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Patton gasped and made a pouty face as he crossed his arms. [+turquoise "I am telling you!! It was one of the others!! I didn't put a flour handprint on your butts!!"] From across the room, Penny started giggling. [+teal "Hahaha!! He said butts. Ahahahaa!!!"]

Logan rolled his eyes. [+blue "Very mature you two. Patton, I can tell you honestly, both Jacyn and Janus can vouch for me, that I was not the culprit. I do not take part in such... childish play and banter."] Patton looked at Janus to see if Logan was telling the truth or not.

Vivian smirked. Why this situation was just littered with areas that she could throw in some teases. [+violet "Listen, Patton. It is okay if you don't want to admit that you touched your boyfriends like that in front of Penny. We understand. But it isn't right to lay the blame onto others like that."] Patton opened his mouth to object but couldn't speak as he was too flustered to answer. [+turquoise "B-But it w-wasn't--"] Patton was cut of as Vivian started yelling at Virgil. [+violet "HEY!! THAT IS MY SPORTS WATER BOTTLE!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!"]

Virgil leaned on the doorpost to Penny's room and snapped as Vivian's cup was filled with water so that his head would calm down. [+purple "No."] Virgil turned to Janus and ignored Vivian. [+purple "Are you sure that taking the girls would be a good idea? And Roman and Remus are still asleep. We can't wake them up but don't you think that they would at least want to be there for that moment?"]

Penny kept giggling. [+teal "Haha. Butts. Ha."] She looked at everyone with a confused expression as she was just coming back to reality. [+teal "What are you guys talking about? And Vivi. Please, please, please stop yelling. It is hurting my ears."] Penny covered her ears with her hands as she held one of her plushies. Echo ran under the bed to try and deafen the noise a little and to get away from all the sides.
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Janus sighed as he snapped his fingers and they were all cleaned and he cast a look at Patton before he sat the girls' food down. "It went well Penny, and we had flour on us because some people wanted to get it all over the kitchen." He said to them giving them the utensils as he looked at Jacyn rubbing her stomach. "Jacyn is your stomach upset?" Janus asked.

"No, it was like someone was poking me in the stomach." She said to him, "But no one was it was weird." Jacyn explained as Janus shook his head at her.

"That was Thomas summoning you it probably felt like a poke because he doesn't know you. He called Patton and me as well but we wanted to deliver food first." Janus said as he was a little torn as he looked at Patton and his boyfriends "Should we introduce Thomas to the girls?" He asked them.
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Virgil growled and stuttered having been caught. [+purple "I-I don't like-- Just shut up snake!!"] Virgil took a long sip of his wine and took a seat at the table.

Patton brought the parmesan chicken over to the table and set it in the middle as they all sat down. [+turquoise "That was so much fun, guys!! We should totally do a date like this again!!"]

Logan started putting an equal amount of noodles and chicken on his plate. [+blue "The date was... above satisfactory. But you were running around with flour of your hands for a sizeable portion on the cooking process. Also, to add in the factor that you have survived to still have flour on your arms and cheeks and... how did you manage to get it in your hair? "] Patton giggled and stuck his tongue out which got a small smile from Logan [+blue "Cute."]

Virgil put his feet on the edge of the table as they all just talked over happy moments and cooking. He had to admit, it wasn't too bad for a stay at home date. They didn't have to go into the imagination to some formal restaurant or a picnic under a tree. Virgil ended up drinking the majority of Janus's wine bottle as they all cleaned up and walked back to the girl's room. He knew that he would later regret it but it could be his ticket to more cuddles in bed. He just had to make sure that Patton forgot about the upcoming lecture for Janus because the dad would probably have him there for it too.

Patton looked at Janus when he felt a familiar tug. [+turquoise "It is Thomas! Yes. Let's go feed the girls and then we can go help that kiddo out."] Patton carried three plates on his arm like a waiter as they all walked up the stairs.

Vivian chuckled at Penny and Echo and was starting to get comfortable besides Jacyn when she felt her girlfriend flinch. [+violet "What is it? Is there something wrong?"] Vivian turned to look at Jacyn with concern and readiness for a fight. She turned when the four sides walked in. So they all must have gotten bored with making out with each other. Good for them.

Penny was trying to put Echo in a mini pink princess dress when the sides came back. [+teal "Welcome back!! How was it? Have you come to finally join our tea party!! Wait... what is that white stuff that is all over you Patton? And why do you all have white handprints on the back of your pants?"]

Patton turned around to look and saw a white hand mark on his and his boyfriend's behinds. [+turquoise "I swear that it wasn't me!!!"]
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Janus looked at Virgil faking hurt "And here I thought you adore the attention." He said to him with a smile. "Or were you just saying that to pacify Roman," he asked him with a smile as they all sat down to laugh and chat.

Jacyn smiled at being pulled against Vivian as she nodded "You're right it just takes some getting used to." She said as she leaned against her careful of her girlfriend's chest as she sipped her own tea smiling at Penny as the tea party was forgotten in turn for play dress-up with the Echo to see what collar looked best on her. Then she felt a small tug causing her to look around confused. It felt like someone had tugged on her stomach but no one was there.

Downstairs the boys were cleaning up and putting the plates aside for the girls and the twins when Janus and Patton felt the same tug. "Thomas is calling. Let's deliver the plates to the girls and then we can go check on him." Janus said as they walked the plates upstairs he was starting to hear the conversation the girls were having.

Jacyn met the confused looks on her friend's face "It was weird like a small tug on my waist like someone was trying to get my attention." Jacyn explained as she heard the knock and turned to look at the four standing there "How the date go?" She asked them.
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Patton squealed at Janus caught him. [+turquoise "Hey that isn't fair!!"] Patton laughed and kissed Janus back. Patton giggled as he got flour all over Janus's hair and his jacket before Deceit was able to clean off his hands. [+turquouise "Hehe. Have fun cleaning that off while I get my chicken!"] Patton went over to the oven to work on the chicken and once he was done, he started cooking the pasta.

Logan got out some of the spices that they were going to be using in a moment. He looked at the kitchen and started cleaning up flour that Patton had thrown around and made a mess of. [+blue "There goes perfectly good flour."]

Virgil rolled his eyes as he finished setting up. [+purple "Loosen up, Nerd. And Janus, just get a room and stop making out with everything you see. You are like an animal that mates from one person to the next."] Virgil took the wine bottle from Janus and poured half the bottle into a large sports water bottle that he took from Vivian's room. [+purple "There. Now if I drop it, it won't shatter."]

Patton snuck up from behind Janus and put more flour all over the back of his cape. [+turquoise "Hehehe~"]

Virgil smirked. [+purple "Now, now Patton. Be careful with the old snake. One more move and he just might bite you~"] Virgil smiled as he took a sip of his wine.

Vivian nodded as she pulled Jacyn closer to her body. [+violet "Yes. I agree. It is a lot calmer and easier to live each day here. We don't have to worry about flailing around in the dark or worrying about what we were going to eat. Plus, Penny is safe here and we don't have Rage hanging over our necks."]

Penny giggled at Echo and reached under her bed when she had hidden different tiny hats and bows. Penny slowly picked out a flower crown, a top hat, and a glittery yellow bow. She waited till Echo had closed all of their eyes till she snuck all the accessories onto the cat's different heads. [+teal "There! Now you are perfect for the party!!"]
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Janus shook his head avoiding the Heart side and capturing him in a kiss instead with two other hands he cleaned Patton's hands-off and broke the kiss in time for the timer to go off on the chicken. "I believe you have some chicken to check on Heart." He said to him. As he looked at Logan before offering him something to clean his face off with. Janus finished the pasta and brought it over to Patton to cook.

He smiled at Virgil's work at the table and nodded to the Anxious side that he was doing well with the job he had been given. Janus had to say this was nice and he wouldn't have changed it for the world. With a smile on his face he leaned over and kissed Virgil again he summoned the wine for them as well as they took a moment for themselves.

Jacyn smiled weakly she had wanted to play more as she smiled at Echo curled up on Penny's lap. "This is a lot different from the moments we used to have of peace. I have to say I like it." She said though Patton calling her baby snake still hurt slightly.
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[+teal "Oh. But... Why would Janus do that? And what was so bad that I couldn't see it?"] Penny poured some of the milk from a tiny pitcher into three flowery teacups and offered it to Echo. [+teal "Can't forget about you!!"]

Vivian sighed. [+violet "If it was bad then we wouldn't tell you about it. And anyway, I was doing you a favor by covering your eyes. You would have been grossed out anyways, Penny."] Penny pouted. She wanted to know what it was that everyone else had seen.

Vivian was just about to open her mouth and point out to Jacyn that her hands were starting to cramp up when Jacyn set down her violin and joined them. Vivian couldn't hide her prideful smile that Jacyn was taking care of herself and was joining their fun little party. [+violet "Thanks, J. For taking a break and for the sandwiches."]

Virgil flushed and nodded as he stumbled towards the table. Once he got to the table, he snapped and froze when he summoned a book from Janus's room. He needed to focus. Virgil snapped again as the book went back to Janus's room and he had the napkins and silverware in his hands. Virgil started setting them all up as he tried to focus on the task set out for him.

Logan took the cookbook from Janus and started reading out the instructions and the ingredients in a flat and monotone voice. [+blue "Pull. Dough. Into. Strands. And. Put. Strands. In. Soup-like. Boiled. Mixture. Are you all getting this?"]

Patton laughed as he put some of the flour that he had gotten on his hands from helping Janus onto Logan's nose. [+turquoise "Not like that, Silly! You have to read with emotion and not just flat like that."] Logan gave Patton a confused look. Patton giggled and weaseled his way into Logan's arms to kiss the Nerd. [+turquoise "You have a little something on your nose, Honey."] Patton gave Logan another kiss before leaving Logan's arms to go put flour on Janus's cheeks. [+turquoise "Janus!! I am coming for you!!"]
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Jacyn rolled her eyes "Cheer up Pen, Vivian pissed-off Janus so he decided to show off and it wasn't a good thing to show off." Jacyn said to her as she resumed her stance and began to play again with a smile on her face as she managed to calm herself down so that she would be able to concentrate on the notes she was playing.

Janus snickered as he gave Virgil a quick peck "Why don't you set up the area for our meal?" He suggested as he began to work on the dough and summoned the book for Logan. As they worked together Janus couldn't remember the last time they had this much fun. He could hear the girls upstairs and smiled as the music matched their moods. When it did stop though he snapped his fingers and a recording played downstairs of Jacyn performance.

Jacyn sat down at the tea part when her hands began to ache as she sighed weakly not wanting another lecture. She sat down to drink tea with the other two and summoned sandwiches for them to snack on as she wonders what a date would be like for her and Vivian if they got a chance.
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Virgil froze as he suddenly found himself being seduced by Janus. W-What was going on? He was just standing and listening to music while minding his own business. He loved the kiss and all the passion that Janus was throwing at him but why in front of the girls and everyone like this? Why did all of this have to happen the one time he didn't pay attention to the conversation? When the kiss ended, Virgil stood up shaking, trying to catch his breath as his head spun.

Vivian's jaw dropped and she covered Penny's eyes with her hand. [+teal "Hey!! What are you doing!! Why can't I see anything!?"] Vivian hissed at Janus. [+violet "Because it is an adult conversation, PenPen."] Penny crossed her arms and sat there with Vivian's hand over her eyes. Vivian glared at Janus and clutched her hands around the weighted rings when she saw just how out of it Virgil was.

Patton smiled and tried to push all the men out of the doorway. [+turquoise "Thank you for the kind words, baby snake! I am sorry for my boyfriend's behavior. I will have a talk with them later. Have fun!"] Patton shoved them all back and pushed them towards the kitchen. [+turquoise "We will talk about this in the kitchen. And of course, we are making it from scratch! How else are we going to fill it with love and hard work?! For now, I want some eggs, flour, salt, and milk on the counter stat. Janus, since you seem to be so open to... whatever that was, you get to knead the dough."]

Logan followed the group and sighed. He was probably going to be the one reading off the measurements from the cookbook. He knew how Patton had memories almost every recipe by heart, but still liked having the cookbook. Logan also knew how Patton would start flipping through the cookbook and they would all have to stop so they could go back and find the recipe.

Vivian moved her hand off of Penny's eyes and Penny frowned and resumes her tea party. [+violet "Alright, alright. I will drink my juice. Just as long as you take care of yourself and don't hurt your fingers, Jac."] Vivian poured herself some more and watched Jacyn out of the corner of her eye.
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Janus rolled his eyes at Vivian as he heard her commentary and decided to poke the tiny spider as he pulled Virgil closer and lowered his hood so he could kiss the side senseless. As Janus broke he smirked at Vivian "Of course we will be doing everything you can't do." He said rubbing in the fact that Vivian and Jacyn were still hiding their relationship from Penny.

Jacyn sighed at her girlfriend and Janus having their little fight as she shook her head. She looked at Patton "Enjoy your date." She said to them as she shut the door before Janus and Vivian could get into another argument about who was getting more than who. Jacyn looked at Vivian shaking her head "You just drink your beverage." She said as she picked up her violin to start playing again.

Janus smirked as they walked down the steps with Virgil still in his arms as he could care less about the lecture he was getting. "She walks into them for all the seeing into the future she does not seem to use it for her benefit." He said to them as they arrived downstairs looking at Patton "Are we making the noodles from scratch?"
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Logan gave Janus a confused look. [+blue "What? I was merely stating that I wanted to research the way his body shifts when in water. It was a clearcut sentence with no other meanings."] Logan snapped as his notebook appeared and he started jotting down theories and a plethora of hypotheses.

Patton whimpered and wiped his eyes. [+turquoise "That is it!! Once our date is over, I am running the leftovers to the three of you to try!! I promise that you will love it!!"] Patton snapped as Penny's dress returned to its clean and dry state. [+turquoise "Sorry, Pen."]

[+teal "It is fine. I will be excited to try it!! Have fun on your date!"] Patton smiled and kissed Penny on the forehead before she bounced back to her tea set.

Vivian smiled. [+violet "No promises there J, but It will try."] Vivian drank some more of her drink and watched Jacyn's hands when Janus mentioned that she shouldn't overwork herself. Vivian didn't know if it was intended or not but she felt like he was also reminding her in a way about her hands. That dirty, stupid snake... She could take care of herself just fine. [+violet "Got it. Now you four go on your date and make out in a bathroom or wherever you said that you were going."]

Virgil bit his lip and pulled his hood farther over his face to hide the fact that he was laughing. He was very flustered of course but also surprised at the fact that she had the same sense of humor that he did. They could truly wreck the mind palace with their anxious humor and obnoxious music.
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Janus smirked at Logan "Do not phrase it like or Remus might think you are referring to something else." He said kissing his nerdy boyfriend as they walked. Janus sighed weakly as he looked at Patton "Patton you are going to stain Penny's dress if you keep crying on its love." He said to him as he managed to have Patton let go and began to clean his face. "It's a pasta dish with cooked chicken, tomato sauce, and noodles." He said to them.

Jacyn nudges Vivian to tell her to stop egging on the others especially since Virgil already looked embarrassed. Then the realization that the twins were asleep hit her. "Does this mean I have to stop playing so they can sleep?" She asked them biting her lip as she really didn't want to stop yet.

Janus smiled at her knowing where she was coming from "No but do not overdo your playing do you understand. I understand you haven't been able to play for a while but you don't want your hands to cramp up." Janus said as he looked at her. "We already told Vivian not to overwork herself it only seems fitting that she is able to hold you to that same standard." He said knowing that Vivian's powers would probably show her when Jacyn hands would cramp.
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Logan nodded. [+blue "I-I see... Well, he does look comfortable in there. Maybe tonight I can ask Remus more about it. Do you think he would let do an investigation on him and his body?"] Logan started calculating the odds of it happening not even realizing what he had said.

Patton helped to get Roman out of his lap and he made sure to tuck him cosily into Logan's bed. [+turquoise "Good night, Kiddo. Love you."] Patton kissed Roman's forehead and smiled as he followed the others.

Virgil put his headphones on and tried to walk in the back of the group but Patton wouldn't let him so instead he walked besides Janus. He turned his MCR up to the loudest setting and started mumbling along with the words.

Vivian chuckled when Jacyn jumped. [+violet "Adorable..."] Penny didn't hear it as she carefully set her teacup down and ran over to hug Patton. [+teal "Patton!! Have you come to join us at our tea party?"] Patton picked Penny up and swung her around in a circle. [+turquoise "Not right now, Princess. Me and these handsome boys are going on a date!"] [+teal "Wow... Can I come!?"] [+turquoise "Not this time. It will just be the four of us in the kitchen."]

Vivian rolled her eyes. [+violet "So I am guessing the kitchen is going to be 'Hot and Spicy' then with you all in it? You sure cooking is not the only thing you will be doing? And by the way, like Jac said, what is.. Paris-on chicken?"]

Patton gasped and started crying while hugging Penny. [+turquoise "You poor babies... You don't know... You don't know the beauty that is parmesan chicken."] Patton started sobbed and Penny whimpered as he was crying on her dress. She looked up at Logan and Janus for some sort of answer to why he was crying over chicken.
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Janus stops Logan slightly "Those of us labeled 'Dark' have a better connection with animal transformation. Remus likes the water so much we thought he was going to be a shark not an octopus but it fits him." He said to Logan as he smiled down into the water seeing Remus so happy and his other creations giving him comfort. He deemed the Duke safe from himself as they walked back in.

Hearing Patton says he wanted everything perfect stung a bit mostly because the last time he said it the split happened. Janus walked over and kissed Patton and Virgil softly. "Now we detach Roman from your lap." He said to him as they freed Patton's lap from Roman's head. Roman stirred a bit but with a gentle push, he was back in his dream. The four of them left the room and Janus decided to let the girls know that Roman and Remus were asleep. Stopping and waiting for Jacyn to finish her song he knocked on the open door. "That was very well done Jacyn." He said to her.

Jacyn jumped at the sound of the knock and quickly held the violin closer to her body. As she listens to the compliments she opened her mouth to deny them. She knew she could do better than what she was playing.

"We wanted to let you three know the twins are asleep in Logan's room to recuperate. The four of us will be downstairs should you need us and we will be having chicken parmesan for dinner tonight." Janus said seeing their confused looks.

"What is chicken parmesan?" Jacyn asked looking past Janus to Logan and Patton not sure if this was a safe thing to eat but they hadn't given them anything to bad before.
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Logan tried to hide the smile that spread across his face as he held Remus. Unfortunately, Virgil had seen it and was not wasting this chance to tease Logan. [+purple "Ooo~ Was that a smile I just saw on your face?! Logan were you... Smiling?!"]

Logan's face quickly returned to normal as he looked at Janus with shock. [+blue "P-Put Remus is the water?! I'm not dumb!!! He is going to drown if we do that!!"] Logan held onto Remus tightly as Janus explained himself. [+blue "R-Remus has a... Remus has an octopus form? I mean, I know we can all shapeshift but I... I need to study this! How am I just finding out about all fo this?! Why wasn't I told sooner?!"] Logan started muttered scientific terms and theories to himself and he and Janus went into the study and he watched as Remus changed forms. [+blue "I just- I can't believe- Do you-?"]

Patton sighed. [+turquoise "Then can he at least stay out of the kitchen while we cook? He can sit at the counter and listen to his music but I just don't want anything burnt."] Virgil huffed as Patton started to play with Roman's hair.

Virgil picked up one of Logan's books and grunted as he was jealous of the attention that Roman was getting. [+purple "Let's just hope that Bots and Wires over there doesn't break down from all the errors.."]

Patton sighed and looked at Virgil. [+turquoise "Kiddo... I am sorry for yelling at you. You can join us in the kitchen if you want. I just always want everything to go perfect for everyone but it is okay if it isn't. Then we can all clean it up together... Come here and join the cuddles, you strange son!"] Virgil blushed as he crawled over the bed and put his head in Patton's lap beside Roman's. Patton giggled and started playing with both of their hair. [+turquoise "Oh!! Remember that one time where Roman dropped flower and we all started laughing and kissing each other's faces!!"] Virgil smiled at the memory as he enjoyed the feeling of Patton's hands in his hair.

They all got up as Logan and Janus returned to the room. [+turquoise "Come one!! Let's go have fun together!! So what are we going to do first?"] Patton giddily bounced around in front of the group.

Vivian rolled her eyes as even she recognized the lie and watched Jacyn's scales shift color. She muttered to herself so that Penny couldn't hear. [+violet "I can't smell lies and even that one was easy to see through..."]

Penny giggled and she spun again and then sat down. She poured herself a cup of tea and drank it with her pinky sticking out. [+teal "Can you pass the sugar, Knight Vivi?"] Vivian looked at all the little holders and cups. Penny coughed and pointed towards one with flowers on the edges and gave it to Penny. [+teal "Why thank you oh so very much. That was very kind of you."]
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