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I have been going a little crazy and decided to rewatch Thomas Sanders and the sides from the beginning and now I kinda want to rp the sides. Whether it is an AU where the sides are separate from the sides or in line with the storyline Thomas has been creating. One idea I had was what if Remus misses Janus and Virgil so when he wakes up with younger and female versions of them he thinks he created them. When in fact all Remus did was summon them from another area of Thomas's mind and they end up liking this side of Thomas more than their own.

If you have any ideas let me know and we can talk it out just shoot me a PM!

I have a few rules

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Jacyn huffed at her girlfriend blushing "I hate that I know you aren't lying but I want to believe that you are." She said to her kissing her softly. "I'll go wake up our Penny cake." She huffed as she walked out the door and walked over to Penny's door-knocking gently. "Pen? You up?" She asked peaking her head in and seeing her hugging the toy sloth she shook her head. "Pen comes on you and I start on breakfast." She whispered so as not to startle her.

Roman helped Patton up as he wrapped him up. Janus smiled kissing Patton "We woke you for help waking Remus he still sleeping and Virgil is just making him more comfortable. Plus you wanted to check on his heart before he woke up, Virgil wants to go in to make sure everything is okay as well."

"Why don't Logan and I go down and get the coffee started for everyone?" Roman said as he got up off the bed after he kissed Patton as he jumped up off the bed walking over to Logan.
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Vivian laughed and kissed Jacyn. [+violet "Even when you are disgusted, you are cute. And I am only telling you are cute because you are. I mean-"] Vivian grabbed Jacyn's hand and lifted it up. [+violet "Look at these precious scales. They are too darn pretty. And when you are happy, they just pop with your smile."] Vivian gave Jacyn another teasing kiss. [+violet "Come on. You know I am right. And besides, if you really want long hair again, I am sure we can figure something out. Now, I need to change unless you want to stay in here with me while I change~"] Vivian chuckled and motioned to the hoodie and jeans.

Virgil stuck his head out and growled this time. [+purple "I am trying, idiots!! He just won't unstick to me!"] Virgil tucked himself back in the hoodie and sighed at Remus. [+purple "Trashman. Get up or else they will have my butt. I promise we can cuddle all you want after all this. Or you can even cuddle me when we are in the waiting lobby later."] Virgil knew other ways to wake Remus up but either Remus wouldn't like them or he would like them too much-

Logan looked up at Janus as he snapped out of his thinking. He was confused for a second before he realized Logan must have seen him thinking and not saying anything. [+blue "I am well, thank you though for asking, Janus. Just thinking about some things."] Logan watched as Virgil seemed to be like a turtle with Remus inside his hoodie. They were such a diverse bunch and he loved them all.

Patton was just about to fall asleep again when he felt a sharp pain of something cold. He suddenly opened his eyes and screamed at the hard and cold surface. Patton sat up and looked around. He was on the ground and it was freezing. [+turquoise "H-Hey! This is cold!"] He saw Janus next to him, Logan leaning on the wall, Roman sitting on Logan's bed, and a big lump of purple hoodie. [+turquoise "W-What time is it? Did I fall off the bed or something? I-I don't feel hurt at all. J-Just cold now."] Patton looked over his body and he could figure out how he ended up on the cold floor when he swore he had been curled up on the bed a little bit ago.
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"You are my girlfriend you are obligated to tell me I look cute just like how I am obligated to deny it." She pointed out, "I thought I would be happy to have it short it meant no one could do what Rage did but at the same time seeing it short makes me look so much more like a boy." She said crinkling her nose in disgust at her hair as she gave up turning to Vivian. She walked over and fixed Vivian's hoodie. "Jeans and your hoodie are fine you should be comfortable because I don't think this will be a comfortable situation." She said to her with a smile.

Janus rolled his eyes at Virgil as Roman gave it a shot "Virgil don't wake my brother before we get Patton up Remus might escape." Roman said to the lump as Remus nuzzled closer to Virgil but his hand was searching the empty space behind Virgil for someone. Roman looked at Logan "You okay Specs?"

Janus nodded "He has a point but he doesn't have many places to run to thankfully. That doesn't mean he totally won't escape given a chance." He said and then had an idea as he moved Patton away from Remus and Virgil and slowly out of the bed. Janus flinched as his feet hit the ground Logan's room had hardwood that was cold as ice against his skin but he needed that to wake Patton up. Still, it did hurt the scales on his feet to be on something so cold.
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Vivian nodded. [+violet "I am practically drooling just thinking about it. We just can't let Penny have any more of those sprinkles. I still don't like them. But hashbrowns and eggs tho sound amazing!"] Vivian walked into her room and went over to her small closet to grab her hoodie without sleeves and some ripped black jeans. [+violet "D-Does this look good for the appointment? I know this is what I wear all the time but I feel comfortable in it... S-Should I wear the dress I wore to the ball? I don't want to look messy-"] Vivian looked up from the clothes in her hands to look at Jacyn's hair. [+violet "I thought your hair was cute but I am sure Remus or Roman have something. And if they somehow didn't have some magical potion, there are always hair extensions or whatever, I think. We can ask after breakfast."]

Virgil hissed and flipped Janus off as he ducked his head into his hoodie and kisses Remus. [+purple "Hey, Rat face. Wake up so we can get you food and stuff."] Virgil moved Remus's hair from his in front of his face. [+purple "Come on. If you wake up now, I will drag Janus to my room and the three of us can cuddle on my bed."]

Logan leaned on one of his walls and sighed. He had a lot to think about and a lot he needed to discuss with his boyfriends. He would wait till everyone was awake tho before speaking. It concerned all of them and he didn't want anyone to not be fully in the conversation. He would also need to make sure everyone was sticking to the schedule. So much to do...

Patton made an altered purring noise as he woke up. He was really enjoying all the pets he was getting. [+turquoise "That feels really nice..."] Patton curled up closer to Roman and Janus. They were warm and he was still tired. [+turquoise "C-Cuddles..."] He could hear voices and could see that the light was on in the room but the blankets were soft and he could feel Janus's hands near his head. [+turquoise "Sleepy. Goodnight."]
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Jacyn smiled at her "Let's check on Penny and see if we can start breakfast for them? What about a full country breakfast? Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns, and Pancakes maybe a fruit salad." She suggested as they got back and cleaned up. Jacyn fidgeted slightly as she dressed in the black leggings and yellow shirt dress. She fiddled with her hair weakly still missing her long hair. "When do you think I could ask them to make my hair long again?"

Janus smirked in victory as he shifted slightly trying to adjust so they could wake Patton. "Do either of you want to go into Remus' heart first without Patton while he takes a moment to get his surrounding in order?" he asked him as he switches to petting Patton to wake him up watching as Remus burrowed deeper into Virgil's hoodie.

"Has he always been so cuddly?" Roman asked as he sat back down on Logan's bed as he helped Janus with attempting to wake Patton as he looked at Janus. "How did everything go last night I don't remember much."

Janus shook his head "Patton was in there awhile Remus apparently thinks sour apples are poison apples. You know how Patton is about flavors."
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[+violet "Aww. That was kinda cute of you."] Vivian blushed and laughed. [+violet "You are totally right! And now I am tempted to see that look on Roman's face for real."] Vivian looked forward at the door that opened back to her room. [+violet "Hey look! We are almost done! So should we meet up with the others or check and see if Penny has waken up yet?"] Vivian would have to change out of her outfit and back into her comfort hoodie. She was also going to need some breakfast to renew her energy. [+violet "Do you think there is breakfast yet? I am starving and I need to carbo-load."]

Logan blushed and he kissed Roman again. [+blue "I will admit, I am the smartest one. But I am proud that you finally remembered something I said. Normally you are busy boasting about yourself or showing off."] Logan smiled and gave Roman a kiss on the prince's forehead. [+blue "It looks like Patton isn't the only one who has problems withholding his feelings in and hiding them away. Maybe we could talk to Emile about that today if there is any extra time at the end."] Logan hugged Roman and tried to convey just how much his words meant to him. [+blue "Thank you, Ro. I needed this. That and the kisses. Those were satisfactory-- I mean... I loved them."] Logan gave Roman one more breathtaking kiss. [+blue "Let's go. I can help you talk with Remus."]

Virgil gasped. [+purple "YOU BETTER BE JOKING RIGHT NOW BITCH!!! DON'T YOU DARE BRAID MY BEAUTIFUL PURPLE HAIR!!"] Virgil moved his head when Logan and Roman walked back in. [+purple "Roman!!! Honey, please tell me this rattlesnake is NOT braiding my hair. I will give you the special kisses tonight if you tell me."] The emo didn't want his ego to be shattered if the girls saw him. He was supposed to be the dark, edgy, and gloomy storm cloud.

Logan raised an eyebrow at the scene that was going on. He couldn't see Remus anywhere on the bed till he noticed the puff of white hair sticking out from Virgil's hoodie. [+blue "Janus is right, we are on a schedule, gentleman. And Virgil, just listen to Janus. We all know you don't actually hate him and you are just trying to impress him as well as put on the act of something scary."] Logan smiled as Virgil grumbled at being called out. He loved his boyfriends all too much and by this point, he knew them inside and out. [+blue "Now, let's wake up Remus and Patton."]
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Jacyn laughed "You always want bragging rights." She said kissing her softly. "But true, I also think that Logan would be sneaky about it because he doesn't want that to happen not to mention what if he is hiding the fact that he is more developed than the twins could you imagine Roman's face!"

Roman blushed at Logan as he wrapped his arms around Logan pulling him closer. "What is it that you told me when I was in the block the more you hear the more you believe it?" He asked him as he kissed him. "You Logan are the smartest and most amazing side in the room. He probably is but if the image Remus sent me was anything to go by I don't want you holding your emotions back anymore. Logan, you have so much passion for your work we would like to see you not have to be so guarded about that passion." Roman blushed lightly, "Remus and I could spend hours describing how captivating you are." He said to him kissing him again and nodded. "We should or at least wake them...I need to talk to Remus about sleeping and repression." Roman groaned not wanting to be the one who gave that lecture.

Janus rolled his eyes "Then I guess I will just have to braid your hair until one of them wakes up." He said to him shaking his head as Roman and Logan came out. "A little assistance the resident Raccoon is not helping in favor of cuddles," Janus said as Patton was no better curled on to his stomach. "We totally do not have a packed day today."
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Vivian rolled her eyes and groaned. [+violet "But after a couple of matches, even without my powers, it will be easy to predict what fake opponents will do! Real sides are so much better because they can think and react."] They kept walking and Vivian had to keep tugging on Jacyn's hand because she was walking too fast while in thought. [+violet "Hey, there is no rush. Also, you are forgetting that Remus said Logan works out. He just doesn't know the nerd's workout schedule or regiment. Man... Those guys are as gay as you can get. I bet if they knew when Logan worked out, they would spy on him drooling."] She chuckled evilly. [+violet "Besides, I want bragging rights."]

Logan hesitated as he took a step right up to Roman and kissed his prince senseless. [+blue "I love the outfit and I love you. I just... get overly flustered by all of my boyfriend's compliments. I am good at hiding it but I don't know about now. My emotions seem to show a lot more freely. I think Patton is to blame."] Logan kissed Roman again but much more gently. Roman looked so cute with his blushing face... It almost made Logan want to kiss him till he was begging for breath. [+blue "We should go check on Patton and Remus then. They could be awake."] Or just the two of them could stay here together alone.

Virgil pouted. [+purple "You are no fun, lunch lady. Go wash some dishes or something. And honestly, it is pretty warm in here."] Virgil smirked at Janus almost challenging the snake to force him out of the hoodie with Remus. [+purple "Besides, why don't you wake up, padre? You are closer anyway and it is... so far. Like, a full two arm lengths? You expect me to move that far?"] He looked at the space like it was a mile wide. [+purple "Yeah. Too far."] Virgil curled farther into Remus's arms as he whispered to the green side. [+purple "If you can hear me, hold me tighter in case he actually takes me up on that and tries to get me out of the hoodie."]
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"Best stick to Roman and Remus if anything they can create people for you to battle." She said to her as she thought about Logan and Janus. "Janus would try and fight dirty probably so it would be interesting to see his methods against your powers. I bet Logan would make a Robot to fight you so he can track your progress and give you a more organized training schedule." Jinx said to her as they walked slightly thinking about everything.

Roman pouted at Logan slightly "Sorry." He grumbled, "You just don't let me shower you with gifts all that often and since we are trying to boost Remus confidence up I was trying to do two things at once." He said as he looked at Logan's attire he thought it looked good on him. "Do you really not like it?" Roman asked him wondering how he could make it more comfortable for Logan but still something new.

Janus shook his head with a smile "No, not jealous, thankful that no matter what Remus hasn't changed in some ways." Janus said as he looked down at Patton "We should wake him so you and he can gently wake Remus up. I need Logan and Roman out by the time Remus wakes up." Janus sighed weakly rubbing his head so many things to do." Janus sighed weakly.
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Vivian laughed. [+violet "You are right. I am superior in a fight but in a kitchen, my fists are useless. I can't wait to see that little blue stinker too."] Vivian smiled and chuckled. [+violet "Hey! Do you think any of the others would spare with me? Patton and Virgil look like they have no muscle but Logan and Janus... They both are very strict on care so they are bound to have some sort of muscle. Plus, with all the adventured the brothers do, they should have some skill that could test with mine..."] She started thinking of ways she could corner either Logan or Janus and convince them to duel with her. [+violet "And now that you mention it, Penny seems to be awful fast at learning things. She knows everything in the kitchen in days and even knew how to cook breakfast practically by herself, remember?"] They walked a little while before Vivian talked again. [+violet "But apologies always make me so anxious. You have to like... Talk and crap. Can't we just like write a nice card or something?"]

Logan frowned. [+blue "I'm right here you know!! And I don't need either of those!! My glasses work just fine as they are and they don't need any added colors or logos! My logo fits perfectly well on my black shirt and would rather not have something flashy like this dramatic attire you have fit me into."] Logan crossed his arms and huffed. He couldn't tell if the twins were both trying to impress him or if they were just trying to be better than the other brother. Could be both. [+blue "Ah. That would probably all the paintings and riveting sculptures of the Renaissance period. And if you two are going to gossip about my outfit, I might as well leave Morticia here with you and check up on Remus or go visit Thomas."]

Virgil rolled his eyes. Why did everything have to be so difficult? He didn't want to have to worry about details. [+purple "And how did you figure this out, snake? I mean, Penny already feels at home from the start. Vivian feels safe as long as she is with Jacyn or both of the girls, as shown by the number of times she has a panic attack when not around them. Or if she has a training tool in her hands."] Virgil stating off facts as if the pocket protector was rubbing off on him. [+purple "But still... I bet it was pretty tramatizing for all three of them... To be kept prisoner like that..."] Virgil peeked out from his hoodie. [+purple "YOU BETTER NOT BE LYING TO ME, BASTARD!!!"] Virgil swore that if he had, he would tear the sassy brat's arms off and burn his hat. [+purple "What? You jealous that the rat is getting all touchy with me and not you~?"]
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"Let's wake Penny up I don't trust myself not to mess up whatever weird organization system Patton has and since he takes Pride in it Penny is the only one who can translate the chaos." Jacyn smiled at her swing her arm slightly as they walked now fully awake and feeling a bit better about the day. "That and they have done a lot for us so I want to give them something it looks like Logan had a rough night as did Patton so I want it to be a small apology."

"Maybe she is telling you to update them sadly that is one area Remus and I haven't compromised on Morticia the only thing we agree to is to let Logan keep his current ones till we can properly compromise," Romas said dramatically. "I think half-frames would be lovely with your logo at the end in black frames. Remus is insistent upon half-frames with a galaxy print on your logo with the galaxy changing each morning you wake up." He explained before going back to the library. "It's a mix more historical fiction and science fiction. I think he has all the textbooks that Thomas found something creepy in."

Janus shook his head "While that might work for Vivian I don't think Jacyn will be able to." Janus said as he looked down at him. "She is waiting for the other shoe to drop. She is waiting to wake up in the cell Rage had them in. It's gonna take time for Jacyn to accept that they are safe." He muttered as he smirked as he hid a braid "Wouldn't dream of it. I'm happy to see Remus so comfortable for a change it was always hard to get him to go to sleep."
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Vivian laughed as if she had never laughed before as they held hands. There was a slight, refreshing breeze as it tossed their hair. [+violet "I don't know. Maybe the two of us should sneak out here together one night and check it out for ourselves~"] Vivian nudged Jacyn and giggled at the glint in her girlfriend's eye. It was adorable and enticing. [+violet "Ooo. Is my little serpent plotting? And just the two of us? Or do you want to go wake Penny up so she can help us? I am kinda surprised that she already knows so much about the kitchen. I'm proud of her two."] Vivian turned onto the shorter trail as they made their way in a large circle back.

Logan rolled his eyes and adjusted the vest. [+blue "You say bowtie the way you would if you were trying to get me to wear speedos."] Logan couldn't find anything to complain about with the outfit so he looked at the tie. [+blue "Yes. At least I have this much. Next time, you don't have to bling it. But... thank you. I am sure Remus will like it as well. And thank you for fixing my glasses again. You know that you don't have to, Morticia."] Logan was honestly just getting too excited. He used to not get this excited about details. Sure, he got invested but he was never this emotionally involved. [+blue "Remus has a library? Is it just a scene room for his grand fights or just a holding room for gorry filled action books? Honestly, I would be willing to go either way."]

Virgil hissed at Janus. [+purple "I'll show you some manners, bastard. Just wait till I get my hands on either of the twin's weapons."] Virgil pouted as he tickled Remus and kissed the Duke's chin. [+purple "You would think that after being around Penny, they would both know how to chill out. I swear, they might both have to hand out with Roman or Patton and learn to lighten up."] Virgil was clicking one of the switched on the fidget cube. [+purple "You better not be braiding my hair or anything over there."]
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Jacyn smiled as she held on to her as they began to walk again "I like the forest it is really peaceful. I wonder what the trail looks like at night? What do think does Roman have it covered in fireflies and fairy lights or do you think Remus takes over and it is eyes." She asked with a troublemaker glint in her eyes as she felt lighter. "Do you think we should make them breakfast again one day?"

Roman smirked "That is because we like seeing you dressed up." He said to him. "And admit it you still have your serious necktie. Though I do have a few bow ties that I would love to see you in." He said to him with another peck. "Oh, it is easy with you all as our muses though I can't wait to see how surprised you are when you see Remus' Library." He said to him. Morticia however agreed with Logan adjusting his glasses so they stop falling.

Janus smiled at Virgil "Some of us need manners out of you heathens." He said to him as he chuckled "Jacyn might not know fun, Virgil. If she took her job protecting Penny and Vivian seriously chances are learning violin was the most fun she has had." Janus thought about Penny as he hmmed "I think she will enjoy the company and cartoons Emile is much like Patton so I think she will be fine."
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Vivian hugged Jacyn tightly and kissed her again but for a little longer. She was still getting used to kissing Jacyn but it wasn't as bad as she had feared it would be. [+violet "It is fine. I know that was really hard for you but hey, at least now you know who you are. And we can figure out the trust together now. You won't be alone anymore."] Vivian tightly held Jacyn's hand and started leading her more down the path. [+violet "If we turn right up here, the trail won't go much farther. The trail to the left is the one I was using for marathon practice. And why don't we talk about something else? You can pick. Or we can just walk quietly enjoying each other's company."] Vivian grinned as she starting kicking a small stone in front of her as they slowly walked.

Logan couldn't help but blush at Roman. His boyfriend was really going over the top and spoiling him. [+blue "You are Remus always overthink my outfits. I have told you both that I am comfortable in just my normal and plain outfit. Plus, my reaction is nothing to be excited about. I am just making discoveries and hypothesizes as usual."] Logan looked at Morticia. [+blue "Those brothers are all flattery. I swear sometimes I wonder how they come up with this stuff."] Logan's face started to return back to its normal color as he wondered if Morticia's ink would be suitable for writing.

Virgil cuddled with Remus as he felt his hair being toyed and played with at the hands of Janus. [+purple "You double-faced snakes and your perfect manners. Why do you both have to act so aristocratic and fancy? It is like you guys never have fun or get your hands dirty. Or you get them dirty too much. "] Virgil rolled his eyes and started playing with a fidget cube that he had pulled out of his pocket. [+purple "And what about Penny? Do you have any idea about her? I mean, she, like Emille, will be absolutely ecstatic with all the plushes in his office. We might have to make sure she does grab them all. I don't want to apologize and take two seconds out of my day to snap and put them back."]
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"I know but for the longest time, I thought I was White Lies those tiny things to keep Thomas out of trouble. I can spin the truth with such ease like how Janus can spin webs of lies." Jacyn said to her, "So much about me has been a lie I'm afraid of what is a lie and what isn't." Jacyn said as Vivian kissed her softly she kissed back easing into Vivian's kiss with ease. "With the hike yes with the conversation not really. We have to go back and make sure we get breakfast before this meeting of the minds anyways."

Morticia waved a few signs as if she were asking a question "I brought Morticia here to ease Remus really. Since he hasn't been able to get into his room I brought her here to the lab to be safe until we can figure out why he can't go back." Roman smiled as he pecked Logan's lips again softly. "That and I can't wait for Remus to see your face when you see all that Morticia can do." He said to Logan as he snapped and smirked "I think Remu had the right idea updating your wardrobe." Roman said looking at his own flare on his brother's idea. Logan now stood before him in the same jeans but a darker shade of gray, his black polo turned into a button-up and his tie now indigo with Logan's logo shimmering in navy, with a black vest. "Look at sexy Professor now." Roman smiled at him.

Janus smiled at him "Being boring means that we think there is a threat. We are analyzing and being polite in order to find hidden motives or keep someone away." Janus said playing with his hair, "Emile has the ability to know what is wrong with us before we do. Jacyn might find it intrusive and could react coldly to meeting up with Emile. Especially if my suspicion is right." Janus said to Virgil toying with the strands. "Vivian, I think out of the three of them, is going to be the most comfortable with Emile because he is predictable and that predictability might comfort her anxiety."
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