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I have been going a little crazy and decided to rewatch Thomas Sanders and the sides from the beginning and now I kinda want to rp the sides. Whether it is an AU where the sides are separate from the sides or in line with the storyline Thomas has been creating. One idea I had was what if Remus misses Janus and Virgil so when he wakes up with younger and female versions of them he thinks he created them. When in fact all Remus did was summon them from another area of Thomas's mind and they end up liking this side of Thomas more than their own.

If you have any ideas let me know and we can talk it out just shoot me a PM!

I have a few rules

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"Make sure you take the chance to talk to Jacyn at some point." He said to her allowing her to run off as he made his way over to the group. Seeing Jacyn was hiding he decided to take some of the pressure off her as he kissed Roman's cheek to stop him from bickering. "The ballroom looks lovely you two did a marvelous job." He said to them as Roman turned around to meet him.

"You snuck in that is not fair I had a title ready for you and everything." Roman began to rant as Janus didn't even bother to look sorry for ruining the moment.

" Sorry, not Sorry your Highness shall we dance?" Janus said to him with his hand dropping low on Roman's hip to tug him away to distract the Prince.

With Janus distracting them Jacyn slipped away to stand near the drinks nursing the punch glass leaning against the column with a mask on as she sips watching the room. The Room was so full and apart of Jacyn was studying every detail of it wondering if Janus had actually convinced Vivian to come to the ball.

Remus looked at him and leaned down and kissed him back keeping an arm around Logan. "Do you want to dance as well? OR People watch with Virgil and Vivian hiding in the corner like dog guards that will rip someone apart for their masters?"
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Vivian laughed along with Janus. [+violet "Yes. You simply fought me to the death so that I would leave the corner. And I am not so sure Patton would have helped me anymore then he could be helping Jacyn. She typically isn't the old that likes to go into all the gushy love stuff..."] Vivian crossed her arms as she snuck into the ballroom. She saw a purple shadow sitting on one of the windows and recognized it as Virgil. [+violet "Hey, Janus. I am going to go hang out with Virge."]

Penny barely noticed the tiara that had appeared in her hair as she danced around. She was having an absolute blast and couldn't wait to dance with Vivian or Jacyn.

Patton led her into the ballroom and chuckled when she tried to hide. [+turquoise "It is okay, Kiddo. You will easily be able to blend into this crowd. With so many bright and fancy outfits, a group of bandits could hide and not be found."] Patton gave Jacyn and comforting hug and nudged her towards Roman. [+turquoise "We are here!!"]

Logan grinned at Remus and gave him a teasing kiss on his forehead. [+blue "You will have to prove yourself worthy of my attention, My Love."] Logan's face returned to its default expressionless and he watched the brothers bicker about outfits. They were an adorable bunch.

Virgil was watching as all the sides were entering the room. Good. So they were all fine. At least they looked fine as the anxiety rolled off Jacyn and Vivian. So... They really was something between them... Maybe if the ball kept dragging on, he would have to spice it up with some tiny, pranks to move everything along. Just some tiny nudges and maybe an accidental kiss would result. How would he know? He totally had no experience with pranks.
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"Oh yes, I simply tortured you to get you out of the corner." He said to her with a laugh as he helped push the hair back. As they walked out of the room and to the ballroom. "Be lucky I stuck by you and Patton went after Jacyn." He said to her weakly. "Patton likes being matchmaker after Thomas told him what a fanfiction ship was." He shook his head at the fond memory. "Come on we will slip in through the sides." He showed her a dark curtain and slipped in. "Roman and Remus put them in for Virgil and myself for when we want to enjoy the aesthetic without being apart of it."

Jacyn blinked at the threat trying to compute if it was a threat because she honestly did not think Patton could be the threatening father figure. Still, her gut tightens with nerves as they started to walk towards the ballroom and she felt something heavy in her hair. Reaching up she felt the small ringlet had simple star engravings that brought out the rose coloring in her hair.

Remus sighed "I promised Logan I wouldn't run." He said noticing Penny running around he noticed that she didn't have the crown they had talked about and snapped his fingers sending both her and Jacyn crowns. While he just made Vivian's hood a deeper color and comfier. Remus looked at Logan "There I did a go thing now take back what you said about kisses." He pouted as Roman snorted at his brother.

Roman turned and smiled as Patton walked in and Jacyn tried hiding behind him slightly as usual Patton was stunning but he gave his brother mad prompts on Jacyn dress. "It is stunning but I thought her clothes were turning gray?" He asked Remus who just shrugged.

"Janus and her would have been stared at because of their scales and she isn't comfortable as her role of Honesty yet so I thought the black and yellow would give her some comfort."
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Vivian rolled her eyes. [+violet "If I had any smarts, I would physically fight you to stay in this corner. This corner doesn't give me any anxiety and it makes me feel safe. But... As much as I hate to admit it, you have won over my curiosity."] Vivian stood up and blew some hair away that had fallen in front of her face. She nudged Janus with her shoulder and took the lead in walking to the ballroom.

Patton smiled proudly. [+turquoise "See, that is the cool thing. I have mastered my abilities so much that I can affect multiple people's emotions. But we are almost to the ballroom. Let's get in there and then you can talk to your heart's content with Vivian. And I won't let you run away so don't even think about it."] Patton smiled as if he hadn't just threatened her as they started coming up on the grand doors.

Logan didn't mind his imagination title to be called out. And he liked to at least be recognized as the smart one of the group. He watched as Remus and Roman hugged each other and was tempted just to slip away into the crowd and let the two brothers chat with each other.

Penny was running past dancers and simply enjoying getting lost in the grand crowd. She wanted to just dance her heart out on the floor and get lost in the idea that she was a princess at a Royal Gala.
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Janus smirked, "I don't let Virgil sulk in his room I am certainly not going to let you do it." He said to her. Standing up he brushed off his clothes and looked at her. "Tell you what, we go down to the ball you talk to Jacyn, who is more than likely going to hide, and tonight when the three of you go to bed Patton and I will finish telling the story. Because Patton breaking into my room has happened on more than one occasion." Janus said to her with a smile there was a glint in his eyes that said to trust him.

Jacyn sighed at Patton as she gave him a half-hearted glare "Aren't you supposed to be projecting positive feelings on Penny?" She asked him avoiding the question. He caught her avoidance and she rubbed her arms "Yeah for a while we have always been close but I was so worried about leaving Penny behind that I tried to repress it. I just don't understand." She said with a blush as she squeezed her scale printed arm.

Remus huffed at him offended that he thought he was giving dirty looks to a child he wasn't a priest. As they walked into the room Remus was temporarily blinded by the lights as the music soften for the announcement to be made. "His Grace, The Duke and His escort The Scholar!" Remus calmly walked down the steps to meet his brother and Penny "Announcements weren't agreed on." Remus said to him.

Roman smiled at Penny "The best has yet to come, Penny, now go enjoy yourself." He said letting her run off as Remus entered the room he smirked at his brother as he wrapped him in a hug "Neither was a hug but I think you don't really mind."

Remus smirked as he still had one hand in Logan's as he hugged his brother. "You are such a whale penis."
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Vivian chuckled. She could certainly see Penny getting mad at Jacyn if she didn't love herself. [+violet "I guess you are right. So what are we going to do now then? I don't know if I will be able to face Jacyn without going off on another gay panic."] Vivian hugged her legs close to her chest and looked at Janus for answers. [+violet "But I still want to hear the rest of the story between you and Patton. Maybe we could just stay here all night and you could tell that story. I mean, who wants to go to a silly ball anyways."]

Patton walked with Jacyn towards the ballroom. He nudged more positive feelings onto Jacyn and hummed as they made their way down the hallway. [+turquoise "So tell me more about what has been going on. Do you [i 'like'] Vivian back?"]

[+blue "I know... But if you keep avoiding her like this and giving her dirty looks then I won't give you anymore kisses for the rest of the night. And may or may not lock you in a room with Penny till you make up with her. But we don't need to do into all the details right now."] Logan walked down the grand staircase with Remus by his side. [+blue "Now come on. Let's try to both have a good night."]

Virgil gave a kiss back to Roman so that he would have the last one before he strolled off. He made his way towards one of the windows that overlooked the gardens. He sat on the ledge and watched the growing guest from his little perch like a vulture.

Penny giggled at Roman. [+teal "Hi RoRo! This ball is so beautiful!! Rage used to hold meetings with her... buddies, but this... this is just breathtaking!!"] Penny gave Roman a tight hug before spinning off into the crowd.
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Janus snorted "Oh no he kissed me and I ran away. I woke up to him breaking into my bedroom." He said with a shrug as he stood up helping her readjust as he smiled at her. "Well we are in a relationship are we?" He asked her with a pleasant smile. "It took Patton a while before he could convince me so do not get to discourage if Jacyn questions things. And if you can't handle tell Penny and Patton Jacyn isn't expressing self-love and sit back and watch." He said having done that to Virgil many times.

Jacyn sighed weakly as she got up nodding to him as she straightens her dress of black and yellow that contrasted with the white of her scales now. Still, she could only hope things would be okay. They had to be she didn't want to hurt her friendship over something so stupid as her overthinking everything.

Remus leaned down and kissed him softly "I'm tense because I'm suspious and, to be honest, if she was a dirty animal I probably have stored her in the Imagination now and given her a life of luxury." He pointed out to him. "My plan is to avoid her outright as much as I can." he pointed out as he looked at the ballroom sighing weakly at having to be announced properly and not like some villain.

Roman smiled as he kissed his head softly "So much gay panic it's probably why you don't remember much." He said as he let him go and walked to the stairs to catch Penny should she trip as he bowed to her with a smile.
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Vivian focused on her breathing for a couple of minutes until it had returned to normal. [+violet "I-I'm good now. I think."] She tried to straighten her dress and adjust the armor-like pieces. [+violet "But how did the situation with you and Patton turn out? And why did he run away?"]

Patton nodded. [+turquoise "It is very possible that she could not attend at all. In that case, you could go to her and the two of you could talk things over and maybe come to a better understanding of feelings."] Patton stood up and held his hand out for Jacyn. [+turquoise "Here let me help you up and then we can continue talking."]

Penny smiled at both the men before prancing into the ballroom happily to go find Jacyn or Vivian.

Logan wrapped his arm around Remus's waist tightly and didn't let go. [+blue "You are staying with me. I can't have you running off. And listen... I know that you are still uncomfortable with Penny. It is in your eyes and you are always tense around her. But Patton is... helping her along. At least pretend that she isn't a dirty animal. People used to treat you like that. Do you really want to treat her like that?"] Logan looked at Remus questioningly as he heard Penny's name announced in the ballroom.

Virgil groaned. [+purple "I don't remember much that was going on back then!! I was stupid back then and I was still getting used to the light sides."] Virgil ran his hand through his hair as his anxiety started to rise but he quickly pushed it down. [+purple "You know what? I am going to go look for the others. I haven't seen anyone else but you."]
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Janus brought her back to her breathing exercises "You could stay here and avoid everyone but you made a promise to Penny you would dance with her tonight if I remember correctly you don't usually break those promises." Janus said as he looked at Vivian. "Vivian, you girls have been lied to so much, believe me when I say that the only thing that could go wrong about you talking to Jacyn is that she doesn't believe you. If that is the case slow down and do small things to make her believe she is perfect in your eyes." He said as he smiled "Would it helps you know that Patton pulled the same thing on me? Kissed me and ran away the second I was processing what happen?"

Jacyn nodded weakly as she felt Patton's powers it was like being poked in the face with a twizzler as she scoffed. "I can't dance but the talking I can do." She whispered weakly as she looked down. "That is if Vivian shows up she might sit this out because of me," Jacyn said weakly.

Remus held on to Logan tighter as the girl started to talk about him as he sighed jumping down when he saw the ballroom doors he was half tempted to sneak in the many backways he had created as a way to escape. "No, he was just proving a point go on in and they'll announce you." Remus instructed weirdly because he wasn't sure if he should talk to the thing.

Roman sighed softly "It is Vivian has a crush on Jacyn who likes her as well but doesn't understand why Vivian would have a crush on her." He said to him weakly. "Think about the beginning when Janus was confused on Patton's sweet talk and that gay panic."
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Vivian was gasping for air. [+violet "But there are so many things that could go wrong. I... I just don't want to face anything or anyone right now. I just want to stay here. I just want to sleep... I just want to breathe..."]

Patton gave Jacyn a reassuring smile and tried to nudge some positive emotions her way. [+turquoise "It is okay. You should never feel pressured to do anything. You didn't have to kiss her back. How about this? At the ball, you can dance or hang out with Vivian and explain everything that you just said to me. I am sure that she will understand. And don't listen to that nasty Rage. She was just being a bully to you guys."]

Penny bumped into Logan in the hallway while she was looking around. [+teal "Oh, I'm sorry. I was trying to look for Patton. Have you seen him at all?"]

Logan shook his head. [+blue "We haven't. But why don't you come with us to the ball? You look lost and I am sure that they are making their way there anyway. Why? Was something wrong?"] Logan raised an eyebrow as they all made their way towards the ballroom together.

[+teal "Well I am not entirely sure what happened. Jacyn ran off and Patton was gone soon afterward so I am guessing that he went with her."] Penny fidgeted with the tiny flowers on her dress as they walked. [+teal "Is Remus okay? Why are you carrying him? Did he hurt his leg?"]

Virgil wrapped his arm around Roman's hip. [+purple "I love the outfit, Honey. But you know that I like my hoodie too... And what do you mean gay panic?! Who is panicking?! Most of us haven't had gay panics in a while. And it can't possibly be the girls."]
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Janus helped her to calm down again "She was confused." Janus said simply, "Much like how we didn't know what Rage did to Penny, you might not know all Rage did to her. Jacyn was able to sense lies while you were in the darkness so Rage used facts." Janus said to Vivian calming her down. "Some of the facts that were used were probably the same ones that were used on me. She is uncomfortable with her scales because of those facts. While you and the others may tell Jacyn and I the beauty of our scales the truth is it is big insecurity to us." Janus pointed out as he pushed Vivian's hair back. "Jacyn can see the truth Vivian, she can taste it, but believing it is another story. So keep chasing after her because I am under the impression your feelings are not so onesided."

Jacyn looked down "Vivian kissed me. And instead of kissing back, all I could think about was questioning Vivian on what she said," Jacyn whimpered weakly looking down. "Rage once asks me, who could love me? She started to list things and they didn't burn when Janus burned the lies so they are true. Who could love a person with scales, who is more snake then person? I panic and that made Vivian upset and I messed up again." Jacyn sniffled holding back the tears "I wanted to hug her but I couldn't move."

Remus nodded at him as he kissed him "Let's get to the ball!" He said happy as they found Penny on the way he tensed up a bit thinking the child was still possessed by the freaky Rage Demon.

Roman's shoulder's slump so Virgil hadn't wanted to wear his design. "I thought you liked it enough that you would put it on yourself." He muttered weakly as he listen to him talk about the anxiety and he had sense the romance. "Oh, the anxiety is because of gay panic." He said brushing it off with a shrug. "But you really didn't like the outfit?"
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Penny nodded and elegantly walked out of the room and left Janus to calm Vivian down. She looked down the hall to see which way Patton had gone and decided to just start walking and hope that she would find someone.

Vivian groaned and hugged herself more. [+violet "Janus I kissed her. I kissed Jacyn and she didn't say anything. I-I am freaking out and it is hard to breathe. I just- I want to- What if-.."] Vivian whimpered and looked away from Janus. [+violet "I know that she doesn't like me but I got so wrapped up in the moment. She just looked so beautiful in that dress and her scales were... they looked amazing. I don't want to feel like this. I-I was told that I should never feel like this... My stomach is doing flips and I both want to see Jacyn again and I don't."] Vivian's heart was racing still as her breathing hitched. Her anxiety was starting to spike as she starting losing control of the breathing exercises.

Patton caught up to Jacyn and saw her sitting outside of Virgil's room with her knees up to her chest. He put his hand on her shoulder and watched as she jumped. [+turquoise "Kiddo, it is just me. I followed you to see if you were alright."] Patton sat down beside her and rested his elbows on his knees. [+turquoise "So, is there anything you want to talk about, Princess? Your Happy Pappy Patton is here to listen to anything you have to say."]

Logan smiled at the kisses and tried to give Remus the exact same treatment. [+blue "Come on, Greencake. I will carry you to the ballroom and then you can cling to me there all you want. However, I claim the position of being the one to spin you."] Logan smiled as he carried Remus with him out of the bathroom.

Virgil frowned and he stood behind Roman. He didn't want to be greeting the guest so instead, he chose to hide. [+purple "Your blasted brother put this outfit on me. And here I was thinking that you had forgotten about the outfit and I could just wear my hoodie. Plus, I am uneasy because I feel a strong anxious cloud coming from where the girls were. It could just be because they are nervous about the ball but I can't help but feel uncomfortable about that much anxiety that isn't from me."]
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Janus looked at Penny "Why don't you see if you can catch up to Patton?" He suggested as he knelt down next to Vivian sighing softly. "So you were the one that spoke the lie I smelt early." He said to her as he sat down. "I'm going to need a little bit more context here ut first I need you to breath Vivian, 4...7...8." Janus instructed calmly as he helped her few it a few times. "I know what gay panic looks like so let's skip that part."

Jacyn ran until she realized she didn't know where she was and sat down bring her knees to her chest sniffling as Rage's voice echoed in her head. [i 'Who would ever love you? You have scales. You do not have many human features. You are more snake than a girl. You wear a mask to hide your feelings. You are h-'] The last one got caught off because it was a lie but the rest of them were true she jumped when Patton touched her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I thought you were still with Penny and Vivian," Jacyn said trying to calm down from the scare.

Remus smiled at the kiss and he thought of all the nasty things he and Logan could do other than this ball as he hugged him tightly. "I want to go to the ball with you." He said as he broke for air but he was still holding on to Logan and peppering him with kisses he found himself a home in this nerds arms. "I should repay Roman the favor of the outfit." He said and snapped and somewhere in the shadows of the ballroom, Remus had changed Virgil into the outfit because Remus knew all the Emo's hiding spots.

Roman was giddy as he greeted the guest with a broad Princey smile as he saw a flash of Purple he smiled at Virgil brightly. He looked stunning and he cursed himself for not seeing him before. As Roman walked over he noticed Virgil didn't seem happy, "What is wrong? You seemed to like it before?" Roman said panicking thinking he got his lover's aesthetic wrong.
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Patton thanked Jacyn before she left. Why was she leaving so early? Wasn't she going to wait for Penny and Vivian to finish getting ready so that they could all go to the ball together? Something didn't feel right to him so Patton decided to follow Jacyn.

Vivian scooted to the corner of the room and hugged her knees with a death grip. [+violet "I-I'm fine. I-I don't feel like going anymore. Go have fun, Penny. Go dance and be a princess for the night..."] Vivian hugged her knees even tighter as she started to rock herself. Something kept bugging her on the edge on her mind. Something that Rage had once told her but it was fuzzy. It must have been one of the burnt lies. Why else wouldn't she be able to remember something that Rage would have ingrained in her brain through her many means of torture?

Penny gave Vivian a worried glance as she looked up at Janus. [+teal "What do we do? We can't just leave her. This was supposed to be a perfect night! I just don't understand why she is acting like this. I was with both of them and nothing seemed to be strange. I left for literally two seconds and suddenly Vivian comes in here and starts freaking out!"]

Virgil was leaning on one of the ballroom columns looking almost like a shadow himself. He had searched the whole ballroom and had found some nifty alcoves. He was positive that Roman had created them to pull a partner away for some secret kisses but he couldn't care less for why they were made. Virgil only cared for the shadows they held and for how far they were from the dance floor.

Logan kissed the top of Remus's head and held out his hand. [+blue "In that case... Roman Sanders. Would you be my partner and accompany me to the dance formally? There isn't anyone else that I would want to go with right now more than you. You are like the Northstar in my telescope. And I am like the slime in your hair. We were just meant to be together."] Logan didn't wait for a response as he swept Remus up in his arms and kissed the startled Duke with all the passion that he had been holding in for so long. It was a kiss that even Roman might have been jealous of.
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Jacyn looked at Patton and smiled painfully as she straighten his tie for him." I'm going to head down. I need a second." She said as she walked out the room and down the halls.

Janus sighed as he watched her leave "Vivian, Jacyn left to go down a head of us." He said making the door vanish from sight. He walked over and noticed gay painc all over Vivian. Now he understood the lie he had tasted earlier and looked at her. "The ballroom is huge so you might loose Jacyn in there and might not see her till bed later." He pointed out doubting it would be hard to find if Vivian got the nerve to look later.

Remus looked at Logan shaking his head "No I just can't remember when was the last time I wore the crown or anyone for that matter. I just it a lot to take in." Remus voice was tight like he wasn't expecting Roman to match him or summoning the crowns they had made together. It had been so long ago. Remus wanted to run away he didn't want to do the ball anymore he was scare this might be a prank or a dream.
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