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Roman shook his head "You'll thank me in the morning." He said, "Virgil you have to let go so Remus and I can eat." He struggled to detach them and he silently thanked Posiden when Logan and Patton showed up. "New rule Virgil isn't allowed near Janus wine stash. A little help, Virgil promptly delivered the food but kept it out of reach so Remus and I haven't eaten. And in Remus case hasn't had anything since....Did he have anything at the Ball?" Roman asked Logan trying to figure out when the last time his brother ingested anything healthy.

Janus swore in his mind he should have known better while his words calmed Jacyn down it worked Vivian up as he sighed "You do need a break." He said "In for 4....hold for 7...out for 8." He told her as he struggled Jacyn seemed to shake as she grabbed on to Vivian.

"Together," Jacyn said holding her hand to stop her own panic as she worked with Vivian. "You can, you know how to do this technique." She said and the second her eyes held a gentle glow Janus covered Jacyn eyes slightly stopping her from using her powers. Janus sighed when Jacyn finally had Vivian in her arms calmed down.

"How about a movie?" Janus asked to take their minds off of the uncomfortable feeling of the world around them.
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Virgil giggled. [+purple "Hey! That tickles!!"] Virgil tried to spit out the pills but it was already too late as they slid down his throat. [+purple "Eww! What was that for!? I am fine!! It isn't like I am sick or anything."] Virgil grunted and kissed Remus's neck as he cuddled closer to the Duke. [+purple "I want to spend the rest of the afternoon with you. You won't shove unwanted pills down my throat."] Virgil giggled and kissed Remus more on his neck.

Logan nodded. [+blue "That sounds satisfactory. Patton, you should go and check on Virgil and the twins. Just to make sure they aren't overworking themselves. And I don't want you to keep trying to tempt Thomas."] Logan shooed Patton as he grumbled. [+turquoise "But I want to stay here and hang out with my favorite Thomas the Dank Engine!!"] Logan rolled his eyes and tried to push Patton down so that he would leave.

Vivian was sitting next to Jacyn and trying to keep away the panic attack that was beating its way into her mind. [+violet "I can't. I can't. I can't."] Penny was worridly eying Vivian. [+teal "Vivi? Are you alright? A-Are you making sure to use your breathing techniques?"] Vivian shook her head as she curled into a ball. [+violet "I-I can't. I can't breathe. I can't be responsible to help Thomas. I need to help Jacyn. I need... I need a break. Help..."] Vivian's head was starting to get light as she hyperventilated.
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Thomas smiled "No problem Logan besides I pretty much have my hands full as it is but I'm going to be really proud of this fundraiser if things go well." He said to them with a huge grin on his face.

Janus soothed Penny first as he looked at her "You remember the bubbles in the bath right?" He said smiling as she went wide eye with excitement. "Picture the pride you want to give Jacyn like one of those bubbles don't worry I'm going to help a bit." he said to her as he let another one of his hands summon the bubble. "Now fill it with a color." He said as he turned his attention to Jacyn and Vivian who was shivering off and on.

"What if it doesn't work. What if combining both your ideas don't work and Thomas and Joan get hurt." Jacyn said as Janus smiled at her fondly.

"I am pretty sure panicking is Virgil's and Vivian's job little one. And besides. Now that the idea is out there Logan and Roman will work together to make sure the advertisement is subtle. Virgil and Vivian will alert Thomas if he is in danger. I will follow up on if Thomas can talk himself out of the situation of not. Jacyn you contributed an idea just because you did that doesn't mean it's your sole duty to see it through."

Roman sighed weakly "I'm not moving Dark and Stormy." He said as he helped Virgil take some pills and he made a mental note to tell Janus to save the wine for himself. Remus clutched Virgil tightly as he purred in Virgil's ears.
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Patto huffed and crossed his arms. [+turquoise "You are not fun kiddo.. And Janus is fine. He is just... He was just worried about the twins and that was causing him to fidget. Although, he could be hiding some sweets. You can never tell with him sometimes."] Patton looked over as Logan sunk up and waved before he was interrupted.

[+blue "Thomas!! You absolutely can not adopt a child, let alone several. You already have enough student debt as it is and where are they all going to sleep? You don't have the room or the money to take care of them. Let's not forget the fact that sometimes you barely have the energy or motivation to take care of yourself. So how would you bring yourself to take care of children by yourself?"] Logan tool a breath as Thomas told him he had already said no to Patton. [+blue "Oh. My mistake then. Apologies."]

Virgil pouted and giggled more at Roman and Remus. [+purple "No. I don't want to sleep. I just want your love. Janus was making fun of me for wanting attention... It is hard for me to show love but... I just want to be claimed and loved!! Janus is over there getting busy with everyone under the covers and I am just over here getting small kisses."] Virgil hiccupped more and pressed his neck closer to Remus's nose. [+purple "You are adorable~"] Virgil started smiling like a fool. [+purple "Roman. Can you just stand still for a second and stop spinning?"]

Vivian looked around Janus's room. It both comforted her and made the hair on the back of her neck rise. She looked over and saw Jacyn with Janus under a heat lamp. [+violet "J!! Janus! What is going on!? Did you do this!? She looked fine before!! Why does she look so shaken up!?"] Vivian's breathing hitched as she put a concerned and comforting hand on Jacyn's shoulder. [+violet "J? Are you okay?"]

Penny gave Janus a scared look. [+teal "I-I don't know how to do that!! I have never done anything like that before!! And if I have, I don't know how I did it!"] Penny didn't know what to do. She didn't want to try to use her abilities and just make it worse. What if Jacyn became too prideful because she used her powers and couldn't control them? [+teal "I-I-I shouldn't use t-them. I am too i-inexperienced. I c-can't."]
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Thomas looked at Patton "I have student debt I can't afford children, also was Janus okay he seemed to be hiding something under his cloak he didn't get hurt did he?" Thomas asked

Janus was sitting under his heat lamp with Jacyn trying to get her to calm down. He had her sitting in his lap "You did very well Jacyn," He told her as he smoothed her hair back she seemed to be terrified of having met Thomas. He saw Logan drop Penny and Vivian off and he waved them over. "Penny, I need you to do me a favor can you push a bit a pride towards Jacyn right now? Just to get her to calm down." He said as he helped Penny up to sit with Jacyn as Vivian began to ask questions. "I think the shock of being Honesty has set in. Logan and I both went through it since we are the only two that change titles when Thomas acknowledges it even unconsciously it can be a little jarring."

Thomas jumped when Logan pops up and he stared at him. This time Thomas let Logan go on a rant before he told him he had already shot Patton down. "So everything good in the mental place?" he asked.

Roman shook his head as he laid Virgil down "I think you are the one that needs to sleep off the part then if you pulled something like that." He said to him with a smile on his lips as Remus shoved his nose into Virgil's neck.
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Patton's eyes glittered when Janus told him that it was Jacyn's idea. They were just the best little scaly duo ever!! How could they both be so stinking adorable and smart!! [+turquoise "Actually, Janus. I was thinking of staying a little bit longer to help Thomas out more in the situation. I am sure that Logan would be willing to take my place and help out!"] Patton smiled and waved at Janus as he sunk out with the hidden Jacyn behind him. Patton then turned to Thomas. [+turquoise "Now. About adopting all those children..."]

Logan watched as the meeting was drawing to an end. He was glad that Janus had at least some smarts and didn't let Patton take hold of the situation. He was also glad that Jacyn hadn't gotten exposed. Logan was just about to gather the girls and leave when he heard Patton. [+blue "That cretin!! How dare he think he can get away with this!"] Logan turned to the girls. [+blue "Girls. It is time to leave. I have to... deal with Patton. I will take you to Janus's room and then I will have to leave."]

Penny's mood instantly brightened. [+teal "Ooo! Ooo!! Can I come too? Pleaseeee?"] Vivian took Penny's hand. [+violet "No, Pen. Maybe next time. We need to get back to Jac. You can ask her all the questions you want. Alright?"] Penny squealed as the three of them sunk out to Janus's room. Logan made sure that they were situated before going to Thomas and acting as the voice of reason.

Virgil giggled and yelped as Remus jerked him out of Roman's arms. [+purple "Ha! You wouldn't believe it. Janus came to the party as a horny mess and just started getting all up in everyone's mouths. Sucks for him though because I had the last laugh and at first he thought it was Patton. You should have seen his face!! He looked like he was about to ban flour from the mind palace forever!"] Virgil laughed and hiccupped as he took a small sip of the water.
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"That is a good idea okay then I will call Joan and let him know so we can alter the Pride stuff." Thomas said.

Janus smiled at Patton as he subtlely gave the sign that it had been Jacyn idea as he looked at Thomas. "Is there anything else that you require of us Thomas we have to be getting back to Roman and Remus." He said to him.

"What happens to them?" Thomas asked worried as he looked between them and Janus smiled.

"They gave us a surprise and overworked themselves and we are taking care of them," Janus promised as he bowed lightly and shank out as he could practically feel Jacyn shaking of trying to keep quiet.

Roman caught Virgil and tasted the wine he sighed weakly so Virgil had gotten into Janus wine. "I see you guys had fun when we were asleep he said to him summoning more water for Virgil. As Remus turned over and yank Virgil back into his arms.
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Patton gasped and excitedly clapped his hands. [+turquoise "That does sound like a wonderful idea, Janus!! Thomas, maybe the snake has a point. I am all for helping the LGBTQ+ children but we really don't want to upset other people. Yes, people have to stand up for what they believe in but this may not be the best time to do so. Let's just lay low and try to help some children out!"] Patton smiled happily at Janus and Thomas.

Vivian was starting to run out of nail to chew on as she anxiously watched the situation. It was going well but she didn't want Jacyn to get in trouble. What if Thomas saw her and he hated her somehow-- She needed to calm down. She was overthinking it. Vivian focused on her powers and tried to watch everyone's moves. If anything even looked like it was going wrong, she would force Logan to take her there immediately.

Penny continued to watch as she started to get bored. What was the fun of watching when she knew that she could be there? All she wanted to do was say hi but she had no way of getting there. Her powers hadn't manifested yet and so she couldn't do all the cool things that Jacyn could do.

Virgil set his bottle down on Logan's nightstand and walked closer to lean over Roman with a hint of a purr in his voice. [+purple "I would very much like some cuddles, Princey~"] Virgil smiled and started run his fingers down Roman's sash. He was starting to feel a little nauseated from all the wine. Why was the room blurry and why was Roman's face so pretty~? Virgil leaned forward to kiss Roman lovingly with the taste of wine in his breath.
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Jacyn glared when Janus did not say her idea and let Patton rattle off the nonsense as she tried again and this time Janus voiced her opinion. "Or you just don't tell them the type of kids. Don't people have bleeding hearts for misplaced children?" He asked as Patton proved his point by telling Thomas to adopt them all.

"Isn't that a lie of omission?" Thomas asked him as he looked uncomfortable at the situation but then again Janus was Deceit. Thomas' words seemed to make Jacyn uncomfortable so Janus decided to help her out some.

"Possibly, but you and Patton both get what you want. No one is upset and no children are attacked Logan had set this up as a food drive first for this location right? In the past, people have given small donations if they couldn't produce the foods." He soothed him one of his arms slipped to soothe the shaking Jacyn who was worried she had messed up. "You are doing an honest and good thing for those kids by doing this fundraiser you shouldn't be made to feel guilty because of just one mistake in venue choosing. Not to mention if you have horrible weather you could go live with the fundraiser instead." Janus supplied.

Roman pouted taking offense to that statement "I guess it wasn't fair to put him on the spot when he wasn't feeling well." He muttered as he waved Virgil over kissing him. "You want to cuddle still?" He asked Virgil as Remus was still hogging Logan's pillow now.
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Patton nodded and fidgeted with the end of one of his cat sleeves. [+turquose "Yes... It is the ideal place. But, we don't want to upset everyone. Those kids deserve a home and they deserve to be loved."] Patton had to find some way to bring Thomas's attention to him. [+turquoise "Oh, Thomas! Why don't we just adopt them all!! You already take care of Gavin so why not adopt 20 more!! Then they will have a home and you won't have to do the fundraiser till another time! See, now the case is closed!"]

Vivian and Penny watched their conversation as Logan took notes. Vivian was sweating and chewing on the end of her nails when Jacyn almost got caught. [+violet "Come on, J. Don't do anything stupid..."]

Penny was marveling at Thomas's overall appearance. [+teal "He looks just like you guys but different!! So cool... So like... How did you guys decide your outfits? And why does Thomas not know about us? Can I just go and say hi? Does Thomas know about Echo or any of the other animals?"]

Logan was watching Janus and Patton and writing down what was being said. [+blue "I will answer your questions later, young one. Right now I am trying to focus on this conversation."]

Virgil groaned and lightly banged his head on the wall. [+purple "Stupid octopus. You know what? When he wakes up we can talk to him about it. I swear, he is just like you. Oblivious and stupid. Adorable, yes but you are both stupid as heck."] Virgil ran his hand through his hair. He was feeling a little light on his feet. Maybe it was from drinking too much wine... Did Janus tamper with it or something? Logan had drank a little of it and he seemed fine earlier.
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Thomas sighed weakly "If we changed venues it would not be for another four months and Joan and I originally picked this spot because that is was high and traffic." He said to Patton.

Janus hemmed at Patton's suggestion "But Patton we shouldn't be catering to those people who are so backward in their thinking that kids who are LGBTQ+ don't deserve a home. Think of the Children Patton." Janus said as he felt a small tug on his pants leg.

"Uh did your pants just move?" Thomas asked confused as Janus shifted his cape to hide his leg more protecting Jacyn.

"Do not try and ignore it Thomas it totally isn't rude to stare," Janus responded as Jacyn tap out her message to him. She was smart and he was brimming with pride at her suggestion of combining both their ideas.

Roman shook his head "No I pulled him out Orphy woke me and I saw Remus having a nightmare. I woke him up to tell him it was a dream and have been keeping an eye on him since." Roman said to Virgil weakly "He thinks earlier with us all in bed was 'the juiciest dream' he ever had." Roman looked at Virgil.
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Vivian's mood took a U-turn as she smiled at the mention of Virgil's iPod. [+violet "Fine. Virgil can keep the water bottle as long as I get it when you three get back. Or else I swear I will make your room into a trash heap that now even your pretty little snaps can fix."] Vivian smiled as if she hadn't just threatened him as she got on her knees to get Penny out from under the bed.

Patton sunk out with Janus and Jacyn and smiled when Thomas looked at the flour that was all over his clothes. [+turquoise "Hit the [i bakes] there Kiddo!! I just [i Kneaded] a little love! Ha! What? You look as [i dough] you have seen a ghost."] Patton chuckled. [+turquoise "But honestly, Kiddo. What do you need help with?"]

Once Vivian got Penny out from under the bed, Logan took the girls to the viewing room that Jacyn had been in the previous time. [+blue "And this is where we can monitor Thomas without-] [+teal "Hi, Thomas!!!"] Logan froze and looked at Vivian with a stunned look. [+blue "Um. Penny, he can't see or hear you."]

Penny huffed and sat on the ground. [+teal "Aww man... But I was really wanting to say hi to him and tell him all about us..."] Vivian grinned and whispered to Logan. [+violet "What did you expect? She is even more of a child then your precious padre."] Vivian looked back at the large screen that displayed Thomas talking to Janus and Patton. She could see Jacyn hiding from their view as she blushed lightly. She was so adorable...

Patton nodded. [+turquoise "Huh... Well, you don't want to upset the community. People can be very set in their ways. Why don't you just schedule it somewhere else so that you don't upset the people? You have to take into account everyone's emotions after all! Case closed!"] Patton smiled thinking that he had solved the problem.

Virgil rose up into Logan's room while taking a sip of the water bottle. He saw that Roman was awake watching Remus. [+purple "Hey Prince Underarm Stink. I thought you would still be sleeping."] Virgil took another long sip of the water to try and get the taste of the wine out of his mouth as he moved to lean on the wall beside Logan's bed. [+purple "Did Remus wake up and get out of the study?"]
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Janus sighed as he made his cape a little longer as he offered his hand to Jacyn. He looked at Vivian "Don't worry about your water bottle he didn't have water in it and I can tell you where his iPod is later." Janus smirked at her.

Jacyn sighed "Vivian, help Logan get Penny and Echo out from under the bed please, we will be right back." She said as she stood next to Janus who hid her with his cape as they sank out automatically Jacyn hated the feeling and was clutching to Janus' leg to stabilized her. Janus stroked her from under his cape to hide her from Thomas.

"Was I interrupting something?" Thomas asked worriedly seeing Patton with flour on his pants. "Let me guess Virgil got upset in the kitchen again?" He asked Patton.

Janus rolled his eyes "That's exactly what happen Thomas now I do believe you summoned us for a reason?" He asked him. Thomas nodded to him.

"I did you see Joan and I are setting up a fundraiser for the local Rainbow House the problem is without realizing it we have the fundraiser next to a very homophobic community and now we don't know how to advertise without somehow getting into an argument," Thomas said.

Back with Roman and Remus, Roman had woken up and was looking much better than before while watching his brother mutter in his sleep. Roman managed to get Remus out of the water and dry and back into the bed with one small mistake. Because Remus was so out of it earlier he thought the whole acceptance thing was a lie.
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Virgil unenthusiastically punched the air. [+purple "Yes. Finally, I don't have to do anything. Although, you guys will probably screw it up so have fun with that."] Virgil started to sink out as he gave a halfhearted wave to everyone but not before smirking at Vivian and winking.

Vivian was on her last straw. [+violet "Are you really just going to let him take my water bottle with his dirty hands!! All of you failed to notice that he literally has flour on his hands!! And he is getting it all over my water bottle!!"]

Penny couldn't hear what was going on as she crawled under the bed with Echo. She found Echo next to a pile of raggedy and old quilts. [+teal "Let's curl up in these while they talk about grown-up things. Alright?"] Penny tried to make sure that her dress didn't get caught on anything under the bed as she started moving the quilts around.

Patton turned and frowned at Virgil's sinking body. [+turquoise "Kiddo you get back here!! We may have to go but I want to deal with you first."] Virgil kept sinking out and was gone. [+turquoise "Virgil Anxiety Sanders!!!"] Patton stamped his foot and huffed. [+turquoise "How dare he!?"]

Logan nodded at Janus. [+blue "You could very well be right. And I grant you permission for this time to stand in my place. Just don't do anything to make me regret trusting you this time. But you three better hurry. Thomas is calling you so you better go and assist him. Come along girls."]
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Janus sighed weakly at them shaking his head "You are right Virgil, I can already picture Roman's distress over the situation but Thomas is still summoning us." He said thinking of how to do this as Jacyn looked at Penny.

"Apparently the tugging I felt was Thomas trying to summon me. But I didn't think he could because he didn't know who I was?" Jacyn asked them as Janus shrugged looking at her then Logan.

"It could be Thomas needs Honesty but he only knows Morality because he sees Patton as honest he is summoning Patton. So this is what we should do. Instead of standing next to Patton, Logan with your permission I'll stand in your spot, Thomas has a hall closet that Jacyn could move into so she can be apart of the situation." Janus said to them before continuing, "Logan you can take Vivian and Penny to the viewing room and Virgil if you don't want to participate you can check on Roman and Remus."
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