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Virgil happily cuddled Roman back. [+purple “Oh you poor baby with your weird color schemes. And we can do downstairs as long as you don’t carry me and start molesting me at the table. Otherwise I will go to my room and lock the door.”] Virgil stick his tongue out playfully and poked Roman’s cheek with his finger.

[+violet “Loved ones... so there are others in this weird triangular relationship?”] Vivian took the hoodie and started to head towards the bedroom door. She would have a snack after her workout but she didn’t feel like eating at the moment.

Logan looked at the designs. [+blue “Darling... Maybe you should just ask her what she would like instead of asking me. I don’t have all the answers when it comes to personal feelings. And she may be happy to know that you at least thought to make an outfit for her. You never know. And it is too early right now to start thinking about all the percentages of possible outcomes...”] Logan yawned and threw his face back into his pillow and groaned loudly for a couple seconds till he ran out of breath.
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Roman sighed as he sat up to cuddle Virgil "I slept fine, for the most part, Remus woke up early and has been creating things without me. Nothing disturbing except for his color choice for the unicorns on Penny's gloves. He put mauve on top of the powder blue. I think a lighter lavender would be better." Roman grubbled as did his stomach "I suppose that answers your food question should we venture downstairs?"

Janus looked at her "We all are allowed to have privacy without loved ones. And take some food with you there is a fruit bowl on the counter that way I can tell her you ate a snack before working out." Janus said to her as he handed her the disregarded hoodie on the ground.

Remus chuckled "Like how Roman and Virgil stick to it?" He giggled knowing full well it was not being followed. As he sighed "See that is fine with J but for some reason, Jacyn colors switched when she was named Honesty." Remus grumbled as he leaned back scratching his head that he had yet to wash. "The Mindspace has been pushing her towards gray which is fine and fitting when you think about it Honesty is supposed to be a pure thing but it also said at the wrong time can be damaging which is why I understand the gray." Remus huffed as he struggled "But the little habits that she does I don't know if she wants to expose the scales or have like a rashguard suit to protect them." He said throwing up to options for Logan to show what he meant.

The first much like one of Penny's swimsuits was a mermaid-like on the colors being the difference while Penny's was a pastel explosion of scales Jacyn alternated between shimmery gray and yellow ones with white slipping in between. The next one was similar to Vivian's which was all black with purple going down the sides and a little crab with boxing gloves on the zipper. Jacyn version was a darker gray with yellow scales on the sides with white in between.
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Virgil ran his hand through the bangs in front of his eyes. [+purple “Would you be satisfied if I just said that I did get sleep?”] Virgil didn’t want Roman to worry about him when he had his own issues to deal with. Virgil decided to change the subject. [+purple “Did you sleep well? You didn’t seem to be having any nightmares. Are you hungry?”]

Vivian looked at Jacyn and stood up and she traded spots with her. [+violet “Well, have fun with your wet shirt and weird relationships which you avoided talking about last night.”] Vivian got off of the bed and fixed her hoodie. [+violet “I might go workout for a little while in my room. Tell PenPen that When she wakes up so that she doesn’t worry about where I am.”]

Logan laid his head down on the mattress as he looked at the designs. [+blue “Do I have to start making you stick with the sleep schedule? And both of those designs look great. We can bring both of them just in case. Plus, I don’t think that Jacyn and Janus will mind about the outfits. I would suggest that you use a fabric that wouldn’t irritate their scales however. Try to stick towards their black and yellow color palate too.”]
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"Morning my glorious rain cloud." He said sounding a bit better than the night before as he hugged him Roman noticed the headphones. "You didn't sleep?" He asked him nervously wondering why the other side had not fallen asleep he knew the Dark sides were more prone to bouts of insomnia but it still worried him especially when Roman had drop a bomb on Virgil the night before.

Janus opened an eye and nodded "It is not the first time I have been drool on Remus used to ooze other things from his dreams I can handle this." He said as he motioned for Vivian to pull Jacyn off from the side of the bed where she could fall.

Remus tilted his head backward "Ohh I woke up at around 3 and didn't want to wake you!" He smiled holding up his design for Logan "Look I made you something for the trip." He said the snowsuit was black with navy accents to it with Logan signature brain and glasses on his chest and attached to the zippers. Then Remus had made two swim trunks for Logan the first pair similar to the snowsuit was black with navy strips down the side with one brain on the corner of the right leg. The second pair was navy with the white brains going down the sides of them. "I'm having trouble with the two snakes though they adapt so easily so it is hard to make them something."
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Virgil groaned at the nickname that Roman came up with. He stayed up all night to watch over Roman and make sure that he was okay. Halfway into the night, he had put his headphones on to listen to music while cuddling Roman. He looked over at Roman when he felt him start moving. [+purple “Is it morning already? Well, heck. Good morning, Sir-Sing-A-Lot.”]

Patton had curled his body close to Janus with his bitten leg outstretched. His curly hair was pressed up against the snake boy’s chest and he was drooling on his shirt.

Vivian was starting to wake up and she looked around while rubbing her eyes. She looked at the two sleeping girls on both sides of her and then at Janus. [+violet “Morning. Your boyfriend or whatever is... um...”] Vivian pointed at the drool.

Logan woke up as his alarm clock rang. He slapped the snooze button on the top and rolled over in the bed to look at Remus on the floor. [+blue “I see you are already awake. You should have gotten me up earlier.”] Logan hugged the blankets close to him as he enjoyed the trapped body heat.
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Roman smiled at him "You' re the only Tickle me Emo for me." He said with a yawn before shutting his eyes and his grip slacked the second he was deeply asleep. The Mindspace slept soundly that night wrapped in the arms of someone they cared about.

When morning came it was peaceful Janus was still sleeping peacefully against Patton with one of his other arms stretched across to the other side of the bed to keep Jacyn from falling off the bed. Once again Jacyn scales had shifted colors to reflect a glimmer effect. The heated blanket had turned off and was comfortably draped across them cocooning them in warmth.

Roman was still exhausted from his day with Thomas so he was still hiding under Virgil's body to escape the nightmares. Meanwhile, his brother had summoned coffee for Logan in his favorite cup as a peace offering for invading the logical side space. Remus himself sat on the floor with multiple ideas for the beach vacation in front of him. The layout looked finished and new outfits for Virgil, Roman, Patton, Logan, had all been created along with options for the Penny and Vivian to pick from. He was racking his brain on Jacyn outfits though most similar to Vivian's and Penny's styles but he also attempted to mix the styles. He had this issue with Janus as well the two snakes could adapt so easily to situations it made making outfits hard for the creative side.
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Patton kissed Janus twice in the dark. [+turquoise “Good night kiddo... Love you..”] Patton snuggled closer to Janus and smiled happily. He felt Janus’s finger on his pajamas which caused him to blush. Good thing it was dark enough and Janus wouldn’t see it.

Penny was still barely awake as she hugged the sleeping Jacyn and Vivian. She could feel sleep pulling on her like the ocean. She accepted the comforting blankness and drifted into the black see of dreams.

Virgil put his forehead on Roman’s. [+purple “Don’t worry your shiny little crown by dear. I know how to get to Remus and I am sure that we can make him stop. But you should really get some sleep. You have had a long day and you deserve some cuddles and a good nights rest with your favorite Emo. That is unless you have other Emos you are hiding from me.”]
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Janus smiled as he finished the story and kissed Patton properly before reaching his arms to shut off the light. Once off the glow of Patton's stuff animals pulsed slowly to comfort those afraid of the dark. Janus settled himself on to Patton's shoulder sighing softly. Janus was shutting his own eyes as he traced the patterns of Patton's pj's as if to assure himself he was there. "Good night." He whispered to him softly.

Roman was not fond of the idea "You know Remus he will dodge the questions and answer with something less appealing." He whispered to Virgil holding on too tight. "Virgil how awful am I that if that was Remus nightmare that I'm mad that he just blows off his fears?" Roman asked him not understanding how his brother could be himself after those imagines flashed through his head.
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Vivian and Penny snuggled closer together with Jacyn. They had all closed their eyes except for Penny who was still listening to the story. She didn’t want to miss out on hearing the ending but at the same time, she was tried and ready to fall asleep with the other two.

Patton slowly leaned up and took the cat plush from Janus’s head. He put it Penny’s arms who smiled happily and hugged the cat. Patton looked back at Janus and kissed the scales on his hand. He would have kissed his lips but that would have broken the spell of his voice. Even Patton had to admit, he didn’t know that Janus could be this enticing just by reading a story.

Virgil noticed that Roman was clinging to him like a frightened child. Something was clearly very wrong if Roman was this scared. [+purple “It is okay, Roman.. I’m here... But you should have told me sooner. We can talk with Remus about it in the morning and get this all sorted out. Does that sound alright?”] Virgil cuddled close to Roman and held onto his prince tightly.
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Jacyn huffed at Vivian as she settled trying to pay attention to the story as she smiled. Jacyn eyes began to drop as she started to fall asleep from the excitement of the day. Patton's room was so peaceful as she let out a yawn and went back to snuggling listening to Janus' voice.

Janus continued smirking internally that one had gone to sleep now he only needed the two others before he could properly look at Patton's leg and go to sleep himself. Still, it was peaceful and he couldn't remember the last time he had been this relaxed after a major event.

"A few nights ago but it has been getting harder to tell the difference between nightmares he gives me and the nightmares he has himself," Roman said holing onto Virgil as his life depended on it. "The line started to become blur when we all started dating and that was it. Prior to that, I would only get his dreams if it was something traumatizing to him. "
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Vivian cuddled with both Penny and Jacyn. We was happy to be with the two people she cared about in life. Sure, there was Virgil but that was a different kind of care. Vivian gently grabbed the heated blanket and smothered Jacyn with it. [+violet “Take that you cold snake!”]

Penny listened to the story intently and watched the cat sit on top of Janus’s head. She leaned closely to Vivian and held one of Patton’s hands. She liked that this was a quiet area where they could all be together. At least, it was quiet right now except for the struggling sounds from Jacyn and the captivating voice of Janus. Her mind was wrapped around every word that we was saying and the story seems to weave itself perfectly.

Virgil hugged Roman close to him and kissed him again but a little longer this time. [+purple “Listen Ro. I may pick fun at you a little, okay a lot, but I still love you. I would never leave you.”] Virgil gave him another long kiss before continuing. [+purple “And when did you have this dream? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I could have beaten up that trash rat and told him not to mess with the love of my life.”]
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Jacyn huffed and let Vivian up to lay between her and Penny while resituating herself to lay on Vivian's side letting her have the pillow to prop her up so she could still see the room. This was actually nice and a little bittersweet Janus seemed to take this in stride like he had done this so many times that it did not bother him anymore.

Janus used a bit of Mindspace juju to keep the cat on his head with a smile as he put an arm around Patton and began to read the story to the girls. Casually petting Patton as he read as if confirming the fatherly side was still with him.

Roman leaned into the kiss "No because you would turn it into a joke." Roman pouted as he hugged Virgil close. "Because of Remus, I had a dream that you disappeared like you were gone lost in the subconscious and I couldn't get to you. I couldn't save you." He whispered holding him tighter remember the dream in a lot more detail then he was actually explaining.
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Vivian sighed into the pillow. [+violet “Whatever, Jac. Now can you please let me out from this prison? My face is smushed.”] Vivian reaches her hands up awkwardly and tried to find Jacyn’s hands so that she could move the pillow.

Penny kept meowing and Patton would bark back in response. They both giggled again when Penny put the cat on Janus’s head. [+teal “Janus, you got a little something up there.”] They giggled more as the cat was on the verge of falling of his head.

Virgil looked back at Roman. He was never actually going to leave but Roman didn’t know that. [+purple “Fine.. I’ll stay... But why don’t you want to be alone? Is something wrong?”] Virgil curled back on the bed and got under the blankets let to Roman. Virgil noticed the scared look on Roman’s face. Was it because he was scared of Virgil leaving or was there something making this brave prince frightened? [+purple “What is going on, Princey? You know you can tell me, right?”] He lightly kissed Roman’s lips and pulled away so that he could listen to whatever explanation Roman had to say.
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Jacyn took the pillow and slammed on the back of Vivian's head before speaking into it. "Because when broken down it reminds me of us." She said. "It has fluffy animals for Penny, the Ugly Ducking has determination in it for you, and for me, it just fits." Her voice was muffled by the pillow but she could still be heard.

Janus pet the cat before he summoned the book off the shelf he looked up slightly to listen to Jacyn reasoning and tried to hide the sorrow as he saw the lie above Jacyn head, 'because my scales are ugly.' He decided that he wasn't going to call her out on it tonight a lecture on beauty standards could be given another day. Patton can be the one to give that lecture he was better at those than Janus.

Roman looked hurt as he grabbed Virgil "Virgil please," He begged, "I don't want to be alone." He told him honestly as he looked scared. Roman had been meaning to yell at Remus for the nightmare he had given Roman a few nights back but then again he never brought it up because it was hard to tell which were nightmares Remus made and which ones were nightmares Remus had and never talked about.
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Penny squealed happily at the mention of a story. She snuggled close to Patton and looked at Janus excitedly. [+teal “I love stories!!”] She hugged the cat and enjoyed the warmth from the bed since Patton had been laying down for so long. [+teal “Janny? Will you pet my cat? He will be sad if you don’t.”] Penny made a sad face and showed Janus her cat plush that was clearly smiling.

Vivian shoved Jacyn with her elbow. [+violet “Why do you always have to pick that story? And what do you mean by opposites attract? Are there more relationships we should know about?”] Vivian picked up a pillow and threw it over her head so that it hit Jacyn’s head.

Virgil smiled and kissed Roman cheeks and lips. [+purple “I will have to think about sleeping here. It is a beautiful room but if no one will kiss me enough to make me want to stay then I will have to leave.”] Virgil sat up and started to move like he was going to get off of the bed. [+purple “I hope that you sleep well by yourself, Mr. Muscles.”]
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