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Vivian nodded and shrugged. [+violet “I guess. But her childish nature is probably repulsed by his more mature behavior. She is like Patton in that nature but way younger. But she doesn’t over react to him and she needs to settle down and realize that he isn’t all that bad. That is going to be a LOT easier said than done thought...”]

Patton giggled as the handcuffs turned to Jello. He happily started eating through them. [+turquoise “So Penny was upset at the fact that you were going to be stricter and she was grabbing onto Vivian? D-Does that mean we are going to have to keep Vivian and Penny away from each other?! I don’t want to have to do that to either of the kiddos!”]

Patton continued to eat the jello and Virgil threw a glare towards Remus. [+purple “Good job ReRe. You did absolutely nothing to help the situation.”] Virgil mover around the chair so that he could softly kiss Patton so that he was distracted from eating the jello chains. [+purple “Please stop, Pat. Your leg needs to heal. Please at least try to leave it alone. It will be fully healed in an hour or two if you leave it alone.”]

Logan sighed and started to mess with Remus’s sash. [+blue “Ah. That is immensely irritating. At least Vivian and Roman appear to be doing alright. Their speed has quickened so that means that they are probably jogging.”] Logan’s tie was crooked from the growing stress he was being put under. He adjusted his glasses and leaned back into the chair while letting out a deep sigh.

Penny kept pulling on the chains and looked at Janus. [+teal “Janus! Thank goodness! Please get me out of here! I-I am sorry about what I did to Patton but please help me!! This lady is trying to drag me away!!”] Penny whimpered and kept pulling as her wrist started to get red from pulling so hard.
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Roman smiled as they went back to jogging "Sadly, You and Jacyn are from the more like Janus and Virgil so you can easily adapt to him. Penny I think is overloaded with him. I think it is mostly because of his bad days those aren't something to take pride in but on his best days look at the things my brother makes." He smiled sadly wishing he had been nicer.

Jacyn whimpered uncomfortable seeing the cuffs on Patton's hands as Remus snapped and put them in jello instead causing her to snicker. As she thought of how to answer the question "Because we decided we were going to be stricter on her Penny knew all she has to do is bat her eyes and Vivian and will give in. Penny knows Vivian will fight for her even if it's against me." Jacyn said as she curled up into a tighter ball starting to doubt herself slightly.

Remus looked at Logan "I found Penny trying to play a maid I gave her two options and she decided to pick a fight with me. Naturally, I handed her over to the head maid." Remus said trying not to think of how her words hurt it wasn't like he hadn't heard them before. But the head maid was used to Roman's theatrics as a child and would spank a child raw.

Janus winced at the screaming as he covered his ears as he summoned earplugs. He casually saw the maid and froze her once more leaving the chains intact. "Penny stop this screaming now." He hissed at her "You are not a baby."
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Vivian nodded as she started to jog but with a little of a faster pace. [+violet “Yeah. That makes sense. I don’t want Penny and Remus to get anywhere near each other till we can sort things out. They will only cause trouble by being near each other.”] Vivian thought back to Jacyn and hoped that everything was going okay with her, Penny, and Logan. What were they doing together right now?

Penny was screaming at the head maid as she kicked her and tried to escape. [+teal “Stop!! Let go on me!! Remus I will kill you!!! I swear I will!!”] Penny struggled against the golden chains and grabbed at everything she could get her hands on to stop herself from being pulled. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her screams echoed through the palace halls. [+teal “Jacyn!! Help me!! Jaccy!! Help!!!”]

Logan huffed when Remus practically pounced on top of him. He could feel his body sinking deeper into the chair with the added weight of another person. [+blue “Greencake. It is nice to see you again. I wasn’t sure where you had run off to earlier.”] Logan kissed Remus’s cheek and listened to the others talk. [+blue “What mouse?”]

Patton frowned at Jacyn. [+turquoise “Penny really did that? But... Why would she dig her nails into Vivian’s skin! Were they fighting? I know they like to tease each other all the time.”] Patton pulled her legs close to his body and inched his hand over to his leg.

Virgil grumbled. [+purple “That is it, Pat! You were trying to scratch your leg!!”]

Patton whimpered. [+turquoise “N-No I wasn’t!! I was just.. umm... Trying to get comfortable in the chair.”]

Virgil shook his head and snapped as handcuffs appears on Patton's wrists. [+purple “Don't scratch at them more or else I will put the covers over your hands like Elsa has when Hans captured her!!!”]
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Roman smiled "Well go on with your plans, I think it helps my brother along with you two. Besides, the less Remus and Penny see each other until we can sort things out the better." He said to her with a normal smile as they kept walking around. "With you being able to predict movements we might need your help with Jacyn so we know when she is about to Hibernate on us."

Jacyn looked at Patton feeling horrible "She dug her nails in. I won't be surprised if Vivian still has the bruises when she comes back. It's like Virgil with You, Virgil knows all he would have to do to stun you would be to let the Anxiety hit you. But he doesn't he keeps it contained within himself. Vivian knows she could knock Penny out in a second but she restrains herself." Jacyn looked at her bowl of fruit when and then her shaking hands before she began to eat a little. "I want my violin." She muttered weakly sounding so foolish.

Remus laughed at her pure villain laughter as he snapped his fingers and the head maid was released it was another mess as the maid grabbed Penny yanking her over her leg and spanked her once and then twice. "Troublesome girl! Spouting ugly words at the Duke!" The maid snapped before dragging Penny off in gold chains a perk Roman gave his staff. Meanwhile, Remus made his way to the garden hearing Jacyn wish he smirked as he tackled Logan in a hug! "I can do that for you but You.Have.To.Eat." He smiled using his finger to nudge the bowl closer to Jacyn. "Janny you should check the kitchen for the tiny mouse trying to be a lion." Remus said with a grin.

Janus looked at Remus with a sigh already not liking the situation as he began his walk to find Penny. "Patton I will send for you when I need you. Jacyn you better eat more than that bowl of fruit. Both you and Vivian need full meals." He said before leaving.
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Vivian grumbled at having her hair messed up. [+violet “We were a little upset, but we weren’t upset at you.”] Vivian blushed a little when she was reminded of her earlier plans. [+violet “Oh, it is nothing, Princey boy. Just a little activity that me and Remus were going to do while me and Jacyn tried to stay away from Penny till everything returns to normal.”]

Patton’s hands fidgeted as he was tempted to scratch his leg. Virgil was practically eyeing him like a hawk to make sure he didn’t do anything. [+turquoise “So, Umm... Tell me Jacyn, how was Penny physically harming Vivian? I didn’t think that she would ever do that. Especially with a side who practically could beat us all up fairly in a fight.”] Patton smiled at Janus’s kiss and Virgil held the kiss for a second longer than he had with the others.

Logan didn’t have a reaction to the kiss other than gladly accepting it. [+blue “Be careful, Janus.”] Logan looked over at Jacyn as he finished his apple. [+blue “He was right. You need to eat. And remember to take deep breaths. Your hands are shaking a little and my prediction is that it is a reaction to your stress levels and anxiety.”] Logan desperately hoped that she would control her stress. Otherwise she would go back into Hibernation and they didn’t need that right now. [+blue “Would maybe holding the tablet and watching Vivian’s levels help to distract you?”]

Penny’s anger boiled over as she snarled at Remus. [+teal “You are such an idiot. Just because someone wears an outfit, that doesn’t define them. You could wear a hero’s cape all day long but you will never be anything more than a dirty villain! Your brother will always be better than you at everything!!”] Penny pulled away from the maid that was frozen and she started sprinting down the halls as her words sunk into Remus.
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Roman smiled at her weakly "I was worried you and Jacyn would have been upset that it got that far." He said as he ruffled her hair softly. "When we get back my brother said something about you two dressing Jacyn up?" He inquired with a small smile on his face.

"That sounded like it went well," Janus said to them as he saw Jacyn shrink slightly in her chair and noticed that she had not eaten anything he grew concerned. "You are not at fault Jacyn." He said to her softly.

"Vivian can't say no to Penny. Penny was physically harming her this morning and it took me being indifferent and cold to get her to come to the palace. Logan told her not to run off and she runs off. I'm just lost and after having to make Roman-"

"You did not make Roman do anything. You are not the keeper of Penny or Vivian and Penny needs to learn to deal with problems." Janus said to her softly as he pushed the bowl of fruit closer to her. "Sit here and eat I want this bowl gone by the time I get back," Janus said before kissing each of his boyfriends and went to find the troublemaker that was ruining the mental health of her friends.

"No. Not yet." Jacyn said as she pushed her fruit around her hands were shaking "She was told not to run off. She learned that lesson in the darkness the hard way."

Remus smirked at her "Then enjoy talking to a wall. You were told not to run off. You are in a maids dress no one is going to believe you if you say you aren't a maid. So while you work that off I will be fulfilling my promise to Jacyn and Vivian with playing dress-up. I'm sure they would have wanted you there but you don't talk to me have fun cleaning Pennella." Remus said as he began to walk off.
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Vivian shook her head. [+violet “She might hate you for a little while but you are the creative side. You are practically the thing she loves the most. She loves playing games with you and you and Patton are the “Fun” sides so I am sure she will get over it eventually.”] Vivian focused on the path ahead of them so that she didn’t trip on a rock. [+violet “But don’t worry. What you had to do was critical or else she would have hurt herself more or you would have gotten hurt.”] Vivian tried to give Roman a smile but it crumpled a little on the edges.

Patton smiled at Jacyn and Logan. [+turquoise “Hello Kiddos! Why, isn’t it just a pleasant morning!”] Patton was practically bouncing as he walked over to the chair and sat down. [+turquoise “Thanks, Darling! It is so nice to be able to walk again!! Although, my leg is still itchy. And Virge keeps snapping at me whenever I try to scratch it.”] Patton ran his hand through his hair, embarrassed.

Virgil rolled his eyes. [+purple “Well you will make it worse if you scratch at it!! Do you want it to bleed everywhere and take an extra hour to heal!?”] Virgil grumbled to himself. [+purple “If you scratch at it one more time, I am not lying, I will hand cuff you!!”] Virgil leaned on Patton’s chair and looked over like he was realizing that Jacyn and Logan were there. [+purple “Sup. I can’t stay for long. Gotta bother Thomas.”]

Logan gave a greeting nod to his boyfriends. [+blue “I am glad that your leg is better, Pat.”] Logan motioned first Janus to come closer to him. [+blue “We have been having a little... difficulty with Penny and Vivian. Roman and Vivian are running right now.”] Logan showed Janus the tablet. [+blue “And Penny has gone off to do something around the palace. She should be fine.”]

Penny looked away from Remus and stared at the wall. [+teal “I don’t talk to ugly rats. And I don’t have an attitude. Plus, there is nothing wrong with running off. They were busy talking and probably would have let me run off anyways.”] Penny could feel her anger building up again and she wondered if she continued yelling again, if someone else would come and save her.
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Roman smiled as he gave a bow "Well I am a prince I can't just leave someone in distress. What would the people say?!" He gasped offended to her with a small smile on his lips. "Oh, there is a lot of teasing done. And there will be but we will give you the tools to help manage that tension without hurting yourself in the progress." He said to her as they began their light jog. "Besides I'm in the same boat with Remus right now with Penny," Roman said to her with a shrug, "She didn't like the fact that I put her to sleep when she refused to do the apology letters."

Jacyn pushed her food around she trusted Janus he used logic like Logan with a sarcastic undertone. "I think so because I don't think I can do it alone," She whispered not having any confidence in her voice.

"Well, we certainly planned for you to it alone." Janus lied as he watched Jacyn head turn and see him, Virgil, and Patton who was walking normally enter the garden. "We found Roman's note," Janus said as he pulled out a chair for Patton.

"Patton your leg!" Jacyn said as she looked at it as Janus showed her it was bruised but the wounds were closed and were tiny scabs. Jacyn looked so relieved that the father's side could walk on it without flinching too much.

Remus heard the scream and snapped his fingers causing the maid holding Penny to freeze. "You like to cause a bunch of trouble." He said shaking his head at her. "Look we don't like each other but I'm gonna give you two choices I can unfreeze her and you can make a nice meal for Jacyn and Vivian which they deserve for dealing with your attitude. Or I can leave her frozen show you to where the others are where you can apologize for running off. Dealer's choice Princess?" He said as he waited to see what she would choose.
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Vivian chuckled. [+violet “Your relationships all sound so complicated. So you guys just all tease each other 24/7?”] Vivian sighed as she looked down at the watch and then at the path. Maybe she and Roman could jog for a little ways. [+violet “I am sorry that you guys were upset for a while. I really hope me, Jacyn, and Penny can all make up. I hate that there is so much tension right now...”] Vivian wanted to sit on the dirt and just crawl into a ball and hide. However, that wouldn’t help anything and they still have a ways to go. [+violet “Thanks for helping me, Roman. You... You aren’t too bad.”] Vivian rubbed her arm awkwardly as he finished up with the watch.

Logan nodded and listened to Jacyn. [+blue “You know... This won’t be the most civilized way but maybe Janus could talk to her. I know that Janus probably is upset with her but he can get through to her. He is tough and could put her in her place without the two of you having to mentally hurt yourselves. And you can be there in case anything goes wrong. I will be there too. That is if you feel comfortable with doing it.”] Logan took another bite of his apple as he watched Vivian’s heart rate slow down. He was proud that Roman had found some way to help her.

Penny let out a small yelp when someone grabbed her wrist. She turned and looked up at a cherry looking lady. [b “Come with me, miss. We need help preparing the food and you should have been helping us ages ago.”] Penny tried to pull away as the lady pulled her towards the kitchen. [+teal “No! I’m not a maid! I don’t want to work!”] The lady rolled her eyes. [b “If you aren’t a maid then why are you wearing a maid outfit?”] Penny whimpered and kept pulling away as she started screaming as loud as she could.
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Roman smirked, "If I don't do one thing against Logan's wishes in a week he gets suspicious so he will be expecting it." Roman said with a wave of his hands "Besides its not like it will cause you any pain a small vibration. But no I don't think so you three have been together a lot it is weird to have such a thick and tense atmosphere between the three of you." He said with a smile "Logan, Patton, and I went through it. I accused Patton of loving Logan more because Patton told me I couldn't keep a baby dragon as a pet after I had summoned it in the common room and it ruined everything. Both the Dragon and Logan got hurt because he tried to catch the dragon and the dragon got hurt in the cage Logan had made." Roman said as he looked at her, "Eventually we all apologized and Patton laid down the rules that my living creations had to stay in the Imagination unless it was requested that they make an appearance."

"We will sit down with you guys and work out the rules and punishments, or as Patton calls them corrections, for the three of you. For example, you had issues saying no to Penny this morning and you knew to miss your work out and that would hurt you. This is probably what we would do each time you do something that makes you uncomfortable, taking a walk with me or Remus through the Imagination, and just talk. Jacyn might have to do the same she might have to sit down with either Janus or Logan and work through her thoughts with them, more than likely it will probably Logan because he will make her look at facts. Penny will probably need all of us but it will most likely be Patton, I know he hasn't seemed like it but he is the Dad figure and will use his Dad's voice when he is back up to speed."

"But know that you girls will never be left with someone you are uncomfortable with as a person to help you through. Obviously, Remus wouldn't be left alone with Penny. But it also means we wouldn't leave you or Jacyn with Patton. Okay?" Roman said finishing up adjusting the designs.

Jacyn took a deep breath as tried to calm herself down picking at the fruit silently. "I don't think Vivian can do it right now not until she can be comfortable with saying no. But I don't know if I can hold my temper back all the time." She said to him feeling pathetic and worthless.
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Logan grabbed one of the apples from the basket of fruit and he picked up the tablet. There was a cluster of chairs and lounges to sit on and Logan took a seat in one of the chairs. He turned on the tablet and took a bite of his apple while monitoring Roman and Vivian’s progress. [+blue “No. I do not thing that you were. Jacyn, Penny needs to be sat down and told directly what not to do. She is starting to adapt into bad habits. Right, I don’t think Penny will listen to any of us except for maybe Patton and the two of you. But Janus and Virgil aren’t going to let her anywhere near him for the time being.”] Logan ran his hand through his hair when he saw all the times that Vivian’s heart rate had speed up and all the notifications telling her to breathe. [+blue “Roman, honey, please get the situation under control...”] Logan muttered to himself as he looked at more of the data that the tablet displayed.

The maids were holding dishes that needed to be washed as they talked to each other. Penny followed them to the kitchens and saw a door that led to the maid quarters. Penny snuck in and looked at all the different maid outfits. [+teal “Ooo... You know, being a maid could be really fun!! It could be like playing a secret spy! Hey, that is it! I am a princess spy!!”] Penny giggled as she found her size outfit and got dressed as a maid. [+teal “The outfit is so pretty too!”] Penny skipped out of the maid quarters to see what the first thing she was going to do as a princess spy.

Vivian looked at Roman with a startled and confused look as he suddenly stopped her. She listened to his advise and tried to breathe through the exercises. She was able to complete it three times before her breathing returned back to normal. [+violet “I’m sorry Roman. I just can’t stop thinking about Penny... Is it wrong to be thinking about her right now when I am supposed to be focusing on my workout and everything around us?”] Vivian looked down at the watch. [+violet “That sounds okay to me. Won’t Logan be upset though if you tamper with the watches?”]
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"Curiosity never ends well for me," Jacyn said bitterly as the guard shook his head at the girl.

"They will not harm you the only orders they have is to stop someone from harming themselves. Lord Janus and the Duke have been more active in the kingdom so they have become accustomed to seeing things differently." The guard opened the door to the music room that opened out into a garden area. Over on a table fruit had been laid out until the others arrived. "We shall escort the other Lords here when they wake up enjoy yourselves." He said with a bow.

Jacyn looked around at everything and when she and Logan were alone she sighed weakly letting her exhausted mask fall. "Was I too cold towards Penny?" She asked Logan as they walked over sure enough a tablet laid on the table to track Roman and Vivian.

Roman jogged to catch up with her as he stopped her "Vivian breathe with me you are locked in your thoughts." He said to her as he did the breathing exercise with her and then thought of something that Logan wouldn't approve of "Hey want me to alter your watch a bit? Like what if it vibrated the second your stress levels came up?"
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Logan shrugged as he continued walking. [+blue “They are used to Janus charming them and playing tricks with Remus around the Palace so they are probably wondering if you will do the same. Plus, you are a girl after all and you are much younger than he is so they are curious.”] Logan help Jacyn’s hand as they followed the guard. Logan was following the schedule in his mind and was playing it to the second.

Penny was skipping down the halls and peeking into any doors she found interesting. So far she had found a room full of pillows, feathers, and a large and open room that had crystels and gems on every surface! This was way more fun then just walking around! Penny giggled when she saw some maids and she followed them happily. Maybe she could find a room with dresses and actually be a princess for the rest of the day!

Vivian sighed as they continued walking again. She tried to loose herself in Roman’s words but kept getting lost instead in her own mind. What were Penny and Jacyn up to? Was Penny okay? Did Penny forget them? Would they ever get to just hang out again and be themselves without feeling bad? Vivian didn’t notice that her pace had quickened dramatically as she seemed to power walk the trail ahead of Roman.
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"I wouldn't say perfect." She said as she noticed some of the staff whispering about them. "They have seen Janus why do they have to gossip about me." Jacyn said shrinking closer to Logan's side but while at the same time holding her mask on until she saw the guard nod in the direction of the wall. Jacyn saw something move and went to tell Penny to hurry up and froze seeing her gone.

"Do not worry Princess Jacyn I fulfilled Scholar Logan's request at sending a guard to watch over Princess Penny so that you might enjoy your time setting up the garden area for breakfast?" The guard suggested and Jacyn was unsure after the incident with Patton she bit her lip as her hand shook slightly. "If something is broken in the palace it also won't affect his Highness negatively." The Guard responded as they began their walk again. Jacyn sighed weakly "Vivian is probably berating herself for giving in to Penny." She rubbed her head weakly.

Roman laughed at her softly "Be lucky it is me Logan has no subtly and would have made it worse. Though remind me to try a persued Jacyn to join me in practicing lines her acting skills are amazing!" he said as they began their walk. Roman pointed out some of the creatures he and Remus had created together.
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Logan nodded to the guard. [+blue “Very well. Lead us to the dining hall and I request that a guard be placed to watch over Princess Penny here.”] Logan gestured to Penny who looked like she was on the verge of tears. The guard saluted to Logan and started walking and Logan followed him. [+blue “Don’t laugh, Jacyn. This is my boyfriend’s perfect world and I love him so we all play along. It can actually be pretty... fun sometimes when you fully submerge yourself in this world.”]

Penny’s mood lifted a little as she looked at the extravagant castle that they walked through. She wanted to explore the halls and play princess! Penny started to walk a little more slowly behind Logan and Jacyn as they were busy talking. They wouldn’t notice that she had gone missing for a while anyways.

Vivian gave the ghost of a smile to Roman and tried to focus on the watch and her breathing. [+violet “Huh. For once I wish that you and Virge weren’t that close. We probably have a bunch of the same responses so now you probably know how I am going to react to things...”] Vivian continued to stand as she looked down at Roman and took a deep breath. [+violet “Thanks for the offer. I will think about it.”]
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