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Janus sighed when he saw Logan stop glitching the thought had terrified him as Remus broke the kiss to let Logan breathe. "Logan are you alright?" Janus asked running a gloved hand through the logical side hair. Remus was looking like was on edge panicking at the thought that he took the glitching as Logan dying. Janus used another hand to soothe Remus as he sent a text to Patton to get to Logan's room ASAP.

Jacyn sighed as they all walked upstairs and got comfortable on their beds. "Can a dragon even exist?" She asked being slightly skeptical which seemed to insult Roman as he covers his heart with his hand.

"What kind of creator would I be if I couldn't make dragons?! You wound me Jacyn." He said as he helped them get settled as he began his epic tale of how he saved Janus.
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Logan's eyes rolled back at the kiss and he collapsed onto the bed. The glitching on his skin stopped as well as his breathing. However, his heart was still beating normally. Inside, Logan's brain, his nerves were trying to organize themselves from the shock of the kiss and from all the Errors. It used to happen very often when Thomas and Logan were young and Thomas would flat out ignore all the logical answers to a solution. However, that was so long ago.

Patton frowned. [+turquoise "Aww man.. I wanted to stay and listen to the story too!!"] Patton stood up anyways and looked at Pouty Mc. Pouty face. [+turquouise "Come on, Virgie. We can go hang out in my room and this time you don't have to look at the journal entries or anything else."] Virgil huffed and practically rolled off the couch and stood up. [+purple "Fine. Whatever. I don't care."] Virgil pulled his hood over his face and took out his phone to start seeing if anything was going on with his MySpace.

Penny gasped at the mention of a story. [+teal "Yes! Yes!! Tell us the story!! What was the dragon witch like?! Is she big and scary?"] Penny was fired up for the story as she ran her hand over her finished braids. [+teal "Come on! Start the story already!!"]
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Janus tilt his head confused "Of course you can get answers all you have to do is ask." He said as he was beginning to panic and Remus panicking meant inappropriate actions as he kissed Logan passionately on the lips to 'reboot him'. Remus didn't seem to mind that Logan was causing him to bleed but then again Virgil had done the same thing in his panic attacks.

Roman sighed weakly as he saw Patton glancing up the steps and he smiled weakly "Why don't you and Virgil head upstairs I can tell the girls a story about the Dragon Witch?" he asked as the movie ended. He guesses it would be an early night for everyone after the panic that was caused as he looked at the girls. "What do you three say up for hearing about how I rescued Janus from the Dragon Witch?" He asked them.

Jacyn followed Vivian's instruction but she was still tense and didn't like it. At the mention of a Janus being saved she tilted a brow. "I would have thought Janus and Virgil would be saving you from reckless actions." She asked him.

Roman smirked at her "Then I guess you are going to have to listen to the story to get that answer." He said as he picked Penny up securing Patton's work with two blue hair ties.
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Logan's hands started to glitch. All he could see were the bright letters, [b [+red ERROR ERROR ERROR]] flash across his vision even when he closed his eyes. [+blue I-I accepted m-my feelings. I don't have the answer and I can't get the answer. I-I have made an error in the system. M-My system is c-crashing. I-I don't know what to do."] Logan held on tightly to anything to grab. [+blue "I-I'm scared. I-I can't see and I don't know what is going to happen to me. "]

[+purple Oww!! Hey--"] Virgil frowned at Roman when spoke to him like he was starting to get annoyed. Virgil knew that it took a lot to get Roman annoyed like this. So Virgil stuck his tongue out at Roman and crossed his arms. [+purple "Fine, Dorkface. Just don't pinch me again!"] Virgil started rubbing his arm and mumbling to himself about how Roman was being a bully.

Penny was laying with her head on Patton's stomach as he braided her hair as they watched the movie together. He had seen Janus and Remus get up and he couldn't see Logan anymore so he just assumed that they had all went to bed early. He at least hoped that they were sleeping because he didn't want to deal with cleaning the bedsheets again.

Vivian's hands were still shaking as she played with three of her tiny rings in her fingers. She could feel Jacyn was tense but she was just too exhausted and stiff to do anything. So she just put one of her hands on Jacyn's stomach to try and assure her girlfriend that it was all alright and that she was still here. [+violet "Breathe... Calm down..."]
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Janus sighed weakly at Logan "You don't need to be better Thomas likes you as you are and you know if you changed Virgil would cause him to have a panic attack. It's okay to not have the answers that are what makes you Logic. Because Logic is always learning the answers." He said to him as he smoothed his hair. When he noticed Logan panicking "Logan what's wrong?" Remus whimpered to him softly as he hugged him tighter "Lolo?" he asked whimpering not knowing what to do.

Roman sighed at Virgil pinching him "Virgil enough." Roman said firmly which he didn't normally do because he frankly knew that this was Virgil. He pointed out how white-knuckled Jacyn was around Vivian she was tense and ready to strike again. Roman knew that fear of failing to protect one of the others and he didn't want Jacyn to be made fun of for it.
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Logan laid frozen on the bed. He didn't know what to say or do to them. [+blue "I-I'm sorry. I just thought... And my calculations... I shouldn't have feelings. I am best used without them. I-I could be of better use to Thomas if I were to just give facts. F-Feelings g-get in the w-way."] Logan's face was red and he looked like he was on the verge of tears. [+blue "I-I love all of you. I do. I love you all so so much. But... My feelings get in the way so much. I-I don't know what to do. I-I don't have the answers."] Logan tried to look at Janus and Remus but all he could see was the word [b [+red ERROR]] in his vision. [+blue "O-Oh no..."]

Virgil gave one last hiss at Jacyn before snapping and holding a box of dark purple Disney villain bandaids. [+purple "Whatever. She is just like her old man or whatever the relationship is. If she had just let me do help, it could have been over in seconds without anyone getting hurt."] Virgil smiled at the bandaids. [+purple "Sorry. They were the only ones I had. Guess the Prince will have to deal with them."] Virgil smiled and glared at Jacyn as he cleaned the bite and put the villain bandaids over the bite marks. [+purple "There. How is that?"]
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Janus looked at Logan while Remus still seemed out of it Janus wasn't and he knew what Logan was about to do and it made him furious. As Remus koala, Logan Janus sighed at him sitting down running his hands through Logan hair. "Did you really think deleting things would make it okay. We love Logan without your feelings you would be Logic and not have your passions for the stars and the experiments." Janus said slightly hurt that Logan thought he could get rid of them.

"I don't want Logie to not care about me anymore." Remus whimpered weakly as he held on to Logan's body whimpering slightly as he looked at him pitifully.

Roman stop Virgil and Jacyn from going at it by sitting between them "Enough you two, Virgil help me clean my hand." he said showing how deep Vivian had actually bitten as he watched Jacyn summon her own headphones hooking them up to Janus phone and he sighed. "Don't antagonize her Virgil you wanted to help and she was a force to let you help of course she was bothered by it. She wasn't allowed to show she was bothered before she needs to learn that."
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Virgil hissed back at Jacyn. She thought she was all prim and prissy wish her little hiss. He whispered back to Jacyn so that Penny didn't hear him. [+purple "Ah. So you are so open to your girlfriend cuddling someone else, I see. And you aren't even bothered by the fact that right now she thinks that I am you?"] Virgil grinned as he cackled evilly before shrieking as Vivian kissed his fingers. [+purple "No! Get her off! Get her off!"]

Logan had fled from the room and rushed up to his room before summoning a command keyboard as his fingers traced over the keys. He needed to erase his feelings and actions. One day, Logan had been experimenting and testing a theory. He had managed to download his brain onto a computer and do what he wished from there. Typically, he didn't do anything except for researching new topics and updating facts. However, there were rare times like these where he would hide away and delete the parts of his brain that he found flawed. Logan found the file that encompassed his actions over the past hour. If he clicked it now, he would forget everything that had happened in the past hour. He would forget the feelings. He was just about to press the mini-trashcan when Remus crashed into him. [+blue "R-Remus? W-What are you doing here?"] Logan was just about to hide the command keyboard when he saw Janus looking at it. [+blue "It isn't-- I wasn't-- Please don't--"] Logan didn't know what to say. Janus had a point and he knew he had been caught red-handed doing something he knew he wasn't supposed to be doing. Logan held onto Remus and tried to look away from Janus. [+blue "I-It is alright. I am sorry..."]

Vivian felt hands trying to move her while her senses started alerting her and she instantly lashed out and bit Roman. She growled as he set her next to Jacyn and she curled up in the burrito happily. Vivian pulled the sleep mask further over her eyes again and was content. She had protected Jacyn and that was all that mattered.
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Jacyn sighed weakly as she looked at Logan "That isn't true either, Facts with feelings behind them tend to go farther." Jacyn said as she glared at Virgil "Suck it up! You were all for cuddling Roman a few moments ago." She hissed at him as she was trying to fix the situation. But Logan had slipped away and Janus moved Jacyn back to her seat on the sofa.

"Virgil, do not attempt to help yourself by simply sinking out of your position," Janus said as he went after Logan with Remus by his side already missing Logan's warmth. When they got to Logan's room Janus tap slightly before going in. Remus ran passed Janus tackling him to the bed hugging him tightly. Janus sighed weakly "Logan I know you said feelings could make fact an opinion but that isn't as black and white as you think it is. Think about it how many scientists would have stopped their passions if they didn't have the feeling that they were right about something." Janus explained to him.

Remus rubbed his nose into Logan's chest "I didn't want to say it hurt because you don't get to heard often and I thought if I went along with it you would be okay." Remus said to him as he refused to look at him.

Roman sighed weakly as he removed Vivian from Virgil and gave her to Jacyn. Jacyn rolled her eyes and burrito her girlfriend again making sure she could tease her later.
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Logan saw Jacyn motioning down to Remus and he noticed that everyone else seemed to be rather frustrated. [+blue "Remus? Is this true? Has the fact that I have been to everyone as 'coworker' been upsetting you?"] Logan noticed that Remus had edged his way further from him and that they weren't sitting against each other any longer. [+blue "Y-You all are my boyfriends. I- I just don't want to accept or acknowledge any feelings that I may have. Feelings can make something an opinion rather than a fact. I apologize for my error."] Logan's brain started working overtime to find all the errors. He needed to be more attentive to expressions and he needed to be more aware of others... feelings. [+blue "Do you mind if I go to my room for a couple of minutes? I just need to check on something."]

Virgil growled. [+purple "Can one of you bastards get over yourselves and help me? Just let Logan believe that he has no feelings even though we all know he is wrong."] Vivian cuddled up against Virgil as he tried to move but she held onto him tightly. [+purple "Someone get her off of me!! I helped her out so can't one of you snake turds help me out?!"]

Penny shushed Virgil while Patton gave him a disapproving look for cursing. Then the two of them turned to continue watching their movie.
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Remus shrank at being called a coworker as he hid more just trying to watch the movie tempted to move out of Logan's lap. Janus smiled at Logan and his oblivious nature as Roman grew more frustrated at Logan not admitting it. Janus soothed the issue "Logan, please refer to us as your boyfriends, not your coworkers. It is a bit cruel to be called a coworker as Virgil said we are all gay for each other. Referring to your boyfriends as coworkers it is slightly demeaning." He explained.

"What Jack the Fibber means Jefferson respected Hamilton a great deal didn't mean he slept with him." Roman pointed out and Jacyn decided to take the blunt approach.

"Logan, you forgot a variable in your calculation. You are using the word coworker and boyfriend interchangeably when you shouldn't here is why. You wouldn't like it if someone said that You, Patton, and Penny were all the same would you?" She asked as she saw his face. "By your definition, because you three all wear blue you are the same even though the level of respect is different that isn't seen by someone else." Jacyn said motioning to Remus "Like someone who has never been recognized as something other than one thing. People need to be described differently or miscommunications happen and people get hurt."

Remus bit his lip he wanted to sink out he didn't like it anymore she was calling Logan out on his logic but he didn't want Logan to think he was wrong. He didn't want Logan to be upset over something so dumb as a label.
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Virgil groaned and tried to move but Vivian just curled up in his lap. [+purple "That is because she thinks I am you!!! I care about this little knuckle sandwich but I don't want her thinking that I am Jacyn!!"] Virgil gave a pleading look at everyone for someone to get Vivian off of him. [+purple "What if she tries to... you know. KISS ME!!! I already have my own perfectly handsome boyfriends!! I am G-A-Y!!!"]

Vivian could feel Virgil trying to move away and could feel his voice quickening. [+violet "Jaccy... It is alright. I got you...."] Vivian wrapped her arms around Virgil's waist and tried to comfort her victim. Jacyn felt a little wider but maybe she had gotten up to wrap herself in another blanket or a large hoodie.

Logan was writing down every word that Jacyn was saying trying to get more information on the other sides in the darkness and their behaviors. He looked up when he heard his name being spoken by Roman. [+blue "Are you still trying to prove that I have feelings, Roman? This is a fruitless venture. Honestly, you are all just coworkers to me, and to some of you, I hold to a deeper... respect and approval that I do to the others. Plus, I have been working with these five for a long time now and we have gotten to know each other better on a... personal basis."] Logan rubbed Remus's shoulders and was trying to figure out why Remus suddenly was in a downcast mood.

Penny and Patton were just starting to get to the end of their happy moment. They were sitting together and petting Echo while talking about all the things they could do as a Dad and Daughter, completely ignoring everyone else and occasionally looking up at the movie.
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Janus saw Jacyn pout when Vivian hissed at her and could already see the couple's first fight. "Seems like you are the chosen pillow Virgil accept it." He said as Roman sat down at Virgil's feet to lean against his legs he summoned the emo's iPod and headphones and handed them up to the side in case he didn't want to watch the movie. With an extra hand, he slipped Vivian's pair back on to comfort her.

Roman decided to ask Jacyn how she knew about Virgil drinking. "Gluttony, he is normally harmless so long as Thomas eats pizza when he isn't supposed to, but when Thomas went without sugar that one time he wasn't so harmless anymore. He stole Rages liquor and they got into it, as usual, we got pulled into. The only time Rage protected or healed us is if Gluttony or the others attacked us first." Jacyn answered her scales turning dark not liking to talk about that night.

Remus curled into Logan's body more "It's because they are yours, nerd." He grumbled to him still upset from the coworker comments earlier. He wanted to be something else to the nerd.

Roman seeing his brother's and Jacyn uneasiness decided to gang up on Logan. "Oh Janus did you know that Logan only sees us as coworkers?" Roman asked.

Janus chuckled "Oh but the girls are also your coworkers Logan there is surely a better word for you to call us." He said as he laughed at Jacyn face as she scrunched her nose.

"Not to mention you don't sleep with your coworkers naked," Jacyn said disgusted.
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Virgil nodded, the earlier upset gone from his face as he moved closer towards Vivian. [+purple "I don't hurt her. She will actually feel more comfortable and at ease after the whole process."] Virgil moved so that his hands were gently pressed against the side of Vivian's head.

Vivian froze as she felt someone touch her head. She moved her head to look at the person even though she was still wearing the face mask. It had to be Jacyn coming back to her. The hands felt... off but it had to be Jacyn. She gave a tired smile to Virgil and tried to move closer to the emo nightmare. [+violet "Jaccy? Is that you?"]

Virgil chuckled and closed his eyes as he tried to pull the anxiety from her head. Vivian's body started to instantly relax as Virgil's body started to grow more tense. Virgil pulled his hands away after a couple of seconds and groaned as his eyeshadow somehow seemed to be a shade darker than it had before. [+purple "There. That should do it. She still has some anxiety so that she functions normally but I took--"] Virgil froze as Vivian grabbed his arm. [+violet "Jaccy. Please don't go. I heard Penny crying and I don't want you to leave again.."] Virgil looked up at Jacyn for some sort of help as Vivian hugged Virgil's arm tighter. Vivian hissed at Jacyn when she tried to move closer. [+purple "Thanks for apologizing, Snake turd but Ummm... Can you get her off of me?"]

Logan kept messing with Remus's hair as the Duke curled up in the blanket. [+blue "I see that you have been growing rather attached to my blankets and blankets of the same texture. Or is it that you are just always cold? Should I try to put more blankets on the bed next time?"] Logan thought that Remus was just growing attached to his blankets but the fact that Remus could just be cold and his blankets were the most logical warmers could very well be the answer as well.
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Jacyn hissed at him weakly as Janus whispered in her ear “You aren’t alone anymore you aren’t the only one to protect them.” Janus said to her as she hissed knowing he was speaking the truth but he also knew that it was killing her not to hold her sick girlfriend. “Virgil is going to take away some of the panic Vivian and Jacyn can’t be touching you for that or he will end up giving it to her,” Janus said as he nodded at Virgil to give him the okay to help Vivian. Janus knew that Jacyn was not happy about being taken away from Vivian but Virgil was a better help then Honesty.

When Virgil was done Jacyn went tense in his arms as she looked at Vivian “How are you feeling?” she asked her she looked like she would bite Virgil if Vivian so much as attempted to say anything else. Once it seemed like her girlfriend was okay Jacyn moved back to curl with Vivian under the weighted blanket huffing as Janus coughed eyeing Virgil. Jacyn huffed “I’m not sorry about snapping at you so don’t even think I will apologize for intentional or not Vivian got hurt because of that stunt,” She said to him with a pout and Janus didn’t know if he should be proud or not that the girl could act like a child. Right now though was the time so he gave her another look as she tightens her hold of Vivian. “But you owned up to your mistake which and fixed it which is not something we are used to, so thanks for helping her.” She grumbled.

Remus huffed at Logan “But I’ll be fine!” He grumbled at him as he looked at the screen but Roman shook his head as he gave his brother a neon green blanket of soft fleece he had noticed he had taken a liking to Logan’s fleece blankets and it seemed to calm his pouting brother down.
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