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That'd be an entire comedy. Lol, just confused fumblings and stuttering awkward replies.

Those are cool peeps for the apocalypse. xD
  Writer / Osiris / 39d 8h 9m 59s
I see a spin off = The Cerberus Chronicles: Life and Times of Cerberus Blind Dates

Matchmaker: Persephone
Documented By: The Fates
Hilariously watched by: Hades and Thanatos

On a side note, got into the role-play! Now waiting for others to join. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=411487 Look at my little apocalyptic babies!]
  makionyx_20 / 39d 12h 49m 56s
I wanna give him a hug but he would probably get all shy and flustered.

Aaahhh, I love him already and this is only his second post (╥﹏╥)
  canadonewithursh-t / 39d 13h 18m 7s
Cerberus [b is] adorable! He doesn't know how to talk to people, let alone a woman! Lol. I love him. xD

Lmao, 'course you would. He's precious. :P
  Writer / Osiris / 39d 13h 28m 16s
Though, can we just appreciate how adorable Cerberus is?

He's massive dog that has guarded the gates of the underworld for millennia, eats souls for breakfast but gets all shy in front of a 25 year old.

I curse you, Osi. I shall and will curse you for writing him this way XP
  canadonewithursh-t / 39d 13h 32m 25s
Honestly, I'm really stuck on what to write for Kiku, I'll have a think at work today. Otherwise it's going to have to be a short post and I don't want to have write a short post (╥﹏╥)
  canadonewithursh-t / 39d 15h 33m 29s
Alright then. Just waiting on you then I can make a post.
  makionyx_20 / 39d 17h 18m 11s
Went to sleep with most my Rps posted, woke up and bam they had all been replied to XD

As for the direction of the Rp, I have a plan in my head. If you have ideas, let me know but I do have it all in my head XD. My next post will be moving the Rp along a d getting it properly started

For the new Gods, I don't really need any of them to be taken. I know how their fight scenes are gonna go down and Osi and I have talked about Old Media

I did make a new Rp and I would be more than happy to have you!!
  canadonewithursh-t / 39d 17h 53m 9s
I posted SO much earlier. x'D I was having a lot of writer's block and just a disinterest in writing anything due to depression so today when I woke up, saw my one thread was nearing twenty days waiting on my post and I told myself I was gonna sit down and freaking write. -Magically the blocks disappeared and posts came flying out. Lol.
  Writer / Osiris / 40d 20h 22m 0s
I understand. ^_^ How goes everyone? Osi became a posting master earlier.

Any thoughts on where we should go with this? I figured out my end character and have two potential ends to run with if either side wins. Right now we are all gathering. Osi posted so I could post for Tau, but I like to connect all my posts if possible so I don't forget a character.

Do you have a specific way you want any of the New Gods to be played? I can pick one up if you need me too. I know you and Osi are basically carrying this role-play as the heavy hitters on characters.

I see you made another role-play. It is pretty interesting and I am debating to join. Sadly I am waiting to see if I get accepted into the The 100 role-play. It's only OC characters so I joined since I didn't have to rock cannon and love apocalypse story-lines. I created six characters for it because the creator asked for min 2, but hopes 3-5 from each player.

I am so tired and at the same time don't want to sleep.
  makionyx_20 / 40d 22h 59m 42s
Oh shoot, sorry!!! I forgot to reply to this message. Thank you for letting me know, but, I know you can't really reply right now. But thank you anyway!!

At first, I did kinda misunderstand XD
I didn't kick Coal out because of no post, I kicked them out due to a lack of communication. Honestly, I just want to be kept fairly up to date (╥﹏╥)
  canadonewithursh-t / 41d 5h 23m 15s
I'm still here Godkin. I haven't left at all. :) I just wanted to check in so you knew I was still interested.
  makionyx_20 / 41d 7h 6m 23s
Safe as can be trapped in my house unable to go anywhere. XD

[s I understand ghosting.] *Edit at Bottom* I never mean to do it if I do, its just I get lost in inspiration and am sitting there going "What the hell do I do now?" Then I get inspiration, post, and someone else is waiting for their inspiration to come back to try and go somewhere. Then three-five months in and you have maybe two - five posts all together and you go "What are we doing with our role-play?"

Slow burn role-plays can be draining on a person who wants to see continuous movement. Also writing characters into a story without interacting with characters that aren't yours can become stale.

Though with the state of the world right now, logging into ES may even be too much for some. A quick click maybe or not at all. Life gets in the way. Osi can testament to it that my kids sometimes demand my very soul for a couple weeks and I vanish completely unmeaning to.

I screamed for joy when he messaged me on Facebook that he was back into the swing of role-plays. Literally; my husband was confused as hell.

[size30 Edit]

*Let me be clear*

I understand not being able to post - you should probably say something to someone if you can't. I just meant I understand when you have to step back or when you can't think of shit to write. I reread this and realized you may get the wrong impression. XD
  makionyx_20 / 48d 14h 20m 51s
I agree, fanfics are guilty pleasures lmao XD

I'm doing very well thank you!! I get paid today woooo. How are you? Hope you are staying safe too

And I am kinda

As for Coal, they simply didn't message me back. I don't know if it was inspo but they could have told me. I know I'm being a bit hard about it but I really don't like people who ghost, plus it was in the rules I stated. So ya know
  canadonewithursh-t / 48d 14h 44m 6s
Fan-fiction rambles ahead, skip to paragraph Three to get away from it.

Fan-fictions are a guilty pleasure of any writer. You are changing something already created to suit your spin on how things should have been or you are writing your personal fantasy on how you would have been a character . And on offshoots, you write one for pure humor relief . And very rarely you do it to practice a new genre of writing .

The ground work is already there, cannon characters to indulge in fleshed out. But making the story something different, taking those characters and writing them as they are but changing them due to your original character's development is a pain in the butt. XD Though who is to say when a character is really out-of-character? People change due to the events that shape their lives, who is to say if your character has such an impression to shift core characteristics of a character.

End Ramblings

How is it going everyone? Hope you are all staying as safe as you can. I know you guys work outside the home so please be safe and sound. I would hate it if anything happened to you guys.

Are either of you computer games/DND gamers/Simulator gamers?

Sad to see Coal dropping out, though I understand it happens. Inspiration comes and goes, you can't force it no matter how much you wish you could.
  makionyx_20 / 48d 16h 19m 14s

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