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Patton tilted his head curiously like a puppy. [+turquoise “What do you mean Honey Bunches of Oats?”] Patton stopped drawing invisible circles as he looked at Janus. [+turquoise “I don’t remember this happening. But then again, sometimes I forget stuff...”] Patton fiddled with the end of the sleeves on his hoodie. He was growing anxious and tired.

Vivian pulled the strings on her hoodie as her head was sucked into the dark purple and black cloth. [+violet “Vivi isn’t here. If you tackle Jacyn then she will be available.”] Penny frowned and started to tickle Vivian’s hips. [+teal “I know you are there Vivi!!”] Vivian flinched as she laughed inside the hood and tried to roll away on the floor but Penny quickly sat on her back. [+teal “Tell me more, Vivi!! What are your superpowers like?!”] Vivian was grunting as she sat up with ease and Penny fell onto the floor. [+violet “No, Little Cloud!”] Vivian crawled across the floor and laid next to Jacyn. Penny ran over and started tickling Vivian who was laughing like a maniac. [+teal “Tell me or else you will get more tickles!!!”] They both didn’t seem to hear Jacyn’s question over Vivian’s laughter and Penny’s questions.

This time Logan couldn’t hide his blush as his face was bright red when Remus kissed him. [+blue “Y-You sly dog.”] Logan kissed Remus back and then proceeded to kiss his neck twice. [+blue “I-I didn’t really stay long enough to know their reactions... I may have acted poorly and stormed off after yelling at them...”]
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Janus smirked "Please it is Thomas cares for us all and yes I think we need a family meeting regarding this new development with Remus anyways. Especially, since Thomas did not know that Remus and I played a huge part in Thomas coming to terms with his sexuality while he was too young to know what it was." Janus smiled at him slightly.

Jacyn smirked at her softly as she looked at Vivian with a look that clearly said 'Payback bitch.' Watching Vivian struggle with the questions that Penny was throwing at her was making her laugh internally so hard before she let out a small laugh. Grabbing on to Echo she laid the cat on her stomach after while she decided to pipe in "What kind of collar should we get her like should we do our colors on each head."

Logan was adorable as Remus watched him "Yeah my lips!" He said to him as he promptly kissed him as he smiled at him as he hugged Logan with a smile on his lips. "So how did they take you telling them?" Remus said to him weakly.
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Patten nuzzled Janus back and smiled. [+turquoise “You afraid that he will like the evil snake girl more than the snake boy? I think that they will be great ass-ets to the team and I am sure that Thomas will think that too! My question is if we will all being going to introduce them. Ooo! It can be like the whole family getting together again!!”] Patton looked at Janus excitedly.

Vivian blushed and messed with her hoodie strings. [+violet “It isn’t really a trick... It is more of just a hallucination of sorts...”] Penny looked at both Jacyn and Vivian in confusion. [+teal “Is everything okay?”] Vivian blushed more and tried to hide in her hoodie like a cave. [+violet “I-I have the power to anticipate people’s m-movements...”] Penny jumped up with Echo in her arms. [+teal “You have powers!! What are they like!! Tell me all about them!! Are they cool? Can you fly and control people with your mind!!!”] Penny sat really close to Vivian which only caused her to hide deeper in her hoodie. [+violet “W-Well... Umm... I... Jac help me out...”]

Remus’s kiss earned his a slight blush from Logan as he kept blowing more bubbles into the water. He liked to observe the rates at which these rose to the surface and then the carbon dioxide rose into the surrounding air. Science was a wonderful thing... Logan looked up to see that Remus was waiting him. This earned Remus another small blush. [+blue “Is there something on my face?”]
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"Oh, I'm so not counting on Penny just telling Thomas all of their names the second they meet." He said with a smirk on his features on his face. "I want to know the nicknames he gives them." He smirks slightly remembering the various amount of nicknames that have gone through the list.

Jacyn hissed at them "That is not my nickname!" She said to them not happy with the nickname at all she wasn't a baby and she refused to acknowledge the nickname as such. Jacyn sighed weakly at the cats purring it was comforting but she still was thinking of plans and such. Her brain was running a mile a minute and before Vivian could continue on the nickname train. "Hey Penny, Vivian has something she wants to tell you, turns out she has a new trick."

Remus scoffed at the lie not even Janus needed to be here to tell him it wasn't true. As he smiled and kissed Logan back enjoying the water around them. Remus flips over to look more at Logan's face trying to figure out the Logical side.
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Patton nodded. [+turquoise “Yes. They shouldn’t feel pressured into talking about themselves. But... How much do you want to bet that Penny reveals her name right off the bat?”] Patton was holding one of the teddy bears that Thomas used to play with when he was a child.

Vivian smiled and messed up Jacyn’s hair. [+violet “I know that, silly. But you look tired and stressed. And I am no doctor but you look like you could at least use a nap. Right, Penny? Doesn’t our tiny baby snake deserve some RnR?”] Vivian looked over at Penny and Echo.

[+teal “You guys have nicknames!! I want a nickname!”] Penny looked at Jacyn and noticed that she looked exhausted. [+teal “But yeah. Jaccy, you look tired. You want to cuddle with Echo?”] Penny looked down at Echo and kept rubbing her ears. [+teal “Do you want to cuddle with the baby snake?”]

Logan came up to the surface and watched Remus float on the top of the water. He looked so calm.. Logan calmly floated over and kissed Remus’s neck. [+blue “I won’t tell anyone, Love. I think they are lovely and they make you look very brave. Just like the hero of a storybook with his heroic battle scars.”] Logan blew air into the water and watched as bubbles came up to the surface and popped.
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Janus nodded to him "Jacyn has seen Thomas but I do not know how she will react to physically meeting him." He pointed out to him. "We also should stress that they do not have to give him their names if they are not comfortable."

Jacyn sighed weakly "It's a headache right behind my eyes it was probably just from all the events that happen today." She said as she looked at Vivi bumping her shoulder as she smiled at Penny. "It is only 1 in the afternoon." She said sighing not realizing that the day was passing so slowly.

Remus felt horrible as he let the shirt stay on "Just in case the others come in. Roman doesn't know and I think Virgil still believes that it was a Halloween costume." He said to him as he floated over to Logan and laid back in the water. This was calming and enjoyable even Remus shut his eyes.
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Patton giggled at being nuzzled by Janus. [+turquoise “I feel bad for not being able to make food for everyone. Instead I have to lay in bed. I get to cuddle you of course but still... And I say we should let the girls meet Thomas. The other two haven’t even seen him before.”]

Vivian moves closer to Jacyn on the floor and wrapped an arm around the side. [+violet “Yep. She has someone to play with whenever we are really busy. Especially with the.. Umm... abilities.”] Vivian rubbed Jacyn’s shoulder. [+violet “You should get some sleep, Jac.”]

Penny booped Echo’s nose with her own nose as she finished her list of activities. [+teal “Boop! Hehe! You are so cute Echo! Do you want to sleep with us tonight? We can all cuddle up together and sleep in!”]

Logan swam over to Remus and tried to smile. [+blue “Remus.. I saw them. You don’t have to hide them from me. I still love you.”] Logan went under the water and looked at the wonderful colors that the water made. It was almost like a secluded and quiet medium.
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Janus let out a weak chuckle as he looked at Patton "Fine I will talk to the others after dinner about how we should address it and who. Also, we have to talk to the girls if they want to meet Thomas." He sighed into the hugs as he looked down nuzzling Patton. "I might be inclined to agree with Pizza and Chinese for dinner tonight." He said to him.

Jacyn smiled at Vivi "I was certain she would but it is nice to have a furry creature that can run around the mindscape." She said as she leaned back into Vivian's hand slightly and let her mask fall again. Jacyn looked so tired laying against Vivi.

Remus was swimming deep into water until his ears pop and then he would come back up for air. The slime was being washed away for the most part disappearing into the water. He smiled at Logan and he noticed the sadness fading in Logan's eyes. "I forgot Janus wasn't here" he summoned a T-shirt to hide the marks so Logan wouldn't have to see the marks.
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Patton nodded and hugged Janus. [+turquoise “I understand. But could we maybe deal with it in the morning? I am tired now and I am enjoying cuddling up with you and listening to the beautiful music you are playing. This moment is just [i purr]-fect.”] Patton giggled at his own pun and looked up at Janus.

Penny spilled and rubbed Echo’s ears. [+teal “Hi, Echo! Welcome to our little family! We will give you lots of treats and cuddles and rubs and—”] Penny kept listing off things that they were going to do and fun activities that Echo could participate in.

Vivian smiled and ran her hand onto one of Jacyn’s braids. [+violet “It is nice to see that Penny has a new friend and might recover from loosing Zero. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to bounce back from that.”]

Logan flinched a little at Remus’s back when he wasn’t looking. What had happened to him... He looked fine but was he physically stable? How had he been able to hide this for so long? Logan decided to pretend like he didn’t know about the marks on Remus’s back. Ignorance was bliss, right? Logan changed into his swim wear and got into the water after Remus as he smiled.
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Janus hugged him tighter "I'm not trying to be pessimistic. That is Virgil's job. I just don't want you hurt longer than you have to be and if Thomas is having an issue with his brothers. I would rather us talk him through it to heal you faster." Janus told him normally he was not pushy about things like this he would let Thomas wait to call them but Janus wanted Patton better.

Jacyn handed the cat to Penny as she moved to lay her head on Vivian's stomach. "I like Echo," Jacyn said as she thought about it and heard the cat meow with multiple heads it did echo. Jacyn smiled at Vi "I think someone else likes it too." Jacyn said as she sighed her head was still killing and her eyes were itchy.

Remus laughed as the chair vanished and he hit the ground hard enough to make him stop blushing. The pain was always fun as he decided but nodded about swimming as he ran to the room and made glass walls so they could see the fish but they would be able to touch them. Remus jumped in changing midair forgetting that Jacyn wasn't there to hide the scars this time. His body was decorated with stitch marks, burns, and white lines that looked so strange it was hard to tell what caused them. Remus' built was bonier than all the other sides and his pants were tied as tight as they could go and still drooping slightly.
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Patton looked away from Janus as he drew a circle on the bed with his finger and ran his hand through his own hair. [+turquoise “I-I know that happened but... I am just trying not to be a pessimistic in this situation. As the Lorax once said, you have to care about something a lot for it to get better. So I am trying to bring a positive, loose attitude to this. I don’t want to worry so much about everything to the point that I am crushed...”] Patton pulled the blanket closet to himself and kept drawing invisible circles.

Virgil was enjoying himself to the degree that be barely noticed that Roman had moved them till he felt himself laid onto the bed. This only cause his kisses to grow in intensity as he rubbed his hands on Roman’s hips. He wanted to give his all for his prince and nothing short of it.

Penny giggled and pet the cat. [+teal “Can I hold it, Jaccy? Please?”] Penny shook the cat toy and laughed happily when the cat started to chase it.

Vivian thought for a moment. Trapped in her own mind and thoughts. [+violet “Well... There is Echo.. Umm... Tails, you know. Since it has more than one tail... and umm... Oh, I don’t know... Cleo.”] Vivian sighed and laid down on the ground like that had just been the hardest thing she had ever done.

Logan finished soon after Remus did. [+blue “So are you ready for a swim? Maybe the water would cool your red face down a little. I would advise that we separate the sea creatures first though. I personally don’t want to be eaten by a fish today.”] Logan snapped and the table and empty plates were gone along with the chairs.
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Janus brushed his fingers through Patton's hair "Pat we love you we want to protect you and one it comes down too it Zeroes attack brings more worries." Janus said as he shut Patton's door and locked it putting up the soundproofing so they wouldn't be heard. Janus sighed "You were the first side created, You are Heart and by nature, nothing within Thomas' mind should be able to attack you or hurt you. Even with the darkness attacking you means they are almost attacking Thomas himself and thus putting their own lives on the line." Janus said to him "The last time this happened was when you tried to stop Remus and Roman fight and they both ended up stabbing you. We found out later that it was because Thomas was upset with one of his parents." Janus sighed weakly, "I am going to talk to Thomas later and see if a similar thing is a case later."

Roman smiled at him as kissed back the junk food disappeared and Roman picked Virgil up to move them to the bed for activities. He couldn't be happier with his storm cloud in his grasp he loved playing with fire.

Jacyn shook her head "Take your time it isn't like we are going anywhere." She said as she stayed on the floor mostly because of how warm it felt under her scales. A warmth that felt really nice actually.

Remus tried to hide the blush even more as he just finished the potpie he had made sure to summon it small so he could be done faster. While that had been a great idea at the time he now had to sit through Logan's salad.
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Patton kisses Janus’s nose and giggled. [+turquoise “Dear, you shouldn’t worry about me all the time. You are going to start getting white hair like Remus pretty soon if you worry about me 24/7. Plus, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself about me getting hurt.”] Patton rested his head on Janus’s chest and smiled at the music that was playing.

Virgil smiled up at Roman’s possessiveness showing. [+purple “I think that can be arranged, My Prince.~”] Virgil kissed Roman back and this time he was the one who was leaning out the mature kisses.

Vivian was a little calmer now and didn’t feel like all her anxiety was going to crush her. [+violet “Okay.. Well... Umm... I don’t know guys. This feels like I am going to mess up. I-I just need a minute to calm down.”] Vivian pulled her hoodie tightly around herself and sat with her arms clinging to her legs.

Logan glances upwards at Remus who almost choked. [+blue “Might I add that your face is alit with blush? And I do flatter my boyfriends. Just not in the ways that I am flattering you. You are all different and enjoy being given attention different.”] Logan took another bite of his salad and looked back at his plate.
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"You are still in pain and I do not like it. I should have known what the darkness was capable of I should have planned it better." Janus was muffled by the kisses as he sighed which came out more like a pleasant hiss than anything. He cuddles closer to Patton sighing "I hope so." He whispered to him.

Roman smiled at the challenge and pulled him closer "I would love the honor. I shall carry you where ever we may travel." He said to him as he kissed Virgil's lips with a smile dancing across them.

Jacyn gently moved to hold the cat and look at the gender "Looks like a girl." She said as she summoned cat treats and gave it one. "I'm surprised Remus could make her fur this soft."

Remus almost choked on his food willing himself not to blush at the bluntness he was the blunt one he was supposed to say the things to make him blush. "You do not flatter the others like this and Roman spent days memorizing Shakespear for you. He has a book of non-sketchy stuff to seranade you with."
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Patton leaned forward and kissed Janus on his cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and then finally on his lips. [+turquoise “It is okay. It is okay, Kiddo. I forgive you. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about this. I will be right at rain in a day or two. It doesn’t even hurt as bad as it did when he bit me!”] Patton kissed Janus again and cuddled him.

Virgil couldn’t hold it in as he burst out in laughter. [+purple “A whole hour! That is impressive, Roman! I am surprised that he isn’t still having a Microsoft error right now!”] Virgil smiled and kissed Roman’s sash. [+purple “Can I just stay in your arms? Forever?”]

Penny giggled and pet the the cats back. [+teal “Yeah Vivi! You don’t have to worry too much about it!”] Penny smiled and poked the cat’s nose gently. [+teal “Awwww!!! It is adorable!!!”]

Vivian kept trying to control her breathing and her anxiety. [+violet “W-Well... What is the cat’s gender? That might help me decide a couple of names...”] Vivian took a deep breath and a long exhale.

Logan pushes Remus’s chair in and sat down in his own. [+blue “I know. But I feel like I could have given you more.”] Logan took a bite of his salad and nodded happily when he saw that Remus was eating. [+blue “Plus, can’t I just give my Duke some love and special treatment? He has flattered me multiple times so can’t I flatter him?”] Logan took another bite of his salad and swallowed it.
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