This is so unfair! Neither of you changes colors when they do something!" Jacyn groaned as she looked at Penny huffing "A little not much, Vivian's keeping me anchored really. Her weight is reminding me not to listen in on their guy talk upstairs." She said easily because it was the truth. "But yes because other than the crude remarks and the stuff Remus and Patton are really similar. They both like to make things for the ones they care about, they both like cuddles, they want everyone happy even if they aren't." Jacyn said huffing slightly as a tiny echo hop up in her lap she ran her fingers through her fur. "I bet Remus would make a cat cafe for Patton full of hypoallergenic cats for him to cuddle with."
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Virgil was rubbing his eyes as he looked down at Remus in his lap. [+purple "I can sense the anxiety, dummy, and I don't like it. I can handle anxiety coming from me but it is... off-putting when it comes from everyone. The crazy thing is that we aren't even in my room. This could all be from the situation or because I am here. I don't want everyone suddenly getting panic attacks because I have been too clingy as of late."] Virgil frowned and looked up at Janus. [+purple "Maybe we should just hold the whole vacation plans off for a little bit. I know it could distract everyone but... we need to face this problem and not try to push it away. I think we all need to schedule a group therapy session. We are all going through something. Now, the girls might want to just do individual but we all just need some therapy at the moment..."]

Patton sobbed more into Logan's shirt. [+teal "B-But Remus used to be really bad. He is a dark side still. He represents bad thoughts and actions!!"]

Logan sighed and rubbed Patton's back as he cooed him softly. [+blue "Patton... Take a deep breath and we can talk over this like the men that we are."] Logan and Patton sat on the ground and Patton crawled into Logan's lap. [+blue "That isn't-- Whatever. Anyways, Pat, Remus isn't bad. Everyone has negative aspects that come with who they are. You repress your emotions. I only dwell on logic and not feelings. Virgil is good in small amounts and so on. Remus is the same. He is like the... Halloween version of Ro."]

Patton shook his head as he working on doing breathing exercises that he had seen Virgil do. [+turquoise "Maybe.. But that still isn't what--"] Logan shut Patton up by putting a finger on the Moral side's lips. [+blue "No. How about this. If you think everyone else is good but Remus, look at Janus. What does he represent? Deceit. Is lying and being deceitful right?"] Patton tried to open his mouth but Logan kept talking so Patton couldn't interrupt. [+blue "Yes, I know we did a video about it but that doesn't matter at this moment. Patton. Just give Remus a chance. He is a good side. I will even carry you there if it makes you happy."]

Patton nodded his head and wrapped his arms around Logan's neck as the knowledgeable side stood up. Patton brought them out of his heart as they made their way back to Logan's room. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to just believe what was in his heart but Logan's points kept messing with what he thought was right. He just wanted everything to go back to how it was when they were all happy. Everyone else just needed to be happy...

Logan and Patton rose up in his room. [+blue "Greetings, Gentleman. We are both back. Thomas is trying to work with a video but according to my estimates, he will pass out in 13 minutes."] Logan tried to set Patton down but he refused to let go so Logan just squeezed himself onto the bed and let Patton hold onto his shirt like a child. [+blue "Fried dough. Patton? Did you make these? May I have some?"]

Penny licked the butter knife she was using to scoop the jam out of the small cup that she had. [+teal "Jaccy!! Your scales are changing colors!!"]

Vivian leaned back a little to look at Jacyn's face. [+violet "J. Penny is right! And they look beautiful..."] Vivian voice melted a little at the end as it was filled with all her love and adoration. She realized that she was staring and quickly looked away from Jacyn's scales. [+violet "B-But umm... Yeah. Patton and R-Remus. Get them together. Got it. Umm..."]

Penny coughed. [+teal "Okay, now you two are acting weird. You two look more clingy than usual. Are you guys cold or something? I can go get a blanket if that is the case."]
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Roman's eyes finally shut as he opened his mouth to talk more but he was starting to crash. Janus sighed using his powers to put Roman to sleep as he brushed the Prince's curls back. He could read Patton and Remus well and he knew that the Duke probably thought it was all going to be a dream. Looking at Virgil he sighed "Are you okay?" He asked him, "Everyone was in a pretty anxious space about this and it will probably get worse before it gets better." Janus said to Virgil.

Janus ran another hand through Remus' hair sighing weakly "I think I'm going to talk the Remus and Patton about seeing Emile along with Jacyn." Janus said rubbing her temple. "There is far too much going on in their heads that we can no longer give unbias opinions on," Janus said feeling bad it felt like the only time he called on Emile was when he couldn't handle the situation.

Jacyn sighed at Penny shaking her head as she noticed someone being honest and zoned out flinching at what was being said when she came back she curled into Vivian's arms. "I think we should come up with a plan to help Patton and Remus see they were wrong about each other," Jacyn said to them changing topics. "They are both terrified of the other so how can we make them see that the other isn't all that scary?"
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Patton nodded and quickly scurried out of Logan's room. Once he was out of Logan's room, Patton sunk out and appeared in front of Thomas and Logan. Logan was standing over Thomas's shoulder and showing him the fastest way he could get his newest video done while also taking care of his mental and physical health. [+turquoise "Hi there Kiddos! Hey Thomas? I need to borrow Logan for a little while. I hope you don't mind."] Thomas was giving his laptop a confused and frustrated look. Logan was rubbing his temple now as he looked through his notebook. [+blue "You will be fine. Just remember the things I told you and the methods."]

Logan gave a confused and irritated look at Patton. He was just starting to make progress with Thomas and he had been interrupted. His brain started giving out errors as Patton grabbed Logan's hand and sunk out and into a weird crystal blue room that Logan had never seen. [+blue "Patton... W-Where are we?"]

Patton had run into Logan's arms and was sobbing and whimpering. [+turquoise "T-This is my heart. I can't be affected here and no one can read my thoughts here..."] Logan was very confused now. [+blue "The only people who can read thoughts are... But why are you trying to hide here? And why won't you want them to read your thoughts? I thought we agreed to not hide anything from each other, Pat."] Patton sobbed into Logan's shirt. [+turquoise "I-It is Remus... He is joining our relationship and-- and I just don't know how to feel. For the longest time I was disgusted by him and now... I just want everyone else to be happy and I would lay down my happiness just for you guys to be happy with Remus."]

Logan rubbed Patton's shoulders. [+blue "Patton. You need to voice your opinions. We all love you. Maybe we could compromise. Remus isn't who you think he is. He is... He is so sweet and cuddly. Like you. Just give him a chance, please."]

Virgil listened to Roman. He didn't want to interrupt and just make the conversation worse or more confusing. He pulled his hood over his head and kissed the cheeks of all the men on the bed. [+purple "You all need to just calm down and not just assume stuff. Yes. There was a lot of shit that happened in the past. No. We didn't properly break up and we haven't talked about it since. It is all just a big mess."] Virgil grumbled uncomfortably at the mention of their past.

Vivian snorted. [+violet "This is all about a stupid nickname? What even is the nickname?"]

Before Jacyn could stop her, Penny blurted out the answer. [+teal "She is an Adorable little baby!!"]

Vivian looked at Jacyn. [+violet "Well... He wasn't wrong. But I can see how that would get annoying. So Penny, stop it."]

Penny pouted and started eating the small spread of crofters that she had left. [+teal "You guys are the biggest party poopers ever.."]

Vivian laughed and gave Jacyn a comforting hug and a secret kiss on the ear. [+violet "I am a freak and we all know it. I could easily fight Virgil for his title and scare anyone else away that would dare to challenge me."] Vivian smiled proudly and winked at Penny.
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Roman looked at Patton and opened his mouth to ask if Remus was right as Janus shook his head. "Patton said he needed time. But I don't know how much time he will have." Janus said weakly brushing Roman's own wisps of hair away. "Remus is touched starved and cuddling Patton brought back some color to Remus but not much which means he can plummet back into starvation quickly. Knowing Remus he will still avoid Patton slightly so it is going to be a struggle." Janus said to them sighing as Remus moved to lay across Roman freeing Virgil. "Go check on him send out a lie if you need me," Janus said.

Roman looked at Janus "You wanted this too right?" Roman asked as he looked at the snake. "Remus said that you all did not properly break up so I thought your stance was the same as Virgil."

Janus nodded "I wanted this as well I may not have properly dealt with leaving him but having him here is comforting." He said to Roman as he watched the Prince's eye drop.

Jacyn hissed at Penny as she shook her head "I swear Pen stop it." Jacyn said she knew Patton and Penny didn't mean anything by it but it reminded her of Rage. "He gave me a new nickname based on one he heard you say and Penny is using it as a threat. I met Thomas through a screen I didn't interact with him and you are not an emo freak. I am pretty sure Virgil would be offended of his title being taken.
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