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Jacyn smiled at Penny thinking it was pretty good to see her floating the objects and pinched Vivian hard at her lecture. It was their code for too far "Yeah Pen set up a tea party for them I bet you could have the Dragon deliver the tsum tsums on his back to the party." She said as she gave Vivian the look "Remember the constructive criticism talk?" She probed as she looked back at Janus and Patton. "But Janus didn't know you hadn't taken the potion."

"Correct I didn't. Remus had been bragging about how cool it would be if Roman turned to the Dark Side because of it. And I was furious at Roman for what he had done not realizing that Logan and Virgil had already given him this lecture. So when I was yelling at Roman, Patton was trying to get my attention." Janus said to them shaking his head. "I kept telling him he wasn't actually in love with me because of the potion. I wasn't listening to him while he was trying to tell me he didn't eat it."

Roman summoned pain killers and water and helped Virgil take them "Because Logan hit you with a book." He said with a sheepish grin as he looked at Virgil holding him tightly. "You had creativity high and started to talk about being murder." He said as he rubbed his shoulder as he laid in Logan's bed when the blanket disappeared. "Rude. Do you want to stay here or go and cuddle with them?" he asked Virgil.

Remus woke up the more Logan talked but his eyes still seemed glazed with sleep. "Bed. Sleep?" Remus muttered before uncurling and made to get up but instead whatever the dazed Thoughts was seeing on the blank TV screen made him lay back down on Logan's lap. "Like Show." He whispered as his eyes began to shut.
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Penny looked curiously at Janus and Patton. [+teal "But wait. I thought that there weren't things like that here. And why were they even allowed to do that? Shouldn't they get grounded or something?"] Penny made of the dragon toys fly through the air and giggled as she ran it into one of the big teddy bears. [+teal "Spluuuush!! Boom!! Haha! He is dead now!"] Penny giggled and looked to Jacyn and Vivian to see if they were watching her. [+teal "Jaccy. Vivi. Look what I did!"]

Vivian listened. [+violet "The better question is why they did it and if it is still in effect. Do you guys really love each other or is it just the effects of a potion?"] Vivian looked over at Penny when she called out to them. [+violet "Yeah, yeah Penny. Very nice. Your killing blow though was a little sloppy. And if the dragon had his wings folded he would go faster."]

Penny sadly looked down at the dragon. She was just trying to get praised and instead she felt like she was getting lectured on just playing with toys. [+teal "Yes Vivian..."]

Patton noticed Penny's mood and he looked away from Janus. [+turquoise "That was excellent, Penny!! That dragon is so tough!! Why don't you have the dragon find a pretty lover and they can have tea together!!"] Penny's mood instantly perked up and she got up to go look for more plushies. Patton smiled and turned his attention back to Janus's glove. [+turquoise "The cupcakes were ruined though after he put the love potion in. They were too sweet like he had dumped all the sugar into the bowl."]

Virgil woke up after a little while and groaned. [+purple "Oww... My head hurts... What happened?"] Virgil looked around and noticed that they were in Logan's room. Logan's room... Why exactly were they in Logan's room? Virgil whimpered and trembled as his head started pounding. [+purple "Oww... I feel like I was hit with a book."]

Logan ran his hands over Remus's curls. [+blue "Shhh. It is alright. Yes. It is warm. Now, just go back to sleep. Will it be easier to sleep if you lay in my arms, pumpkin?"] Remus was so adorable when he slept. He was certain that it was hard for Remus to sleep around others. 'When you were asleep, you were vulnerable' Virgil had once told him. It must have been like that in the dark sides area and in the darkness. Logan shook his head. No. He wasn't supposed to be feeling pity or happiness. He was supposed to be emotionless. Emotions got int he way of logic.
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"Thomas is always saying could be gayer?" Jacyn pointed out as she laid there shaking her head. "Let her play we can always get her out of her room later," Jacyn said as she looked around. "I like how our rooms are reflecting the favorite things we used to have and what wanted to have," Jacyn said as she then realized she hadn't noticed anything in her room that reflected Thomas being honest with himself.

Janus smiled "Daramtic is Roman and Remus, Patton. They are both creativity and while Roman is loud about his affection Remus is oftentimes silent about his own." Janus said his voice changed a little but he kept his mask on even with the odd look Jacyn gave him. "Now because Patton and I are so busy meddling with our boyfriend's lives and helping them they turned on us one day. Roman in is infinite ability to spread romance decided Patton and I needed a push towards each other. So he snuck Patton a love potion when he was making cupcakes." Janus stop as Jacyn snorted.

"Roman roofied Patton! Roman the 'I must be the hero' took a Disney villain approach to have you two get together?" Jacyn smirked as Janus smirked at her.

"Which Logan and Virgil pointed out to him prior and went through with it anyway," Janus said as he let Patton fiddle.

Roman winced as Logan whack Virgil "I can multitask in your room." He said to him as he looked at Logan with a pout before he could tell his nerdy boyfriend to just bring his brother back he has finished the door. With a snap, Roman and Virgil were in their normal Pj's and Roman got to work on settling next to Virgil.

Remus let out a whimpered as he curled the blanket around him tighter as if he were trying to escape any light in the room. "Warm" he sighed happily missing the warmth it had never been warm in the basement except for when he had slept in Janus' room and that was only because of the heat lamp. Remus rolled over exhausted from the events and began to burrow more to get more warmth.
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Penny's eyes grew wide as they all stepped into her room. There were rainbow fairy lights that cast a rainbow glow over her room and it looked almost as if the room was a plushie store. There were piles of plushies that she used to own and ones that she wished that she owned. There was even a tiny trophy case on one of the walls that held two shiny trophies that she had won when Patton and she had played games together. There were even some trophies from Thomas that he had won. [+teal "This... This looks like one of those real kid rooms or... what are they called... The places where people leave their babies for the day. Those places look like so much fun!!"]

Vivian followed Jacyn onto Penny's bed and sat down but was quickly pulled closer to Jacyn. [+violet "Well someone sure is clingy tonight."] Vivian had to admit that Penny's room looked like it belonged to a stuffed animal hoarder and a little kid. [+violet "Penny. Come over to the bed. The story is about to start."]

Penny shook her head and started gathering all the plushies up and piling them up on the ground. [+teal "No! This is the first time that I have ever been in my room!! It is perfect!! I love it so much!!"] Penny sat on the floor surrounded by stuffed animals as she played with them. [+teal "And I am listening anyways so it is fine."]

Vivian gave Jacyn and Janus an uneasy look. [+violet "This room is very... Playful, but are you sure that it is safe? She is the prideful side and from what I have seen or felt, most rooms give off emotions or feelings. So are we all going to start feeling prideful or are we all just going to turn into super gays?"]

Patton giggled. [+turquoise "Ha. Super gay. That is funny."] Patton sat on the bed and rested his head on Janus's lap. [+turquoise "Comfy... Now let's start the story!"] Patton listened and held one of Janus's hands as he messed with the gloves. [+turquoise "Yeah, I tend to dwell on the past and only focus on people's good aspects. We all have little quirks like that. Virgie is stubborn and sometimes doesn't like to admit that he is in love with Roman or the rest of us. Roman can be... over the top a lot of times and dramatic. Logi won't admit his feelings no matter what we do.."]

Virgil giggled and clung to Roman tightly like a sloth. [+purple "Please don't let me go. There are so many scary things at night. Murderers, shadows, teenagers..."] Virgil whimpered and climbed onto Roman.

Logan waited for a good 30 minutes before he gave up on the door right as Roman and Virgil rose up. [+blue "Oh, Greeting gentleman. Remus isn't back yet and I haven't heard him sink in or walk through the door so I was about to go check on him and make sure he didn't get sick from the celery or something."]

Virgil frowned when Roman kissed Logan. Why was his prince kissing the nerd? Was he not a good enough boyfriend? Did he do something wrong?

Logan raised an eyebrow at Virgil. [+purple "Umm... Before I go, what happened to our usually dark and introverted Emo? Why does he look so... clingy?"]

Virgil wrapped his arms and legs around Roman and giggled at the kisses as he ignored Logan. His voice was getting faster and faster as he talked and his worlds started to slur. [+purple "Yeah! Let's sleep here! We can do a mini cuddle pile! Unless you don't want to... I would understand if you don't want to. I can be overbearing sometimes. Maybe it is the purple. Do you not like purple?"]

[+blue "That is it."] Logan hit Virgil over the head with one of his books and fixed his tie. [+blue "Sorry Roman but he was getting on my nerves. He was an anxious mess and it would be better for him if he rested for a little while. Now if you will excuse me. I am going to go check on Remus. Virgil should come to in about 30 minutes with headache and will probably want cuddles."] Logan sunk out of his room and rose up in the kitchen. He noticed Remus right away on the couch with a box of crackers in his arms. [+blue "Re... This is why you need to take better care of yourself."] Logan grabbed the cracker box and started cleaning up all the crumbs. Once he was done, he snapped them away and summoned the blanket from his bed with stars on it. Logan put the blanket over Remus's body and sat next to him on the couch so that he could sleep and he wouldn't be bothered. Logan smiled at his slimy boyfriend as the stars from his outfit reflected into his eyes and glasses. [+blue "Sleep well, Greencake. I love you."]
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Jacyn shrugged as she walked over as they opened Penny's door before piling into Penny's room she had to say she liked the rainbow fairy lights in her friend's room as they immediately went to the bed as usual Jacyn burrowed against the mattress and covers as she soaked in the warmth of the blankets. Once Vivian was in she yanked her closer to hide in her warmth as well.

Janus smirked shaking his head as he summoned the door that would connect Penny's room to Jacyn's if the trio ever slept apart. He let Patton take a seat on the bed with the girls as he sat towards the end with a smile on his face. "So where to begin?" Janus mused and smiled "Well, as you girls know lies are my specialty and emotions are Pattons. While we are very good at making the others talk about their feelings towards each other we had neglected to work on our own. We hide behind little things like we were trying to get Roman and Virgil to admit their feelings for each other. Or in Logan's case emotions in general which he will deny to this day." He said with a smile on his face as he watched Jacyn eyes shift slightly in a 'really?' and he nodded his response.

Remus bit his lip trying to remember what was actually healthy or what actually food for a second as he rummaged through the cabinets before finding some crackers and sitting down on the sofa to eat them. Remus must not have realized how exhausted he was because before he had a chance to eat he was asleep on the sofa.

Roman smiled at Virgil knowing that he was high he felt horrible as he ducks down and reappeared holding the very loopy Virgil looking at Logan. "Seems like you need creative help and I need a dose of reality." He said to Logan kissing him in a soft greeting. Adjusting Virgil in his lap he began to help Logan with a door just like he had done with the door for Virgil peppering kisses on Virgil's head every so often. "Do you mind us sleeping here tonight?" Roman asked him.
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Penny looked at all four of them confused as she put her hand on the door handle. [+teal "You guys are acting weird again. Was it something I said? I am so confused about what you guys are talking about..."] Penny was giving them all curious looks and waiting for some sort of answer before she opened the door.

Vivian let out a content sigh when Jacyn leaned on her. She wasn't going to get involved with Patton's happy moment and Jacyn's teasing. It was funnier watching it all play out. However, that didn't stop her from thinking about what would happen if she made it worse and joined Jacyn in the teasing. [+violet "Guys, now doesn't seem like the best time when we have finally gotten Penny excited about going into her room."]

Patton was still trembling and squealing as he starting blushing at Jacyn. [+turquoise "T-That isn't what she meant and you know it!! She is an innocent child!! Don't start telling her off about all the dirty stuff!!"] Patton moved to cover Penny's ears and she giggled. [+teal "Hey!! Now I can't hear anything!"]

Logan sat on the edge of his bed and sighed as all his exhaustion from the stress of the day washed over him. [+blue "Grab something healthy this time!! Don't get your deodorant!!"] Logan started to get to work on making the door as he waited for Remus to return. He was looking forward to making the door with Remus so he left some parts undone so that the two of them could do it together. [+blue "How does Remus make this creating stuff look so easy? Just a simple door would work just as well as an extravagant one and would save materials."] Logan looked at the plain door he had created and sighed.

Virgil nodded. He didn't feel like himself and he felt like he couldn't leave Roman no matter what. Ah, Roman. He was just so pretty. [+purple "A big room with a big bed would be awesome... Especially with all my boyfriends... And you. You are so handsome sometimes."] Virgil giggled and kissed the prince and started to mess with the fabric around Roman's open stomach. He was high on creativity and the only thing he could think about was Roman.
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Jacyn blinked at Patton's reaction and decided to be a little shit about it "Well aren't you?" She asked with a smirk that Janus knew all to well as he sighed Jacyn tried not to laugh. So she looked at Penny "Come on Pen-pal open up your door so we can get this story on a roll." She said to her with her normal smile on her face. She noticed Vivian standing close and leaned into her mostly because she was still freezing from the ballroom.

Janus shook his head at Patton as he went to spin Penny around he looked at Jacyn. "I know where you were going with that and note that I will have you explain to Penny the meaning of it." Janus scolded her as Jacyn being, even more, provoked now just smirked at Janus with one of his own smiles.

"Whatever you say? Telling me who was the first to call Patton Daddy in bed." Jacyn said as Janus groaned at her causing her to smile even wider.

"You are not allowed anywhere near Remus anymore he is clearly rubbing off on you." He said.

Remus nodded to him weakly as they sunk out into Logan's room Remus yawned at Logan. Remus was already in night clothes black booty shorts and a neon green shirt. "I'm going to go get something from the kitchen for a snack. If you wanted to make the door and get changed Roman and Virgil should be back soon." He said with a yawn.

Roman nodded "Good point let's talk it over with Logan I think that if we accept Remus we should make a new room off for all of us to sleep in. But for now, I guess we room hop? Besides spending the night in Logan's room after all this might be better for you and Janus to decompress I know how much the Imagination can affect you if you stay here to long and we are boarding your limit." Roman said as he held on to Virgil yawning.
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Vivian stood next to Jacyn the whole time except when they were changing. She wasn't sure if they were going to tell Penny or wait for the right moment. Penny had the right to know but she could also get mad at them for excluding her in their relationship. Vivian was now back in her hoodie without sleeves and her black ripped leggings. She had folded the dress and stored it away because it was a truly epic dress and she wanted to wear more for future events. She wasn't the type to horde stuff but it was the dress where she asked Jacyn out so it was now deemed one of her great treasures.

Penny was in a teddy bear onesie as she ran circles around Janus and Patton. [+teal "I hope that there are a million unicorns!!!"] Penny giggled as they walked up to her baby blue door with her name on it and a rainbow. [+teal "It looks even prettier than I remember it!!"] Penny looked over at Janus and Patton. [+teal "Dads? Can I go in?"]

Patton gasped and looked up at Janus. [+turquoise "D-Did she just say what I think she said... Did she just call us..."] Patton was on the verge of shrieking as he trembled happily [+turquoise "I can't believe she just--!!! Am I dreaming!?!? Janus, pinch me!!"] Patton looked like he was about to faint from pure happiness.

Logan kissed Remus twice before hugging him close and nuzzling him. [+blue "You are always welcome in my room. In fact, once we leave the imagination, I will make the door to my room unlocked for you at all times. I know that it probably sounds like such a little thing but I haven't done that for any of the others except Virgil, because sometimes he needs a place to go when he has anxiety attacks."] Logan normally kept his room door locked whenever he was away because he didn't want anyone taking one of his books and not returning it. It had happened plenty of times when Roman wanted to read some fantasy novels or Patton wanted a cookbook.

Virgil smiled and released his clinging hold of Roman. [+purple "Yeah, sure. The best for last. But where are we going to sleep tonight? Is everyone sleeping together or separate? Was there even a plan or is everyone kinda doing whatever?"] Virgil still held onto Roman. He missed the intimate touches from his lover and just wanted to cuddle with someone after hearing about how touch starved Remus was. Maybe everyone just needed to know that they were loved by someone.
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Jacyn smiled at them "I'm probably overthinking don't worry about it we can talk later." She whispered as they got up she was happy that when they reappeared they still had their food as she nibbled on the last of her food.

Janus smiled at them "Why don't you three get ready and Patton and I will be right back?" he said as he left the three in the hallway. They had a small victory Penny agreed to have story time in her room which meant by the morning Rage would just be a boogeyman.

Jacyn smiled as they all got showered and changed in her room and then walked back to Penny and smiled "I'm actually excited to see your room I bet you have a unicorn somewhere in there." She teased Penny lightly. Jacyn was just happy to have a sweater on to cover her scales.

Remus sighed which turned more into a yawn "But in theory, I am threatening his love life." He pointed out as he moved into Logan's arms for cuddles nuzzling his soft robes. "Can I sleep in your room tonight even if you end up sleeping with the others? I won't make a mess I swear."

Roman shook his head "Logan is working on that he doesn't trust me." He said with a smile as the song ended he smiled at Virgil as he kissed him "Thank you for saving the best for last?" he said to him and with a wave of his hand the ballroom emptied and Roman gave Virgil a sleepy smile. "Cuddle time?" He asked him already changing them into their sleeping attire.
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Vivian and Penny both gave Jacyn confused looks. [+teal "What do you mean it doesn't feel right? Is someone lying and making you feel uncomfortable? Maybe we could move to a different spot, Jaccy."]

Vivian started to rub Jacyn's scales. [+violet "Can you try to give us more information on what is going on? And whatever it is, we are all together in this one."] Vivian finished her apple sliced and tried to get Jacyn to eat some as well. [+violet "Maybe if you eat you will feel better and whatever it is will go away."]

Patton was happily sitting in Janus's arms. He was so tired from dancing that he had almost fallen down. Janus had easily seen through all his lies that he was fine. In truth, he was fine. Patton just felt sore and tired from the overload of stretching and movement he had done in one afternoon. [+turquoise "Come on!! It will be fun!! Me and JanJan have an excellent story planned for you three!"]

Penny shoved the rest of the food into her mouth and hopped up. [+teal "Veah! Vet's go vright now!!"] Penny was trying to swallow all the food in her mouth as she motioned for Jacyn and Vivian to hurry up.

Logan looked at his mess of a boyfriend. He decided it was best to get on level with Remus so he sat down on the ground as well. [+blue "I know that you have insecurities... I know that you are afraid that you being yourself with hurt others. And sometimes it does, I won't lie. But we can get through this. It is completely okay to still have feelings for other people. As long as they are not toxic and abusive. Patton is a... very powerful person. He knows how to use his talents and he will if it all comes down to it. However, I don't think he will have as bad of a reaction as you think he will have. He is one to take someone down unless it is life-threatening."]

Virgil anxiously watched his feet and tried to follow along. [+purple "You are right..."] Virgil clunge to Roman and kissed the Prince. [+purple "But I am not coming up with a plan. Thay would cause too much anxiety and I have enough as it is."]
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"I hid Vivian found me and had me dance." She corrected Vivian slightly as she sat there with her legs crossed weakly as she ate the food hate to admit that she was actually starving from the lack of food she neglected in the day. "All in all it's nice to be with them I don't it just feels right somehow."

"We are glad you had a good evening," Janus said walking over to the trio with Patton on his arm with a smile. "Once you are finished eating we will head back home. You all can get cleaned up for the evening and I believe I promised a story before bed?" He suggested to them and then looked at Penny "You wouldn't mind story time being in your room would you Jacyn room isn't the place for storytelling honesty takes all the fun out of some parts that should be left for the imagination."

Remus shook his head "I felt bad because I entered our relationship while still hoping that they still had some feelings for me and it wasn't fair that the second you left to dance with my brother Virgil calls out and I broke." He muttered to him rubbing his head weakly his crown now tilted on his head. "Virgil said I was overreacting that just because I loved you three didn't mean I was taking you away from Patton. He also said I shouldn't be as afraid of Patton as I am," he said to him weakly.

Roman picked a slow sound as he held Virgil close "Agreed. Now to get Patton and Janus too a part of me thinks Janus misses my brother as well. But since we never were accepting of Remus he was afraid to bring him with us. I also think Patton will be the one that has to make a move on Remus if he is that touched starved." Roman said as he slowly waltzed Virgil around the room.
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Vivian grabbed a plate of more snacklike foods and a bunch of apple slices. She didn't really want to eat a lot of sweets but she also didn't want to just eat salads and whatever. She walked over to Penny with Jacyn and sat down white eating her apples and chip-like cracker snacks. [+violet "Man, you would have thought that Remus would have at least added some good snacks. The apples aren't that bad though. Try some, Pen."]

Penny took some apples from Vivian and took the plate of food from Jacyn. [+turquoise "This night has been awesome guys. I have met so many cool people and I got to dance so much... What did both of you guys do?"]

Vivian chuckled awkwardly and looked at her plate. [+violet "I was hanging out with Virgil for a while and Jacyn and I danced for a little while..."]

Logan continued standing above Remus. [+blue "Greencake... I would absolutely be enthralled if you joined in with us. Do you want me to talk with Patton or anything? I just want to help you and make you happy, Darling."] Logan crossed his arms and looked down at Remus sitting on the ground. [+blue "Greencake, you shouldn't feel bad for wanting to be with Janus and Virge as well. I know that sometimes I can feel rather... possessive towards you but I wouldn't mind if you spent time with Janus and Virgil every now and then."]

Virgil felt more at ease when Roman dimmed the lights. He just wasn't sure if it was to appease to his love of the dark or to make it more romantic. Virgil didn't care which. He just wanted to make it up to Roman and get this night over with. After this, he owed Roman a whole lot more than simple kisses and cuddles. [+purple "Yeah. I have noticed that as well. Remus has been touch starved from everyone except from Logan. He needs to know that we care about him and that we love to have him with us."] Virgil started dancing with Roman and mentally begged it to be a slow dance or something and not a salsa dance.
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Jacyn shook her head weakly as she looked at Penny who looked just as worn out as Jacyn felt. Gathering food they walked over and Jacyn offered Penny a plate as she sat down to nibble on the fruit and cheese. "While this whole thing is extra as all get out this was actually really cool to do." She said to them as she was happy to have them in her life.

Remus shrugged "Vivian didn't want to talk to Jacyn so Virgil and I tagged team to convince her to go talk to her. " He said to him as he sat down with a flop as he sighed weakly trying to think about coming clean. "I told him how much I missed doing things like the slime war with him. How I was trying really hard not to get in the way when dating you but also how I missed cuddles with him and Janus. He asked me why I didn't just join you guys and I said because I was afraid of what Patton would do. When the split first happen Patton thought of getting rid of me and I don't want to do anything to make him want to think that is still an option."

Roman smiled as he curled his arms around Virgil "I would love a dance with you." He said to him kissing him as he decided to drop the issue and guide Virgil to the dance floor and dim the lights a little more to ease the eyes of his dark boyfriends. He nuzzled Virgil slightly as he decided to reask Virgil "Logan is going to help but I want your opinion on Remus joining us in cuddles I know winning Patton over might be hard but it seems like having the girls and Logan closer to him has soothed him. "
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Vivian laughed again at Jacyn's comparison. [+violet "If anyone glares at you they will have to deal with a punch in the chest from me! No one glares at my girlfriend!"] Vivian smiled as she grabbed Jacyn's hand and walked back into the ballroom. The guests were still dancing and she could spot some of the sides hanging around. Vivian looked around for Penny and saw her sitting by herself on the other side of the ballroom. [+violet "Look. She is over there."]

Logan walked with the Duke to the gardens. He was perplexed by the fact that they had walked all the way across the castle. But it made sense to Logan after he realized the door to Remus's part of the imagination. [+blue "Re. I wanted to ask about why you and Virgil disappeared and then reappeared together. Roman was worried out of his mind and I was curious as to what the two of you were up to."] Logan looked around at the perfectly tripped bushes and flower gardens.

Virgil groaned and knew what he had to do. Roman was in one of his down moods and needed someone to cling to him like a monkey. So Virgil gripped Roman's arm and wouldn't let go. [+purple "Listen, I am sorry about how I acted earlier. I missed you and I am willing to dance with you know to make up for it. Just don't start getting old on me Sanders and back out."] Virgil kissed Roman's neck and was practically hanging on the prince at this point.

Patton nodded as he watched the girls walk back into the ballroom. [+turquoise "Ooo!! That is my favorite story!! Let's go dance so that we can have story time!!"] Patton grabbed Janus's wrist and pulled him towards the dancing floor.
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"Yeah let's go check on Penny and maybe get some food neither of us have eaten much all night and we should probably dance with Penny if she is up to it." Jacyn said as she shivered again sighing weakly "Plus glares are a lot warmer than this chilly air!" Jacyn hissed at her girlfriend walking inside with Vivian in tow behind her.

Remus smiled at them as he took Logan's arm "See you in the morning! Polaris needs me~" He sang as he took Logan's hand and walked him to a private garden at the other end of the castle that leads to his side of the Imagination through a door but for now Remus was content with the garden. Remus was exhausted and he still needed to create the door for Penny to prove to Logan he deserved kisses.

Roman watched Remus leave and bit his lip "He is burning out." He said to Virgil knowing the signs a lot better now because of Janus seeing them before he could. The music struck up again and Roman turned to Virgil wondering if he should even bother asking the anxious side for a dance "Seems Vivian found your gift." He laughed.

Janus shook his head at the Dad's side "How about one more dance and we go get the girls ready for bed with the story of how you and I confessed to each other." He suggested to him.
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