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Remus laughed at Logan's face as when he had licked him he was happy that he could cause Logan to shiver like that and kept on laughing until he choked on the water being sprayed on his face. After getting all the water out of his lungs Remus decided to drown was not how he wanted to go. Shaking off all the water and shampoo he smiled at Logan "But that shiver you gave was so cute." Remus said even though his eyes burned from the shampoo.

Janus put his hands on Virgil's shoulders to ground him "Virgil breathe for me in for four seconds hold for seven out for eight." He told him. "You are right she has only been in her room once which is once more than Penny and multiple times less than Jacyn who's powers are coming in quickly." He pointed out. "The only ghost in the mindscape is you Phantom of the Opera." He said smoothing Virgil hair back "Now do you want to come and give me a hand with Remus? Logan's trying to give him a bath alone and it has been too quiet."

Jacyn smiled at her "I will try you know Vivian and her work out routine." She said as she walked out she paused and watched Janus and Virgil and how oddly close they were too close if you asked her but they didn't. So she made her way to Vivian's room to check on her friend.
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Logan was enjoying the moment and enjoying the fact that maybe he could actually get Remus clean for once. He didn’t really question it when Remus leaned forward. Maybe he was just tired and wanted to lean his head on his shoulder. Or maybe he, for once, wanted to be clean and was making it easier for Logan by leaned closer. But he wasn’t prepared for the spine shaking quiver that vibrated through his back as he felt Remus’s tongue slide up his neck. Logan quickly pulled away and grabbed a towel to wipe his neck off. [+blue “Remus!! That was certainly uncalled for!”] Logan grabbed the shower head and extended it down as he spayed a ton of water straight into Remus’s face.

Virgil looked at Janus with a confused look on his face. [+purple “What do you mean? She hadn’t even made it to her room yet at that point. And the only time she has been in her room is when she went in for the first time.”] Virgil’s anxiety was slowly rising as his voice was slowly getting louder. [+purple “I don’t want anything bad to happen to her but she seemed to be a little freaked out when I told her! And we don’t even know for sure if that is her power! What if there really are ghosts here!?”] Virgil was trying to breathe as he stopped walking.

Penny nodded at Jacyn. [+teal “I will be fine. I want to play with Roman and maybe when Patton wakes up we can all Prince and Princess or something!”] She clapped happily and tried to sit as still as she could so she would mess Roman up. [+teal “Just please hurry back Jaccy. Okay?”]
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Remus had to admit he liked the feeling of Logan's fingers in his hair it felt nice. And Remus like to play with nice things! So Remus did what he usually did in situations like these he decided to make it awkward. He moved in closer to Logan's neck as Logan start to scrub at the back of his hair and took his tongue and ran it up the underside of Logan's neck before pecking him on the lips.

Janus rolled his eyes at Virgil "We both know that lying doesn't work with me and you could do both those things with your headphones on in Patton's room." He pointed out as he looked at Virgil "From Roman mutterings in the kitchen I am guessing Vivian has a new gift?" He asked and when Virgil confirmed it Janus began to wonder. "I am starting to think their gifts depend on how much time they spend in their rooms.

Jacyn nibbled on her own plate nervously without Janus or Vivian there she grew quiet like she was observing for threats. Roman almost wanted to point out how snake-like that was but decided against it. Finally, Jacyn bit her lip, "PenPen you going to be okay if I go grab Vivian for breakfast?" she asked her.
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Logan leaned into the kiss as he poured the tick and flea shampoo over Remus’s head. He started to rub it in as if he were running his fingers through Remus’s hair. Why did his hair have to be so greasy that it didn’t even need water?! That was a huge problem that he was going to lecture Remus on about Personal Hygiene later.

Virgil was almost in the clear when he saw Janus following him. [+purple “Nothing is wrong Snakey Boy. I just want to sit by myself and read a book and draw pictures. Why do you ask my dear scaly one?”] Virgil chuckled to himself. He knew lying was fruitless when talking with the master of lies but he did it anyways.

Penny sat next to Jacyn with her plate of Waffles and eggs. [+teal “Jaccy! These are so good! Thank you Roman!!”] Penny smiled and continued to eat the food. She was eating rather quickly so that she would have a lot of time to play with the plushies in the corner.
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Remus stops bouncing "Oh uh they aren't finished yet." He said to him with a smile it was also part of the reason they kept falling off. While Remus made clothes for everyone else by the time he came to his he had often run out of ideas. So he just altered the size of his old ones boring black and green ones from time to time. Remus smiled as he tried to distract Logan with another kiss maybe if he begged for more kiss or better yet make Logan blush he would forget.

Roman smiled "Of course!" He said as he looked at Virgil leaving a little upset the storm cloud was walking away from them. As he sat down and worked on Penny's hair while she ate breakfast.

Janus shook his head as he felt a pull towards Logan's room "I'll be right back Logan is requesting me Virgil care to walk with me?" He asked as he followed Virgil out of the room. Janus knew the look on Virgil's face he was overthinking "Want to tell me what is going on?" He asked.
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Logan pealed Remus off from him and gently placed him back into the bath. [+blue “Remus, Honey, kiss addictions fall into the category of an addiction to romantic interacting touches. And while I may like to be cuddled and kissed and the like, I am not addicted to it. But anyways, you need to take an ACTUAL bath for once. And I wasn’t kidding about getting Janus.”] Logan had an idea that could get Remus to stay. [+blue “How about you show me the swim trunks you designed yourself for the vacation? Then you can take a bath in those. How does that sound, Honey?”]

Penny looked at Roman. She got up and went over to whisper in his ear. [+teal “Can you braid my hair while I play with the stuffed animals after eating?”] She bounced on the end of her toes and smiled at Roman with the same cute smile she had seen Patton doing before.

Virgil quickly tried to escape the room. He wanted no part in hair renovations. Maybe he could go find a quiet closest somewhere to hide in. No one would be able to find him and he could listen to loud music and think about all the embarrassing things Thomas had done when he was younger.
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"Kiss addiction!" He said to him as he jumps up to hug Logan from behind with a smile on his face as he looked at Logan the door was free of any blockage and just as Remus felt for the doorknob it vanish and his hand hit something cold. "Access denied." A computerized voice sounded as Remus looked down at the hand pad that had replaced the doorknob. He looked at Logan with a pout "But bath's are soooo time-consuming we could be doing other things!" Remus said trying to grasp at straws.

Roman paused to kiss Virgil "You are doing fine Jitters, McGee." He encouraged as they walked in the room he put the food down on the bed quickly before taking the remaining tray from Virgil. "Breakfast in bed for our late slumbers!" He said to them sending a note to Vivian that when she was done they had food.

Jacyn looked really torn between agreeing to Penny demands and wanting her friend to eat thankfully Janus spoke for her. "Penny eat first then I'm sure Patton will let you play with them or better yet Roman can you do braids for Penny," Janus asked as he finished Jacyn french braid with a yellow ribbon in her hair.

"But of course! If you girls want any fabulous hairstyles come to your turely and I will make it a magical experience."
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Logan shook his head and held his ground. [+blue “Addictions as not good for a person. My coffee addiction isn’t good for me. So I don’t know what possible addiction you could even come up with that would be good because there are none.”] Logan picked Remus up and set him in the tub. [+blue “Stay! Or else I will have to get Janus to help me.”] Logan went to the cabinet and pulled out some tick and flea shampoo.

Virgil put the two mugs hot chocolate on their own tray and carried both the girls trays and the mug tray to Patton’s room. The weight of the trays was giving him anxiety as he slowly walked. [+purple “I am probably going to drop these... I am going to drop them... Everyone’s meals are going to be ruined...”] He tried to take deep breaths as he walked.

Penny looked excitedly at Janus! [+teal “Yes please! Can we also braid Patron’s hair while he is sleeping? Pleeeease!!”] Penny sat up and moved over to sit next to Janus on the ground while holding the cat plush in her lap. [+teal “And... And we can find glittery markers and draw smiley faces and hearts all over his face! And we can—“] Penny was cut off as she got distracted by a huge pile of plushies in the corner of Patton’s room. [+teal “Can I please go play over there!? Please Jaccy!!”] Penny looked at Jacyn with the saddest and cutest eyes she could muster.
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Remus looked at Logan like a trapped puppy as he looked at Logan. Remus did not like baths they always smelt too perfume which might have been because of Roman. "I can give you better things to be addicted too." He said to him "Better for your health too!" he said going over to him wondering if he kissed Logan he could unlock the door and make a run for it.

Roman smiled at him and nodded "Please and the two mugs for the girls I just realized they have not gotten to try Patton's hot chocolate yet. So I whip up a batch the darker one is for Jacyn the one with more marshmallows is Penny's." He said as he started to plate up and gather the adult's food towards Patton's room.

Jacyn smiled "Nope we learned our lesson we will put notes in your hand if the other is not awake when you get up." She said as she noticed Penny staring as did Janus.

"Penny I can give you braids right after I finish Jacyn." He offered to her as she seemed so enticed by it. "Roman I believe is the best with hair and make up but I can do it the fastest perks of having more arms."
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Logan rolled his eyes and took that as he wanted to take a bath first. [+blue “But you always miss spots, Love. And your hair always seems to gets greasy seconds afterwards.”] Logan dragged Remus to the bathroom and locked the door behind them both. [+blue “Now, if you behave, we will get to breakfast sooner and I can try that tea. And definitely not binge the coffee.”] Logan muttered the last sentence so that Remus couldn’t hear him.

Virgil grimaces when the moment was over, wishing that he had originally added on more time. [+purple “You want me to carry some of the trays to Patton’s room with you?”]

Penny looked at Jacyn and nodded. [+teal “Y-Yeah... just scared that you guys were gone..”] Penny laid her head down and watched Janus braid Jacyn’s hair. Even the way his fingers moved was entrancing! How was he able to do that! It was almost like he could weave a story or an interpretative dance with any part of his body! Could Jacyn do that as well?
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Remus smiled at him softly as he looked at Logan "Do I have to take a bath?" He asked not wanting "I could just snap clean." He suggested which was usually what he did but that was also like spraying dry shampoo in your hair for multiple days on end which was where Remus was at now. He had snapped clean to many times to be considered clean anymore.

"Death by Passion seems like your way to go." He said to him smiling as he pecked his nose one more time. Before turning back to the breakfast prep. "I was thinking that we eat breakfast with Patton in his room since he can't really leave just yet."

Jacyn yawned "Morning Pen, Vivian is working out you okay?" She asked her as she was sitting on Janus's lap as he was braiding her hair in a way to show off her scales she was nervous about showing the off soo much. With her hair pulled back she had two gold studs in her ear as well.
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Logan kisses Remus back but this time was longer and more in depth. [+blue “That you for understanding Darling... Do you want to eat first or take a bath? Because I don’t want you to throw up all over me.”] Logan chuckled and hugged Remus. [+blue “I still love the others but you have a spot in my heart as well now.”] Logan kissed Remus again and waited for his answer to the question.

Virgil smiled at Roman’s sudden passion and let the Prince do what he wished for his heavenly thirty seconds. [+purple “Gosh. Make sure I can breathe every once in awhile. Otherwise it looks like you are trying to kill me.”]

Penny started to wake up as she groaned and whimpered. [+teal “Jaccy? V-Vivi?”] She hugged the cat plush tightly and opened her eyes to look around. Jacyn wasn’t where she was last night and Vivian felt different...
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Remus smiled at him "You are allowed to be selfish and just like you said I need a bath. You and Janus are like the closest thing to OCD that we have here and I'm the embodiment of that chaos!" He said to him as he kissed Logan lightly. "Besides Janus and Virgil prefer kissing the others now. I know they care but you are now the only one that cuddles with me so it wasn't like it was going to change much and if you still love the others I don't want to take that away from you." He said to him kissing his nose.

Roman pouted at being dipped he did blush slightly since he was usually dipping Virgil. He sighed dramatically "I can do a lot in 30 seconds." He promises, returning upright to put Virgil on the counter so Roman had to lean up to kiss him. Roman latched on to Virgil's lips and pulled his lover down.
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Logan set the tea mixture down and cupped Remus’s cheeks in his hands. [+blue “Darling... my disgusting Darling that needs a bath... why would you think that I wouldn’t tell the others? I care about you and kind of want to keep you all to myself...”] Logan blushed embarrassed. [+blue “I am sorry if that sounds selfish... I just don’t like the idea of my trash rat kissing up on the others...”] Logan looked away from Remus. He sounded so selfish saying that he wanted to keep Remus all to himself. Remus was still close with Janus and Virgil and Logan was still together with the others as well. He just couldn’t stand the idea of Remus cuddling with the others...

Virgil grinned wickedly. [+purple “I am the dark wizard, aren’t I?”] Virgil quickly walked up to Roman before twirling his love playfully and dipping him into a kiss. [+purple “I might be going back on my restrictions for thirty seconds so you better make it count Princey.~”] Virgil pecked Roman again on his lips as he played his cards correctly. [+purple “I hope that will take that cute pout off of your royal cheeks.”]
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Remus smiled at him brightly as he asked "You want to tell them!" He said even more excited mostly because of the past relationship no one wanted to admit how important Remus was and it made him sad but this was better than a box of tide pods! He was jumping up and down as he picked up Logan nodding his head really fast that he hope it would fall off so Logan could tell him what was inside.

Roman was in the kitchen making the breakfast that should have happened the other day. This time he had a tray down set aside for a breakfast in bed set up for basically everyone. It may piss the snake off but Roman felt a bit abandon as he turned to see Virgil "You pulled a Room of Requirements on me." He said with a pout as he looked at him.

Jacyn finally woke up enough to sit up blinking slowly as she yawned. Her hair was absolute disarray which Janus found slightly endearing to see as he put his book aside and move her over so he could brush out the tangled braid.
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