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Virgil frowned at Jacyn and shook his head with a bite in his voice. [+purple "Ok just chill out for a second, snakey. I just drank it because the four of us were having a date and Janus was being cocky so I wanted to get back at him. I didn't mean to get your scales in a tussle. Just let me help Vi out. She will feel so much better if you just give me a chance."] Virgil wanted to argue with her that he wasn't drunk anymore. He was just stuck with a killer headache and the urge to lay down and curl up into a ball. Virgil slowly moved around Jacyn so that he could be close to Vivian. His guard was up and he wasn't sure if Jacyn was going to try to bite him as she did with Roman.

Vivian curled up into a tighter ball when she felt Jacyn's touch start to fade. What as going on? Why was Jacyn leaving her? Vivian reached to take off the noise-canceling headphones to figure out what was up and immediately put them back on when she heard Penny and Patton crying along with Virgil's irritated voice. [+violet "Jac?"]

Logan nodded at Janus as he tenderly wrapped his arms around Remus's waist. [+blue "Honey, he is right. You shouldn't be using your abilities or powers. You still need to rest and recharge."] Logan kissed Remus's cheek and leaned back on the edge of the couch to look at the movie.
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Roman raised a brow "How did you know about that?" He asked not letting it go as he saw her eyes darken slightly he understood. "Ah. Well let Emo take back some of the anxiety from the little Eeyore and we can all enjoy movie night." He said to her as he reached to get Vivian and Jacyn hissed at him almost biting him. "Hey!"

Jacyn glared "Are you stupid wine is a depressant it would have made your anxiety worse!" She hissed at them scolding them and Roman at least had the decency to look ashamed. "Now you want to take your anxiety back when you are already in a drunk state?" Jacyn question him not noticing Vivian shrinking away.

Janus sighed as he wrapped Jacyn in a blanket it was confirmed now that Jacyn was going to lash out when at her breaking point something they would work on as he pulled her into his lap letting Virgil take the spot to hold Vivian. "Let Virgil do it he has been dealing with higher levels for longer than Vivian so he knows how to continue on." He said trying to soothe her.

Remus leaned back into Logan as he shut his eyes again liking the feeling of Logan's fingers through his hair. He hmmed "Everyone else was down here. And I wanted to help V but someone is creative blocking."

Janus rolled his eyes at Remus "I am so going to let yourself weaken even more so it takes even longer for you to recover." He lied as he looked at Logan and practically told the Logical side to keep Remus over there.
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Virgil swatted at Roman. [+purple "Yeah, I know. Cool it. I just wanted to know why they were both crying like babies over there."] Virgil sighed when he looked at Patton. It was adorable how he would always get so excited over stuff like that. But Virgil couldn't understand how he was always so excited about every little event. It was similar to how Roman acted. [+purple "Well, little snake turd, my hangover is-- HEY!!! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!"] Virgil glared at Jacyn. He had specifically put it in there so that he wouldn't drop it and so that no one would know that he had taken as much wine as he did. [+purple "You know what? Whatever. Just let me have a look at Viv. P-Please..."]

Logan helped support Remus as they went to the living room. He found an open spot on the floor and settled down there with Remus in his lap. [+blue "I thought that you didn't like this movie?"] Logan asked as he started running his hands through Remus's hair. It wasn't as good as freshly washed and clean hair but he knew that baths were rare for Remus so those moments would be even more special for him.

Vivian could feel the movements of Jacyn and could feel the vibrations as she was speaking. She was glad that he had the noise-proof headphones on because she didn't want to hear whatever was going on. Vivian moved away from Jacyn a little so that she could curl up into her own little ball. Her hands were still shaking as she held them close to her chest to try and get them to stop.
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Roman sighed as he saw his brother lie with a simple nod while he knew what Logan's attractions were more than coworkers he didn't know if his brother knew. Add that Logan is the only one giving him touch right now Remus might be to terrified to lose that. As they made their way downstairs Roman poked Virgil. "Losing your focus Emo." He said pointing to the shaking Vivian and the exhausted Jacyn.

Remus just nodded as he moved to get out of bed with as much sluggishness as Virgil. "Let's go watch the movie." He responded despite not even liking the Villian of the movie because who the fuck steals cats. He leaned on Logan as they joined the others downstairs wondering if he could get close enough to Vivian if he could help. Janus's head seemed to send Remus a look that said he would be punished if he tried. Luckily Virgil and Roman separated Remus which put Logan and Remus on the floor by Patton and Penny.

Jacyn pulled the covers over Vivian to hide her anxious girlfriend and sighed weakly as she saw Janus and Remus have a showdown before answering Virgil's question. "Patton gave Penny a gift because she called him her father figure and this place home. We agreed on calling this place home while you all were either passed out or, how is that hangover, Virgil?" Jacyn asked him. "I know alcohol in a sports bottle well enough when you stopped by early."
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Virgil grumbled and grabbed the peppermint oil from Roman and rubbed it all over his head so that he could get more comfort. [+purple "Yeah... They would probably hate me... But I could just not tell them that it was my fault. As long as they don't smell the wine of me, it should all be fine."] Virgil's mood raised at the idea of being able to go but was quickly spoiled as Roman rejected him. He didn't know what else he could say with the position he was in. He would probably need help getting to the living room so sinking out and trying to run were out of the question.

Logan flinched at the hurt look on Remus's face. What had he just backed himself into? [+blue "F-First of all, Roman. I was just saying that it would be a good idea to at least know how they are fairing for Virgil's sack. Second."] Logan racked through his brain for something to say that would suffice and not cause both of the brothers to beat him up and take his metaphorical lunch money. [+blue "Remus, Darling, I have high respect for you as... as a coworker to help Thomas. We share the same interests in space and often we share the same bed. I have respect for all the others as well but I do not have feelings."]

Virgil looked around as Roman's arms released from his body. [+purple "S-So you really are going to let me check on Vivian? T-Thanks there, Princey."] Virgil smiled and held his head and wrapped his other arm onto Roman as support. When they got to the living room, Virgil saw Patton and Penny squealing and crying on the couch. [+purple "What is up with those two not cases?"] Virgil almost thought that Janus was serious when he asked him to ruin the moment. [+purple "A Dad and Daut-- What is that supposed to mean? What is going on here?"] Virgil flinched as his voice caused his heartbeat to echo inside of his head.

Vivian grunted in response and pulled the sleep mask farther over her eyes. She didn't want to have to deal with anyone as she tried to get her hands to stop shaking.

Patton and Penny continued to hug and cry together on the couch in their own blissful world, unaware of the movie or the others.
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Roman shook his head as he held on to Virgil "Later, you think the hangover is bad now imagine what Penny and Jacyn might do if they figure out that your drunk stooper was what helped cause the attack." He said to him, "Wait till tomorrow and apologize to Vivian that way she can be the one to decide if those two find out."

Remus crinkled his noes at Logan "But without feelings, you wouldn't love me." He said to him looking at him slightly hurt. Roman was used to Logan going on about how feelings were not important as he looked at Logan as if daring him to try and logic his way out of Remus hurt feelings.

"Yeah Teach, you need them to love my brother and that last thing you said it is called worrying which is also a feeling," Roman said to him as he sighed weakly seeing as they weren't going to rest. "Fine I hear Aristocats playing anyways," he muttered letting Virgil go as he watched Remus get out as well.

Janus raised a brow at Vivian's growl and watched as Jacyn pulled her closer "Hush it's Janus." She told her girlfriend watching Penny and Patton have their moment made her uncomfortable. Yes, this was home but she didn't think she could call them all her fathers.

Janus looked at her as he smoothed her hair out her face. "Jacyn you can relax nothing is going to get you. Patton and I have barriers up to keep the uglier side of Thomas at bay." He said to her as he turned to the stairs and saw Roman walking down with Virgil and stop Virgil's panic "They are having a Dad and Daughter moment please ruin it." Janus lied as he looked at Virgil.
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Virgil groaned. [+purple "Yeah. I know about handovers, Dork. Me, Janus, and Remus used to get drunk every weekend. But I need to go check on Vivian. I need to make sure that she isn't still panicking."] Virgil pushed weakly against Roman's cage of arms. His head was killing him but he had to make sure that the rain cloud was okay after facing that much anxiety alone. [+purple "Just let me check up on her."]

Logan shook his head. [+blue "See. This is the effect of feelings. Life would be so much simpler if everyone did have all those feelings. That doesn't mean that I hate Patton since he is the heart but feelings just get in the way of getting to the point of matters."] Logan noticed Virgil weakly trying to escape. [+blue "You know... It would probably be good to at least get a report on how they are fairing."]

Vivian smiled at the kiss and adjusted her body so that she was closer to Jacyn's body. She was tired but still in shock from the panic attack so her body was on high alert. Vivian felt someone sit down next to them and she let out a low growl from deep in her throat. She didn't want anyone to bother her or to touch her. She just wanted to sink into the simple black quiet.

Patton giggled as he snapped and all three of Echo's heads had different bows to represent the three different kittens. Penny looked down and admired the necklace that was very similar to Duchass's [+turquoise "I didn't want to give a choker so I gave you a very pretty similar necklace!"]

Tears started running down Penny's cheeks as she jumped up and hugged Patton tightly as he fell back onto the couch. [+teal "Thank you so much, Patton!! I love you guys so much! I have never had a father figure in my life or a place to call home and now I do!"] Patton couldn't help it as he started happily crying as well. [+turquoise "Oh my gosh. You are just the cutest little muffin. I love you so much Penny and I have always thought of you like my little kiddo."] Patton and Penny were both hugging each other as Echo just sat on the couch and watched the movie alone with a bunch of bows around their heads.
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"Hangover Virg, sorry they are Remus area, not mine I can force you sober but it leaves you with a nasty hangover," Roman said as he helped him sit back down as he held the anxious boyfriend turning back to Remus who thankfully was de-paling as he ate.

Remus relished in the praise as he leaned into Logan's arms content as he furrowed his brows trying to think. "Janus' thoughts aren't good either. Jacyn was shaken up from Thomas liking her idea. Janus calmed her but wasn't careful and triggered an attack with Vivian he feels guilty and is thinking about the last time he made the mistake and how long it took Virgil to bounce back from it. Penny was shellshocked by the panic attack and froze and feels guilty. Jacyn feels worse because she was the cause of it all. So many sad thoughts. But Patton's normal I can't read him."

Janus smiled as he watched them keeping his arm protectively curled against Jacyn and Vivian. He didn't want to leave them if either wanted to talk. He could tell Jacyn did he could feel the lies she was telling herself and he wanted to correct them.

Jacyn wrapped the blanket around Vivian tighter stealing a kiss "Love you too, V" She whispered holding her girlfriend tighter as the movie went on she was too anxious to go to sleep but she had perfected her mask over time to not let it show.
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Virgil groaned. [+purple "Shit. I am sorry for that. I bet it was funny though. Did you see Janus's face at all? Was he mad that I drank it?"] Virgil couldn't help but wonder what he had missed while he was drunk. [+purple "Crap... You said I was flirty? What did I do? Please tell me that the girls didn't see anything. I will banish myself to my room for the rest of Thomas's life if they did..."] Virgil hid his face in his hands but sharply raised it when Roman mentioned Vivian. [+purple "I am such a bastard!! Is she alright!? Did she recover from the panic attack!?! Come on!! Let's go and check on her!!"] Virgil got off the bed and started swaying from the headrush of standing up too quickly. [+purple "Woah..."]

Logan flinched as Remus started to choke. He moved closer and started to pat the green side's back. [+blue "Shhh. It is okay. Just get it out and finish the rest of it. Such an obedient man."] Logan gave Remus a small peck. [+blue "So are the girls alright right now then? And what do you mean their thoughts aren't normal? What is going on, Greencake?"] Logan put his hand on Remus's chin and starting rubbing the Duke's cheek with his thumb.

Patton smiled at the kiss and blushed as they made their way back. [+turquoise "Well for one, Thomas would have a messed up sense of right and wrong and you would have no one to shapeshift as!"] Patton giggled, remembering the first time Janus revealed himself to Thomas. Patton walking into the living room and draped the Disney blanket over Penny. [+teal "Wow!! This blanket is amazing!!"] Penny ran her hand over the fabric. [+turquoise "Go ahead and take it, Kiddo! No one is using it."] Penny gasped and cuddled with the blanket and showed it to Echo. [+teal "Oh, Patton! I had a really good idea!!"] Penny then told Patton about her dress up idea for the aristocrats' movie.

Vivian's breathing was now back to normal as she subtly kissed Jacyn's arm. She wasn't sure what was going on around her anymore but she didn't care. She flinched for a second when she felt something rub against her skin but then realized that it was just a weighted blanket by how heavy it was. It must have been Janus because Jacyn hadn't moved except to hold tighter. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke. [+violet "Love you.... J..."] Vivian clenched her fists as she ran her thumb over one of the smaller weighted rings that she had put over her finger. It was only 5 pounds so it wouldn't be that noticeable to others but she felt happier to know that she was at least carrying some sort of extra weight.
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Roman winced at Virgil as he looked at him "You drank Janus' wine stash alone and got drunk which turned you into a flirty and giggly version of yourself. Normally, I would have let you sleep it off but we realized with you not anxious that put all the Panic on Vivian's shoulders who was already on the edge of a panic attack." Roman said to him giving him the drugs and rubbing some of the peppermint oil on his temples to ease the headache. "We should probably check on them."

Remus huffed at Logan as he had to chew the bread this time after almost choking on the first bite. Remus finished the bread as he seemed to become a little more awake as he leaned on Logan. "Janus fucked up he managed to calm Jacyn panic attack down but what calmed her down caused Vivian to panic. Jacyn's and Penny's thoughts aren't their normal thoughts right now." Remus said nuzzling Logan.

Janus sighed "What would I do without you." He said kissing his head softly as they walked back in his heart ached to see how tightly Jacyn was clinging to Vivian only half paying attention as she taps out notes on Vivian. He had noticed when stressed she would tap either her arm or someone else's arm like she was playing her violin.
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Logan sighed and offered Remus some fried dough instead. [+blue "No hugs. Food first."] Logan gave Remus a kiss on the forehead to try and make Remus feel a little better. He didn't mind as much that Remus wasn't chewing. The cereal would disintegrate anyways and at least we was eating it. [+blue "Crap. You are right. Vivian is bound to have a panic attack or something with all that anxiety suddenly loaded on her. And she already looked stressed enough as it is while watching Jacyn interact with Thomas."]

Virgil smiled when Roman kissed him as he pulled his body closer to Roman's. He froze as he felt all of the wine leave from his body and replace it with a hell of a migraine. [+purple "Ow. Ow. Ow. Turn the lights off. Turn them off now. It is too bright."] Virgil groaned as he rested his head of Roman looking for some sort of comfort. [+purple "What happened? Why am I here and why did I suddenly get this crappy migraine? There was the date and I just remember that I was thirsty and Janus was cocky bitch."]

Patton put a hand on Janus's shoulder and sighed. [+turquoise "It is alright, Kiddo. It was an honest mistake that you can easily fix by making sure she is comfortable and tended to. I will be with you and I can help."] Patton grabbed the pillows and a soft blanket with Disney characters and Princesses all over it for Penny. [+turquoise "Come on. It is similar to when you raised Virgil only I am here to help. Now, let's go back and watch that movie!!"]

Vivian took a shaky breath before calming down. She didn't want to move. She just wanted to say in the same spot for the rest of her life and not have to do anything ever again. Constants were easy. Change was hard. And the beating of Jacyn's heart seemed to be the only thing keeping her grounded. It felt extremely better once she had the mask and headphones on. It was calming as her heartbeat started to fall in line with Jacyn's.
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Remus did but he wasn't chewing the cereal anymore just swallowing it whole still making grabby hands at Logan. He let out a painful whine at Virgil's giggles. "Vivian scared." He said to them frustrated that he was still not awake enough to form sentences. He was intrusive thoughts he could project like he did to Roman sometimes but he felt that it was a no go with the others.

Roman stomach sank "Yes Virgil you are." He said to him as he turned back to Logan hearing his brother's whisper, "With Virgil giddy, all the anxiety must have shifted towards Vivian, sorry Virgil this isn't going to be pleasant." He said as the creative side kissed Virgil and made him sober up a little too quickly.

Janus left to help Patton sighing "I made a mistake in calming Jacyn with words that triggered an attack for Vivian, I raised Virgil I should have known better." He swore to himself as he used an arm to grab the weighted blanket.

Jacyn pulled Vivian closer and slipped on the noise-canceling headphones along with a sleep mask. "Sorry Vivi," She whispered to her as she pulled her closer trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She dimmed the TV screen and the lights in hopes this would help.
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Logan gave Remus a ghost of a smile as he refused the hug. [+blue "Yes, yes. I am back. Now, eat all the Halloween cereal in this bowl and some fried dough and I will give you as many hugs as you want till you tell me to stop, Greencake."] Logan dipped the spoon back into the cereal bowl and held it up to Remus's lips. [+blue "Thank you, Roman. Now he won't choke on his food. Here comes the Unidentified Flying Object, Remus. Pew Pew. Open your mouth again."]

Virgil smiled as he laid next to Roman. [+purple "Will you give me cuddles and kisses? And what if we start to kiss and we are so loud that Hot Nerd and Horny Bastard get bothered by it?"] Virgil kissed the collar of Roman's suit as he snapped and all the water in the room disappeared. [+purple "Hehe. Am I adorable?"] Virgil hiccuped as started giggling at nothing again.

Logan frowned disappointingly at Virgil. [+blue "I saw him drinking earlier but I didn't think he would get himself this drunk. If he is this anxiety-free it could cause some problems, Roman."] Logan held up another spoon of cereal up to Remus's mouth. [+blue "Look at him. He is just like Thomas when Virge decided to duck out. He has no shame."]

Patton had run from the room unable to handle how flustered he was getting. He didn't know where to go and had planned to just go to the living room and watch Disney as a means of distracting him. Patton ran down to the living instead of sinking out so that his face had time to return to its normal color. Once he got there, Patton's face turned back to its reddened state. [+turquoise "O-Oh. I didn't expect you three to be here. Of course, I can help."] Patton ducked his head away as he went to go grab some blankets and pillows from the cabinet. He needed to stop blushing so much and getting flustered whenever someone said something remotely romantic.

Penny smiled proudly that Janus had liked her suggestion. [+teal "Yeah! Aristocrats sound good!! I love singing along with those songs!"] Penny was already starting to cheer up as she picked up Echo from next to Vivian. [+teal "Come on, Echo! Since Patton is coming back he may be able to summon the bows for each of the cats and we can play dress-up during the movie!! Oh!! He can play O'Malley and I can dress up as Duchess!!"] Penny laughed as she sat down with Echo on the couch and had already moved on from the earlier incident.

Vivian weakly held onto Jacyn's shirt as they all sat on the couch. She didn't say much as she listened to Penny talk. If it were actually her choice she would go lay in a dark room, preferably Jacyn's, with just her girlfriend and a weighted blanket. Just the two of them together in each others arms... Vivian closed her eyes and tried to drown out the noises of the tv turning on. Everything was too loud and too bright. [+violet "Off... Off please..."]
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Roman sighed as he caught Virgil holding him in place as he leaned back on Logan's pillows. "We can cuddle here out of Logan's way." He said to him as he watched Remus stir weakly. "Re come on sit up please?" Roman said now feeling guilty for not taking better care of his brother more. He moved the pillows to help prop Remus up.

Remus groaned weakly as he was moved as he opened his eyes weakly. He opened his mouth weakly but it was easy to see Remus was still a little out of it. "Lolo's back." He muttered after swallowing the spoonful he made grabby hands at Logan for a hug.

Janus nodded as he smoothed Penny's hair "Good idea." He said to her as he decided to move them to the living room in time to see a blushing Patton come running down the steps. "Patton slow down for a second and help me get the pillows and blankets." He asked as Echo jumped up to rubbing against Vivian.

Jacyn sighed holding on to Penny's hand and holding Vivian closer to her trying to soothe the anxious fighter. Jacyn herself was still trying to calm down after her episode but it seemed like Penny needed to be held as well. Jacyn looked at Penny "Aristocats?" she asked her as she looked at Echo "We have our very own now."
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Logan had finally convinced Patton to leave as long as he went along. Logan and Patton rose up in his room as saw a loopy Virgil clinging to a half-sleep Remus with an upset Roman hovering over them. Logan was about to ask what was going on when Roman asked him a question. [+blue "N-No. I don't think he has."] Logan groaned and started rubbing his eyes. He should have taken care of Remus instead of just leaving him alone all morning. Logan snapped as the rest of Penny's leftover fried dough and a bowl of Halloween themed cereal appeared on his dresser. [+blue "You all have made a mess of my room. Virgil. Off. Now."] Logan glared at Virgil who hissed back. [+blue "Fine. If you don't get off of Remus and listen to RoRo, then you are obligated to let me study you. I still have lots of data that I need and I--"] Virgil shot off of Remus and started clinging to Roman. [+purple "Bastard!! You can't do that!!"] Logan rolled his eyes and sat beside Remus and tried to spoon-feed him some of the cereal. [+blue "Open up, sweetie."]

Patton sat next to Roman and frowned at Virgil. [+turquoise "What did I tell you about drinking too much!! Bad boy!!!"] Virgil rolled his eyes and rolled over in Roman's lap so that he way laying upside down. [+purple "Will you kiss me and cuddle me, Patton~ I will be a very good boy then!"] Patton blushed and looked at Roman. [+turquoise "Umm. I-I am going to leave n-now. Y-You can deal with Virge."] Patton scampered out of the room before anyone could object him. Virgil giggled like a girl as he watched Patton leave. [+purple "Aww!! He is adorable when he is flustered! Come on Roman! Let's go to my room and I can give you lots of kisses!!"]

Vivian was sitting with her head in her hands. She had only made it through the first step before choking up and freaking out more. [+violet "Help... Help me..."] Vivian didn't want anyone touching her as she kept panicking. She winced and tried to move away when she felt Jacyn touching her. Her ears were ringing and all she could hear was the word 'together'. Vivian tried to take shaky breaths as she slowly made her way through the technic multiple times. When her panic attack was over, she sat quietly in Jacyn's arms as her body shook. [+violet "I don't care... Just do whatever Penny wants..."]

Penny had been stuck watching everything while her body was frozen. This looked like one of the worst panic attacks that she had ever seen Vivian have. Right under the ones that she had right after they had escaped from rage. Penny watched as Jacyn's took control and helped Vivian through it. She should have helped but... she was scared and didn't know what to do to help without making it worse. Everyone just seemed so tense, like one touch and they would snap. [+teal "A-A movie sounds good... Just don't have it too loud. I don't want to startle Vivi."]
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