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I have been going a little crazy and decided to rewatch Thomas Sanders and the sides from the beginning and now I kinda want to rp the sides. Whether it is an AU where the sides are separate from the sides or in line with the storyline Thomas has been creating. One idea I had was what if Remus misses Janus and Virgil so when he wakes up with younger and female versions of them he thinks he created them. When in fact all Remus did was summon them from another area of Thomas's mind and they end up liking this side of Thomas more than their own.

If you have any ideas let me know and we can talk it out just shoot me a PM!

I have a few rules

Tell me if you need a break- I have a full time job so I will let you know if I need one as well?

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Vivian winced at being pinched. [+violet "Quit it with the pinches! I get it!"] Vivian rubbed her arms and frowned as Jacyn sat up. [+violet "But, if everyone has feelings why would Logan reject his so much? Maybe we should just let it go and-"] Vivian reached out to try and stop Jacyn from getting up but her fingers just brushed the skin of Jacyn's wrist. [+violet "H-Hey! W-Wait up!"] Vivian quickly stood up and stumbled after Jacyn. [+violet "Do you even know where to go?!"] Vivian could feel a strong fighting reflex coming from somewhere but she didn't know how to pinpoint it.

Patton was shaking in the shield as Janus joined them. [+turquoise "Logan. He-He won't listen."] Patton gave Logan a begging look as he stood up and tried to move closer with the protective shield still around him.

Logan shook his head. [+blue "Shut up! Both of you! And don't bring up Remus in this!!"] The oil started to run more as he thought of Remus. He quirky Remus... [+blue "No! I refuse to have feelings! They are barriers and biases! I need to get out and erase all of these flaws!!"] Logan had a sharp bite in his voice as she glared as Janus.

Patton shook his head. [+turquoise "You are lying! Janus! Tell him he is lying! Logan please just listen to us! We are here to help."] Patton watched a the black tears seemed to run down his cheeks and drip down his neck.

Virgil admired how well they all looked in the stained glass drawings. Remus had really put in their true selves into the glass and Virgil wondered if he had used his abilities somehow to make it feel like it was actually them. [+purple "They are breathtaking, Remus. Literally. But why don't we go back to the one of Janus and the Dragon-"] Virgil stopped talking as he noticed the footsteps when Remus pointed them out. [+purple "Should we let whoever it is in with Logan here? I don't want to be the one laid down with millions of questions."]
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Jacyn pinched her girlfriend "He does have feelings everyone has feelings, Vivian. That's how we got our names instead of just our titles." She sighed weakly as she sat up. "I'm going to apologize." She said to her as she got out of bed.

Janus poured more power in Patton making a protective shield around the side in the side's mind. Seeing the others safe he dove into Logan's and Patton's connection and pain hit him head-on as he looked at Logan as a computer "Oh Logan what have you done?" He said as he reached out to him. "We won't stop," Janus told him "You didn't want us to give up on Remus so we are not going to give up on you. We love you so much, Logan."

Roman was amazed "Wait you have done these before?" He said unsure catching a glimpse of a memory of Remus creating them at one point.

"I used to make them all the time when Thomas got upset it helped me calm down." He said to him as he showed Virgil the older ones of all the sides. Patton's however like Penny's was the brightest he had his typical father smile and the work just seemed to bask in a warm glow.

Roman was in awe "You should show this to Patton I'm sure he would love it."

Remus tensed "No it's fine he doesn't need to know its fine." Remus said going back looking up when he heard footsteps. "I thought the girls were asleep?"

"Penny was Vivian and Jacyn were talking," Roman looked at Virgil "Jacyn was really hurt by the teasing."
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Patton's nerves relaxed when he felt a transfer of energy flow into him. It must have been from Janus. He was such an adorable-- Focus! You need to help Logie! Patton shook his head and took another step towards Logan, who didn't seem to be moving in the chair. [+turquoise "Logan? Please talk to me.."]

Logan was staring at the wall and was looking away from morality. The wires stung as he felt the codes work inside of him. They weren't doing anything other than keeping him alive and doing the bare minimum of his purpose so that Thomas didn't go insane.

Patton took another step closer when Logan didn't say anything. [+turquoise "Logan? It is me. Pat."] Patton confidently put his fingertips on Logan's wrist. Logan suddenly stood up and Patton yelped at the sudden movement and fell to the ground from being spooked.

Logan growled and flinched when Patton fell. His eyes were mixed with fear and anger. Oil was starting to run down his cheeks like tears. [+blue "Leave... Patton... Please leave me alone."]

Patton stared up at the towering figure of Logan with wires connected all over the logical side's back and neck. [+turquoise "No... Logan! Listen to me!! You need emotions! You aren't some kind of calculator or robot!! You-"] Patton was cut off as Logan grunted and held his head. [+blue "Get out Patton!! Just stop and get out!!"] Patton started screaming as the room started glitching and swaying.

Virgil nodded his head to Remus and Roman. [+purple "I expect that stained glass to me in my room the moment the two of have rested and are back up to full strength."] Virgil rubbed Remus's shoulders and looked at the masterpiece of the girls in stained glass. [+purple "Wow ReeRee... This might just be your best piece yet... It is beautiful... Have the girls seen this?"]

Vivian smirked and smothered Jacyn with kisses. [+violet "Well pick one. Do you want me to tie or tell the truth?"] Vivian smiled and took a deep breath as she started to grow tired. It was still early. Why was she getting tired now? [+violet "I am sure that it wasn't your fault. That supercomputer doesn't have feelings so technically he can't get hurt."]
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Janus came back to the party smiling at all his boyfriends in one place as he sat behind Patton he held on to the heart and push a little more energy to him. Thankfully, Thomas was with Joan and they were making sure Thomas was doing okay and nothing dangerous. He had stopped in on Emile and set up appointments for them all to help with the change, Remy seemed relieved when he said that he knew the tiny babes and Jacyn and Vivian gave him the runaround and he chased no one.

Roman seemed to have a silent conversation about the lack of Remus in the photos with Virgil as well and nodded "The tattoo is your style. Maybe in a kingdom hearts stain glass feature with a black gothic frame." Roman suggested to Virgil and Remus seemed surprised that Roman even knew what gothic architecture was.

"Because you like your skinny jeans more if you want black shorts you can have them but the athletic emo is kinda Vivian's aesthetic." Remus pointed out to him as he flipped the page to the next one this time it was of the girls in stain-glass representing their side. "Oh, those are the rough drafts to be added to the castle later." He said to them Penny was holding echo and hers was done is all the colors of the rainbow. Echo on her left and Zero on her right as she held a plastic teacup in her hands holding it out to the viewer. Vivian was casually leaning back against the side of hers flipping a delicate dagger up in the air but her eyes would follow the view around the hall. Jacyn was the last and had her sitting on a throne the black high-low dress with yellow booties and yellow gloves made look more like Janus but wrapped around her was a dragon.

Jacyn hugged her slightly not believing her "I hate that you never lie to me." She pouted to her as she huffed weakly as she yawned weakly rubbing her eyes slightly she was tired but the others needed rest more. "I think I might have hurt Logan."
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The gray in the orb slowly disappeared like he knew it would. But Patton knew if he didn't go to Logan's heart, then the spot could just come back. He took his hands away and wiped his forehead. [+turquoise "Come on, darling. It will be okay. Just hold up for a couple of seconds and I will be up there."] Patton sat on the seemingly infinite floor and focused on his breathing as he was transported to Logan's heart and he was Logan connected to wires as he sat in a simple office chair. [+turquoise "L-Logie? Is that you? Are you okay?"]

Virgil smiled and pointed at the design of the outfit that Remus had drawn him in. [+purple "Now that. That is a masterpiece. Why can't I just wear that every day with my hoodie? Because that outfit with the tattoo looks sick, dude!!!"] Virgil looked to see if Remus had draw himself on the picture but all he could see was just a lonely octopus sitting on the table next to Logan. He really needed to stop barely including himself. They were all Thomas's sides so they should all be represented as themselves.

Vivian shook her head as Jacyn's fingers got rustled in her hair. [+violet "Oh, J... You are already a perfect girlfriend. I don't think I would ever be able to find anyone else that could stand up against you. I see you are the adorable little snake that you are.~"] Vivian nuzzled against Jacyn and sighed. She wanted to apologize to Virgil and also shove him in a trashcan for teasing her girlfriend. Maybe even learn from Janus and shove her down the stairs. That sounded fun.
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Remus flipped to the next page it was another one done in pen but with added watercolors this time it was the sides if they looked different then what they were. Remus remembers he drew Roman as the King and quickly used his hand to cover it.

Roman simply ignored his brother and start to laugh at Patton. "I honestly would love to see Patton in Pastel punk clothes and is that Logan in Joan's beanie!" Roman asked excitedly as he though his brother was amazing with a pen.

"It's not Joan's but the style is the same I figured if we were human and Logie was not always being a teacher he be relaxing in a cafe with Janus someone would comment that Logan and Janus looked weird and Logan would drop some knowledge on them," Remus said pointing to Janus who was wearing black skinny jeans, a black shirt a yellow tie, and a leather jacket. Virgil's outfit was that different except he was in basketball shorts with hightops and an Oogie boogie tattoo on his leg.

Jacyn sighed "It was his fingers and it stops him from teasing me for a bit." Jacyn played with Vivian's hair. "I should have been a better girlfriend." Jacyn pouted to her thinking she was horrible for not being able to calm everyone down fast enough.
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Patton started working on the orb and pushing emotions back into it. The gray spot meant a lack of emotion and emotionally dead ends. Logan tended to get them often but they had never been this big. It wasn't a large spot but it was definitely larger than all of the other smaller ones. Patton shoved a range of strong emotions towards the spot as he delicately put his hands up to the blue. [+turquoise "Logie... You are amazing. Even on your worst days. We all love you. You are a side and you are so much more than just a function."]

Virgil nodded. [+purple "I would have thought that he would have at least gotten some close swipes before being captured. But I might have to steal his name. It is definitely a nice one and fitting for someone such as myself. Don't you think~?"] Virgil grinned as if he was making a joke and he watched as Remus turned the page. [+purple "Ooo! Now that is a nice picture! And you say she has had children? She must have gotten busy!! And from this picture... I can only guess who the father could be."] Virgil let out an evil and teasing laugh wishing that Janus was back so that he could ask questions. [+purple "Could it be that our gay snake isn't that gay?"]

Vivian shook her head. [+violet "N-No... That can't be true. I... I was holding on to you the whole time. I am sure of it. But... If you are telling the truth... Did I really k-ki--"] Vivian blushed and covered her face with her hands. She couldn't believe she had thought that Virgil was her girlfriend. How could she have let that happen? [+violet "Y-You were fine, Jac. I don't know if there was anything you could do. But I swear, I will have my revenge on Virgil for getting drunk. That Panic attack was awful and he needs to pay."] Vivian laid her head next to Jacyn's chest and started thinking about revenge plots.

Penny had long ago passed out and fallen asleep to Roman's story. She had only heard half the story but her dreams were already filled with alternate endings to the story as she rode on the backs of dragons.

Virgil looked up at Roman walked in and he obnoxiously shushed the prince. Virgil looked back at Remus and snickered when the Duke started blushing. It was cute.
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Remus noticed Patton working and grew worried and tense again had he made things that bad that Patton had to be brought in? Were they in that position where maybe Remus was- Virgil's voice cut through him cut like it used too, pulling him back that they were talking yes they had been talking about this octopus. "Ahh no the caught him and let him know that they were not threats that they were just checking in on the invalid," Remus said turning the page to Janus and the Dragon Witch playing strip poker. " She has baby Dragon's hidden in the Imagination now I don't think Roman knows that though."

Jacyn put up a wall as she looked at Vivian "No, but Virgil caused your attack he got drunk which meant you had your normal anxiety and his in you, he took it back to make you better but then you clung to him." Jacyn said her scales shifting pissed at Virgil. "Then he teased me because I wasn't clawing to get you back but you were still dazed and I didn't think you knew who was who." Jacyn as she held on to Vivian huffing "I should have been able to help you more." She grumbled.

Roman finished the story and stayed till Penny was asleep with Echo curled around her he left to go check on the others. Instead of commenting on Patton on the bed he sat next to Virgil and Remus. He was surprised at his brothers work "Is that pen?"

Remus blushed darkly and nodded he like the challenge of a pen.
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Patton nodded and gave Janus a quick peck back before he moved away. [+turquoise "Hurry back, Darling!"] Patton watched as Janus sunk out. He took a deep breath and shook out his hands. Patton closed his eyes and focused on where his hand was touching over Logan's heart. He pushed that feeling until he was looking at Logan's silky blue orb. The feelings and the memories that surrounded it seemed to be intact but the orb had a light gray area tarnishing the lower side. [+turquoise "Oh, my precious baby... How could you let this happen..."]

Virgil nodded and listened to Remus talk. The Duke's higher-pitched voice reminded him of when the two of them had been tangled up together and Remus would ramble on. Back then, Virgil had been bored when Remus would talk for hours about some weird topic. But now... He greatly missed those moments. [+purple "Very interesting name. I like it. So... Did the octopus end up killing everyone after he was created or did they catch him?"]

Vivian frowned at having to listen to a story every night. [+violet "Can't you just separate the r-rooms again so that they are q-quiet. And it was Roman that I bit? Huh. That isn't too bad. I was about to feel guilty if it was Remus or Virgil."] Vivian smiled and gave a small kiss on Jacyn's neck.
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Janus looked nervous about leaving Patton alone with Virgil and Remus but Virgil seemed to be in a good state of mind and handling Remus well. Janus sighed weakly as he peck Logan and then Patton. "Bring him back. Remind him that emotions don't make him less logical it makes him better because he can adapt to situations." He said to Patton softly so Remus couldn't hear them over Virgil's questions before sinking out.

Remus leaned into Virgil's hand "Sir Mcfuckface. Octopus Assisan because no one would suspect a killer octopus protecting you and Logan." He said to him. "Thomas was reading fanfiction and the cinnamon roll character was abused so these mafia fae characters decided to save the cinnamon roll but they are fae so they had to wait to the Roll called for help." Remus began to go into detail about the fic before mention that in another fic with the same pairing. ...before he left to clean up the mess he created an octopus butler that would protect the Roll and the Roll's friends showed up to check on him and the octopus chased them around with a knife thinking they were dangerous."

Roman smiled at her as he continued the story and started another for Vivian to hear now that the headphones were off. Jacyn looked at Vivian "Apparently we have a schedule being made for us where someone tells us a story before bed." She said to her as she looked at her "I moved you so you didn't bite Roman for touching you again."
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Patton nodded. He was going to need to go into Logan's heart and mind to see what was going on. [+turquoise "I-I see... I think I might be able to solve this or at least get it so that he comes back to us for a couple of minutes. But Jan. I need you to go to Thomas real quick and make sure that nothing bad has happened with him. Thomas needs to be able to think logically and you are the closed one of us that can help with that."] Patton was starting to worry and he put his hand on Logan's heart. This all seemed to have happened very fast. He hoped that Logan was holding up.

Virgil pointed at the little octopus on the art piece. [+purple "Aww. Who is that cute little handsome devil?"] Virgil smiled and ruffed Remus's hair. He needed to distract the Duke and get him to be his typical outburst and enthusiastic self.

Penny giggled and laughed. [+teal "Don't worry! I won't tell him! It can be our little secret!"] She reached her hand forward and started petting all three of Echo's heads one by one. Penny smiled as she leaned back on the pillow and gave her full attention to Roman and his story.

Vivian stopped moving her hand when Jacyn prevented her from moving the mask off further. She waited a couple of moments before Jacyn moved her hand and she could finally take the mask off. [+violet "Thank you."] Vivian carefully took her soundproof headphones off and put them down onto her shoulders. She could instantly hear Roman's story and Echo purring. [+violet "So... What is going on? I thought we were in the living room. Did something happen that caused us to have to come back up here?"]
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"My fault-" Remus had begun before Janus shoved him into Virgil's arms to shut him up.

"Remus is under the impression because he took the 'coworker' comment to seriously that he is the reason Logan broke. I honestly think it is because Logan hasn't properly rested in weeks with the meet and greets Thomas has been doing, on top of being a voice of reason, and finally accepting that emotions make him more than just a function." Janus explained, "Remus it wasn't your fault Patton and I should have addressed this years ago when Logan went from Curiosity to Logic." Janus huffed weakly rubbing his head. "I am going to call Emile in the morning to get sessions set-up," Janus said they couldn't keep doing this or Thomas would become unstable.

Remus summoned his book for Virgil to show him his newest artwork of the sides as Fae but the looked more like Mafia bosses. As usual, Remus wasn't in the photo but there was a stuffed octopus sitting in between Virgil's and Logan's shoulder with a knife in one of the tentacles.

Roman chuckled at her getting under the covers as he nodded "Peter Pan and yes Virgil makes better shadows but don't tell him I said that." He said to her booping her nose as Echo joined them. Roman continued the story of the Dragon Witch.

Jacyn sighed weakly as she stop her from removing the mask "Let me dim the lights more." She whispered so no to interrupt the story as she did then she let Vivian take her mask off. Jacyn held Vivian close so that the anxious side was still close.
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Patton saw Logan on the bed and he rushed over to make sure that Logan's heart was still beating. [+turquoise "L-Logie's heart is perfectly normal but he isn't breathing. How long has he been like this? What happened to him?"] Patton gave both Janus and Remus and serious but also very concerned look. [+turquoise "H-His brain's circuit could be fried or he could be resetting himself. I-I just need to know what let us to this happening."]

Virgil assumed a place on the floor next to Remus. The emo put his arm around the Duke's shoulders and invited him to sit closer. [+purple "ReeRee. It is okay. You don't have to hide or curl into a ball, Love."] Virgil kissed Remus's cheek and sighed. He didn't know what was going on but he needed to take care of Remus before he exploded into goo or something. [+purple "Do you want to show me your book, Ree? You know that I am not afraid of the stuff that is in there."]

Penny gasped at the shadow and tried to touch it. [+teal "Wow... You can make those!? It looks just like that one movie Patton showed me! I can't remember what it was called... Frying Pan? Poppy Pan? P-Patty Pan? I don't know. I just know that there was a shadow that could move on its own!!"] Penny giggled and invited Roman to lay under the warm blankets with her. Patton would lay under the blankets with her while they watched movies so maybe Roman would too while he told the story.

Vivian moved to put her nose in Jacyn's neck. It was warm and comforting under the covers on her girlfriend's bed. [+violet "I-I am feeling better... But can I maybe have some cuddles?"] Vivian reached her hand up to move the sleep mask a little so that she could look at Vivian. She knew that the light would probably make it worse but she was already starting to miss seeing Jacyn's beautiful scales.
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Janus sighed weakly "Logan are you still with us?" He asked at him as he kept petting Logan. Remus got up when Patton knocked and looked at Virgil panicking as he opened his mouth and closed it, as he looked at Logan and Janus on the bed worried as he stood back thinking they could fix it better. "Logan did something he probably shouldn't have." Janus sighed as he looked at Patton letting him up on the bed worried.

Remus sat awkwardly on the floor as he whimpered pulling his knees to his chest. "Hatchling shouldn't have said anything." He muttered weakly as he hugged his knees and Janus sighed weakly.

"That isn't how we solve problems anymore Remus," Janus said to him not wanting him to think hiding was okay.

Jacyn eased a bit sitting in her room but she was still on edge as she watched Penny get lost in the story she relaxed even more. Roman smiled as he put his finger to his lips "Now don't tell the others I did this." he said to them as he used some of his power to make a shadow play to act out the story.
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Patton smiled at the grumpy Virgil as they held hands. Patton felt a vibrate in his pocket and he pulled out his phone. [+turquoise "It is JanJan. I wonder what he wants."] Patton looked at the text and saw that Janus wanted him to come to Logan's room ASAP. [+turquoise "This doesn't sound good. That or there is something really cute he wants me to look at."] Patton squeezed Virgil's hand and raced up to Logan's room. Virgil grunted as he was suddenly jerked by morality. [+purple "Hey! Can't you give a side a break!?"]

Logan hadn't moved at all. His heart was still in rhythm but other than that, he didn't even move when Janus touched him or Remus spoke.

Penny wiggled under the blankets and watched Roman with wide eyes. She was already interested in the story without hearing anything about it.

Vivian hadn't liked being moved. She was comfortable where she was so if she was being moved it had to be for a good reason. She was feeling a lot better now and even felt like she could sit up but she would rather just lay in Jacyn's arms like she was doing at the moment.
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