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Janus sighed softly "I am still deeply sorry that I couldn't protect you." He whispered to Patton. "I should have known better. I should have made the girls come outside to you. If we had woken them up Zero might not have seen us as threats." Janus said as he felt the tears prick his eyes but he didn't cry outright he never did.

Roman smirked "Oh I did worse I spoke to him in Shakespearean slang for an hour. I still do not think he has forgiven me for it." Roman said as he thought about it. "Nope but he didn't go through on his threat to burn all of the playbills from the ones we have been in so it's not like I'm going to bring it up again."

Jacyn looked at her "Give us three names and we will vote." Jacyn tried again as she looked at the kitten and reached out to pet the fur. "So soft." She whispered slightly surprised as she just held her hand there for the cat to rub against.

Remus looked confused "But you weren't a part of the problem not really you paid attention." He said to him as he sat down he shut his eyes. He knew junk food was expected but Remus kinda wanted comfort food. So he summoned a copy of Patton's pot pie. It was not a perfect replica as he dug into it because Remus could only guess at the ingredients Patton actually put in the food but it smelt exactly like it.
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Patton finished all of the strawberry’s that Janus had stolen from Roman. [+turquoise “Well thanks for getting me the strawberries. And thanks for being here with me..”] Patton ignored the pain in his leg as he cuddled Janus and started to him along with the music.

Virgil’s fingers kept tracing the sash till they got distracted and started to follow the circle of his shoulder pads. [+purple “You mean his ‘slang cards’? You could say a whole sentence to him in slang and he would probably have a malfunction.”] Virgil grimaced after trancing the shoulder pads for a while and went back to messing with Roman’s sash.

Vivian froze at the invitation of naming an animal. Whatever she came up would be the animals name for life. What if she picked an awful name? Vivian’s anxiety started to rise and her breathing hitched. [+violet “I-I don’t know... Y-You guys are better...”]

Logan was happy that the side had agreed to his suggestion of a snack. [+blue “Okay then. What would you like to eat? I will probably summon a salad for myself. I am guessing that you will want junk food or something like that.”] Logan snapped his fingers and a table with two chair appeared in the middle of his room and two simple plates were on the table while one plate was filled with a healthy looking salad. Logan went over to one of the chairs and optioned for Remus to sit in the chair. [+blue “Here is my first motion to give you more respect you deserve, Greencake.”]
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Janus shook his head "Not too hungry I'm afraid Patton." He sighed as he let his mask slip off and shut down it was not that Janus falling asleep just content in the moment. He snapped his fingers and let the music he had summoned drift around them.

Roman smirked, "The flashcards were not the giveaway?" he chuckled at him as he looked at Virgil watching his hands drift down his body he smiled at him allowing him to play with the sash as he let Virgil do his things. It was rare to have these moments and he wanted to keep the spell going.

Jacyn smiled at the kitten "Let Vivian name it," she started summoning one of Roman's boot strings to use as a toy. "We named Zero she should have the chance to name the furry one." She pointed out finding the cat cute as she flicked her tongue.

"Oh I'm used to it Roman has bad timing." Remus sighed as he chugged the water he wouldn't want Logan to get upset again so he went along with the Logical side like a dog.
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Patton looked at the pudding that was being offered to him. [+turquoise “But kiddo.. You aren’t going to eat this?”] Patton leaned into the cuddles and smiled happily at the body heat coming from Janus’s human side.He carefully dipped another strawberry into the pudding and ate it. They were such a tasty combination...

Virgil looked at Roman with an interested glint in his expression. [+purple “So our dearest Logan is bad with his words for once?”] Virgil ran his hands down the fabric of Roman’s sash and his eyes followed his fingers. He had fallen for the prince in everyone’s fairytales.

Vivian sighed and looked down at the cat as Penny played with it happily. Penny was happy and safe and that what the fighting side wanted. Vivian sat on the ground next to Penny and watched the cat play with the toy. [+violet “I guess it is kinda cute..”]

Penny looked up at both Jacyn and Vivian. [+teal Can we keep it!! Please!! I think it likes me!!”] Penny giggled and pointed out that the cat was really close to her outstretched hand. [+teal “I will beg you and annoy both of you if you don’t let me keep it!!”]

Logan smiled and kept his arm on Remus’s back. [+blue “Are you sure that is a good idea? Should you eat first, honey? We have both been crying for a while now so shouldn’t we drink some water and maybe restore out strength before we use it all up?”] Logan snapped as he kept a expressionless face and two blue tinted cups filled with water appeared in his hand.
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Janus chuckled and after only a few spoons fulls of the pudding offered the rest to Patton for him to dip the strawberries into. He used one arm to take off his hat and hang it on the side of the bed as he cuddles with Patton. Janus was at peace by Patton's side and snuggled deeper careful of his leg.

Roman shook his head "Mostly Logan actually you can only call someone a nerd so many times before you need to come up with something a bit more creative." He muttered to him "The hurt category I put in because of him actually because while he swears he has no feelings he has subtle changes to say when he is hurt. And uh not so subtle changes."

Jacyn looked at her "It came from your room, which means it probably came from Remus' cabin." She waved her hand at her friend's worry expression. "Besides we practically let Penny tackle Zero when we first met him. This is a cat." She said as she watched it pounce and Jacyn snorted at it.

Remus smirked at him as he wiggled out of the side's arms snapping his fingers a hole open up in the water. "Let's go swimming!" He said as he looked at Logan "Less scrubbing that way anyways." he said to him.
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Patton was happy to see that his snakey child was eating something. Patton dipped one of his strawberries in the pudding and ate it. [+turquoise “Ooo! That isn’t actually that bad!”] Patton giggled cutely and it was like they were the only ones left in the world. Everything from earlier seemed to have fallen away and it was just the two of them in the little happy moment.

Virgil swatted the wipes away and just licked his fingers. [+purple “I bet almost all of the names in there are from me.”] Virgil lounged on Roman like he was his own personal throne. [+purple “So what would you saw was the nickname that had the spiciest or worst fail?”] Virgil looked at the book. Did everyone have a failed nickname book or just Roman?

Penny took the toy from Jacyn’s hand and started to wave it on the ground in front of the girls. Penny whistles to the cat and tried to get it to come to her. [+teal “Come here, Kitty.~”] Vivian frowned. [+violet “Jac, are you really going to let that cat, who could be dangerous and who we don’t know where it came from, go over to Penny? Shouldn’t we at least find out where it came from first before we touch it?”] Vivian kept glaring at the cat as it got closer.

Logan made it to his room and he looked at the bed in his room and the bed in the water study that still had the green and dangerous fish. Shit. He forgot that those were still there... [+blue “I-I d-don’t have feelings. I-I can’t explain why I have feeli— a sense of longing towards you. But which bed do you want me to put you in? There are now two.”]
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Janus smiled at Patton "Of course I didn't." He lied with a glint in his eyes as he looked at Patton with a smile as he was perfectly content to watch Patton eat moving ever so slightly to brush the juice that threatens to stain the side's shirt. Janus sighed as he rubbed his head softly he did have a headache as he summoned one of Virgil's puddings from the fridge he opened it to eat it hoping to not get sick.

"Doesn't sound right. Did not have the right amount of edge to it. Had too much edge and it ended up being hurtful." Roman muttered to him, "There are a lot of qualifications." He told him waving his feather pen around before summoning wet wipes for Virgil to use on his hands.

Jacyn snorted at Vivian "It is Penny and a cat did you honestly think she wouldn't call for it?" She asked Vivian as she looked back to the cat that seemed to refuse to move from her spot. Jacyn summoned a cat toy and handed it to Penny. That seemed to get the furry creature's attention.

"You do." Remus smiled at him pleasantly "If you didn't you wouldn't love me or have tried to come after me." He said to him convinced he had something special.
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Patton happily accepted them and took a bite. [+turquoise “Are you sure that you don’t want to eat? You should at least eat something. It doesn’t have to be a strawberry. And are you sure that you didn’t steal these from Roman’s garden?”] Patton finished the first strawberry and moved on to the second.

Virgil looked at the book in surprise and confusion. [+purple “You have a book about failed nicknames? Have does a name even qualify as being failed!?”] Virgil grabbed the cheese puffs and ate them as his fingers started to become orange.

Penny saw that Jacyn was looking away from them and at a unique three headed cat with two tails sitting under the door way. Vivian glared at the cat. She didn’t recognize that it was one of the Zero’s that Remus had created. [+violet “Guys, That cat isn’t normal. It could be dangerous.”] Vivian got in front of both the girls and kept glaring at the cat. Penny rolled her eyes and started to snap and call the cat over. [+violet “Penny! What are you doing!!”]

Logan rolled his eyes and kept his blush hidden from the Duke. [+blue “It is merely a matter of keeping up with my physical health. I have to keep my physical, mental, emotional, and social health balanced. However, my emotion health isn’t that great since I don’t have... Feelings.”] Logan kept walking, unaware of the kitten as he made their way back to his room.
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Janus shook his head personally he was not that hungry with everything that had happened over the last few hours he felt slightly nauseated and was waiting for it to calm down. Eating acid was not the best course of action right now. He sighed as he smiled at Patton "Thank Roman he has them growing in the Imagination." He pointed out.

Roman laughed at him as he rubbed his back "You have more brain cells than you give yourself credit for my Dreary Dear." He said shaking his head "Nope that nickname doesn't work." He said as he summoned a book that literally read "Failed nicknames."

Jacyn smiled slightly as she found herself looking up at her ceiling Penny was better Vivian was telling better jokes. She could hear Logan and Remus leaving Vivian's room. Things were starting to make sense until she heard a meow. Jacyn rolled over to look at the door in between hers and Vivan's door and there was a cat with three heads looking at them.

Remus was shocked as he poked Logan shirt "I didn't know you even had muscles under there." He laughed at him he was so caught up with examining Logan's muscles he almost forgot to shut the door. He shut it as Logan crossed the threshold to the hallway not seeing the kitten had escaped and made it's way to the girls room.
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Patton was about to open his mouth and protest that it was called Adultery when he saw the strawberries. [+turquoise “Ooo! Strawberries! Those looked delicious! Are you going to eat some as well, Kiddo?”] Patton thought about what Janus had said about his softer touch. He could see how that would make him the best one to talk about it with the girls. But for now, Strawberries!

Virgil let out a bout of laughter at what Roman had said. [+purple “Braincells? You think my anxiety hasn’t already killed off all my brain cells? Gosh, Princey. I thought at least someone who saves people and is my knight in shining armor would know that I have no brain cells anymore.”] Virgil smiled and leaned into Roman’s touch while chuckling happily.

Penny nodded and took a deep breath. She was feeling a little better with Jacyn there to talk to her. [+teal “Is Vivi with you?”] At that moment Vivian stuck her head in the closet with a devilish grin on her face. [+violet “Nope, I am not here.”] Penny giggled and uncurled herself. She was happy to see that her friends were with her. [+violet “Gosh, Pen. For someone who embodies Pride, you sure look like you spend a lot of your time crying in the closet.”] Vivian was proud that she could use Jacyn’s joke from earlier. And with that joke, Penny lost it and started laughing and crying happily as she leaned forward and hugged them both tightly.

Logan grinned and swept Remus up in his arms. [+blue “I don’t mean to be too ‘out of character’ or whatever you theatre geeks say but it is my turn to carry you. And I predict to have your whole face aflame in red by the end of the night.”] Logan smiled as he walked out of the cabin and through Vivian‘s room to his room while carrying Remus.
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"Leave Adulthood out of it, for now, focus on the other three. I don't have the soft touch that you do about these situations." Janus admitted mostly because he himself while preaching self-care was horrible at letting his own walls down and letting his mind rest. He got up hearing Patton's stomach growl summoned some strawberries for the man to eat.

Roman smirked "Yes, him and Logan both but I think Logan will be the easiest to break of that habit. You all with the better brain cells tend to do those thinking things. You would think we would have killed a few of your brain cells by now. " He said with a smile as he licked the cheese dust.

Jacyn looked at her and tried to think of softer ways to phrase things "We aren't going anywhere and neither are those memories Pen. Patton's whole room is dedicated to replaying happy memories so they don't end. Physically yes they do end but mentally they are still there." She pointed out.

Remus snorted weakly as he let the cat go and then tried to think "Let's go to your room and find out?" Remus said as he got up all his bones cracking from his position his eyes were still red and it was hard to tell were the eye shadow was and what was bags under his eyes.
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Patton curled his fingers into Janus’s and quietly listened. [+teal “So.. You want me to talk to them about their mental states, their lack of being touched or fear of being touched, and their process into Adultery?”] Patton thought that he understood everything that Janus was saying to him. It was just hard to focus between his hunger and his sore leg.

Virgil shifted uncomfortable in Roman’s lap. [+purple “That is going to be a challenge for me and definitely for Janus since his whole thing is lies and masks.”] Virgil looked up and kissed the bottom of Roman’s chin while taking a cheese puff and eating it.

Penny sniffled and looked up at Jacyn. That was true. They always did know that in the darkness, nothing was forever. That is why they had clung to tight to everything that they had. Including their friendship. [+teal “I-I know... I just don’t want to come face to face with all those things happening.. I don’t want all the fun and happy times to end... I don’t want anyone to go away... I don’t want to cry but yet.. Here I am. C-Crying...”] Penny’s lip was trembling as she whimpered and hugged her knees tightly.

Logan smiled at his slime covered boyfriend. He was both disgusting and cute in that moment. [+blue “Awww. Did I make the dark and scary Duke blush? Is there I way I shall be granted by the presence of more red cheeks?”] Logan snickered and tan his ringer over Remus’s white strand of hair that was almost green at this point from the slime.
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Janus let Patton get comfortable before laying back down "Oh where to begin you have Jacyn scales and the lies she tells herself about them are way more extreme than the lies I used to tell myself. Penny and her views on if it doesn't look the same it cannot be the same. Which is not good for either of their mental health and I hope Penny doesn't voice that to Jacyn." He practically begged and sighed weakly "I also starting to wonder if they are touched starved."

Roman pulled him closer shaking his head "I can see past them but I think we should have a no mask policy in effect from now on. I'm sure Patton would love Family therapy sessions." He said to Virgil with a smile on his lips.

Jacyn bit back a sigh knowing she shouldn't be upset at Penny but she pretty much knew that was what was going to happen. "Penny the three of us knew that one-day Zero might not always be there that Rage or one of the others would take him out," Jacyn said to her sitting down because she still felt like shit. "It sucks I know it does. I miss him but you can't make yourself sick over this." She begged her.

Remus couldn't help but blush weakly at Logan question as he nodded. "I didn't mind baths with you." He said to him hiding under his bangs it was something the light sides had notice about their dark boyfriends they would duck and hide in their own body's like turtles when embarrassed Virgil in his hoodie, Janus in his hat or behind a hand, and Remus his bangs and sleeves.
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Patton cried out in pain as he tried to move himself into a comfortable position. [+turquoise “S-Sorry. Just trying to get comfortable.. But why do you think I need to have that talk with them, Kiddo?”] Patton looked at Janus and watched his scales shift colors. Thomas must be doing something. Hopefully he didn’t need to talk with his morality side for the rest of the day...

Virgil smiled and melted into Roman’s arms. [+purple “I know.. And I am sorry that you have to see me put on all these masks...”] Virgil didn’t really know what to say. He just sat there listening to Roman’s heart beat. [i Thump Thump. Thump Thump.] He would have to eat at some point but for now he wanted to stay in his prince’s arms.

Penny was curled up in a ball towards the darkest corner of the closet. She looked up at Jacyn and tried to stop crying so that she wouldn’t be found even if it was too late. [+teal “I-It’s is nothing. I am f-fine.. I just figured out that I may never get to see Zero the spider again...”] At that, Penny burst into more tears and curled up into a tighter ball in the closet.

Logan reached over to pet the cat. It was surprisingly softer than he would have thought it would have been. [+blue “That is a good theory. If that were correct.. would I get to clean off the slime off my possessions? In other words, you?”] Logan adjusted his glasses and continued to make millions of mental notes on all the behaviors and bodily features of the animals and mutants that were within the cabin.
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Janus reluctantly peeled himself away from Patton's side as he used all sick arms to cry Patton gently up the stairs. When they got to his room he gently laid Patton on the bed as he looked at his Lover sighing. "I think you might need to give the body image to talk to the girls." He sighed weakly as he climbs up on to the bed. He was sometimes worse than Logan going through checklists he created.

Roman pushes Virgil's hood back slightly "I believe with Remus we just learned that forcing a role on someone isn't the best course of action." He said with a weak smile as he finished the chip. "You can still be the snarky storm cloud you don't have to force it." He sighed as he held Virgil in his arms.

Jacyn body was jittery as she looked at the closet sighing she had to though if only to get Penny to stop crying. Just a little longer and she could let the mask go she could play her violin. Jacyn open the door as she sighed "What happened?" Jacyn whispered to Penny.

Remus put the cat weakly in his arms as he smiled weakly "These are all mostly Zero's or body's that could hold him." He said thinking "I should probably get rid of the slimy ones the girls probably wouldn't like slime on their stuff." He muttered.
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