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Penny’s eyes practically had stars in them at the mention of a blanket fort. She hadn’t had this much fun in forever. [+teal “This is amazing! I don’t know why we weren’t summoned sooner!”] Penny bounced on top of a pillow and laughed happily.

Vivian was wandering around the fort, looking for Penny and Jacyn. She had been separated from them when Roman had made the fort. She had always held her friends and fighting for them above anything else. That is what the darkness taught you. To always stay on your toes. Vivian wasn’t worrying too much about Jacyn. She could hold her own but Penny? She always refused to fight when they were in the darkness, always preferring to be the lookout. Vivian had to find her before Remus got his grubby fingers on the childish side.
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"After the movie." Jacyn caved as she leaned back on the sofa to watch the movie trying not to smile at how Penny was telling Patton about Zero. She let another breath out as one side look showed Vivi had things covered she could shut her eyes for a few minutes. Jacyn held another cushion around her stomach as her head dropped forward and she fell asleep to the commotion around her. It was actually pleasant and not as terrifying as the sounds from the darkness.

"What no commentary from the Rolling Cloud?" Roman was the first to ask as he turned around to see Jacyn curled up around the pillow. Roman flinched mostly because he knew that position from when Remus and he actually got along. Jacyn wasn't simply using the pillow to cuddle with she was using it to protect herself. Roman then got an idea "Blanket fort anyone?" He smirked and before waiting for an answer snap his fingers and the living room changed where each side had their respective areas in the fort.
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Logan sighed. [+blue “I would have to agree with you on that. I guess I can see now why you would be so hesitant on trusting us. I am... Sorry.”] Logan fixed his tie and looked back at Jacyn. When Logan heard her offer, he sat still and watched the movie, but not before asking her a final question. [+blue “May I perhaps observe your scales with consent this time?”]

Penny looked at Jacyn and wasn’t all too sure if she was lying or not. She covered her ears anyways when Remus started talking. She wasn’t taking any chances with hearing what he had to say. She giggled to herself when she saw Jacyn throw a pillow at his face. Remus caught the pillow and started to eat it. [+green “Mmm~ Juicy fluff!”]

Patton cringed away from Remus and tried to return his attention to the movie while Remus chewed loudly on pillow Cotten.

Penny looked up at the mention of her name. [+teal “Yeah! He can do lots of tricks!”] Penny walked over to Patton’s hands as he cupped the small girl in his hands and raised her up to his face so that she could tell him all of the tricks she had taught Zero. Vivian watched Penny intently to make sure that she didn’t fall off of his hands on accident.

Penny saw Jacyn flinch out of the corner of her glasses when she saw pulled her arm back in. She wanted to go over and scold her snake friend on why doing that just gave her more pain. However, she knew that Jacyn deserved a break and probably didn’t need to be lectured like a child right now.
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Jacyn knew that tone in Penny's voice "I'm fine Pen. Don't worry." She said taking a breath as she looked at Logan. "Consent is a big part of Science. All morally good Scientists have asked participants to be willing and have given the subjects a document to sign so that the subject cannot sue later on." Jacyn said to him trying to calm her temper down. So long as no one questioned her anymore she should be fine. So she decided to do something she always fell back on when trying to get out of talking "Logan if you let the movie go on I will answer any questions you have later. Verbally. No Touching." Jacyn pointed out.

Roman snap his fingers "Oh that was because I said it would fit you perfectly and he took offense." Roman shrugged his shoulder.

"What kind of name is Zero anyways you should have named it something cooler like Spre-" Jacyn one of her arms to throw a pillow at Remus head to save Penny and probably Patton from whatever name he was going to come up with.

"Zero is a good pet we will bring him to your room next time he acts like an oversized puppy. Penny taught him tricks why don't you tell Patton all about that." Jacyn said flinching as she retracted the arm back and knew she was done for the evening doing that her rubs were killing her from being Rage's punching bag earlier and she only agreed on the movie because Vivian could help protect Penny.
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Logan adjusted his glasses again. [+blue “I think that Science can vouch for me that what I did was acceptable. After-all, it was only for half of a second. So I don’t see any harm in that.“]

Penny looked back at Jacyn from the movie and noticed that she was growing frustrated. Maybe staying hadn’t been a good idea... She didn’t want any of her friends to be upset or uncomfortable just because she wanted to stay longer for cookies and a movie. [+teal “A-Are you okay Jaccy?”]

Patton jumped at the mention of spiders. [+turquoise “Spiders! Where?!?”] Janus put a hand on Patton’s shoulder to comfort him. [+yellow “Why the spiders are everywhere. In fact, they are scrawling all over you.”] Patton started screaming like a girl and looking all over his body, searching for the spiders.

Virgil raised his head up while in the middle of talking to Vivian about [i My Chemical Romance.] [+purple “You claim to have been going to give me a spider? That almost sounds like the nicest gift you would have ever given. Even if it did have five heads. Too bad you never gave it to me.”]
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Jacyn smiled at the exchange between the fight and flight and it actually made her feel better knowing they could get along. As she turned to Logan she resisted to roll her eyes "Green Lantern over their literally summoned us out of boredom without prior knowledge. You literally ignored consent and touched my scales as an experiment. And you really ask if I can trust you?" Jacyn asked him. "This isn't about that either it is what is best for Thomas." Jacyn had to keep reminding herself that if Thomas didn't know they were there then they couldn't control him. She was so tired of this game.

"Most of the major sins. And all of the rejected ideas Roman and Remus have created have become more than just ideas because they were used as an outlet for Thomas." Jacyn explains as she sighed looking back at the movie.

"Ohhh did you find the five-headed spider I made for Virgil there?!" Remus asked with excitement.

Jacyn nodded "We named him Zero he watches out for the others if Vivian and I are sleeping."
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Vivian shrugged and looked around. [+violet “It is so bright here. Can’t anyone turn off a light or something? At least make it look like the sun isn’t in room with us.”] Virgil chuckled and offered a large fist bump to her. [+purple “I like the way you think and I couldn't agree more.”]

Logan and Janus listened to Jacyn as she talked about when they had come from. [+yellow “So there are.. other [i sss]-sides?”] Logan pondered the new information that they had just been given. [+blue “Do you not trust us to not summon the others?”]

Roman grabbed his sword back and brandished it in the air while watching the movie. [+red “Shall we prove to you that we are worthy to deal with these... “others“ if they were to accidentally be summoned in a test of bravery!!”] Roman was excited just at the idea of being able to fight monsters and villains.

Logan suddenly looked up from his pondering. [+blue “What do you mean by their sister? How many more are there?”] Penny looked around as everyone started to argue about where her, Jacyn, and Vivian had come from. She went over with Roman and Patton, who were watching the movie while everyone else was talking, and ate some cookies with them. [+teal “Jaccy, you are such a party-pooper.”]
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Jacyn sighed weakly at the questioning "I figured since you aren't drenching the carpet with your blood. Penny thinks this is a good idea and asked for a break from Rage." She said exhausted as she looked at Logan sighing weakly.

"No as far as I know us three are the only ones that stem from a side that has already been created." Jacyn leaned back uncomfortable with sharing the information because it meant more questions. "That is not to say they aren't others but if we told you then that opens the door to you accidentally summoning them. Rage is bad enough, get their sister involved and you are in trouble." Jacyn said to him.

"Urgh this is boring no more of this I was promised Disney movies without comments from Virgil and I want to do so now!" Roman announced as he popped in Saving Mr. Banks and Jacyn looked at Vivi as if they were silently debating on who was going to make the first comment.

Jacyn smirked, "Yes the story about how Disney peer pressures and author into making Mr.Banks into his father so that he can get over his horrible childhood while trying to state the author's childhood was not as important."

Roman looked around "Janus doesn't make commentary."

"I'm not him and you only stated Virgil could not comment and the movie started so it is not like you can now add on that I can't make them," Jacyn smirked.
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Penny bounced on the ends of her toes. [+teal “Cookies!!”] She smiled and waved her hand in the air at Vivian. [+teal “Hey Vivian! It is great to see you again!”] Penny wanted to run up and hug her but knew that she didn’t like to be touched by others. So Penny just stood and smiled at her happily.

Logan adjusted his glasses and looked at Vivian while holding his notepad in front of himself. [+blue “How many others are there? Are there multiple facets that stem from each personality personification?”]

Vivian looked at everyone who was staring at her like a bug under a microscope. She got into a defensive stance and pulled her hoodie over her head. Her hoodie didn’t have any sleeves and she wore bandages over her knuckles. Vivian wore trip pants along with large, agile looking black boots. [+violet “You know, you just have the worst timing. I was just about to serve Rage my signature dish of a knuckle sandwich on the house.”]

Remus tried to sneak out from behind the curious group while taking a bite of his deodorant.
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"Not another you." Jacyn supplied looking up at Virgil "If anything she is a calmer mix between you and Remus." She pointed out as she looked at Penny. She was right a break from hiding from Rage was actually very tempting but they didn't know what they were going to be walking into should they just ever return. Jacyn one snake fang was chewing into her lip as she tried to come up with a reason or lie to convince Penny.

"I would like to meet the Hurrican to our Storm Cloud!" Roman announced as he smirked as Remus seemed to be bouncing off their seats at the idea on who could summon Vivian faster. Then it hit Jacyn before they didn't know the mood Vivian would be in when summoned.

"Princy wait-" Too late Jacyn looked to up to see Vivian now had joined them as she sighed waving at Vivian "You were summoned. They were intrigued. Penny caved at the mention of Disney movies and cookies."
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Penny thought for a moment. [+teal “Well... Remus summoned us... so can’t he summon her as well? I mean, I don’t see what is stopping him from doing that. Unless he also accidentally summoned Rage as well. But Jaccy is right. She is the toughest out of all of us and can hold her own.”]

Virgil sighed. [+purple “Oh great. Another me.”]

Penny looked around at the others and then back at Jacyn. [+teal “I know that you probably miss being back home but let’s maybe consider giving it a small break. I mean, we don’t have to hide from Rage here and there are cookies! You can’t tell me that cookies don’t [i sweeten] the deal and entice you at least a little bit.”]

Patton laughed and nudged Penny with his finger. [+Turquoise “Well aren’t you just a [i chocolate chip] of the old block.”] Penny started laughing along with Patton’s cookie pun.
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Jacyn shook her head at Penny and her Pride jokes but was happy to see the other sides warm up to her. At the mention of Vivian Jacyn winced having forgotten about the tornado. "Vivi is fine she is technically the only one of us that has managed to shave Rage's head and stand a chance against him." Jacyn attempted to calm her friend mostly because she could see the effects of not being in the dark erasing from her small friend.

"A tiny version of Doom and Gloom that fights monsters? Let us go save the noble damsel." Roman said and Jacyn snorted.

"Vivian is anything but a damsel and if she hears you say that you will probably be safer in your brother's room then something she makes." Jacyn points out and sighs "There has to be a way to summon her without actually having to go there."
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Penny nodded in agreement to what Jacyn was saying. [+teal “And I represent the positive feeling that Thomas does when he does the right thing! Which could mean that I am Thomas’s... pride.”] Penny waved a small rainbow flag while giggling happily.

Roman gasped and practically had stars in his eyes when she waved the small flag. He pulled out a similar flag and they both waved their flags together.

Penny flinched a little when Jacyn mentioned the darkness and Rage. She didn’t really want to talk about it. [+teal “I-I was protecting Jacyn and we had just gotten away too.. But let’s not forget about Vivian. We have to go back for her.”] Penny pointed at Virgil. [+teal “She is like you. The fight or flight response. Except she is the fight reaction. But we have to go back for her! Right Jacyn? Even though she hasn’t done a lot of good things... We can’t let Rage take control of her!!”] Penny tried to make the best puppy dog eyes she could. She didn’t want to admit how much cookies and Disney enticed her to just stay and forget about her problems and fears.
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Jaclyn smirked at Remus "I know you would but it would be a shame if I were to do it with your brothers sword-" She stopped as Penny yelled and her eyes stop their yellow glow. She huffed sitting between Virgil and Penny "Since Thomas more or less except that he is both good and bad you all merged together. But, much like how Thomas didnt know about the shadier side of his personality there are other sides that he doesn't know about. Much like those tweedle Dee and tweedle dumb over there because lying and morality have more areas to cover they split. I represent the lies thomas tells to protect his friends."

Janus nodded "Because Thomas is accepting you two became more than just a part of Patton and myself. But where did Remus summon you from."

"The darkness. It's where the lesser and darker sides are Penny and I were hiding from Rage when Remus summoned us out of our safe hold. Rage likes to rip my scales out for amusement." Jacyn shuddered.

Patton looked confused "Then why go back?" He asked and honesty he didnt wnat and answer so he summoned popcorn. "We are going to watch Disney movies and have a good time!' Too make up for the fact that you were hiding from Rage!"He said
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Remus rolled his eyes at Jacyn. [+green “Your no fun. And honestly I would absolutely love to see my own body in pieces!”] He chuckled and waved his had as the zipper unzipped itself and disappeared from Penny’s mouth. [+teal “..Clouds, Ants, Legos, Rainbows, and Baby Photos! I think those are all the things that I like.”] Penny looked at Jacyn with Roman’s sword up to Remus’s neck. [+teal “Jaccy! Stop trying to hurt everyone!! Even if they deserve it.”] Penny mumbled the last part quietly.

Roman grumbled to himself about how Jacyn took away his precious sword while Logan was writing down notes about how she was handy with a sword.

Virgil stood next to Patton. [+purple “I agree. I would like to know what is going on. And I would still like to be invited to watch Disney movies.”]
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