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Patton ran his fingers through Janus’s hair again. [+turquoise “It depends on you. Would you rather sleep on the couch or in my bed with me?”] Patton hugged Janus and winced again. [+turquoise “I can’t wait till it is healed and I can hug and kiss you without hurting myself..”]

Virgil pulled his hood over his face because of the blush that was being caused by Roman touching his sides. [+purple “I know you guys still love me... But I feel like I have to be the dark and dreary one here. I can’t be all cutesy like Patton...”] Virgil gave Roman a kiss that he put all of his longing and self doubt into. When he finished, Virgil looked into Roman’s eyes and put a chip between Roman’s lips. [+purple “Love you...”]

Vivian helped Jacyn stand up. [+violet “Jacyn. Please stop pretending. Please stop putting on masks. You don’t have to pretend to be put together around us. We know that you are not perfect...”] Vivian looked at the crying and whimpering coming from Jacyn’s closet and she sighed, tiredly. They all had their own issues. She remembered that she hasn’t even gotten a chance to tell Penny about her new power...

Logan felt himself being pulled up by Remus. He leaned close to Remus and hugged the slimy side. Looks like he needed another bath and this time Logan wouldn’t let his hands leave the clean hair. [+blue “Does Greencake want to show me all of his creations now that he is feeling better? We don’t have to return immediately. The others can wait for now.”] Logan adjusted his tie and looked at the plethora of creatures. He didn’t think he had enough notepads for all of them...
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Janus sighed weakly at Patton he was sorry that he made the girl want to leave but he also wasn't. "I'm not going to apologize." Janus lied somewhat he would apologize for his attitude about the topic, and how he addressed it, he would not, however, apologize for telling her the truth. Janus hissed weakly as he laid back on Patton's side. "Do you want me to take your room?" Janus asked weakly.

Roman smiled at him "Virgil we know you love us and we know that you have nothing to prove and no one here will think less of you." He said to him softly. "I mean things became easier when we found out how to make Janus make the blep face while he slept." He pointed out rubbing his partner's sides.

Jacyn sighed weakly "You mean we will drag Penny out of my closet kicking and screaming?" She asked as she sat up dizzy as she stood up. "I do trust its just I feel like I have made promises I can't keep and I'm running out of energy," Jacyn said as she walked over to the door to her room Jacyn took a deep breath before putting that mask on the one that made it seem like she was in control of her emotions.

Remus leaned up taking Logan with him "I'm sorry." He whispered and then saw the one cat licking Logan. "Oh, I forgot about you." Remus said picking up the kitten "This one is a non-Zero I made her after Vivian saw the others because Vivian reminded me of a jaguar so I thought a kitten would fit them."
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Penny got off the couch and started to go toward their rooms. [+teal “I-I won’t need dinner...”] She walked into Jacyn’s room and hid in the snake’s closet. Penny couldn’t hold it in any longer as she started crying again. She just wanted her friends and Zero. Was that too much to ask?

Virgil grinned at the kiss and kisses Roman back. [+purple “I’m sorry that sometimes I am never open with my feelings.. I just feel like when I kiss you or Janus or whoever, my appearance of ‘The Emo Kid’ shakes and I won’t look as tough as I make myself out to be...”] Virgil looked away from Roman and at the platter of food. He sounded like some petty anime girl.

Vivian hugged Jacyn and heard some one running in the halls. She chose to ignore whoever it was for now. [+violet “No, you are not Jaccy. You are... You. This day has been a mess for everyone, not just you. But we will get through this one step at a time. Trust me. We will talk to Penny together and—“] Vivian flinched as she heard a door slam and it seemed like it was nearby. Really close nearby.

Logan grunted as he was shoved to the ground and kissed messily. He felt a body on top of him as Logan tried to breathe from getting tackled. [+blue “R-Remus? W-What is going on—“] Logan flinched and closed his eyes when the cabin lights came on. He slowly looked around and saw the cabin was crawling with different animals and mutants. Logan looked at the weight that was on top of him and saw Remus who seemed to almost be connected to his lips. [+blue “R-Remus. I know you are in love with me, but maybe you could get off on this nerd so that he can breathe. This also doesn’t seem like the best of times to demonstrate your love to me.”] Logan tried to move and flinched when a cat with three heads and two tails licked his leg.
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Janus sighed weakly as he gave up on the argument it was no point. Penny was not going to get her way. Not with Patton's phobia and certainly not after what it had done. The creature couldn't be trusted and while he applauded Remus for attempting to compromise it simply wasn't a risk Janus wanted happening again.

Roman smirked at Virgil he wasn't even going to try and fight Virgil so he picked up a cheese ball and put it to Virgil's lip. "Guess you won and as a good sport I will gladly feed the winner his prize." He said as he picked up a gummy worm next to stick in his mouth before kissing Virgil.

"No, I'm stressed," Jacyn whispered weakly "This whole morning has been a dumpster fire and I can't fix it. Between these things with Remus and Penny demanding Zero back when not even I feel safe with him." Jacyn ranted, "Now I'm a stupid panic attack to an environment we survived in!" Jacyn was breathing hard but it was regulated "I'm fucked up." She said.

Remus looked at him and began to sob as see tackled Logan to the ground to hug him as he kissed back it was messier than normal but he was so happy this Logan was real. The lights in the cabin came on and Logan could get a proper view at all the creatures.
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Penny flinched are Janus’s words. [+teal “H-He wouldn’t be penned up.. He would just stay with me and we could share a room. He would be his room too... He has to come back to me... I told him I would protect him like how he protects the three of us...”] Penny’s voice was quiet and weak. She couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she would never get to see Zero as a spider again.

Patton ran his fingers through Janus’s hair as he leaned his head back on the couch. [+turquoise “Jan, Kiddo, please let it go. Penny is clearly about to loose it. I don’t want to see her sad again...”] Patron made a whimpering noise and looked at his Lover of Lies.

Virgil grinned at Roman wickedly. [+purple “Now you are talking my kind of language!! Let’s summon all the junk food we can and stuff ourselves sick!!”] Virgil leaned closer to Roman as he snapped and suddenly a platter of different chips and sodas appears across the vanity. [+purple “Whoever is more Goth gets to eat first.~”]

Vivian stopped teasing Jacyn and sat next to her. [+violet “Jacyn. I’m sorry. Are you alright? Can you breathe? Try holding your breathe for a couple of seconds and focusing. That works for me lots of times.”] Vivian didn’t really know what to do. She wasn’t great at helping and comforting people other than Penny who was easy to please.

Logan looked at Remus’s tear and slime streaked face. He was a mess and nothing short of one. [+blue “That may have been the case then but it isn’t now. You have me to talk to and I am sure the others will be more accepting now to hear what you say.”] Logan hugged Remus and kissed him despite the slime and creatures covering him.
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Janus looked at Patton wondering if he could give the girl a softer answer Janus was running out of softness in his voice and she was already on edge. Janus shook his head at her softly. "That is cruel to him Penny he doesn't deserve to be penned up like that." He said too her as he laid on Patton exhausted by this morning.

Roman smiled at him running his hands on Virgil's side "Junk food." he said to him softly as he nuzzled him gently sighing weakly as he held on to Virgil. "Things always get better with junk food maybe we can convince Janus to let us summon pizza for the girls."

Jacyn was however not amused and was tempted to throw a hand weight at Vivian's head. Jacyn had never had a panic attack before and for it to be over something so stupid as darkness pissed her off. Jacyn covered her face trying to hide her anger.

Remus sniffled at Logan as he looked at him "Who would have listened to the Villian?" He asked him weakly as he lit one candle in the room his face was a mess and he was covered in different species slime. "No one had the time or was never alone long enough for me to talk. I thought it was some ploy to get me to duck out."
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Penny released Janus and moved a little farther away on the couch so that she wasn’t being too clingy. She crossed her legs and folded her hands awkwardly in her lap. [+teal “I-I know... But can’t we keep him in my room or Jaccy’s or even Vivi’s? And I didn’t mean it like that. I just don’t want to loose him the way that he has always been...”] Penny was ready to run. She missed Zero and Jacyn and Vivian weren’t there. She wanted to run away from the snake who was telling her the unwanted truth. Penny clenched her fist and was ready to make a break for it.

Virgil nodded and sat patiently on Roman’s lap. [+purple “Okay, Princey...”] Virgil have Roman a quick peck and wished that things had been like they were the day before. Everyone was happier and he and Roman were practically the same person. Virgil sighed. [+purple “So what do you want to eat?”]

Vivian chuckled at Jacyn slight lisp. She smiled down at the snake and decided that a little teasing was needed to lighten the mood. [+violet “Aww. Our baby snake had calmed down. Will you need some tiny mice to eat after your panic attack baby snake?”] Vivian was standing above Jacyn who was still laying on the floor as she chuckled more. [+violet “Maybe I can find you a rattle and a little bonnet.”]

Logan sat down next to Remus quietly and tried to shoo the mysterious creatures away. [+blue “My Darling Greencake... It is alright... You don’t have to be the villain. We can play hero’s all you want. Just please come back with me... I will give you all the cuddles and kisses you want. Maybe even some dirty and mature ones. But I will say this.. You should have outed you’re feelings sooner and made it clear how you felt, Love.”] Logan couldn’t see in this pitch blackness and wished that there was a light so that he could see Remus’s face as he put hit fingers under Remus’s chin and lifted it slightly so that the Duke was looking at his face.
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Janus looked at her and was trying not to lose his temper as his tongue flicked in annoyance. "Penny," he began trying to keep his voice level, "Patton has a phobia of them. Zero will still be Zero just look different." He said to her. "Also look at it this way if you are saying that he has to look like a spider to be himself. Then is Jacyn no longer herself since her scales have changed or that she braided her hair? You, yourself have braids you change your clothes, we change how we look on the outside constantly but we are still the same people."

Roman sighed at Virgil as he looked at him "Why don't we just summon food and eat here." He said to him with a weak smile as he pulled Virgil into his lap. "I think I just need you for a moment My Fallen," Roman said to him as he tried to stop thinking and focus on now. "Maybe things will be right at dinner."

Jacyn shut her eyes tightly as Vivian block the door from her view. Jacyn seemed to be in a slight daze as she followed Vivian's instructions on how to breathe. "W-what?" She whispered confused as the door shut and all Jacyn saw was the door nothing dark nothing extreme. "S-sorry" Jacyn tongue caught itself in a lisp.

Remus sobbed "I was having fun," He said to the fake Logan. "I like sitting there and watching them but she had to ask for an apology. I didn't do anything wrong. Not like the other times at least not like when people got hurt." He said curling in tighter. "I don't want to play the villain anymore I don't like the game. It isn't fun anymore." Remus cried out when Logan finally touched him he looked up "Lolo?"
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Penny looked at Janus with confusion sparkling in her eyes. [+teal “B-But... He can’t have changed Zero... I can’t have my sweet Zero and he not be a spider!! He has always been a spider. It would be wrong if he wasn’t one. Is there anyway Remus or even Roman turn him back?”] Penny had grabbed into Janus’s shirt and was begging to him at this point.

Virgil leaned on Roman’s chest and kept rubbing his back. [+purple “I am sure that Janus has come up with some way to get him back. He can be pretty cleaver sometimes. But you obsessing over every little detail that you did or didn’t do won’t help anything. Maybe we could make lunch for everyone or something. Or we could just stay in here in the post Orion we are in. Want to continue playing royals but with just you and me this time?”]
Virgil grinned up at Remus evilly and put one of his hands on Roman’s chest and the other on his thigh. [+purple “My Prince~?”]

Vivian dropped down to Jacyn. [+violet “Jac? Jacyn! Breathe! Jacyn!”] Vivian moves the hair out of her face and held her friends shoulders. [+violet “Jac! It is alright. It is just a doorway to a cabin. There is nothing to worry about. Please breathe and come back to me!”]

Logan took another step towards the crying sounds of Remus. He made his voice as soft and soothing like silk. [+blue “Remus.. Honey... That isn’t true. But have your wish.. If you really want to hear my voice and feel my skin then lure me with your voice. I can’t find you in this darkness, Darling.”] Logan could hear the creatures moving around more with Remus’s mood. Logan kept trying to find his way around in the darkness.
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Janus shook his head "None of us knew I am saying this based on what I have observed from you three and Remus' injuries. At first, I thought it was because of Thomas's lack of caring about Remus. That was false after seeing how Thomas reacted when Remus tripped trying to come out of the closet to scare him." Janus explained. "It is also why Remus put him in the Imagination when he did attack to take that darkness out of him. Do not be surprised if Remus changed what Zero looks like so that he can still be part of your lives though."

Roman sighed weakly "That is just it how many vacations have we created and he done amazing work and not get credit for it? How many times did I ignore the fact that he never changed his own wardrobe to reflect the vacations yet he single-handedly designed all of ours." Roman said, "Janus was right we tell him he is wrong all the time we never gave him the credit he has created some of the most amazing dragons in the Imagination that I have ever seen. The question is how will he even come out."

Jacyn felt blood ringing in her ears at the sight of the black are the darkness as she suddenly felt herself on the ground gasping for air. What the hell was wrong with her she had seen dark before they lived in the darkness she had not minded it. Why was watching Logan be engulfed triggering her so much?

"No, I'm not!" Remus shook his head "You aren't real." He whispered, "I made you up so I could hear Lo." He choked on his tears. The tears were making his makeup run down his face. "I made you up. I made you up so I could see him. So he could make the voices stop." Remus sobbed harder holding his head the only things stopping him from hurting himself were the Zero's protecting him. Stupid traitors he didn't need them to protect him the girls need protecting from him.
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Penny looked at Janus with surprise plastered all over her expression. [+teal “I-I didn’t know that Zero coming here would do that... I-I’m sorry Patton... I didn’t want him to cause you to heal slowly... He isn’t that bad of a spider. He is really sweet and cute and he is good at giving cuddles with all of his legs...”] Patton messed with the end of one of her braids and sighed. She still didn’t feel comfortable with going into her room after what Janus had said. She hoped that Jacyn and Vivian were having some luck with Logan.

Virgil moves to sit on Roman’s lap. He put his hand on Roman’s band and rubbed it soothing. [+purple “That may be the case but... that just means that you have make it up to him now. You have to show him how much of a hero HE is. Not how much you are. You have to show him how much you appreciate his creativity, however vile and disturbing it may be. You have to show him how wonderful of a brother he is, Roman.”]

Logan blushed, guilty. [+blue “Fine... Maybe I had a feeling that Remus May have put a door in here because it would be so hidden. But I will tell him about Penny.”] Logan took a deep breath and stepped into the dark doorway.

Vivian held her breath. She didn’t know how Logan would react to Remus’s Zero creations that were there. How would he deal with all the vile things in the imagination? She knew what it was like and she was a little worried for the nerd with specs. [+violet “Are you sure he will be alright, Jac?”]

Logan has stepped into complete darkness and the only light was from the doorway. [+blue “Remus? Darling, are you there?”] Logan heard creatures shuffling around everywhere. He both didn’t want to know what they were but wanted to study whatever creations were making all those noises. Logan took one step further and then another. [+blue “Greencake? Can you talk to me? I can’t see you in this darkness. I am sorry for never giving you the attention and respect you deserve...”] Logan took another step and flinched when something crawled over his foot.
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Janus sighed weakly "Because Zero spent more time in the darkness that here he probably absorbs some of its power to slow down our quick healing time." He said as he tilted his head towards Penny "It was why I pushed you, girls, to see your rooms it will help speed up healing. Did you notice that Vivian's hands were fine when she came down even though she had been working out? Jacyn scales still need to shed though." Janus said as he listed things off.

Roman sighed "Of course I feel guilty Virgil." He said "I am the one with the mental link to Remus. Out of all of us, I should have known when Remus was breaking the nightmares should have been a clue. I never once went to him I always waited for him to come to me or caught him when he was bothering Logan. What if he wasn't even bothering Logan what if he went to Logan because Logan listens to him and didn't bat an eye."

Jacyn looked at Logan "Just let it go Remus made you a secret room for Fish." She pointed out as she shrugged but stop. "Tell Remus I'm sorry about Penny being so upset," Jacyn said to Logan as Vivian open the door. Jacyn stepped back her chest tight at the dark whole the Logan disappeared through.

Remus was in his cabin curled up he made everything dark he let the multiple Zero crawls over him and hide him as he sobbed. Was it a sob though he was laughing as he cried but no sound was actually coming out? He was also sticky again from whatever the worm/frog combo of Zero made all over him.
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Patton blushed and hugged Janus and Penny lightly hugged Patton. [+turquoise “You don’t have to worry about me so much, Kiddo. I am the one that should be worrying about all of you. And I know my leg will heal. It is just taking a little longer than normal.”] Patton nuzzled Janus and Penny watched them, curious to their behavior.

Virgil rubbed Roman’s back and hugged him tightly. [+purple “It is okay Roman. It is okay. Just take some deep breaths, okay? You are starting to get anxious and you are worrying too much. You need to calm down a little and we can talk about it and how you are feeling. Because obviously, you have a lot of guilt, as does a lot of people right now, swirling around tour head.”] Virgil led Roman over to his gothic vanity and he sat the prince down while perching himself on the edge of the vanity. [+purple “Now. Vent to me.”]

Logan smiled. [+blue “I-I guess that he did... Wait? Why are we going here? It is just Vivian’s gym like room.”] Vivian smiled like she was keeping a secret. [+violet “It is a gym. But I have a hidden room that leads to Remus’s cabin in the imagination.”]
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"I so don't believe that that is a part of being in a relationship," Janus said exasperated as he put his legs up next to Patton's without touching it he started to regret covering Remus' scars earlier. Janus sighed "I have been worrying about you since we were created that isn't going to stop now." He smiled as he kissed Patton's head again softly. "Your leg will heal." He whispered to him.

Roman sighed as he held onto Virgil "Virgil what he dreamt of....what he thought to have happened to you...." He choked Remus had been so scared of losing the dark family he created and he had and Roman had done nothing to reassure him.

Jacyn grabbed Logan's hand and began to walk towards Vivian's room where she would wait next to the door. "I'm sorry that everything went haywire. It was nice to have Remus there and he looked at you like a puppy." She said to him as they got to the door.
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Penny and Patton both looked at each other at the same time. They were not entirely sure they were alright. Penny was the first one to look back at Janus. [+teal “I think I am alright for now.”] Patton looked down at his leg and sighed. He looked up at Janus was a smile. [+turquoise “I will be fine kiddo. Don’t worry about me.”]

Virgil saw that Roman had followed his to the royal room. He turned and looked at the prince who looked like he was about to break. Virgil draped his arms over Roman’s shoulders and looked up at the defeated prince. [+purple “He is hiding from everyone right now. He isn’t hiding from just you. They are going to find him and then maybe... I don’t know. Maybe everyone will give Remus the respect he deserves and we will all live happily.”]

Logan was crying again. He wanted to find Remus... He wanted to hug Remus... He wanted to tell Remus just how much he loved him... Logan slowly got up after a moment and went to the door with his hand hovering over the handle. He wiped his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened the door to see Jacyn standing there with her fist about to knock again. [+blue “L-Let’s go find R-Remus.“]
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