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Patron cried out in pain as Janus put medicine on the bites and rewrapped the bandages. [+turquoise “Stop! That hurts! Stop it! Please!”] Penny shoved herself past Janus and gave Patton and tight hug. [+teal “It is alright Patton! Please don’t yell or cry.”]

Vivian was debated on whether or not to go with Jacyn. She didn’t want to just be a person in the way. And Logan probably wouldn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment. But then again, Logan needed to know where the doors were and she was the only on who knew where the secret one was in her room. So Vivian chased after Jacyn towards Logan’s room.

Logan smiled at the sparkly green fish swimming around. He had an idea and caused angler fish, sharks, and piranha’s to swim around while showing off their horrifying teeth. [+blue “Remus would have liked these...”] Logan sat next to the water and watched as they swam inches away from his face. The water was filled with deadly fish and the large variety of green fish still. Logan made an two electric eels swim in and out of the schools of fish and we was happy with his creation. If only Remus could see it... He probably would have giggled and tried to jump in... Logan smiled at the thought as a tear rolled down his cheek.
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Janus gently moved Penny to curl into Patton's side as he took the bandages off to clean out the wound again he was happy that it wasn't worse but he was sad to see him in pain. Janus summons some medicine to hopefully numb the pain for a little bit as he began to rebandage it.

Jacyn nodded "I'm going to go and see if I can convince Logan to come out of his room to find Remus. I just want to send Logan in." She said to her.

Roman looked offended "I'm his brother." Roman protested looking at the girls wondering why the Prince wasn't going to be the hero.

Jacyn had enough "Oh so he is your brother now? So where was that feeling when you made him the villain? Where was it you fell in love with one of the two only friends he had?" Jacyn hissed at Roman looking at him. "Remus needs saving from his own self. Sometimes, that isn't a job for a Prince but a Doctor." She said going off to find Logan's room.

Roman felt like he had been hit in the chest with ice as he watched Jacyn run off and was debating on sinking out. No, he thought back to Vivian's suggestion and decided he was going to create a rage room for his brother. And possibly Logan if he would talk to him after this.
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Penny nodded towards Janus. [+teal “I-I understand now... I will apologize to him later w-when we find him..”] Penny adjusted herself and Patton clenched his teeth and let out a hiss of pain as Penny accidentally bumped his leg. [+teal “S-Sorry Patton!!”]

Vivian looked up at Jacyn from the ground. Her head was feeling fuzzy and light as he rested it on the wall. [+violet “Well... There is the basement door and a... Umm... a secret door that I know of that leads straight to the cabin... But I don’t think it would be a good idea for everyone to go. Like you said Jacyn. Logan is the one who should go. If he and Remus are really that close then Logan should know how to find him and how to talk to him.“]

Meanwhile, Logan has recovered a little from crying. He was still on the ground, but now he was watching the water that was in his little piece of the imagination. [+blue “Remus...”] Logan has filled the water with various green fish and was sitting on the ground like a child while watching them. [+blue “My darling Remus....”] He reaches his hand in the water and flinched when all the fish saw it and swam away from his fingers. [+blue “I-I’m sorry....”]
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Janus walked over to Penny with a handkerchief and dab her face "You have the right to be upset Penny. But you must understand that you will not always get an apology from someone for something they did." He told her. His eyes caught Patton's pained expression and he would lecture the morality character another time. Especially, when he liked the idea Patton and Vivian came up with.

Jacyn however still ready for a fight looked at Roman and snapped in his face "You with this Princey" She asked as Roman looked at her startled. "What you think I don't realize the look on your face at Logan saying he loved Remus?" She asked him with her hands on her hips. "I think we need to apologize to Logan first and ask him to help find Remus."

Roman flinched "That could be dangerous for Logan, as much as I am for Love winning over everything Remus side of the imagination is unpredictable."

"Is it Unpredictable because Remus wants it that way or because he made it to fit your expectations?" Jacyn asked and Roman was a stump. "That is why I said send Logan. It was obvious Remus cares about Logan he wouldn't let anything in his side hurt Logan. Vivian, do you remember how you got to Remus' cabin when looking for Zero if we can tell Logan how to get there maybe Logan can talk him off the edge he is on?" Jacyn asked.
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Patton leaned forward and gave Penny a tight, comforting hug as he ignored the pain coming from his leg. [+teal “O-Okay... I-so was just so mad at him for no reason... I am the one who should be apologizing...”] Penny sniffled and melted into Patton’s hug. [+teal “So then... We are real? We weren’t just three girls who were made up?“] Penny tried to wipe her eyes on her overalls and looked up at Janus.

Vivian was coming to her senses as she leaned on a wall for support and sat on the ground. So they were real. That was good to know. But now they were faced with the fact that Remus was severally underrated and that had been taking a toll on his mental health. But what would they do to make it up to him? Build the whole vacation retreat and pamper the Duke? Hey, that actually didn’t sound like too bad on an idea. [+violet “I-I know this is a little early to mention but we have to make it up to Remus. Even if the three of us haven’t been here long. So I propose that Roman build the vacation retreat that Logan and Remus had worked hard on and we center it all around Remus.”]

Patron looked at Vivian. [+turquoise “I don’t know kiddo. Remus gets very excited when he has the opportunity to build stuff and we shouldn’t make him feel like we are taking that responsibility away from him. But... If we were to do that... I would say give Remus a large room and fill the whole retreat with slime, traps, fake blood, knives, and the whole shabang!!”]
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Jacyn shook her head "No we aren't!" Jacyn was done talking in circles as she watched Penny cry and Logan storm off she was close to breaking herself. Her fists were so tightly clenched she was drawing blood. Jacyn needed to breathe she needs to rein in how honest she was about to be before she destroyed something. She opened her mouth but Janus stops her.

"Enough." He whispered to Jacyn shaking his head as he addressed the room. "Remus was alone. This hasn't been the first time he has created many things to fill the void. But he didn't make you girls. He and I emphasized, THOUGHT he created you and that was true he did think he created you at that moment, but he knows now he didn't." Janus said slowly so they all understood taking his own breath.

"But everything else was true. Remus is constantly told what he does wrong. He is constantly asked to apologize for being himself. Meanwhile, we do not hold ourselves to the same standards." Janus continued, "Remus did the right thing by bringing you girls here and I do not think he has to apologize for that not when he has been the villain for too long. So, Penny, drop this let him get away without apologizing for bringing you here." Janus said softly.
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Penny looked at Jacyn in shoke. [+teal “So... we aren’t real... We are just made up girls with made up histories...”] Her voice was flat but shaken. She was sitting limp in Patton’s arms. [+teal “So we were really just... created to keep Remus entertained...”] She either didn’t know or didn’t feel the tears that were sliding down her cheeks.

Vivian just a stood there in shoke at well. She didn’t know what was going on. Were they just toys to be played with? Had she really never spent her whole life protected the girls but instead a measly a couple of days?

Logan looked at all of them with a gaze that could kill. [+blue “Why did you have to upset him. Now because of all of you, me included, the new love of my life has run off! Yes! That is what I said! I love Remus just as much as I love all of you! We never gave him half a thought till the girls... arrived. And now we may have just destroyed something that we didn’t know we needed...”] Logan’s whole body was trembling as he got up and ran to his room before anyone could stop him. He locked the door and ran into the aquarium study that Remus had made him. He had just made it into the room when everything can rushed out and he couldn’t hide his tears behind his expressionless mask any longer. On the floor of the room, lay Logan crying. He was crying for all the wrong things he had said to Remus and all the times he had hated Remus. He was crying because he didn’t have the answers for everything that was going on.

Virgil looked around at all the sides in the room. He looked at Patton who was hugging Penny and telling her that she was real. He looked at Vivian who was standing next to him in a daze. He looked at all of the others taking in the situation. What was going on?!
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Jacyn raised a brow "Surrrrreee." She said to Logan with a roll of her eyes as she rubbed her head she loved Penny she really did but she didn't understand why she was so hell-bent on getting an apology from Remus.

Remus looked at Vivian as if asking if she had the chance to tell her by the way of questioning he was starting to think not. "Zero is in my cabin in the Imagination recouping," Remus said waving his hand like it wasn't a big deal. He decided to get he was done being made out to be the bad guy so he might as well be it once again. "Ask for help? And tell me where would have gotten that help? I thought I created you three remember I thought I plucked you from my side of Imagination? I thought I had created my own help! Like I always have I had to do it myself! While everyone else was playing house!" He snapped overwhelmed, and with that, he was gone.

Roman looked shocked as he looked at Jacyn his voice caught in his throat as he opened his mouth. "Was that a lie?" Roman asked Jacyn "It had to be...Right, Virgil?" Roman had assumed that the Dark sides had stuck together.

"It wasn't," Janus said appearing sounding slightly exasperated "While Remus would send word if he was missing a limb most injuries he received he took care of himself. Virgil and I wouldn't know until the next time we tried to give him a bath and saw a new scar that he had been trying to hide." Janus said rubbing his head. Janus watched as Roman got up as he shook his head "Let Remus blow off some steam before you go hunting him down Roman." Janus said.
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Logan flushed and looked down at the Duke who was sprawled out on his lap. [+blue “Remus... I don’t want to upset you but maybe this conversation would be better if you just listened. You aren’t helping with your input at the moment. I am just saying this all as a suggestion on my part.”] Logan looked up at turned his head towards Jacyn. [+blue “And I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to my fingers as being ‘shoved’ in Remus’s hair. I am merely fiddling with his clean hair that I worked hard to achieve.”] Logan saw that Remus’s sash wasn’t centered so he adjusted it quickly then looked back at the others

Virgil grinned evily at Roman. [+purple “Oh I could list so many more than just one occasion. Would you like some in-depth examples or should I keep them kid friendly?”]

Penny pouted and looked at Jacyn sadly. [+teal “But Remus could have just come and asked us to help out with his boredom!! I would have at least done something to help him out!! And maybe he could have summoned some medical supplies! We could have played with him and Zero... Which by the way... Where is Zero? Vivi didn’t say anything about what happened to him...”] Penny had small tears forming in her eyes as she looked at Jacyn and Vivian curiously.
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Jacyn sighed "One, he had a bath I doubt Logan would have had his hand shoved in his locks if they weren't clean. Two, he did not know us so how can he ask? It would be like a bystander calling in for medical help should someone collapse the collapsed person did not ask for someone to call for help they just did." She explained to her as she was silently begging for her friend to give her a little wiggle room here.

"I also never claimed to be nice either." Remus laughed as Jacyn and Roman shot him a glare "whoops not helping huh?" He said to her as he turned to Penny still laying against Logan he draped himself across Logan's lap to look at Penny. "Look Logan touched Jacyn scales after she specifically asked him not to and she not demanding an apology from him."

Jacyn nodded "Correct, not that it matters really now because I understand that it was part of Logan's nature he is Logic. He was Curious. Remus is a Creativity he is impulsive but he impulsive isn't bad."Roman looked at Jacyn offend as he opened his mouth and Jacyn held up one finger to shh him. " Roman jumped Virgil and hasn't apologized to Virgil. And Roman if you try to tell me your not impulsive there are at least four people in this room that could probably name more than one occasion where you did something on impulse."
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Vivian nodded and stood close by to Vivian while watching everyone in the room for their movements. She wanted to make sure everyone stayed where they were as she watched most of the ghosts stay in the same place.

Penny turned her head to look at the three that were entering the room. She hadn’t noticed Th at they were there and she wondered how long they had been standing in that entrance. [+teal “B-But Jaccy... It still wasn’t very nice of him. He didn’t even ask! The least that the slimy man could do is just give a small apology!!”] Penny crosses her arms and Patton hugged her both to comfort her and hold her back.

Logan stopped playing with Remus’s curls and grunted at the mention of Remus being slimy. Was his hard work of giving Remus a bath worth nothing? He kept his face expressionless as he listened to all of their conversations that were going on. Logan looked up at noticed that Vivian was eyeing everyone. It could be because of her training and keeping tabs on her surroundings but it looked different. Like she was waiting for something to happen or for someone to move.
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Remus snickered like a madman at Logan flicking him he smiled at him. "Nope pretending outside my imagination is not my strong point it is Roman's. And honesty usually isn't you asked me to lie to you and out of all the sides I'm not going to and I don't need Jacyn here to help with that." Remus said to her with a shrug, he was used to being blunt he was censoring it for Patton but it apparently wasn't censored enough for Penny. "You can ask Virgil he will tell you about all the stuff I did to him and never apologized outright for."

Roman sighed looking at Penny "He gives things to show he is sorry Penny it is not a formal apology but it will probably be the closest thing you will get. He and I have fought imagination plenty of times for that to be a thing."

"Back me up? Penny might not like what I'm about to add," Jacyn whispered to Vivian as they walked into the room she looked at Penny with a weak smile. "I hate to say it Penny but I don't think Remus owes us an apology. Yes, Logan is right things could have gone south but we were already in a bad position both Vivian and I were hurt and we needed to get out."
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Logan flicked Remus hard on his neck. [+blue “Dar— Remus. You could at least pretend to be sorry. Yes, it is good that they are here and not in the darkness. But you didn’t have concert from any of us or from them. And what if it had gone wrong and you had hurt them? Their were many circumstances in which it could have ended badly.”] Logan flicked his neck again but harder and more playfully. [+blue “Next time don’t be so reckless...”]

Penny frowned down at Remus and cuddled close to Patton. [+teal “You aren’t being very nice. Both of you.”] Patton hugged Penny close to him and kissed the top of her head. [+turquoise “Now kiddo. You should calm down and stop throwing accusations at everyone.”]

Virgil followed them to the living room as Vivian debated whether it was a good time or not to ask him questions. She knew that there wasn’t anything that Jacyn couldn’t hear but she also didn’t want Jacyn to feel left out or awkward in the conversation. So they all just ended up walking quietly down the hall till they got to the living room.
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Roman now knew something was up if he was being flat out ignored as he fringed being offended by being given the cold shoulder. His pouted stayed on his face this time as he began to wonder if he should be the one to design something for his brother Virgil surely could help him get some of the darker aspects to work.

Remus leaned back into the pets as his brother remained silent he smiled and like a switch was flicked his body slumped again in poor posture. "Nope because I'm not sorry for bringing you here!" He said proudly, "I am very proud that I was the first side to summon another without meaning to that so nope sorry not sorry." He giggled.

Jacyn shrugged "We are going in the same direction anyway." She said as they began their walk to the living room it seemed everyone was gathered there and Jacyn was taken back that Penny did not even see a little bit unnerved. She took it as a good sign as she debated on making their prences known.
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Logan looked away from Roman and ignored his silent question. He continued to run his hands through his clean hair and breath in the soapy smell. He wished that he could smell it forever. It was such a carefree scent that was so common everywhere that it made anyone feel light and fluffy.

Penny giggled and leaned on Patton gently. [+teal “Of course I can help you Remus! As long as you apologize for bringing us here. Even though I love it here and never want to leave! You still have to apologize to get me to help you.”] Penny stuck out her tongue playfully and Patton giggled at her. [+turquoise “Now Penny. Don’t be rude. It isn’t very nice to tease people.”]

Virgil chuckled and Vivian joined in with the sarcastic joke. [+purple “Haha. Very funny.”] He stood up and dusted himself off. [+purple “Mind if I join you guys? We can walk through the living room to get to Patton’s room. It will be faster.”]

Vivian looked at Jacyn. She didn’t mind if he came along. And she couldn’t see a reason why he couldn’t come after all. [+violet “I don’t see why not. Jac? What do you think?”]
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